2017 KBS Drama Awards | 2017 KBS 연기대상 – Part.1 [ENG/2018.01.07]

2017 KBS Drama Awards | 2017 KBS 연기대상 – Part.1 [ENG/2018.01.07]

I am here at the red carpet for the opening of 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Meet those who shined in KBS dramas this year. (KBS Hall) Let’s welcome her. He is one of the young actors. Look at how she is dressed even in winter. I see Lee Re walking. They are holding hands. She is sending her heart to the viewers. She is so adorable. Lim Soohyang is here. Can you look to the right? And to the left? How can you not say he is handsome? She is showing off her beauty as she walks. He looks confident among all the veteran actors. I am happy to be nominated for Best New Actor Award. Please look to the right. Thank you. Thank you very much. He is from “Go Back Couple”. Please look to the left first. And the center, please. Look at how dazzling she is when she walks out from the car. Lee Ilhwa is here at the 2017 KBS Drama Awards. He finally appeared in front of the press. It is Ko Kyoungpyo. Please look to the left first. Her beauty as an actress shines. Ahn Jaehong is here. Let’s give him a big hand. Amazing. Can you please wave your hand? Yoon Dujun is here with Kim Sohyun. Yoon Dujun and Kim Sohyun are finally here. Welcome, Yoon Dujun and Kim Sohyun. I am on “Radio Romance” with Yoon Dujun, which will be aired on January 29. We have great hopes for Shin Haesun tonight. I always aim for the Best Couple Award. So many fans are here to support. It’s Yoon Hyunmin. Yoon Hyunmin is here. I am happy that “Witch at Court” went well. Jung Ryeowon is here. She heated up the drama. It’s Park Seojun who received a lot of love in “Fight For My Way”. His popularity continues to the end of the year. Since I was quite the sensation this year, I expect to receive the Best Couple Award. I’m just joking. It is quite a special day. It’s Kim Jiwon. It’s Junho from “Good Manager”. Fans are continuously sending their support. Cho Yeojeong is walking on the red carpet in such an elegant dress. Just like when a song does well on the chart, and a drama’s rating skyrockets… I put my trust in Son Hojun. It’s Son Hojun. I will look forward to it. In KBS… Please wave your hands. Please come to the center of the photo booth. She is beautiful as always. Kim Yeongcheol is here for KBS Drama Awards. He will also be attending the KBS Drama Awards. Three MCs for 2017 KBS Drama Awards are finally here. Here are the three MCs for 2017 KBS Drama Awards. I am very happy to be here with viewers. I hope you enjoy it. Please look at the camera in the center. They will be hosting the KBS Drama Awards today. (KBS Hall) (2017 KBS Drama Awards) (Live at KBS Hall) 2017 KBS Drama Awards, the best drama festival in Korea, is starting now. (“Boat Song” by Poppin Hyunjoon and Park Aeri) I say we should have fun while we’re here. But then some animal showed up. Hey! Is that animal the dragon that is said to predict the result of KBS Drama Awards? If it is not the dragon, is the predictor of the Grand Award winner the crab? You brat. Do you know who the hosts of this ceremony are? All right. Here we go. To host the KBS Drama Awards, you must know how to have fun. Give me your hand. Please hold hands together. Okay. Lion. Let’s do an arm wave with them. That’s good. You did well. To make this party successful, we have to see these hosts dance, right? All right. Play the music. Come on. Here we go. Everyone, scream! KBS Drama Awards with these cheery hosts, myself, Poppin Hyunjoon, and Park Aeri. Lion, let’s have some fun! Everyone, scream! (Here are KBS dramas that stood out in 2017.) (“Good Manager”) (“Fight For My Way”) (“My Golden Life”) (“Witch at Court”) (“Go Back Couple”) (“Mad Dog”) (“My Father is Strange”) (“Queen of Mystery”) (“Ms. Perfect”) (“First Love Again”) (“Still Loving You”) (“School 2017”) (“Strongest Deliveryman”) (“Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth”) (“Queen For Seven Days”) (“A Sea of Her Own”) (“Unknown Woman”) (“Lovers in Bloom”) (“Bloom, Dalsoon”) (“Madam Jeong’s One Last Week”) (“Girls’ Generation 1979”) (“The Secret of My Love”) (“Love Returns”) (Who will be the winner of the Grand Award?) All right. It’s the last night of 2017, and the splendid ceremony has begun. I’m Park Soohong, the host of KBS Drama Awards. Hello, I’m Lee Yuri. Hello, everyone. I’m Namkoong Min, the host of KBS Drama Awards. It’s nice to meet you all. This year, you two were the most outstanding actors on KBS. I am very happy to host this ceremony with you two. You guys are also good at dancing. – I’m embarrassed. / – It’s an honor to me. You don’t have to be embarrassed. Soohong, you reached the peak of your career once again recently. I saw her winning the grand award yesterday. My mother did. Yes. I’d like to congratulate her. Pass on my congratulations to her. Also, Good Manager, – you are here. / – Yes. You gave a passionate performance in your drama. It is a great honor for me to be here as a host with Min. Thank you. Today, KBS Drama Awards will continue for the next four hours with the best actors and actresses in Korea who dignified the dramas on KBS in 2017. It’ll be a meaningful time since we’ll celebrate – the New Year together. / – That’s right. Especially this year, so many KBS dramas were popular and drew a lot of attention. So the competition is more intense than ever. I believe that these two other hosts who are here with me are strong contenders for the Grand Award. – Pardon me? / – So… I do believe so. You’re winners in my heart. – That’s just your idea. / – Is that so? In front of these great actors and actresses – you shouldn’t say that. / – You shouldn’t say that. Why? I hope people I’m close to will win awards. – But, I’m here as a host. / – That’s right. So I will focus on my duty as a host – I understand. / – and do my very best. Shall we begin with the first award? They will lead the future of the drama industry. They add liveliness and more energy – to their dramas. / – Of course. We’ll present Best Young Actor and Actress Award. The presenters are last year’s winners of the awards, Jeong Yunseok and Heo Jeoungeun. Shall we meet them now? They are Jeong Yunseok and Heo Jeoungeun. Hello. I am last year’s winner of Best Young Actor Award. I’m Child Actor Jeong Yunseok. Hello. I won Best Young Actress Award last year. I am Heo Jeoungeun. Hello. She’s as pretty as always. We’ll interview Jeoungeun for a while. Jeoungeun, do you remember that you won Best Couple Award last year? What you said became the talk of the town. Do you remember what you said? You do? We prepared the video. Let’s watch the video together. Oh Jiho and Heo Jeoungeun. Congratulations. I’m glad that we won Best Couple Award, but Jeoungeun won’t look at me. She’s busy looking at Song Joongki. Park Bogum or Song Joongki? – One… / – Song Joong Ki. I didn’t even finish counting. Poor Bogum. – I’m disappointed. / – What about me? – Sorry? / – Ask her about me. – You or Joongki? / – Yes. Do you really want to hear her answer? – Jeoungeun. / – That