2009 Jaguar XF/In-Depth: Tech Features

2009 Jaguar XF/In-Depth: Tech Features

hi I’m Joe wiesenfelder with cars , i’m
sitting in a Jaguar XF it’s their new midsize sedan i’m going to show you some things in the
interior some of the ergonomics and the quality of the Interior we already have
a separate video giving you the overview now this is definitely a new Jaguar when
you get in open the door closed it you’ll notice the start button for the
engine because this is Keela starts to pulsate read almost like a heartbeat you step on the brake hold it down and
the car will come alive you can see the knob rising out of the
center console this is not a multi-function controller it is the gear
selector not now also in terms of other drama theatre as we call it when you
turn on the air conditioning events that are close open up now we recently noticed with the
XJ full-size sedan from Jaguar that its kind of outdated there’s lots of regular old wood and
kind of plain designs this one is definitely updated a new direction for
them there’s lots of darker colors more greys
though you can get regular wood tone wood real aluminum on the dash when you turn on you get nice blue light
on the speedometer it back lights all the buttons there are some illumination
of the door handles and window switches to so i’ll give you an idea of the
ergonomic some of the good things and bad things the knob it might seem gimmicky to have
a gear selector knob but I got to tell you this is a great tackle way of
changing gears you just click it twice you never have to look at the not if
you’re in Reverse you’re backing up then you’re going
forward two clicks couldn’t be easier so overall I think the approaches a good
one you have what you really need the most you have audio and climate control both
down here in permanent buttons and both on the home screen here climate on the left and stereo on the
right and basically everything that’s hidden underneath menus is stuff that
you don’t need that often unlike some cars where you need to go
into menus just to change things like the radio one thing that’s not great is the way
the menus slide in and out it looks kind of nice but at the same time it takes
time in maybe you’d rather just come up instantly now it’s not all perfect even though a
lot of the menus are good and the buttons these are pretty small this is a
seat cooling and heating same thing here this is a button for the
heated steering wheel which is really nice now one last feature that’s kind of neat
is the way you open the glove compartment there’s a little bullseye this target
and you just touch it and the glove compartment opens up and what’s
interesting is if you come at it from the side like you’re you’re cleaning
your wiping it doesn’t react when you go straight on it then it opens up now obviously this is a pretty small
thing but those little small things do matter they kind of go together to make
a car kind of interesting something you can show off definitely a good move for Jaguar I like
what they’re doing ergonomics wise i’d like to see more of
the Jaguars take this modernizing step for additional
information on this car or any other go to cars.com and our blog kicking tires

48 thoughts on “2009 Jaguar XF/In-Depth: Tech Features

  1. every car should have a gear shifter like that, its sick….why do u we have to have the old school ones that have been in cars since cars were invented?

  2. yes, just like the video but even better. The smell is really good too. You just can't get off that car. My info on youtube is fake by th way. I am not 20 and I do not live in Singapore.

  3. 150k??? The car cant even reach 150k miles in a Jaguar without spending thousands more!! Go Lexus you cant go wrong, best luxury cars in the world.

  4. this car sure can reach 150 miles without any problem at all. it is only matter of what car do you fancy. you can't say that Jaguar sucks. I don't like Jags too much, but this one sure is great. you're right, Lexus is probably quicker and more reliable, but Jag is also great car to drive and own..

  5. You are mental if you think Lexus , BMW , Audi and Mercedes are shit cars. This is a great car, the first Jaguar i would buy over Audi A6 or BMW 5, but its not better. They are the same, you cant really say which one is better. I would say, if you want top quality and sportiness go for 5 series or A6, if you want comfort and quality go for Merc E class, and if you want stylish, comfortable ,sporty and cool car, then go for Jaguar.

  6. Hmmm yes, but not as good. It doesn't handle as well as BMW, isn't as comfortable as Mercedes and isn't as well made as the Audi. It kind of blends all the characteristics together, but its not exceptionally good at any of them.

  7. Nice … but I think it's wrong to adore a car just because of some technical stuff nobody really needs 😛 Still nice tough …

  8. This is a nice video, well approached. Love the car, it beats any German offering today IMO. It's just special, but the killer is that it's a bloody good car anyway.

  9. Exterior of the Jaguar XF is the most Luxurious in its class. The Interior is not complicated. It's clean, simple, and elegant. I think the electronic opening/closing vents and the automatic shift knob will be a winner. Push Button Start. Smooth Blue LED Lighting.

  10. Exterior of the Jaguar XF is Luxurious. Interior is not complicated. It's clean, simple, and elegant. I think the Electronic opening/closing vents and the Automatic shift knob will be a winner. Push Button Start. Smooth Blue LED Lighting.

  11. @takeahandful I saw labour 20 on eBay for 35 grand and lower, gonna try and convince my parents I should have one instead of the Lexus I'm getting

  12. Omg i want mydad to buy this but he wont cause he knowsmhell be tempted to drive too fast and waste gas by the v8

  13. I've been thinking what if your son or whoever accidently turns the little knob for the PRNDS accidently while you're driving would it easily turn while you're driving ?

  14. I ha a 2012 and in mine you can turn off the animation, the slide feature as he put it. The screen will respond faster.

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