10 Amazing Actors Whose Careers Started In Shocking Ways

10 Amazing Actors Whose Careers Started In Shocking Ways

If you wanna make it in Hollywood, it’s
all about who you know. There are always new contacts to be made and networking to be done.
Occasionally, the planets align and someone has the good fortune to be born into showbiz.
But the majority of people you see onscreen had to hustle pretty hard to get where they
are, and make ends meet along the way. But hey, everyone’s gotta start somewhere,
even the famous people. Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Actors Whose Careers Started In Shocking
Ways. Chris Evans
Everybody loves Chris Evans. Wether it’s an occasional appearance in a rom-com, or
reprising his role as Captain America, it seems like audiences are willing to follow
the actor to the ends of the earth. But despite his popularity, many fans are surprised to
discover one key element in his origin story: modelling. His work can be found in an unlikely
place, too. On the cover of the 1999 re-issue of the board game Mystery Date. Originally
released by Milton Bradley in 1965, the focus of the game is to have the perfect date with
the perfect guy. Fans will recognize one of the game’s eligible bachelors, ‘Tyler’,
as portrayed by the Star-Spangled Avenger. Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan has been in the movie business for a long time. The actor and stuntman was
quite accomplished in Hong Kong long before American audiences learned who he was. But
success didn’t always come easy for Chan, who struggled to make ends meet at the beginning
of his career. And because of this, he had to get creative when it came to making money.
Fans who associate him with family-friendly movies like Rush Hour, Shanghai Knights and
Kung Fu Panda will be caught off guard by the revelation that he was also in porn. Chan
acknowledged his involvement with a 1975 erotic film All In The Family but the star has stated
that he feels no shame about it. Which is understandable, given how tame it is compared
to literally everything on HBO. Paul Rudd
Between guest appearances on Parks & Recreation, starring in Netflix’s revival of Wet Hot
American Summer, and his recent turn as Marvel’s Ant Man, it seems like Paul Rudd is everywhere.
He can make audiences bust a gut with laughter and cringe with awkwardness, all while making
us fall in love with him. As it turns out, the actor has always been pretty versatile,
both on and off the big screen. Before he made his Hollywood debut, Rudd had a handful
of odd jobs, including one as a Bar-Mitzvah DJ. The actor would spin tunes for parties
that were sometimes as elaborate as weddings, so it’s no surprise that he can work a crowd.
And given how naturally lovable he is, we’re betting he was pretty good at it, too. Channing Tatum
The revelation that Channing Tatum used to be an exotic dancer is will not surprise anyone
who’s seen the Magic Mike movies. His skills on the stage sparked a lot of discussion about
the actors’ beginnings in the entertainment business. But what a lot of people don’t
know is that he also danced for Ricky Martin. The 2000 music video for Martin’s “She
Bangs” features a lot of dancers, but only one of them would grow up to be Magic Mike.
Past all the rump-shaking, and oddly-placed mer-people, is a young Tatum dancing his heart
out. And while Ricky Martin has since faded into obscurity, this video proved to be a
valuable stepping stone for the actor. And also as a cautionary tale about following
strange women into the ocean. Helen Mirren
Not only has Helen Mirren achieved Dame status, she’s also an actress who surprises audiences
with the roles she picks. Wether it’s transforming herself to play the titular role in films
like The Queen, or being a straight-up badass secret agent in RED, Mirren is a versatile
artist. Having a song interest in acting all her life, she’s been working since the sixties.
And one of her early films had her showing a lot of skin. Cast as Caesonia in 1979’s
Caligula, Mirren worked alongside Malcolm McDowell and Peter O’Toole in telling the
story of the Roman Caesar. And given that Caligula was a notoriously “passionate”
ruler, we’ll let your imaginations do the rest. The actress has joked about her time
on set, saying that given how naked everyone else was, it would be weird if she wasn’t.
And that the whole thing was a great experience. Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt is a man wearing many hats, who has successfully conquered both television
and film. But before the actor made a name for himself as Peter Quill in Guardians of
the Galaxy, he was a stripper for bachelorette parties. Known for his goofiness and impeccable
comedic timing, it’s safe to say that Pratt found his calling with acting. When asked
about his dancing days, he jests that they were awkward and disappointing for everyone
involved. It’s a good thing the actor switched jobs, because he’s already on track to becoming
Hollywood’s next superstar. Wether it’s action, comedy, or voice acting- Chris Pratt
has shown that he can do it all. Cameron Diaz
Like many starlets in Hollywood, Cameron Diaz began her career as a model. And after being
paired up with an agent, landed her first big role in 1994’s The Mask. But contrary
to popular belief, that wasn’t technically her first movie. The actress can be also be
found in a soft-core bondage film from the early nineties, currently housed somewhere
in the internet’s seedy underbelly. Given the ridiculousness of everything from the
early nineties, we’re willing to bet that the content is pretty subdued, if not downright
laughable. She’s also gone on to star in over forty movies. And given the insane amount
of success Diaz has enjoyed since, there’s no reason for her to look back. Aaron Paul
If you’ve ever watched The Price Is Right, you’ve probably mused about how it would
feel to hear the announcer say your name, and be plucked from the audience. Some of
the fun of watching the show is playing along at home, shouting prices at the screen. But
the most enjoyment comes from watching how excited the studio contestants get. Some jump
up and run straight for the podium, while others take time to high-five the entire audience
on their way. Very few people know what this actually feels like, and Aaron Paul is one
of them. He did pretty well, too, making it all the way to the Showcase Showdown. But
it wasn’t his first (or last) time on T.V. He also did cereal commercials, and even a
music video. Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa has been acting for a while now. But gained notoriety when he rode his horse
into our lives in HBO’s Game of Thrones. Momoa plays Khal Drogo, the leader of the
Dothraki- a vicious tribe of warriors. After seeing what his character is capable of, it
would be easy for audiences to assume the six-foot-four actor would be just as intimidating
in real life. But it wasn’t his daunting figure that got him the job. Raised by a photographer
mother and painter father, Momoa was destined for a career in the arts. During his audition
for Game of Thrones, the actor proved he was born to be a warrior, and enacted a Haka-
the traditional war dance of the Māori people. Not only did this dance land him the role
of Drogo, but it also contributed to his casting in the 2011 version of Conan the Barbarian. Robert Downey Jr.
Iron Man has gone from a niche-favorite to a household name thanks, in part, to the talents
of Robert Downey Jr. His fast-talkin’ take on billionaire Tony Stark not only did wonders
for the character, but also for the actor. Who has reprised his role seven times already.
And with the rapidly expanding Marvel universe, there’s no end in sight. Raised by creative
parents in New York, the actor has been honing his craft since childhood. But a move to L.A.
with his dad reinforced his passion. Growing up with a drug-addicted father exposed the
actor to the culture of narcotics. And had an influence on his own struggles with substance
abuse. Struggles which, thankfully, Downey Jr. has since overcome. So what do you think of our list? Did we miss
any interesting career-starters? Tell us about them in the comments, and be sure to subscribe
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  1. This is bad.Do not judge actors by their past,but in their acts Of the moment.Mark Wahlberg was A singer And sang"padapapadipopipodi" And look At him now