wasn’t necessary. Jiho or Joongki? – One… / – Joongki. He didn’t even start counting. Yes. That’s the scene. Jeoungeun, you remember that, right? You broke many people’s hearts. How about… Joongki got married to Song Hyekyo. Do you still like Joongki? You don’t? Do you need time to think? There are very handsome men in front you. Which one of them do you think is the coolest? Just pick one like you did last year. Everyone here is good-looking and pretty. I can’t decide. You can’t? Then can you pick one person you wish to co-star in a drama? – I don’t know. / – Is that so? I’m impressed. She’s learned how to socialize in such setting. She’s good at winning over other people. Right. She’s getting used to living in the society. Let’s ask Yunseok this time. Yunseok, there are great actresses in front of you. Whom do you wish to work with in the future? Among the actresses. Everyone has great acting skills and is beautiful, but if I must choose one, I’d like to co-star with Yuri someday. – Yuri. / – My goodness. He grew up so well. – Right. / – Yes. – My gosh. / – Thank you. Is that so? – Yes. / – It might seem like he’s trying to impress the MC. I wish to star in the same drama with you too. I understand. You two are all grown up. Now, please announce the awards. Let’s see the nominees for Best Young Actor Award first. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Nominees for Best Young Actor Award. What angered you? Back Seunghwan from “Queen For Seven Days”. I must know the reason. Why are you being like this all of a sudden? What angers you this much? I will be back soon. Do you think I will stay there forever? You like me, do you not? Jung Junwon from “My Father is Strange”. You’re so pretty. If I got better grades, my parents would’ve been less upset. I don’t care about other things. I just want to date someone. Jo Yeonho from “Fight For My Way”. I told you. Understand? But I still won’t marry you. Ji Minhyuk of “Witch at Court”. Can you find her home? A fire has broken out. Please evacuate. She’s sick right now. Apparently, she’s looking for her daughter. (Best Young Actor and Actress Award) Back Seunghwan, Jung Junwon, Jo Yeonho, and Ji Minhyuk. Those are the four candidates. Jeoungeun, please announce the recipient. Sure. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Best Young Actor and Actress Award. The male awardee is… (Best Young Actor and Actress Award) Congratulations, Jung Junwon. All right. Congratulations, come on up. Congratulations. Awardee Jung Junwon was loved by many in “Father Is Strange” by playing the role of a lovable teenager. His mature acting was well received. Jung Junwon of “Father Is Strange”. All right. He’s the winner of Best Young Actor Award. Congratulations. – Congratulations. / – Let’s hear from him. Hello, I’m Jung Junwon. It’s good to see you. (Jung Junwon) First of all, I’d like to thank the director of “Father Is Strange”, the writer who created my character, the actors Yeongcheol, Heesook, and Hyesook. Also, my mother and father. Soyeon, Uncle Junhyeok, and other fellow actors and actresses. Also all of the production crew members who treated me like family. Thank you so much. I’d like to also thank my managers at our company who always worked hard during the shoot. Lastly, I want to thank my mother, who’s always supportive and encouraging and my grandmother, who always watches me in the dramas I shoot. Thank you for your love and support. I’ll keep trying to become a happier, and sincere actor in the future. Thank you. Congratulations. Everyone in “Father Is Strange” team is proud. – Yes. / – How nice. Moving on… Please announce the female candidates. Up next, I’ll announce the female candidates. Please watch the screen. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Candidates for Best Young Actress Award. Park Sieun of “Queen For Seven Days”. I always keep my word. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I think you and I should get married. If he’s the brother of the king, I’m the queen. If you see her Shin Rina from “Madam Jeong’s One Last Week”. You’re a mean lady. Why did you lie to me? One belongs to you. No, thanks. You can have it all. Did you calculate correctly? Yes, I did. From “First Love Again” of “Bloom, Dalsoon”, Um Chaeyoung. Save her! Mom, why is she angry with me? Fish and vegetables. We have them all. Did you call me, Mom? You think the world is that easy? Lee Re from “Witch at Court”. My mom… Mom isn’t coming home. This is my mom. Please take a look. Please. Excuse me. This is KBC Lee Hanseo of “Fight For My Way”. You idiots. For Pete’s sake, kiss! I’m a girl. What’s wrong with you? (Best Young Actor and Actress Award) Park Sieun, Shin Rina, Um Chaeyoung, Lee Re, and Lee Hanseo. Those are the five candidates. Yunseok, please announce the winner. All right. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Best Young Actress Award goes to Lee Re. Congratulations. (Best Young Actor and Actress Award) Lee Re from “Witch at Court”. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. (Lee Re) Lee Re has impressed the viewers by playing the younger role of the main character with mature acting, grabbing the attention of viewers. (Best Young Actor and Actress Award) Congratulations. Let’s hear a few words. Hello, I’m Lee Re. (Lee Re) First of all, thank you. Thank you writer Jang Doyeon for the great story and drama, the director, and also the entire production crew. And I want to thank all the great fellow actors who helped the drama get high ratings and helped me through the process. You’ve done great work. Thank you so much. And I wouldn’t have been able to get this award by myself if it weren’t for all of you. Thank you so much. Thank you. That’s great. Congratulations. – Congratulations. / – Please give her a round of applause. She’s so adorable. She’s just so cute. Congratulations, Re and Junwon. Apparently, you’ve received this award before, Yuri. – Yes. / – Yes. I wasn’t a teenager though. How old were you? That’s a secret. I can’t tell you. I received it with “School 4”. I see. You were over 20. – Yes. / – That’s problematic. Yes. Moving on, we’ll announce Best Supporting Actor and Actress Award. Why do you change the subject? We need to do this swiftly. This award is given to actors who make the unforgettable scenes and impress the viewers with mature acting. They make the drama stand out. With great acting, they complete the drama. The winner will be announced by last year’s recipients, Lee Junhyeok and Ra Miran. Please welcome them with a round of applause. Hello, I’m Lee Junhyeok. Hello, I’m Ra Miran. This year marks the 31st anniversary of KBS Drama Awards. You can say that the history of Korean dramas is written here. Last year, it was my first time to be at an awards show and won an award for the first time, and today, I’m announcing the winner for the first time. It’s an honor. This is kind of embarrassing, but we are known to play a lot of comedic characters. Out of all 2017 KBS dramas, was there any non-comedic role that you wanted to play? – Yes. / – What was it? From “Fight For My Way”, – No way. / – Park Seojun’s character, Dongman. “Dongman needs to go.” I I made him do that, but I think I regret it. What about you, Miran? Well, I’m not greedy. I think I could’ve played Jang Nara’s character in “Go Back Couple”. I could look 20 years younger than I am. Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for this. We’ll fix this right away. Moving on, I’ll announce the winner. A drama is not complete without many supporting characters who appear briefly. I wonder who the candidates are that made the dramas more entertaining this year. 2017 KBS Drama Awards, Best Supporting Actor Award. Let’s have a look at the nominees. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Nominees for Supporting Actor Award. Am I just a coach to you? Kim Sungoh from “Fight For My Way”. Do you still think about it? That’s not my name. I came here because I missed you. You can’t do everything you want. If you can’t do that, this is the end for you. “Good Manager” and “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth”. (Kim Wonhae) – How immature. / – It’s immature? Pyeongchang Olympics is coming. Yuna Kim. Don’t make an angry face. Did it look like I lost to Good Manager? “Good Manager”, and special drama “You are Closer Than I Think”. Dongha. (Dongha, “Good Manager”,) (“You are Closer Than I Think”) You want me to say, “Dad, I love you”? I love you, Dad. “Ms. Perfect”, and “Girls’ Generation 1979”. In Gyojin. This is how the world is, punk. I’ve been teaching for 10 years, and I’m self-conscious in front of a student. (“Ms. Perfect”, and “Girls’ Generation 1979”) (In Gyojin) Are you all right? Jo Jae Yun from “Mad Dog”. (“Mad Dog”, Jo Jaeyun) Are you hurt? I’m the Robin Hood of insurance companies. “Strongest Deliveryman”, and “Naked Fireman”. – Jo Heebong. / – Death penalty? Is there no respect for a fireman’s noble sacrifice? You know that it’s live ammunitions now, right? How dare you recognize me? You can leave. “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth”, and “Mad Dog”. (Choi Wonyoung) I’m the president now. Don’t put the knife to my throat. It makes me want to rebel. (Best Supporting Actor Award) The nominees this year are all outstanding. It’s a close match. I wonder who will receive the award. Miran, please present the award. Yes, I’ll present the award. (Best Supporting Actor Award) (Kim Sungoh, Kim Wonhae,) (Dongha, In Gyojin) It’s written here. There has to be suspense. (Jo Jaeyun, Jo Heebong, Choi Wonyoung) 2017 KBS Drama Awards, the recipients of Best Supporting Actor Award are two people. Kim Sungoh and Choi Wonyoung. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Kim Sungoh of “Fight For My Way”, and Choi Wonyoung. Sungoh played the coach in “Fight For My Way” and with his excellent acting, he was both funny and serious which made the drama more entertaining. Choi Wonyoung was on “Mad Dog” and “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth”. He was both gentle and charismatic and showed his presence with unexpected charms. He proved himself to be a great actor. (Best Supporting Actor Award) Please take your trophy. Congratulations. – Please applaud for them. / – Congratulations. Sungoh. On “Fight For My Way”, he acted very well. Wonyoung from “Mad Dog” showed great acting. Please say a few words. Go ahead, Wonyoung. You can go first. This is live TV. Thank you for such a valuable award. I’m really nervous up here. It’s different from when just watching from below. I think I understand why actors get so moved. 10 years ago, I made my debut on KBS with a short drama. It’s my first time getting an award in KBS. This is very special to me, and it’s such an honor. Through “Mad Dog”, the director wanted to make a great piece. Director Hwang Uikyung. Thanks to you, I’m receiving this award. Thank you so much. Director Kim Youngjo made considerable efforts, Director Kang Byungtaek, and other directors too. All the staff members, thank you again from the bottom of my heart. The script for every episode was breathtaking. Writer Kim Soojin. Thank you for letting me act in a great piece. All the actors as well. Yoo Jitae, Woo Dohwan, Kim Hyeseong, Ryu Hwayoung, and Jaeyun. Thank you for everything. Hong Soohyun and Boseok too. Thank you as well. I don’t know what to say. From now on… My agency as well. They work alongside me. Those at Saram Entertainment and President Lee Soyoung. Thank you. I don’t think I have time to say everybody’s names. There are more people I want to thank, so I’ll contact you in person. Lastly, I love you, Mom and Dad. Thanks so much. They might be watching from home. My daughters Jiyul and Sunyul. Thank you and I love you. My wife Yiyoung, thank you. I love you. From now on, as an actor, the head of a household, and a citizen, I’ll live more diligently. Thank you. – Congratulations again. / – Congratulations. Sungoh, please say a few words. Hello, it’s Kim Sungoh. Thank you for this award. I’ll take it with gratitude. (Kim Sungoh) I wanted to go second for the award acceptance speech, because I was thinking about what to say during that time. I thought about this. First of all, Director Lee Najung of “Fight For My Way”, thank you. From “Becky’s Back” last year to “Fight For My Way” this year, Writer Lim Sangchun trusted in me. Thank you. Park Seojun and others. I can’t think. I’m sorry. I’m not smart. Anyhow, all actors and staff members on “Fight For My Way” and everybody involved, thank you very much. And… Oh, right. Last year, I got an award in KBS for One-Act Short Drama Award. I was so happy taking the trophy home, but my wife got mad at me, because I didn’t mention her name. I love you. I don’t think she’ll be mad at me this year. And my family member Dorong. You may not know now, but this is proof. Once you grow up, you’ll know that your dad received this award. Let’s go, Dorong. There was something else. Oh, right. After becoming an actor, I wanted to say this if I ever received an award in the future. I always thought that I’d like to be actor that’s like a chicken. Chicken, as in the one that clucks. There are so many dishes you can make with them. There’s chicken soup, braised chicken, chicken skewers sold as street food, and more. But the essence is the chicken. I’m also just Kim Sungoh. I’m trying hard to be an actor that can become a chicken soup or braised chicken. I’m trying my best. Please watch me closely. Last year, I received Short Drama Award and this year, I’m receiving this award. I wonder what award you’ll give me next year, KBS staff? I’ll look forward to it. I’ll do my best. Please enjoy the night. Happy New Year. