Иван Васильевич меняет профессию – обзор костюмов

Иван Васильевич меняет профессию – обзор костюмов

Hello, dear friends! With you Natalia Ksenchak and today we will analyze costumes from my favorite movie
“Ivan Vasilievich: back to future” If you are interested, then watch this video
farther. In 1973, the Soviet cinema screens went out Leonid Gaidai’s film “Ivan Vasilievich: back to future” The picture was created based on the play
Mikhail Bulgakov “Ivan Vasilyevich.” The picture became the leader of the Soviet
film distribution in 1973 – it was watched more than 60 million viewers. Main
plot revolves around the engineer and inventor Timofeev, who created the machine
time, which in an amazing way opens the doors to the 16th century, in the times
the reign of Ivan the Terrible. As a result, this king is in the Soviet
Moscow, and his namesake manager Ivan Vasilievich
Bunsha along with rascal Georges Miloslavsky – in the chambers of the king.
Many phrases
from the film became winged and went to the people: “Keep money in the savings bank!”, “Everybody dance!” The comedy of Leonid Gaidai became treasure of not only bright images,
sparkling jokes and winged expressions, but also a real revelation for
Soviet women of fashion. Particularly notable in the film it’s women’s outfits. [Zinaida
Timofeeva] Zinaida Timofeeva is personification of western glamor and
change, because for enough for a short time she managed to change immediately
three outfits that hardly fit into the a simple room for an ordinary engineer.
For the first time it appears on the screen in red mini on a background of a sea landscape.
Under a short dress – an insert in red and white stripes, which is a straight line
reference to the glamorous marine style. Brooch in the form of a bunch of berries gives the image
additional sweetness. On associative level. Stylish legs
white sandals. In a smoky apartment Zinaida appears in the fatal set
strawberry tint, representing a dress or a mini-dress. Personally it seems to me that white decorative lines are stylized
royal dress: strip around the neck reminds barmy (king’s collar), and
decor of the chest, hem and sleeves – ornamental strip. Yes, and flared
to the bottom the silhouette is strong reminds the garb of Ivan the Terrible. Apogee
the magnificent style of Zinaida –
ideally white trouser suit, and white as we are
know the color of luxury and elite. Accessories picked exactly in the tone: a hat, beads,
gloves and even a suitcase. Image later Modifies and becomes fully
light, which perhaps makes us understand that the heroine repented and for her windyness. However, at the end of this scene, she again will leave with Yakin. All three sets for Zinaida were performed with the participation of Vyacheslav Zaitsev. He was nicknamed in the 70’s
leader of Soviet fashion, and his outfits, created for the heroine of Natalia Selezneva,
were appreciated in the west. Metamorphosis with the style of Zinaida
occurs with the return of Shurik from The embrace of Morpheus: in reality Zina
harmonizes with the image of Shurik. On her dress in black and white cage and glasses.
[Yakin’s mistress] Yakina’s mistress, like the main character Zina, dressed in a red-
white sets, but with a clear predominance of white, so that
attracted attention. In the scene where Yakin comes with his mistress to exchange a suitcase,
and then leaves after all with Zinaida, the same images of both women give
understand that Yakin does not care who to go with. It does not really make a difference. [Uliana Andreevna]
Ulyana Andreevna Bunsha regularly changes not only dresses, but also wigs. Then she
smokes a cigar in a fatal red dress being a curly brunette, then her thick
Long hair, in harmony with the stylish light suit, fluttering in the wind,
While she scolds the king on the balcony, thinking that this is her husband.
And in the famous scene with two husbands she comes in a set of yellow
a translucent blouse with colorful trousers and in a red wig, which she effectively
takes off after the phrase has become a winged phrase: “And they will cure me.” Unlike dynamically
changing outfits for women, men’s clothing more constant. Especially black and white
Shurik’s kit. [Shurik Timofeev] The film begins in
reality, which is depicted in black and white color. Inventor Shurik
creates a time machine. His clothes are straight indicates the activities of scientific
worker: white coat, large glasses and A simple shirt in a cage that
at the same time may indicate intellectual activity,
follow clear instructions, persistence of beliefs and aspirations, and
even to the fatigue of routine everyday life. Throughout the film his image is not
will change, even in its bright colored dream he remains true to his ideas, and most importantly – his wife Zinaida. [Ivan the Terrible] Ivan the Terrible’s outfit in modern Moscow at first corresponds to the era of the 16th century. Tsarist
fur coat “Ivan Vasilievich: back to future”
year old. Instead of the traditional fur the lining is of royal color
purpura, However, the collar and cuffs are trimmed
sable fur, and the fur coat itself is richly decorated gold embroidery.
As the plot develops, when he begins to feel comfortable
among the Soviet interior and household engineering,
when he starts to like to admire views of Moscow of the 20th century, his royal
the vestments are replaced by a tight tights.
[Ivan Vasilyevich Bunsha] Ivan’s clothes Vasilyevich Bunshi –
carelessly buttoned shirt and summer as if a soft hat – give out in it
a simpleton, a naive fool and even henpecked. By the way, in black and white
reality Bunch looks different: on it a strict suit, even his hat looks tougher. [Georges Miloslavsky] Special chic fraudster Miloslavsky. Colour
His trousers fit perfectly with the color headdresses,
and the highlight is attached to the neck scarf. Note that in the scene where
The main characters who will soon be on the other side of the wall, meet in
apartment of Timofeev, forming a harmonious composition as a light spot.
Despite the apparent unity and similarity, the contrast between Buns and Miloslavsky we
we can see in detail: When they get behind the wall and dress up,
Bunsha remains sitting in sandals than almost betrayed himself, but Georges completely
entered the role of prince and paid due attention even to the shoes and belt.
Color spots in Moscow in the 16th century are not have changed: the Bunsha and Miloslavsky all
also harmonize with each other wearing light outfits. Color palette of outfits
resonates with the color solution the interior of the royal chambers. The only
bright clothes of the troops: their red outfits symbolize danger and spectacularly
looks during a chase. Please attention that the rest of the men who
often fall into the frame, for example, director Yakin, dentist Shpak and
Polish deacon Feofan or Fedya, dressed like under a carbon copy in brown suits.
Perhaps this is done in order to these characters did not attract
additional attention. Generally light coloring of clothes of heroes and bright accents in
form of some women’s dresses characters
quite corresponds to the comedy genre. When mentioning the theme of fashion in cinematography to me
comes first thing to mind “Ivan Vasilievich: back to future”
despite the fact that I saw a huge the number of films where there were much
more interesting costumes and up to movies biographical about couturier. maybe
because this film has deep down on me in the heart as a child and dresses
and struck me even then, perhaps that’s why I have this attitude to
this movie. In the comments you can write about
their favorite films, which they would like to get an overview of the costumes, well, I hope,
that you liked this video. If it is was interesting to you, it is mandatory
put your favorite, subscribe to my channel. All before the meeting, bye!

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