10 Unexplained Audio Recordings

10 Unexplained Audio Recordings

– Ever since the invention
of the phonautograph on April 9th, 1860, audio recordings have become
a major part of our lives, fascinating people through
spoken word and music. But, not all recordings
are for entertainment. Some capture the unexpected. The following video showcases the strangest audio
recordings ever captured, the origins of which have
never been fully explained. Due to the nature of these recordings, this video is best enjoyed with headphones and will feature no jump scares, so free to turn up the
volume and get ready, because here are 10
unexplained audio recordings. Number one is the Wow! Signal. On August 15th, 1977,
Doctor Jerry R. Ehman detected a radio signal from deep space during a Search for Extraterrestrial
Intelligence project while at Ohio State University. This signal, dubbed the Wow! Signal, lasted for only 72 seconds, and
was only ever detected once, despite several subsequent attempts by Ehman and his team to find it again. Its source remains a mystery to this day, and is widely considered to be the best alien radio
transmission ever received. (creepy high-pitched tone) Number two is the Slow Down. Recorded by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 1997, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Slow Down is an unexplained
sound that descends slowly across a full seven minutes. Oddly, although the sound
has been heard numerous times since the first recording, its origin has never been fully explained. Some suggest that the sound comes from moving ice in Antarctica. However, many have
debunked this explanation due to the location of the recording. The following is the original and clearest recording to date, and because of its length,
has been set up to 16 times, so that you can fully hear it. (deep ominous tone) Number three is the Yellowstone whispers. The Yellowstone whispers
were recorded in 1872, when Wyoming’s Yellowstone
Park first opened. This eerie sound is described as a mix of a whistle and a horse whine, and began in the north and swept over the area towards
the south, growing louder, but becoming softer the
further away it went. Only thoeries exist at this time as to what the original sound was. Some believe it to be seismic activity, while others believe it to
be erupting volcanic gases. However, there are others
that believe it to be more. There are ghost stories that exist that are connected to victims
who have drowned in the area, along with the spirits of Native Americans that called those lands their home. Natural or Supernatural? You decide. (eerie tone) Number four are sounds from Saturn. All planets are known to emit radio waves, but the following, recorded
from the planet Saturn, are creepier than most. In 2002, the Cassini spacecraft
recorded unnerving sounds radiating from the planet Saturn. Some scientists believe that
the sounds may have come from the auras found near
the poles of the planet that are similar to those audio waves that come from Earth’s own auras. However, that explanation does not account for the rising and falling
of audio waves heard here. (ominous tone) Number five is the Singing Comet. Rosetta was a space probe built
by the European Space Agency that launched on the 2nd of March in 2004. Over the next 10 years, it traveled 6.4 billion kilometers, until it finally reached its destination, touching down on the comet 67P. This marks the very first time that a probe landed on a comet. However, almost immediately,
the probe began recording a strange song coming
from the comet’s surface. Described as a drilling or clicking noise, it confused experts, who to this day, still do not
have an explanation for it. Some scientists believe that the magnetic field
surrounding the comet caused the sounds, but
others believe it to be more. (eerie clicking) Number six is the desperate
plea from outer space. In May of 1961, two former
amateur radio operators, Achille and Gian Judica-Cordiglia, received a recording
from what they believed to be a phantom female
cosmonaut calling out for help. The recording appears to be a cry for help of some
kind from deep space. The words, “I am hot, I am hot. Yes, yes, breathing oxygen,” are believed to be some
of the dialogue spoken, but the entire message or its meaning have never been understood. Despite many attempts from experts, no one has ever been able
to determine the source of the following audio. (unintelligible mumbling) Number seven is electronic
voice phenomenon. Unlike the rest of these recordings, EVP is not a single event, but instead a phenomenon that is ongoing with highly contentious
and debated results. Electronic voice phenomena are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices, usually unintentionally recorded. The noises sound similar to speech, and are often regarded
by those who believe as voices belonging to
spirits in the area. Several examples exist online of EVP that you can look up, including
the following recording, which is one of the earliest
examples, taken in 1958. (eerie electronic mumbling) Number eight is the Old Tape. Around 2013, an anonymous
4chan user uploaded audio that he claimed he recorded in 1995, while listening to a
radio station called WKCR 89.9 in New York City. The recording begins with music, but is abruptly interrupted
with a high-pitch noise, almost like a shrieking,
followed by heavy breathing. Shortly after, a distorted
female voice speaks, repeating what sounds
like names and dates, almost in a chant. An explanation for the following
mysterious signal hijacking was never explained by the radio station. (old time music) (loud shriek) (heavy breathing) (creepy mumbling) Number nine are Sky Trumpets. First recorded in Texas in late 2010, this mysterious sound was heard in quite a few places around the globe, and on several different occasions. Sometimes described as a loud hum, it’s often most closely described as a trumpeting sound coming from the sky. There are a number of theories
as to what this could be. Some scientific, some
religious, others paranormal. Either way, the sound is unnerving, and to this day, has left
many people confused, and a little frightened. The following is one such recording from British Columbia, Canada, taken on amateur video
on August 29th, 2013. (ominous trumpets blaring) And number 10 is the Bloop. Recorded in 1997 off of
South American coast, the Bloop is considered by many to be the most mysterious
audio to ever have come from the deep ocean. The eerie low frequency sound
was picked up by hydrophones, and sounded similar to an oxygen bubble rising up from the water
towards the surface. What’s most disturbing about this sound is that submarines,
volcanoes, and earthquakes have all been ruled out. Many researchers continue to this day to look into the cause of the sound, as it alarms many of them, as the sound resembles that of one of a marine mammal would have made, though, this was much louder of a sound than any known creature
could possibly make. Some people believe it to be
an undiscovered sea monster. To this day, there is
still no definitive source for the explanation of the Bloop. (air bubble bloop) So, those were 10
unexplained audio recordings, but I want to know from
you in the comments. What do you make of these recordings? Do they have a normal explanation, or are they in fact something that we simply do not understand, yet. And, as always, if you are
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  2. Correct me if im wrong but the WOW signal ended up being dubbed as radio interferrance from a solar orbiting satellite. Perhaps SOHO