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. He must have had enough time to think. His acceptance speech was great. – That was great. / – Please continue. Yes, here are the nominees for Best Supporting Actress Award. KBS Drama Awards, nominees for Best Supporting Actress Award. Who is it? Kim Sunyoung of “Girls’ Generation 1979”. Don’t even speak. ♪ He said he would come ♪ ♪ When spring is here ♪ Today, I am in a great mood today. The crimes committed Kim Yeojin of “Witch at Court”. I’m saying this is not a place for you to get your feelings involved. We’re here to catch people like you who commit crimes and walk away freely. Don’t act rashly. I’m watching you. That jerk. “Good Manager”, and “Naked Fireman”, Seo Jeongyeon. What do you plan to do? – I’m going to kill them. / – What? Authority? What authority? If this ever happens again, the unimaginable will happen to you. To me, he is… Song Hayoon from “Fight For My Way”. It’s my cage. Whether you slept with her or not, you killed me every second all night long. – Let’s / – Please. break up. What more do you want? Lee Mido from “My Father is Strange”. There should be a change in your action. Aren’t you afraid of the result? Are you crazy? Why do I have to kneel before you? I’m really going to get a divorce. Try to understand me at least for once, Mom. If you get a divorce Lee Ilhwa from “Good Manager” and “Witch at Court”. You’ve done everything your way. How long are you going to keep it a secret and make me look like an idiot? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Swear at me. Just get mad at me. Jung Hyesung from “Manhole” and “Good Manager”. Cheer up. You can do it. You can do it. You’re so cool . You’re really cool. Hong Soohyun from “Mad Dog”. Do you want JH? I will give it to you. You need to feel the pain too. I can’t suffer alone. How dare you like me? (Best Supporting Actress Award) They’re amazing. After seeing the candidates, they deserve the nickname luxury supporting actresses since they’re necessary in perfecting dramas. Yes. – Please announce it. / – I’ll announce it. 2017 KBS Drama Awards the Best Supporting Actress Award. I’m nervous. – Give a tension. / – Yes. Add some suspense. Suspense Okay. There’s no twist. – It’s a female. / – That’s amazing. – That’s a relief. / – Yes. Lee Ilhwa and Jung Hyesung. We have two winners. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. We have two winners. (Lee Ilhwa, Jung Hyesung) Lee Ilhwa from “Good Manager” and “Witch at Court”. Jung Hyesung from “Good Manager” – and “Manhole”. / – Lee Ilhwa played the character perfectly in “Good Manager” and “Witch at Court” and gave an impressive performance in her acting. Through “Good Manager” and “Manhole”, Jung Hyesung showed that she’s capable of acting various characters and made the drama more exciting with her stable acting. Congratulations. Applause please. Please wait for the flowers. Junhyeok. That was European style. Give one to Hyesung too. Good job. She’s transformed from a girl group. I knew it. He’s awesome. Congratulations. Please make a speech. Hello. Nice to meet you. I’m Lee Ilhwa. I’m starting to know what acting is now. Thank you for giving me this prestigious award. Director Lee Jaeyong, Kim Youngkyun. Also, Writer Park Jaewon. Writer Jung Doyeon. Thank you very much. Thank you to Director Lee Yunjin, and Director Choi Yunsuk. People say mark what you shared in the sand, and write what you received on the rock. To express my gratitude, I’ll try to be a sincere actress. Thank you. Also, thanks to my parents who are watching at home. Also, my daughter who’s traveling Spain right now. You should know that you’re the reason why I’m able to still act. I hope you come back safe and sound. Thank you. Congratulations. Let’s continue on with Hyesung. First, thank you for giving me this award. (Jung Hyesung) It’s the first award since my debut. I’m grateful and embarrassed to receive this award among many other senior actors. Thank you to my parents who are watching me at home. First, thank you to Director Lee Jaehong for trusting me and giving me the role. Thank you to Director Lee Yunjin and Choi Yunsuk. “Good Manager” family. Namkoong Min, Junho, Hwayoung and all other senior actors. Thank you. I’ll work even harder. Also, FnC family. Chairman Han Sungho, Executive, and Director, thank you very much. Those I forgot to mention because I’m so nervous, I’ll call them personally to say thank you. I’ll try even harder. Thank you. Yes. Jung Hyesun. Congratulations. She received the award after performing with all her best. Thank you again to Junhyeok and Ra Miran for making the announcement fun. The next awards is like the flower of KBS Drama – Awards. / – Right. To give you a few names, Wonbin, Bae Yongjoon, Kim Taehee and two people sitting here today. Myung Sebin who won this award in 1998. Choi Kanghee who won in 1999. It’s like the entrance to becoming a star. Many stars received this award. You received one too. – I was going to say that. / – Really? – Really? / – It says here. – I don’t know what to do. / – You can only receive it once as an actor. It’s Best New Actor Award. It says here. I heard you received one too. She got one too. – Yes. / – You said it’s a great award. – I got one. / – You got one? I got it through “Loving You” in 2002. You can only receive it once in your life from KBS. The name of this award makes me nervous. Have you ever received it, Min? I guess there isn’t much to add. I think I’ve received… Can you remember? – I don’t think so. / – Really? – As far as we know, you didn’t. / – Right. That’s sad. But you can get a bigger award today. – Yes. / – Sure. But it’s the award you can only get once in your life. The person who’s going to announce Best New Actor Award is Yoon Dujun and Kim Sohyun, the main characters of the upcoming KBS drama, “Radio Romance”. Applause, please. Hello. I’m Yoon Dujun playing the top celebrity role in “Radio Romance”. Hello. I’m Kim Sohyun playing the radio scriptwriter in “Radio Romance”. Nice to meet you. “Radio Romance” we’re filming now is expected to be on air in January 2018. It’s a romance drama where a top celebrity who can only speak according to the script becomes a radio DJ of the show that never follows the script. We’re working our best to film it. Please look forward to it. You’re attending KBS Drama Awards for three years in a row. Yes. I was a host in 2015. With “Page Turner” last year, I was here as a candidate for One-Act Short Drama Award. I wish I could stand here next year with you as an award winner for “Radio Romance”. I hope so, too. You must receive the KBS Best New Actor Award to become the top star. – Right. / – So I think candidates for this award would really want it every year. You also received Best New Actor Award in 2015. Right. Thankfully, I received the Best New Actor Award through “Who Are You”. I can’t wait to find out who’ll receive Best New Actor Award today. Then let’s meet the candidates of 2017 KBS Drama Awards Best New Actor Award. (Best New Actor Award) Kim Seonho from “Good Manager” and “Strongest Deliveryman”. She was like a torch to me. You live in such a small house. Do I have to call you ma’am? You ruined my life. Do you even know what that means to me? I’ll wipe them out completely. Kim Junghyun from “School 2017” and “Drama Special”. What? Who broke this! Be quiet before I hit you. Don’t smile like that. (Kim Junghyun from “School 2017”) You make me nervous. If