Самолет с турбиной – добавил GPS и начал делать шасси

Самолет с турбиной – добавил GPS и начал делать шасси

Hi guys! Turned the plane upside down. Turned “belly” up and I think what to do next … I originally planned complete lack of chassis. But the situation has changed. Since there used to be grass (it was summer), it was possible to successfully land a plane in the grass. Now, in connection with the change of season, the grass disappears and soon only sticking sticks will remain. Sticks will scratch the entire plane when landing. But this is not the worst. The earth will be hard and in general, you can split the bottom. therefore have to change shoes, so to speak on the go, and come up with solutions to this problem. The action plan is as follows: I want to make temporary chassis. here so that you can remove the entire chassis with a stove. Put the chassis so that they are steered. That is, the front wheel must be steered. Well, when the time comes to break the channel’s record, when it will be necessary to accelerate the aircraft to maximum speed, then all these means of landing will have to be removed. Because they will give excess resistance and we will start without wheels. Let’s get down to this business. I want to start soon I want to seal this place already. And I will make a peel here, to fit tightly from fiberglass. I hope not more than a kilogram this improvement will add mass to the aircraft. But this will help protect him from collisions with the planet. He is very beautiful … I want to fly around it with wheels, so the case is a little delayed. With wheels, we can start it even in cold weather. This, without exaggeration, will be said very non-standard solution and untimely. But friends, I do not like standard solutions and I really don’t like all these retracts, retractable landing gear. They are all thin, thin. And do the initially retractable chassis, some huge, powerful can not afford. Have you seen any landing gears on real airplanes? Yes, they just weigh tons … Here they should be. I can not afford with their planes such impudence. Have to do something small, come up with. We have to solve non-standard situations. What is there to do? Here it will be done now fiberglass pad. I apply protection against gluing epoxy. Spread some resin. American resin is over. This is Polish epoxy. We will now do everything with the Polish epoxy. Polish – a lot. A lot, guys, thanks to Alexey. Alexey for years to come epoxy provided. Doesn’t stick. Rummaging around in the bins I found these wheels on wheels. This wheel is smaller, will go to the front rack. Here are a little more – on the back. Here is foam rubber. They are solid, but I don’t like the disks. Discs will redo. Just now there will be a little turning. We will do this. I don’t know how they push them in here. To remove is not possible. Look here. What a little hole there (hole). And actually the disk fits. It’s necessary to tear them out, get rubber and make very light wheels. I’ll try to cut it with a boron machine. This is another matter. How do they put them in there? Normal foamy wheel. How much is the mass? The wheels should be very light. 10 grams 17 grams, only 30 grams weight of wheels. Past wheels weighed 0.5 kilograms. These are the wheels that I put on a large plane. There were wheels from a scooter. I will try to make the design as simple as possible. I will use duralumin green. I’ll use all this diameter, so that the tires only protrude a little. Not like before. so as not to sort out. Now I’ll draw on the leaf in the box and start turning work. A sketch or drawing is ready. This is a big disk – two will be. It is small. I will do it in one copy. So, we take a blank and drove. It is possible that there is enough workpiece for everything. I really want to believe in it. Perhaps in vain, but planned brass sleeves right there. So go through the sweeps so that the hole is accurate. I missed this pleasant business – turning. In order to save material I saw with a hacksaw. Later, still process the butt. Therefore, I will do so. Pretty heavy she is. For threading, I found the die m16 step 1. A rare thing. But on the other hand, it avoids the work of the cutter. I decided to connect the two halves on the thread. Cool going. That is, when designing, I immediately provided which tool do I have and designed for it. Because if there weren’t a couple, I would have to sharpen it with a cutter, or somehow … Cut off a very powerful cutter. See what height. Cut off at low speeds You can add speed. It is going very well. Processing a little WD40. Oh, sorry, it feels like there isn’t enough material for the return washers. This is very sad. So we will use the gift of Zhenya. Now is the time to make it easy here. Just need my super calipers. Watch how it works. So I want to measure this wall. Once I see everything! No micrometer nothing can be measured here. I see that here the thickness is large. Everywhere 2 millimeters thick and can be cut a little. This wall can also be directly measured. There is a place with a micrometer if you put the ball. Here are 2 millimeters and here are 2 millimeters. It is necessary to thin, 0.5 mm can be safely removed. We look what happened. Two halves. They wind up, then I’ll put them on epoxy. Between them rubber is inserted. This is the front wheel. So you’ll need to somehow tighten, because there are big gaps. Everything is designed for internal sealing, so that the gum is compressed as much as possible inside and these are the wheels. Learn the mass. The tire itself weighs 7 grams. And the whole wheel is 31 grams. Weigh it all. In general, everything weighs 100 grams. But in principle, not bad. You need to twist tightly so that everything shrinks well. But the halves slide if done like this. How to get out of the situation? Pasted on each side double tape and voila – now nothing slips! You can spin it very powerfully. Already almost everything. Another control … Epoxy smeared, everything will polymerize. To dry out. Such wheels turned out. From above, everything is very transformed. We can say that the electrician is ready. Here they are – all the components guys. Added flight controller. I have already set up gps, it