00 WELL Campaign Teaser Movie

00 WELL Campaign Teaser Movie

From 9 to 5, from 9 to 6, sometimes from 9 to “who knows when”. You spend so much time at the office, believing life is outside and after hours. But life in the office is still your life. And that’s why it’s time to work and live WELL. WELL is the new wellbeing standard for office life. Through WELL we, at Skanska, are the first in Romania to measure, certify and monitor how the workspaces that we develop are treating you. This way you get to work in a human centric environment. Perfectly fitted to your needs: clean air and water, healthy nourishment, natural light, fitness features, comfort solutions and mind-body balance. We turn office hours to office life. All that’s left for you to do is start living it WELL. We want to provide the living standards that you deserve. Breathe in, breathe out. Get energized. Drink water to improve your digestion and metabolism. Forget about four o’clock sweet rewards. Choose the healthy option instead. Go for healthy natural snacks in
between meals. A life well-lived is a blossoming life. Nurtured by light. Take the first step towards a more dynamic lifestyle. Boost your energy level. Live
with more joy and passion. Clear your head. Be fully present. We convert an environment into a habitat. A personal space where you feel safe to
be yourself. Stay productive and passionate. Choose to
work in a healthy vibrant environment. Understanding and acting according to
your actual needs drives more informed more intelligent decisions. Don’t forget happiness is a choice. So is wellbeing. Office life is life: live it WELL.

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  1. if office life is life, how do you call "traffic" life? at least 3 hours daily lost in traffic, and another 9 trapped indoors at the office. does "office life" provide sun? vitamin D?! especially during autumn/winter time, when days decrease. I suggest making a study on vitaminD deficiency on "office people". the results shall be very interesting. LIFE is AFTER office. after hours jammed in traffic. life is about 3 hours a day the most, when you get to spend a little time with your family (if office life lets you have a family, because in family you must invest time, or bye-bye! marriage!). that is, if you can afford a housekeeper! if not, let's say 2 hours a day, the most! you can accept this, OR YOU CAN START LIVING. outside the "office life"!

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