you want Song Wonsuk from “Bloom, Dalsoon”. Be my girlfriend. You turn everyone into a spy because I’m a hassle. Die. I’ll do everything you want. I can’t turn yourself in. Please. Ahn Jaehong from “Fight For My Way”. She’s stupid and lacking. I can’t stop caring about her. I always become the bad guy. Are you really going to marry her? If I don’t, I’m not going to marry anybody else. Woo Dohwan from “Mad Dog”. Do you still want to trust people? I’m different. I don’t trust anyone. I can’t trust anyone. Where is it? Are you here to die? (Woo Dohwan from “Mad Dog”) I dare you. I can’t let you ruin yourself. Lee Taehwan from “My Golden Life”. (Lee Taehwan from “My Golden Life”) Can’t you be careful, there’s a car coming. I have a story too. But life is about overcoming it. So I’m waiting. Jang Kiyong from “Go Back Couple”. I’ve never asked you out. I’m not asking you out. I’m flirting with you. It’s today. The day you gave birth to me. Don’t get me involved between you two. (Jang Kiyong from “Go Back Couple”) I have to say it now because it’s so unfair. I really like you. People like you Junho from “Good Manager”. Why do you think we picked a piece of garbage like you? Move tomorrow. No, leave Seoul. Pull yourself together. There’s nothing you can do about it. Don’t blame others. Blame yourself. (Best New Actor Award) Their acting is so good that it’s hard to believe they’re new. Please announce it, Sohyun. I’ll announce it now. The winner of 2017 KBS Drama Awards Best New Actor Award is… (Best New Actor Award) There are two winners. Congratulations to Ahn Jaehong and Woo Dohwan. Congratulations. Ahn Jaehong from “Fight For My Way”. (Ahn Jaehong, Woo Dohwan) In “Fight For My Way”, Ahn Jaehong proved his acting by showing very realistic acting through his role, Kim Jooman. Woo Dohwan from “Mad Dog”. Woo Dohwan played a critical swindler, Kim Minjun in “Mad Dog” and showed his great acting skill and became – Congratulations. / – a rising actor. A round of applause once again. Congratulations. Let’s start with Jaehong first. His hair is very neat. Hello. I’m Ahn Jaehong. Nice to meet you. (Ahn Jaehong) First, thank you to my parents. I’m sure they’re watching me on TV. I love you. Director In Hajung of “Fight For My Way”. Writer Lim Sangsoon. Director Kim Dongwhee. Director Park Sung. Thank you very much to all the people involved in the drama. I hope this award is for all of us. I sincerely hope that you’ll be proud of it. Seojun and Jiwon in the front, and Sungoh. Although they couldn’t make it here today, Song Hayoon and Pyo Yejin. Thank you everyone. I really enjoyed it. What I liked about “Fight For My Way” is that rather than telling young people to cheer up, I liked the story that it made them believe they’re doing well. I hope you felt the same. Thank you. – Yes. / – Congratulations. Tell us how you feel, Dohwan. – You’re hot. / – Yes. Hello. I’m Woo Dohwan. (Woo Dohwan) When I was standing behind Jaehong while he was making the speech, I thought the award is very heavy. I think it’s the responsibility I have to take. Thank you to my grandmother who prays for me every day. Also, my parents and family who love me more than anybody else. I’m always grateful, and I love you. Also, CP Kang Byungtaek of “Mad Dog” and Director Hwang Kiyoung. Thank you for trusting me all the time. Also, thank you very much to Writer Kim Sooin for trusting Minjun. I can only say thank you to all the staff who stayed up many nights and skipped meals to make a great piece for more than 100 days. Jeong Boseok. Yu Jitae and Cho Jaehyun. Choi Wonyoung and Hong Soohyun. Also, Haesung and Hwayoung. I was able to have fun in front of the camera thanks to them. Also, my best partner, Key East family. Chairman Bae Sungwon, Shin Pilseung Yang Gaeun and Executive Woong Mingi. Soohyun, Hyeyeon and Sangsuk. Kyungbin, Junghwa and Haerang. Thank you. I want to thank the fans who loved “Mad Dog” the most. I’ve thought about it a lot. I’ll become an actor that people can relate to. A person who cares about people first. Thank you for listening to my long speech. Happy New Year. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Congratulations. Please continue on with Best New Actress Award. Let’s meet the nominees of Best New Actress Award. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Candidates for Best New Actress Award. (Best New Actress Award) Kim Sejeong from “School 2017”. Hankuk University. I didn’t do anything wrong. I’ll just quit school. Why? Am I cute? I get upset when you are like this. (Kim Sejeong from “School 2017”) Ryu Hwayoung from “My Father is Strange” and “Mad Dog”. Do people hire yogurt ladies based on looks? Get lost. Hey. You must always pay even if you’re a cop. Right? What a jerk. He really left. Hey. Bona from “Girls’ Generation 1979” and “The Best Hit”. (Bona from “Girls’ Generation 1979”) I thought you didn’t come. (Bona from “The Best Hit”) I’m so happy. I can die today. Seo Eunsu from “My Golden Life”. He knows how to smile. Jian’s your daughter? Then why did you send Jian to them? You sent Jian because she’s your real daughter. (Seo Eunsu from “My Golden Life”) Witch. Be wise. Lim Hwayoung from “Good Manager”. I love you. (Lim Hwayoung from “Good Manager”) Hearts come out of my eyes. If you don’t accept me, I have no place to go. Pyo Yejin from “Love Returns” and “Fight For My Way”. Don’t use my emotions. Manager. (Pyo Yejin from “Love Returns”) You can go for a drink. (Pyo Yejin from “Fight For My Way”) How could you… (Best New Actress Award) Nominees for Best New Actress Award showed firm acting. Please announce the winner, Dujun. The winner of 2017 KBS Drama Awards Best New Actress Award is… We have two winners as well. (Best New Actress Award) Congratulations to Kim Sejeong and Ryu Hwayoung. Congratulations. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Kim Sejeong from “School 2017”. Also, Ryu Hwayoung from “My Father is Strange”. – Yes. / – Congratulations. In “School 2017”, Kim Sejeong played Ra Eunho, an optimistic character, and was praised that she led her first leading role successfully. Through “My Father is Strange” and “Mad Dog”, Ryu Hwayoung acted two opposite characters perfectly and proved herself as a talented actress. Congratulations. Applause, please. Congratulations. Tell us how you feel please. – Award speech please. / – Start with Sejeong. (Best New Actress Award) I tend to get nervous in front of a microphone, so I held this note written with names this whole time. I’m so nervous. Thank you for letting me unfold this note. One moment, please. I owe to all the people written here for receiving this award. I really wanted to read out all the names. I am really grateful. Director Park Jinseok and Song Minhyeok from “School 2017”. Moon Changsu, Kim Jaehan and Kim Kwangsoo for making me look beautiful on the screen. I know a reflective plate was needed because I have dark skin. I am really thankful to the lighting team, sound team and prop team. And I’d like to thank Woongjin Seungmin, Dongwook, Youngwoo, Daein, Seongho, and