2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY – Trailer

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY – Trailer

Dave, do you mind if I ask
you a personal question? No, not at all. I’ve wondered whether
you might be having some second thoughts about
the mission. How do you mean? Rumors about something
being dug up on the moon. I never gave these
stories much credence. But, particularly
in view of some of the other things that
have happened… I find them difficult
to put out of my mind. [eerie tone] Open the pod bay doors
please, HAL. Open the pod bay doors, HAL. I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that. What are you talking
about, HAL? This conversation can
serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye. [eerie tone] [eerie tone continues] [music crecendos] [triumphant music] [triumphant music continues]

100 thoughts on “2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY – Trailer

  1. Deep in the prehistoric past, a mysterious monolith spurs the evolution of humankind. Thousands of years after this a similar monolith is uncovered on the moon, and Jupiter One, an American spaceship run by a computer called HAL 9000, is en route to Jupiter carrying Dr. David Bowman, Dr. Frank Poole, and a group of scientists in cryogenic hibernation.

  2. Your mind really blows if you pay more attention about modern technologies like smartphones, AIs like Cortana, SpaceX rockets… It isn't a movie, it is a prediction of the future.

  3. I saw this last night. It's not as good as Star Wars but better then Battlestar Galactica. It's kind of like Knight Rider and Buck Roger's combined.

  4. This just reminded me how good this movie is again. Remind me why Shawshank redemption is regarded as the best movie ever. It's good but nothing on Stanley level.

  5. Great video! Since everyone watching this is a 2001 fan, we wanted to let you know about the ultimate 2001 Collectible! The Limited Edition Interactive HAL 9000 with Alexa functionality from 2001 A Space Odyssey.


  6. I do wish to be like Stanley Kubrick someday. Be a film director to make cinema history. To be remarkable as this one; rather than the bullshit we see in the future. (Except for a few good ones that I rely on).

  7. What a great movie, SK was a genius. Modern day CGI crap cannot even come close. Gone are the days when money making was an ART form. This is why people are still talking about it.

  8. When i was young I thought this movie was actually made in 2001 I didn't believe it when I found out it was made in the 60s

  9. Lighting and cinematography is unparalleled, the passion of making film. Such greatness that will never be eclipsed in modern film. Simply a masterpiece

  10. I just watched this for the first time on Blu-ray on my 62 inch TV. I'm glad as hell I wasn't born earlier to be on shrooms/weed when watching this in a theater, because I would be tripping the hell out. Amazing movie and surprised what they thought the future would look like and how amazing it looks today.

  11. I saw this when I was small and didnt get it. Then I watched it all alone high as shit and it blew my mind years later. Only Interstellar has been able to give me this feeling.

  12. I saw this when I was small and didnt get it. Then I watched it all alone high as shit and it blew my mind years later. Only Interstellar has been able to give me this feeling.

  13. I miss a movie that have a deep plot like this, movies nowadays mostly depends on CGI to be good but the plot is so mediacore.

  14. Forgive me, dear sci fi movies fans that consider "2001" boring… like those apes in "The Dawn of Man", you''re still in the childhood… I was 8 when saw "2001" for the first time, and its became the root, the most impressive thing that happened in my life! And still remains as a mystery to me…

  15. Ad Astra took a lot of inspirational shots from this movie. Timeless <3 Even Ridley Scott took some inspiration for his works.

  16. I was afraid they'd make it into a modern trailer and that's what they did. Too bad, it doesn't reflect the actual pace of the movie.

  17. wait … 50y ago?? NO WAY!!!!!! this movie looks in the worst scense like from the 90s but most from the last 10y … shit 1970 YOU ARE GREAT

  18. There is no point of remaking this because they got the whole thing right. If it is remade or planning on getting remade, I'm gonna lose it

  19. I got so bored watching this movie, only the HAL part was entertaining. With that said, the music and the way spaced is portrayed is perfect

  20. I should read the books, both movies look boring as fuck and I don't want to commit suicide after watching movies based on Kubrick's works

  21. I just watched this last night and I was sleepy as hell. But somehow it made me watch until to the end trying to figure out what was the film was trying to say. And for me it was a masterpiece.

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