(스포X) 어벤져스 스포 차단 꿀팁?! 영화관 알바 만렙이 말하는 알바 리뷰(feat.메가박스/CGV 비교)ㅣ워크맨 workman ep.1(ENG SUB)

(Pro job hopper, Jang Sung Kyu) Should we do an opening too? Opening? Like Wassup Man? (mic drop) Isn’t someone supposed to do this for me? Gotta do this myself? (intern PD) (nods) Self..? Yes How do you turn this on? I dunno either Yes! Workman~! Will let you know about all sorts of jobs Job review expert, Workman (feat. pay reveal) The first workplace is here~~~ #1 most-wanted, part-time job among college students, the movie theater Box-office sensation, ‘Avengers4,’ fastest film to pass 10 million viewers BTS review (feat. Avengers: Endgame screening period) I only go to Megabox Bc it’s our company (jcontentree) Not anymore (recently became a free agent) Uh?! On the way to work (Megabox Sangam World Cup Stadium Branch) I’d always come to watch movies, not to work When you think of the movie theater, You think of the box office Popcorn! Popcorn! Good job What are you doing rn? Usher Usher? Usher is a singer? (side eye) Usher in~ (Come on in~) (Manager?) (Staff Only) Hello (1-yr employee) Yes, nice to meet you Did you not receive a uniform? Yes! I didn’t get anything Tip. Free uniform (Exchange X / Refund X) There’s only size 100? Do you discriminate against overweight applicants? No, it’s not like that This won’t fit me Is it okay to leave my zipper open? (Why zoom in there?) Sunbaenim (senior) is Elsa, Elsa Yes I’m Thanos Tip. Movie characters as nicknames Were there any cool characters? Iron Man.. Nope~ (reaction speed) (shift starts)(complete) Time punching complete! Wow Can you cover for someone who’s absent? Let’s find a shortcut (You cray?) Tip. -Part-time hours at the movie theater- 6-hr work / 30-min break (Megabox standard) Starting here, you can’t joke around or make noise How do you greet guests? Hello, (welcome to) Lotte Cinema Ah (You cray?2222) 5hrs 50 mins left
B O X ( ticket )
Level of Difficulty: Difficult (Customer #23) Hello Which movie would you like to see? Avengers May I ask how old you are? I’m a high school student High school student! (student ID) (state-of-the-art, face recognition) (teen discount) How come you’re here in the morning? Why aren’t you in school?? It’s midterms Ah you took the test today? What was your score? 23 points? 23 is high Out of 30? Out of 100 Paid with cash Ah pick a seat This is the screen Choose among the blue This is in the middle, is that okay? Between couples Solos don’t care bout that What’s your dream? Me? Yes. Office worker May your dreams come true Nope. (Why, all of a sudden…?) I got a low score today (23 points) (realistic) Bye Goodbye (not fabricated) (next guest) Which movie would you like to see~ Avengers (Avengers again) Are you a member? No. Ah it’s much cheaper if you’re a member Are you two a couple? Yes Yes??? Does that change anything..? We’ll put your seats together Ah then put us together If there was a couple discount, you would’ve said you’re a couple? I’d consider it (Huh?) What will you pay with? Card Cash (cash)(card) Card for one Looks around Sun..sunbaenim! Elsa!!! Please wait a minute, customer (Elsa, please I know you’re in there~~) First time One with card, another with cash Ah (click)(click) Process the card first I’ll help with the card first It’s over the limit Really? Ah hold on (wandering hands) (mom’s card)(dad’s card) Enjoy the movie Thank you Fighting, hs seniors!!! CGV has couple seats CGV has separate, couple seats? Couple seating Comfortable seating Same price IMAX theater Tuesday discount #1 in market share We can only go up from here Do you have a high salary? No 4 hrs and 20 mins left
C O N ( concession stand )
Level of Difficulty: Average Tip. Switch hats (fedora)>>(beret) Uh? You had pigtails before? One for the concession stand Ah rly? Yes. It’s a rule Oh Oh what’s the reason I dunno Senior, you’ve worked here for one year You must know da best combo Veteran staff’s sweet combo (pretzel) + (coffee syrup) (hot dog) + (cheese sauce) or (chili sauce) CGV sells tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) (I said, stop it) Has anyone ever been so hungry while working That they went ham in secret? Then you get fired (dark sense of humor) Tip. Stealing food while working will get you fired (popcorn oil) (popcorn seeds) (swoosh) Caramel popcorn sells like hot cakes I like it plain (sweet and simple) Yum. (bruh) Welcome, customer There’s a nacho event (business mindset) Yes, like that~ Is this size okay? (cool transaction) Popcorn, drinks, nachos Fired? I’m sorry… Your gloves, gloves Omgx3 (throws away the fallen ones) (Sorry) (self-reflection mode) So hot! It’s not that hot? (lovey)(dovey) I think something’s going on between them? Those two are a bit Ah that girl has a bf (couple)(solo) Ah but the girl is strong (iron wall) She has her hands behind her back Uh it’s past 12? Would you like to go on break? Breaktimex2 You have to be sharp on time (rotation) (30-min break) Current time – 12:02 Hello, hello (The seniors are waiting) Uh it’s been 3 minutes (break)(starts) Until 12:33 (breaktime) It was 12:02, but we clocked in at 12:03 You can rest for one more minute 1 minute lol 3 hrs and 30 mins left