Seongwoong. And I hope everything goes well for my classmates of 2-1. And I’m sending my love to Eunho’s family. I’ve learned so much from the seniors. I think I’ve come this far because of Yeom Dongjin. All right. I always omit important people when I’m nervous. People written here are the reason I’m able to stand here. I’ll do my best to be an actress who doesn’t cause trouble to any drama. And I thank my members of Gugudan for waiting for me all this time. I love my family who will be watching me on TV. Happy New Year. She has a warm heart. That kind of cheating is welcome. It’s your turn, Hwayoung. She was crying in the back. I’m so nervous. I don’t know if I deserve this. Director Lee Jaesang from “My Father is Strange”. Writer Lee Jungsun. Director Hwang and Han Jaeyeol from the camera team. And… my father Kim Yeongcheol, my sister Yuri, I love you all. And I’m really thankful to Jung Somin. And Lee Joon who is on leave. Thank you all for being here. Yesterday I guess tear is contagious. I got this award, Yuri. I’m sorry, this is going to be long. Yesterday at MBC, my twin sister Hyoyeong was at MBC yesterday, but she didn’t win any award. But I’d like to attribute this glory to my sister. And I’m thankful to my mom and dad who will be watching me over TV at home. I love you, Jiyeon. Kim Cham and Heyi sitting over there believed in me and said that I can do this. I am really grateful. It’s amazing how she does her speech while crying. Let’s give her a big round of applause. I think the makeup artist might be crying as well. And I’d like to thank my CEO Byun Jongeun. And my beloved Minji, I look forward to your “Tomato”. I will work harder to live up to this prize. I will put in everything to become a good actress. That was beautiful tear. Thanks to both of you. Congratulations. You can only get this award once in your life. It is such an honor. Many people probably want to see actors and actress at the shooting scenes. So I’m going to call my junior who appeared in many dramas. Where are you, Heo Kyunghwan? I’m here. Can you see me? Hello, I’m here as the auditorium MC for KBS Drama Awards. I’m Heo Kyunghwan, the good-looking guy representing comedians, but I’m nothing here. I decided not to go home because I really wanted to meet all the celebrities. Let’s meet the team of “Good Manager” first. Hello, it’s nice to see you. Please hold this microphone. Hi, Junho. All right. Is that your family back there? – Junho! / – Okay. Remember that cheering and yelling are different. – So, Junho. / – Yes. What is the difference between Junho as 2PM, and Junho as an actor? I don’t know what position I’m holding here. Because normally at this hour, I’m at MBC Music Festival. I feel a bit nervous and pressured to come here as an actor. It’s actually hard to say for himself. So Hwayoung, can you tell us about Junho as 2PM and Junho as an actor? How you felt about him. It doesn’t matter who speaks. First of all let’s talk about Junho as 2PM. The whole crew of “Good Manager” went to his concert. He is – amazingly sexy, / – Sexy. – captivating, / – Captivating. – and full of talent. / – Full of talent. – Junho as an actor / – Yes? – is very charismatic, / – I see. and very focused. – That’s how I feel. / – Are you a fan of 2PM? I think she is. I love every crew of “Good Manager”. – So you love them. / – Yes. Namkoong Min is tonight’s MC, and what do you think? You are doing a great job. Junho should speak up about Namkoong MIn. – The half already passed. / – Okay. What do you think? I feel reassured. “Good Manager” can shine thanks to Min. How about you yell out what he scores out of 10? As Junho from 2PM. 10 points out of 10. Thank you. Lee Ilhwa, you won the award as you actively worked in both “Good Manager” and “Witch at Court”. I’ll hurry since the time is limited. “Good Manager” or “Witch at Court”? One, two, three. Do I have to choose? Yes, you should. “Good Manager” or “Witch at Court”. One, two, three. She says both. I see. I was a bit surprised. It’s your turn, Jung Ryeowon. This is the “Witch at Court” team. I have a question for the “Witch at Court” team. Yoon Hyunmin, what are similarities between prosecutor Ma Ideum and actress Jung Ryeowon? Maybe the personality? Only thing that is similar is that they are pretty. Only beauty. Then what are differences? Differences? Prosecutor Ma Ideum is a strong and ambitious woman. I think that’s different from how she actually is. What do you think of what he said? I think he is right. Yoon Hyunmin, I know you sang “That You Loved Me” in the drama. Can you please sing a little? Please go ahead. Can you hurry up? ♪ I’m sure we’ve loved ♪ ♪ Even the pain until now was all love ♪ ♪ After all the tears have been shed ♪ ♪ Things will be alright ♪ That was great. He is a good actor and a good singer. Next is considered as the drama of life. It’s “Go Back Couple”. Jang Nara, Son Hojun and Jang Kiyong are here. Jang Nara, you played a 20-year-old role. – 20-year-old / – I’m sorry. Jang Nara, can you play a role that is younger than 20? I can’t. Then 20-year-old is your limit? It was actually impossible as well, but people supported me with warm heart. I think many people wonder if you have any secrets to looking so young. I don’t have any. – Makeup. / – Makeup. – Your makeup artist? / – Yes. – And / – Thanks to Jung Saemmool. I think her smile is the secret. Then Son Hojun. What do you think Jang Nara’s secret to looking so young is? Have you ever seen her getting skincare? – In my opinion, / – Yes? – she was born that way. / – From birth? I see. Well… I think everyone looks young when they are born. It’s a mystery that he saw her when she was born. Maybe some people are born looking old? I met someone yesterday. It was Yoo Yeonseok. I told him I was going to meet you this day, and he told me that your ideal type is someone cute and petite. How about Jang Nara? – She is great but / – I see. – But? / – she won’t be interested. Do you not like someone petite and cute like Nara? Yes, I do. I like Nara very much. How about me? I’m short and cute too. I like you too. Please don’t come out here. – Not here. / – Was it too much? – Yes. / – Was it too much? – I’m very sorry. / – That’s okay. Nara, you were loved by Kiyong and Hojun in the drama. Now, please hold their hands, and raise the hand of the one who is closer to your ideal type on the count of three. Your ideal type. However, it doesn’t mean anything. Now, one, two, three. My goodness. She showed the same reaction. I see. She held your hand more tightly, right? She held your hand more tightly, didn’t she? Since she raised my hand, I thought she picked me, but she actually raised both of our hands. Kind of disappointing. I see. Thank you. Now, let’s move on. Oh, my. What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be selling sundae now? All right. Please hold this mic. You know… You won an award, right? – Yes, I did. / – How do you feel? Why are you sweating when it’s winter? That’s because I only so much time, but no one has given me a funny