  2. Rajnikant is one of the highest paid actors. he was a bus conductor in Mumbai before becoming actor in Bollywood.

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  4. How did any of these thing start these actors careers? It should be titled "What they did before fame"

  5. Danny Trejo. He had just got out of prison and was sleeping on a bench where a studio was filming, and they needed extras.

  6. Harrison ford was a carpenter on the set of star wars. he filled in until they could get someone to play Han solo, and George Lucas loved him. the rest is history.,

  7. Sorry your VERY , VERY wrong about Cameron Diaz! I have seen the video your talking about and all it is, is modeling photo-shoot (wearing bondage cloths). Someone video taped it, THATS ALL, no acting or anything but. Not a movie or film. I watch your videos to learns REAL things about celebrities not lies.

  8. Chris Pratt apparently was working as a waiter somewhere in Hawaii when he made his break into Hollywood while serving somebody who found him interesting at the restaurant. Apparently he was homeless at or around this time as well, beach bum so to speak. Harrison Ford famously was hired into Star Wars originally as some kind of janitor or tech, and not in an acting role. He ended up auditioning impromptu for the Han Solo role and getting the part.

  9. Not everybody likes Chris Evans! He's quite overestimated. He often has such a puzzled look on his face as if he isn't very intelligent and weird pantywaist facial gestures. This strikes the eye in all the movies with him that I came across.

  10. I think Michael Duncan Clarke had an interesting start (RIP). Apparently he met Bruce Willis when he was driving a taxi and after seeing the guy's size and hearing his voice, Bruce Willis put him in touch with his agent on the spot.

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