#1 REASON to get AMC A-List in 2019

#1 REASON to get AMC A-List in 2019

My name is Jeremy Walton
and this is AMC A-List. Let’s go! (offbeat motivating music) I don’t know what’s up
with the weather lately. It’s hot. It’s cold. It’s actually raining right now, and in LA when it rains,
people lose their minds. No one knows what to wear. So today I want to
have a chill day, and talk about something
I love, movies. More specifically, going to the movies. A lot of memories I had growing up
were at the movies, and that was before
stadium seating, recliners, and especially reserved seating. Back then you show up late,
it was the worst. The best was all of a sudden
the theater went dark, and you knew the trailers
were about to start. That’s the only way you knew
what movies were coming out. It’s a lot different now as we all know. With advances in technology,
things change, and our experiences become different. One of those changes and
something I signed up the day it was released is AMC A-list. Three movies a week, any format,
no blackout dates, for a low monthly fee. For a movie lover you can’t beat that. The one deal breaker would be
if you didn’t live near an AMC. I have three near me so that’s a plus. If not, you do have some other
options with other companies, but do your research. Now whenever I get a chance to
tell someone about AMC A-List, there’s one main reason why
they don’t have it, and there’s one main reason
I tell them why they should, but I’ll save that until the end. The first thing I want to talk about is cost. The one thing on everyone’s mind. I pay $19.95 a month with a
12-month guarantee, because the prices have changed for 2019
depending on where you live. For me it’ll be bumped up to $23.95,
and for other states it’ll stay the same. Let’s jump on AMC’s website
and check it out. I want to see a movie for this
Saturday, so coming soon, and I want to see GLASS.
Click on advance tickets. CityWalk has a real nice theater, but
right now it’s only showing in IMAX. Let’s check the price and I’ll pick my seat. Wow! $26.75. That’s pricey. At that price point though if you’re
watching one IMAX movie a month, with an A-List membership
you’re saving money. How about we check out Burbank. Let’s do their Dolby Cinema. It’s getting full. I’ll just pick a seat. $23.49. In this situation if you’re
seeing two movies a month it makes sense to
get a membership. Like I said different states
have different pricing. For example, Minnesota a
place I do travel to a lot, it’s only $21.95 a month. Let’s see how the pricing works there. This is AMC Southdale 16, and we’re going to look at
their Dolby Cinema. Pick a seat. $16.99. Again if you’re seeing two
or more movies a month, get on this plan! Now keep in mind we are
looking at Saturday night when a lot of people
like to go to the movies. If you like to go to the movies
let’s say Tuesday mornings, things might look a bit different. I’ve paid as low as $6.00 before. What you really need to do, is look up the pricing of
movies in your area at the times you like to go, and then compare them
to the AMC A-List plans. That covers pricing so I
quickly want to cover convenience and perks. The ability to do everything
from the app is flawless. As soon as tickets go on sale, you pick your movie,
you pick your seat, your credit card is on file
so you submit, and you’re good to go. There’s discounted parking,
you can also collect points for discounts on snacks. Just remember to
bring your photo ID, like your driver’s license or passport. You won’t get in without it. Even if you bribe,
stomp your feet, or shout, do you
know who I am?! You’re not getting in. That leads me to the
number one reason You need to get AMC A-List. What people usually say is, they don’t go to the
movies that much. They understand the pricing
makes sense if you go to two or more movies, but some months
they go to one, or none at all. Valid point, but hear me out. Before Netflix came around how
many weekends did you spend watching five seasons of any show? Waiting. What? What? Huh? Did you say something? That’s what I thought. When I first got Netflix
and I got my first DVD, of course I wanted to watch it,
but there was this part of me that wanted to watch it
so I could return it, so I could get my next DVD. At that point I think I was watching a movie every other day. Oh the memories. Before Netflix I always rented movies
maybe a few every month, but when Netflix offered a monthly plan, I definitely took full advantage of that. Full advantage! Then streaming became more popular and then binge watching became a thing. Now we have the same principles
applied to theaters. You may not go to the
movies that much now, but you’ve never been
on a monthly plan. Living in LA I’m sure you’re not
seeing twelve movies a month, but now you can do that
for a little over 20 bucks. That’s a huge savings. You might have a Sunday binge
day and go see three movies. You might need some work on your car. Make an appointment and go
see a movie while you wait. You just don’t know what life is
like until you’re on the plan. You might be surprised
how many movies you see. I’ve definitely hit that twelve
mark plenty of times, and it’s a pretty good
reason to sign up. While making this video, there is one more thing I thought
about that could help. How many movies a
month do you rent? Let’s say on average a couple
Red Box and one On Demand. That’s roughly 10 bucks. The one thing I realized a few
months into using A-List, is when the new movies
came out to rent, I already watched them all. I really wasn’t renting anymore
or at least not that much. So the money you spend on rentals, could be applied to your
A-List membership. Well there you have it
my number one reason, plus a few others,
to get AMC A-List. I hope you enjoyed the video,
hit that like button, because there’s more on the way. Subscribe so you don’t miss out, but until then, comment below
and let me know if you signed up, and as for this episode, I’ll see you at the movies.

13 thoughts on “#1 REASON to get AMC A-List in 2019

  1. Very funny and informative video. I'll make sure to check it out. I have a couple of AMC theaters from where I live.

  2. I’m under 16 I’m 14 do you guys think I can get in I don’t have an ID and I’m currently in 8th grade about to graduate in a few months

  3. This month I seen shazam, Aleta, captain Marvel, pet Sementary, hellboy, , missing link and have pre orders for Avengers movie. All for 22 dollars a month and still have 5 more movies this month for that price.

  4. Good video… Is the ticket free after you pay the monthly subscription or do I still have to pay something?

  5. The other night, I went to AMC and saw a (Independent) movie called "The Other Side of Heaven: Fire of Faith" (good movie though), and my ticket costed $10.19. I unfortunately have to travel an hour or so in order to go to AMC, because I live in a small town. Unfortunately, A List isn't an option for me. My small town does have a theater, but it's not with AMC. So yeah.

  6. Why is AMC so expensive. I just go on 5$ Tuesday at the small theatre where I live. AMC is an hour away

  7. For those of you who only go to one-two movies a month… with this subscription you’ll go to at least 6 (FOR FREE) trust me. Doesn’t matter what type, it’s definitely worth it!!!!!! (Side note I’m also a netflix and Hulu premium monthly subscriber, excessive I know but still).

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