answer. – Is that so? / – That’s why I’m sweating. Please understand me. I’m sorry, but… You are sweating like rain right now. Please turn on the air conditioner. I know it’s winter, but please turn it on. – All right. / – What was your question? – Pardon me? / – What was your question? – You won an award. / – Oh, right. – Of course I am happy. / – I see. – I’m happy. / – You’re happy. However, I didn’t sweat like you do now. I’m sorry to interrupt, but you livened up the atmosphere by pointing out how I was sweating. I’m grateful for that. Now, which drama do you think is the strongest competitor to “Fight For My Way”? – “Good Manager”. / – “Good Manager”? Why did you pick it out of all dramas? – First, I’m right-handed. / – I see. The cast members are sitting on my right side. And many of them are my acquaintances. – Could you loosen / – I’m sorry. I… your fist a little bit? I feel like you’re going to punch me. I’m sorry for ruining the mood. – I made them laugh earlier. / – I’m sorry, but if you can’t make them laugh, sweat like I do. Sweating is important. – It’s a good strategy. / – I see. – Next to me was Jaehong. / – He’s not here. Since he received the award, he’s been crying in the restroom. That’s why he’s not here, so please understand him. I saw him taking pictures with other people in front of the restroom. Why didn’t you take a picture with him? I’m sorry, but I finished my interview with you. Then why are you still holding the mic? – I just / – I mean, – you’re taking too long. / – I wish the viewers could see you in person right now. You’re sweating a lot. I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. Your trousers are also… Hold on a second. No. My trousers are still dry. – It’s okay. / – What are you two doing? – For now, / – What are you doing now? I can’t go on because of him. Please move on now. I’m a fan of “Fight For My Way”. All right. Hi, Jiwon. They’re giving me the sign to wrap it up. I want to wrap it up too. Let me talk to them since they played lead roles. Have you two ever thought that you could become a couple? Have your hearts fluttered because of each other? If that’s happened, please raise your right hand. If it was all acting, you can just stay as you are. If your heart fluttered, raise your right hand. If that never happened, you can just shake your head. Has your heart fluttered? One, two, three. I won’t ask any more questions. I finally got a good one. This is the only good answer I heard. – That’s good. / – The only good answer. All right. Then, I’ll ask the gentleman first. – Seojun, / – Yes. when did she make your heart flutter? I immerse myself in my character while filming. Maybe you could give us an example. In which scene did you feel that way? – I / – Yes? don’t want to be on the news tomorrow. I told you that it was the only good one. Please tell me one more surprising thing. I think your sweat is the most impressive thing. My gosh. I understand. When you saw me sweating, – your heart fluttered. / – Yes. Please tell me something. It happened. He made your heart flutter. What did Seojun do to make your heart flutter? He played a martial art master. And he has a nice body. – That’s right. / – In fight scenes, he looked amazing. When he took off his shirt? Whether he wore his shirt or not didn’t matter. – When he was practicing. / – Practicing martial arts? Seojun, do you still have the muscles? I lost a lot of them. – You lost them? / – Yes. – I understand. / – It happens in winter. – I understand. Thank you. / – I understand. I thought I got a good one, but I lost it right after that. Thank you for making a lot of effort while sweating. – My sweat is drying now. / – Exactly. I will be back in Part Two. Thank you. Now, shall we continue presenting awards? – Okay. / – Presenting this award – is very meaningful. / – That’s right. In my drama, “My Father is Strange”, I played a straightforward lawyer. So I had a lot of difficult lines. – That’s right. / – I see. I remember the great lines written by Writer Lee Jeongseon. – Right. / – I remember that I had many lines in “Good Manager” that made people feel good. There were so many legendary lines. That’s right. Dramas have such great lines, and actors and actresses – bring them to life. / – Yes. Shall we present the award now? – Yes. / – This award is given to the writers who wrote memorable lines and created characters loved by the viewers. The presenters are Jeong Seonghyo, the head of KBS Drama Center and Actress Cho Yeojeong. Please welcome them with a round of applause. (Best Writer Award) Hello. I’m Jeong Seonghyo, the head of KBS Drama Center. (Jeong Seonghyo, Cho Yeojeong) Hello. I’m Cho Yeojeong. Mr. Jeong, you encounter a number of dramas as you plan and produce dramas. The actors and actresses sitting here worked hard, but from producing a drama to make it air on TV, I believe the enormous effort of the staff serves as the foundation. The staff members make a great deal of effort despite the difficulties behind the curtain to create a good drama. I’m grateful to them. I believe that especially the writers who create lovable characters play the most important role. As an actress, when I play in a drama, I see how they gain the viewers’ empathy and make the story pan out. I wonder how they create such unique characters and write such great lines. I’m always impressed by the writers. I’d like to express my respect to all the writers who write drama scripts with all their might in the front line. The writer who won the viewers’ hearts this year, made the viewers cry, made the viewers laugh, and made them relate to the story with a number of great lines will receive Best Writer Award. Mr. Jeong, please announce the winner. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Best Writer Award goes to the writer of “My Golden Life”, Writer So Hyeongyeong. Congratulations. Congratulations. As the writer is absent due to personal reasons, Actress Shin Haesun will receive the award instead. Writer So Hyeongyeong who wrote “My Golden Life”, the highest-rated drama of 2017, made the drama popular with her outstanding writing ability and the fast-paced story. She succeeded in getting 40 percent of rating four years after “Seoyeong, My Daughter”. She created another legendary drama and showed off her talent. Ms. So, congratulations. Ms. So couldn’t make it due to personal reasons, and she was very sad about it. I’ll make sure to deliver this award to her. She wants to thank the director, the staff members who worked hard outdoors, the actors and actresses, and the viewers who loved our drama. I thank all of them on her behalf. I… Why am I nervous? That’s odd. As a fan of hers, I’d like to say something. Being a writer seems to be very hard. The cast and staff members work together on set, but a writer fights a lonely battle. I can’t see Ms. So very often, but the last time I met her, she had lost a lot of weight. With the script made with her great effort, we’ll make sure to film the drama well. Ms. So, you’ve been working really hard. However, the drama