【MMD】Dramaturgy – Hatsune Miku  (English / Romaji Sub)【初音ミク】

【MMD】Dramaturgy – Hatsune Miku (English / Romaji Sub)【初音ミク】

91 thoughts on “【MMD】Dramaturgy – Hatsune Miku (English / Romaji Sub)【初音ミク】

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  2. "Headshot your noisy feelings"
    Me : This girl must be a gamer, expert gamer
    By the way, this video is so good, I mean look at the model, so realistic, this video must be made by great pc, and a great person sorry I'm late 🙁

  3. 日本語で失礼します🙏💦

    いつも楽しみに見させていただいてます😊今回もカッコカワイくてお洒落で素敵です✨本当に主様のMMDが好きです!! (。OωO。)b カンシャ

  4. It's been a while, isn't it! As usual, the MV is gorgeous!! And I really love this song! So I'm very glad to see such a lovely MV from Fina-chan ♪(´ε` )💞💞💖💖🙏 Thank you for always working hard and you truly did such an awesome job again!! 💕💕

  5. 💙⭐У тебя прекрасные видео получаются. Спасибо за видосик 💫 💙

  6. Yomikucool&sexylove!

  7. I liked the dance so much!

    And Do you know which utatite made a cover of this? I remember this song clearly but it wasn't miku or any vocaloid. Probably E ve but not sure. If someone knows please let me know too. 🙇

    It's E ve!😀 I didn't read the description.. 😅

  8. Genial holiwi soy de México estoy en instagram como Mariel direl tilbert o sino como Mariel lariem tilbert en Facebook estoy como minaco González o mar go

  9. Amazing job Fina-san! You never failed to impress me as always! Keep up the amazing work! Love from Indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  10. Cómo siempre otro vídeo increíble e inigualable ❤️
    Admiro demaciado tu trabajo, como haces los movimientos, detalles de escenario, personaje, vestuario y sonido. No todos lo pueden hacer y tú lo haces de maravilla que queda precioso

  11. I love your model! It's so wavy, and I love the video itself! To be honest, this is the first time I have watched a Dramaturgy MMD and NOT stop watching within the first 15 seconds of the video! Thanks for your hard work!

  12. I just love your expertise in MMD <3
    I hope one day I can become as good as you are. I love all of your videos and creations. Good luck with everything

  13. You've improved a lot. I've watched many of your videos and this is a large improvement coming from you. The quality, motion and shaders were breath-taking :0

  14. I love the shading! Can't wait for the next Miku Len video! If I had to say something about your channel, it's would be that Fina-chan is like the Mitchie-M of the Miku Len community.

  15. I felt that the camera tries too much to keep your attention by moving obnoxiously and intensively, especially at the beginning but I really like the stage work and the models! Almost feels like a better Project Diva MV

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