Break time ( 31 mins )
Level of Difficulty: Most difficult (senior1)(senior2) Drink x2 Is there anything else you need? Buy a lunch set I don’t think we’ll have enough time (to eat)? (full load) Is it not enough time? We gotta run Where do we eat? (urgent) Time left (19 mins 54 secs)(53)(52)(51)(50) (combat ration) Do you have to run every time you eat? Yes, bc there’s not enough time Do you have any complaints? (If you ain’t got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all) Make lunch one hour But it’s the law It’s law????? Tip. 4hr+ shift, 30-min break. 8hr+ shift, 1-hr break Srsly? (beep x3) (start) (next-level speed) How much time do we have left 13 mins left That’s enough time to eat (How???????) (noodles)(sandwich) (spicy combo) Oh looks good? What does it taste like? (curious) Sorry. But can you eat first, and talk later? She’s saying it’s not bad You make it look so tasty (just one bite) just a chopstick-full (just one bite) (so funny) It’s rly good (sweet combo) This is my fave item (soy sauce marinated salmon) (soy sauce marinated salmon) Try it How is it?! Oh it’s so good! Oh rly??? Try it I don’t eat salmon How many more minutes? 3 minutes (part-time, lunch break.mov) Uh gotta go Already? (busy)(bees) (bye) 1 hr 55 mins left
U S H E R ( check tickets / clean )
Level of Difficulty: Easy / Is it the easiest? But it’s most important Oh~ most important Tip. Watch needed. (rotation) Do you have to go in between, and do things? When entering the movie Exit and clean? That’s it? Depending on how many people are in the theater, There may be a diff in temperature Tip. Check the room temperature each hour Is theater #3 cleaned up? Yes, you can let them in Yes, confirmed Ah now you can accept people? Yes, “I’ll help you with entering theater 3 for Avengers” (parrot) I’ll help you with entering theater 3 for Avengers (1st) Hello~ Go to your left Hello~ Yes, you can go left (2nd)(3rd) Fighting on your midterms! We finished Uh good job You two can enter (4th)(5th) Theater 3? Yes, theater 3 Did he spit? There are those who spit Here? We have to clean it Let’s practice theater etiquette Tip. Theater clean-up. Go in 2 mins before the ending credits If you go in before the movie ends, doesn’t it spoil the ending? Yes (Hasn’t watched Avengers4 yet) So we face the wall, and cover our ears (spoiler alert) (Avengers theater) Tip. Face the wall, and cover your ears to avoid spoilers (block)(spoilers) Ah~ I can’t understand English (Huh?) (only good at Korean)(bilingual) How many minutes for us to clean? 9 minutes Tip. Clean up in 9 minutes Movie theater clean-up category 1 – Check for lost items Senior, check for any wallets Movie theater clean-up category 2 – Popcorn (popcorn) Movie theater clean-up category 3 – Cup holder (movie ticket) What a mess (20 mins till shift ends) There’s a lot hidden underneath I spill a lot of popcorn while watching movies Now it makes me be more careful Is there an extra dustpan? Don’t play, and help Lazy kekekekekekekekeke 2 mins left Senior, get ready to leave I get off at 6 Ah rly oh no (no soul) There’s a lot of folks trying to get part-time jobs / Hela gets off at 6 (1-yr employee) The pros and cons of this job in 15 secs First off, if you work part-time at a movie theater A lot of dem are movie lovers You can watch movies for free Can watch unlimited movies (at your branch only) Also, you can get a discount on concession 50% discount at the concession stand (after your first month) And the cons (skip) Good job^^77 (daily wage) Hyung doesn’t have a paid-weekly-holiday allowance Tip.If you attended all your work days during the week, you get paid an extra day’s worth I filled the gas? (confused ‘weekly holiday’ with ‘fuel’) No..hehe This is for my 6-hr shift, right? (10,000 won x5) (60,000 won in total?) (100 won) 50,100 won 50,100 won / 6 hrs 8,350 won per hour It’s minimum wage The manager asked you to filled this out A written apology??? What written apology? For sleeping there.. I got caught? (worth an apology) (senior ratted him out) Srsly…ha I haven’t written an apology since I was under JTBC During my shift… (I won’t do it again) I won’t come again

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