catches satellites. Even indoors, through the roof catches, because such a great gps module from motec is installed here. Farther. Checked a little range already penetration, so to speak. I checked through the concrete my transmitter 2 wadded. He really does a lot of hawks, 2.5 amperes at rest. But this is with the flyer. But still through my glasses and through this antenna he punches. If you look like this, it turns out through two garages. And across the street. Punches 100 meters without problems. That is, no interference is felt. I think that he will also punch through the whole plane. When the plane is in such a position to fly away from me, I hope so because here get the dead zone, a lot of carbon fiber. But there is hope that in all other positions it should perfectly penetrate. put the new foxeer predator camera. I used to have some other factor. I just recently found out that this the most bombing (best) camera. And the guys tuned, finally, all the management. Instead of this receiver, it can be changed later on the management and configuration will not affect instead, I want to put this one. Those in the subject know what it is. TBS crossfire receiver. The strongest version. See what antennas are here? Approximately in this position and I want to install these antennas. That is, one down and one will be horizontal. And put it here about. Such a receiver is planned with corresponding module on the equipment (I also have one), must punch up to 100 kilometers. I would at least five kilometers if you could break through without any problems …. I’m not going to fly away on it. For confidence to be probably put this powerful receiver and strong module. Let’s see how management works. Because everything is already glued, glued, everything is set up. And so here, with a button, everything is connected to me. Something has already worked. We look. The work of the elevons. Up and down and left-right. The deviation angles are like this. As ailerons I set the flow rate a little less. Everything is working. I’ve twisted it for about 20 minutes, twirled it, tested it. Everything is fine, there is power. That is, it resists well. This is not surprising. Here are 25 kilogram servos. Further along the rudders. Watch how they stray. Deviate to a small angle. Both at once, synchronously. And here, as I promised you, there are brakes. This is how it looks. In this case, controllability is maintained. That is, in a deviated state, the rudders can be controlled as before. Further – in connection with the questions that arose, I want to answer them a little. First, about the casing, which should close the engine. I did not foresee it right away. Now you see, there is an engine, a lot of empty space. Somehow it doesn’t look very beautiful. This is not surprising, because the place made under another engine. An engine that is much larger. When a powerful engine becomes here, just to break the speed record on the channel, here the whole space should fill up normally. These cracks will disappear. There will be a small such a click. It will be for blowing the engine. Everything will be fine with aerodynamics, nice and beautiful. I put this turbo jet engine only because that it starts up very well and with him, at least during the setup phase of the aircraft, from the first starts there will be less problems. It’s just that powerful engine is very problematic. Therefore, I had to put this. You see, you have to predict in advance … in advance to lay some kind of “pillow” perink, so that later there are fewer problems. Further. The guys with FPV have questions why I put here is the antenna. That is, it is a transmitter antenna. She will pass on points. The speed and picture from the heading camera will be displayed. I believe that this the best place for my plane. It could be taken out somewhere, maybe on the wing. To some tip, somehow put it aside, so that in general the signal is not obscured almost never. Now this place is obscured only if the plane flies away from me and accordingly, I will feel the loss of signal. I will see that the signal is getting worse. But at any moment, if I raise my nose higher, or lower – then the shading stops. Because the antenna, as it were, will go into the area .. Usually raise up, not down the nose of the plane. Raise your nose and the antenna will begin to finish the signal already to points normally. Here I have the whole nose of a fiberglass airplane. Whoever missed and does not know this feature, there is no carbon fiber and therefore, the signal must pass well. The only thing is that it will be obscured by all this equipment. I think these are trifles. We will just see the most basic range. When he will fly away from us, then there will be signal loss. But in any other position, when we roll out the plane when we go sideways everything will open and signal to improve. I believe that it should be so. And not vice versa, when he flies away from himself, then guys start to turn around the signal gets worse because something is obscured somewhere and everything, they lose their fpv plane, or other equipment. Still, what a handsome plane, how cool it looks. And in the sun, friends, you just can’t imagine … It’s just a shock. Frankly speaking, he looks so-so here. In the sun there is generally fire. But the sun something left us. We must continue to deal with the chassis. I have a blank. Remained from the last time. I turned it because the shape was teardrop-shaped and here, Now you need to stick carbon on it. We will strengthen it, because it was made for a light aircraft. But this plane is three times heavier. Carbon will be used in tapes and these are the spectra threads. 3 hours of work. I wind the spring, already the final stage. It turns out not bad, tight winding. I use all possible materials. I put the spectrum there, several threads – about 15. 15 threads “Spectra”. Hope this helps and I’m winding, now I’m rolling the cross crosswise, so that the layers do not disconnect. It takes a long time to dry this sandwich made of composites. In a few days I’ll open it, we’ll see what happened. That’s all for me guys. To whom it was interesting, subscribe to the channel, support like. See you all again!