  3. The bloop actually was found out to be sound waves coming from The north arctic and were actually just the sound of an ice piece breaking and falling into the water

  4. The desperate plea is well known. It’s a Russian female cosmonaught who burnt up during re entry. Do your research, please.

  5. The Lost Cosmonaut recording was most likely fake. The Russian was bad and not the way those in the Russian military would speak over the radio.

  6. There is not and never was an audio recording of the WOW signal. Once more: THERE WAS NEVER ANY RECORDING OF THE WOW SIGNAL.ANYTHING THAT IS CLAIMED TO BE AN AUDIO RECORDING OF THE WOW SIGNAL IS A FAKE. Ask prof Ehmann. It is impossible to overstate the importance of fact checking. You blew your credibility after 1 minute and 12 seconds. Well done.

  7. Uh typo Matthew…. the singing comet for the sounds instead of saying the singing comet sounds, it said sounds from saturn.

  8. I remember once I was walking home with some friends but we went the wrong way and while walking I heard a noise that sound exactly like the bloop , but it was 8 at night and nobody has a pool in that neighborhood

  9. The lost cosmonaut
    "Female voice is playing"
    "This is hot!., This is Hot!.,"
    "I feel Flames!"
    "Am i going to survive? "
    Errors occurred and the Fire killed her

  10. Anyone ever heard of the Duga Woodpecker transmissions?
    Probably not but just before the Chernobyl nuclear accident a world wide radio interruption signal was tracked by NATO and pin pointed this woodpecker like pecking noise near the Chernobyl area, to this line of radio satellites called the Duga (Cyrillic: Дуга)

  11. The old tape ,if u listen carefully,is a woman and it sounds like she says something like I'm 1985 father michael__ and father ______,then in 1987 and something about sending an email?

  12. everybody gangsta until the radio goes reeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    the noice is more scary than the female voice tbh

  13. Guys the voice on the music tape sounded like she was saying father brother sister and mother and I’m freaked out by that.

  14. The Bloop is easy to figure out from the location it was recorded in. That location is where R'LEY is supposed to be. The sky trumpets is the sound being made when the veil between dimensions is being pulled.

  15. I have to say that I really don't think you did enough hand gestures during this video. Whatever class you took or instructional video you watched on using gestures while speaking publicly just wasn't enough I don't believe.

    I mean, to do more than you already did in this video, you'd have to wave your arms around like a raving lunatic. But, I say go for it. It really will make you so much more "professional" looking. I know you did like 4,000 hand gestures here, but just be even more "professional" and wave you hands and arms around like a thousand bees are stinging them and then you'll be good enough to sell garbage on late night infomercials, probably. I wish you the best of luck gestures hands around wildly and way too often to show how serious, professional and sophisticated a presenter I am 😂.


  17. You cant hear sounds in space…..
    you can get seismic pings by placing a probe on the ground which are usually feed backs from something hitting the ground or underground volcano or whatever…
    any other form of "sound" in space are just radio waves, which are easily corrupted by magnetic field or solar flares so may sound really strange…
    Water conducts sound over thousands of miles, so the underwater sound was probably a ship with a strange engine problem, moving away

  18. Im tired of these HEEEEEEY GUYS youtubers, trying their hardest to be as enigmatic and energetic as possible. Stop. It's obviously fake.

  19. For the New York tape I heard "Father…. Garbled… Mother… Henrietta Graham" maybe some kind of communication to a spy to help them track down people of interest?

  20. Some of these are probably due to other countries space explorations, which are kept confidential from other countries.

  21. The slow down is an earthquake. I found it on a video of earthquake sounds. I find radio stations to be the scariest noises even though they are explainable. That is what The Old Tape is. The sound from the sky is our government controlling the weather. The bloop is fish farts.

  22. The Wow signal was a signal that was very powerful, this is why the receiver of the signal (Forgot his/her name) wrote Wow! Next to it, this doesn’t mean anything of extra terrestrial life and is most likely a burst of radio waves.

  23. Interesting… I stopped at EVP…. when I was younger and I got internet and MSN and was chatting with a friend and listening music on headphones….the music stopped…a pause…than a monster or something spoke.. threw the headphones on my keyboard..started breathing heavily. And now thinking about it creeps me out. Its 3 am and I got no life. Ahhh.. I'll unpause the movie and watch the whole thing. Its just that fear exists and you can't shake it off with rationality just like that.

  24. 1 two comets rubbing each other creating noise similar frequencies to radios

    2 ice quakes rumbling ice blocks

    3 wind or a wolf cub howling

    4 radiation

    5 Dunno

    6 obviously a Russian astronaut reentering the atmosphere

    7 faked using audio distorters

    8 hijacking prank

    9 plane

    10 earthquakes releasing bubbles

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