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    При нынешних делах нос слишком тупой, к тому же камера с огромной выемкой там установлена. Для носа это недопустимо.

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    Hello, could you help this man, he's making his own T-800 with AI, he lives in Russia.
    Thank you. https://youtu.be/5IuuXudWDfQ

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  36. What a gorgeous paint job. It's way too beautiful to crash. You are also a very skillful and impressive fabricator. Best of luck on flight day.

  37. Возможно будет неплохо, если на первые полёты, придумать защиту, на весь самолёт, по принципу как у квадрокоптеров, но крепить её по принципу струбцины, дабы монтаж и демонтаж защиты делался без сверления корпуса самолёта и без порчи ЛКП)) И уже потом шасси. За то при первых падениях будет +50 к сохранению нервных клеток)) Жалко его коцать на первых взлётах) Может надо было на нём полетать и уже потом покрасить??)) и возможно надо было сразу всё делать по два)), во время изготовления, чтобы запчасти были сразу и под рукой))

  38. увлечение хорошее но всё ещё дрова, я делаю 10 метровую тарелку правда тайком на даче на электро магнитной тяге. если покажу то могут придти люди " в чёрном"

  39. А может быть лучше сделать стартовую тележку типа вот такой: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As4hjejOylc, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npIVDxx2rUs. А для безопасной, планирующей посадки установить парашют. Встроив гондолу парашюта над кожухом двигателя, соединив эту конструкцию плавным переходом с воздухозаборником. Это вариант для побития рекорда скорости. Удачи.

  40. Можно еще облегчить колеса, сделав в дисках отверстия как на автомобильных дисках. Через них можно и затягивать их.

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  44. Hello Igor! I just love your videos (thanks to captions, even though the translation is rather messy it gives you a good idea what you talk about).

    What I appreciate is how you experiment. While others rely on either knowledge or limit their experimenting you go full speed DOING things. Which is awesome! And I don't say you lack knowledge, on the contrary, you do! But you won't stop at that.
    Thanks for sharing your efforts in experimenting with cool things.

    Yes. Agreed. There is nothing more awesome than jet engines, small, big or anything in between!
    Привет из Швеции! Oh, Insta you say? Must check!


  45. Ох, как же я люблю смотреть эти сериалы..! 😁
    Ну и Алексею, который так активно способствует развитию канала, хочу сказать отдельное спасибо! 👍

  46. Игорь у меня неплохие знания по ЧПУ строении…Собирай ЧПУ….Я помогу с настройкой электроники…с программным обеспечением..Подскажу…Я собрал два стонка себе …один на шаговых…другой не серводвигателях..Даволен …вот полгода смотрю твои турбины…посмотрел как выдачивают турбины …Если есть желание напиши ..Но на чпу такие штучки точить прикольно…Кстате твой токарный тоже можно поставить на чпу…и фрезер..

  47. Игорь, дрон выглядит великолепно! Я на Вас подписался, когда вы делали микрореактивные двигатели, и до сих пор в восторге! Пара дурацких вопросов: 1) а Вы не думали сделать управляемый вектор тяги? Это, несомненно, сложно, но Вы любите челленджи:) 2) Может сделать парашют (ну, примерно, как на цесснах 172 ставят) чтобы в случае полной потери контроля не убить самолет? Просто, модели с ГТД имеют тенденцию загораться при жестком падении.

  48. 12:10 – Неизвестно, как оно потом законтрится в процессе эксплуатации, но, для подобных задач рожковые ключи от УШМ никто ведь не отменял 😉

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