has a few episodes left, so please take care of your health. Viewers, please continue cheering for Ms. So, and keep loving our drama. Ms. So, congratulations. Thank you. Haesun showed her heartfelt gratitude to the writer. Thank you. Korean dramas are not loved only in Asia, but they’re also popular in all over the world. These days, you can watch dramas from anywhere at any time on the internet or mobile devices. In many countries including China, you can watch dramas aired on Korean channels, and many people watch Korean dramas. – That’s right. / – We’d like to thank the viewers in foreign countries who watch and enjoy Korean dramas. – Thank you. / – Next up is… – What did you say? / – Sorry? – Thank you. / – He said, “Thank you.” Now, we’ll present a very special award given to the actors and actresses who were greatly loved by internet users through KBS dramas this year. It’s time to meet the nominees for Netizen Popularity Award chosen by the viewers. A lot of fans in foreign countries as well as in Korea voted for the winner. The presenters are Park Seho, the global marketing director of the mobile application company, Tik Tok, that represents foreign fans in Asian countries and Actress Jang Nara who gave a great performance in “Go Back Couple”. 100 million internet users are using the application. (Netizen Popularity Award) The global marketing director and Nara will present the award. (Netizen Popularity Award) Hello. I’m Jang Nara. (Park Seho, Jang Nara) Hello. I’m the director of Tik Tok, a global video application, Park Seho. Mr. Park, do you enjoy watching dramas? Which of KBS dramas were memorable to you? I enjoyed “Go Back Couple” that you played in. As it described a married couple realistically and reminded me of my old memories, I really enjoyed it. Especially your baby face that was mentioned by many people was the best. Thank you. (Netizen Popularity Award) I hope you will continue to love KBS dramas. The winner was chosen through the voting on the website of KBS Drama Awards from December 18 until midnight on December 25. Since the viewers selected the winner by themselves, I’m sure that this award is the most coveted award by the actors and actresses. Among the 10 actors and the 10 actresses who have been nominated for this award. Who could be the winner chosen by the viewers? I want to win this award too. I’m very curious about the winner. Now, I will announce the winner. The winners are one actor and one actress. Please announce the male recipients first. The male recipient of Netizen Popularity Award is Park Seojun. Congratulations. Congratulations. And… Please announce the female recipient. Please come up. The female recipient is Kim Jiwon. – Congratulations. / – It’s Kim Jiwon. The lead actor and actress of “Fight For My Way” won Netizen Popularity Award. – They got the most votes. / – Seojun showed diverse charms through “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” and “Fight For My Way” covering a vast array of acting styles. And so he has been chosen by the internet users. Through “Fight For My Way”, Jiwon showed – her lovely side / – Give them a hand. gained the viewers’ empathy by describing the young people’s difficulties. Therefore, she has won Netizen Popularity Award. (Netizen Popularity Award) Thank you. Please give your acceptance speech. I think this one would be better for me. At last year’s KBS Drama Awards, I met Jiwon for the first time. I was the presenter of the award she won. I didn’t know I would co-star with her in “Fight For My Way”. – It was meant to be. / – One year has passed. I think Netizen Popularity Award is the hardest to win in some sense. And I’m grateful for this. Thanks to the fans who loved my drama, I was able to win this. So I am very grateful. Last year, I mean, this year, I played in “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” and “Fight For My Way”. I’d like to thank the fans of the two dramas. Especially through “Fight For My Way”, I was greatly loved. Without Aera, Dongman wouldn’t have existed. I want to thank the writer and the director who created a great drama. – Thank you. / – Congratulations. Jiwon, please give your acceptance speech. (Netizen Popularity Award) Hello. I’m Kim Jiwon. (Kim Jiwon, the winner of Netizen Popularity Award) I am very happy that I won such a great award. However, I believe I was able to receive it thanks to the viewers who loved the drama. The director, the writer, and the actors and actresses who worked with me to create the great drama, thank you very much. I also think that without Dongman, I wouldn’t have been made Aera such a lovely character. I will continue trying my best to be a good actress. Thank you. It’s good to see them caring about each other. I congratulate the both of you. This confirms that the number of fans over the world is increasing. – That’s right. / – It’s incredible. The next award is Since I love watching TV so much, whenever a short series or a one-act drama is aired on KBS, I always watch the original broadcast. – Is that so? / – Yes. I love them. I played in “Drama Special” last year. It was a one-act drama, but had a strong message. I really enjoyed filming the drama, and the drama left strong impression on me. Early this year, after “Good Manager” ended, I played a cameo role in the drama, “You Are Closer Than I Think”. That makes me more curious about the winners of this award and the dramas they played in. KBS has a long history of this type of dramas. It’s One-Act Short Drama Award. The presenters are Actor Yoon Hyunmin and the special guest who came to KBS Drama Awards, Kim Sook. Sook is also here. Welcome. Please come out. Hyunmin and Sook walked out with their arms locked. Sook is smiling so happily. You lived your life to the fullest. Good job. Finally, a day like this has come. I knew you would make it. Hello. I’m Yoon Hyunmin. (Yoon Hyunmin, Kim Sook) Hello. I’m Kim Sook, a pretty comedienne. You’re very popular. You won Radio DJ Award yesterday. – Congratulations. / – Thank you. Standing here with you makes my heart flutter. I feel the same. I feel like I’m watching TV. I feel like I’m watching TV when I see them too. I really enjoyed “Witch at Court”. – Thank you. / – You played hard to get. My heart fluttered for the first time in 40 years. Thank you. Ryeowon went along with my acts well. Now, we’ll present the award. “Drama Special” is a program that discovers new writers through script contests and creates dramas in different genres with experimental and original topics. This year, the program also created dramas with beautiful images and unique topics and was highly acclaimed for quality. I don’t know much about it, but I think playing in a one-act drama could be a bit challenging even for actors. That’s right. Come to think of it, you played a high school girl in “The Best Hit”. – How about you appear / – Why would you say that? in a one-act drama? To appear in a drama, I need an actor to co-star with. If any of the actors here co-stars with me, I would give it a try. Is there anyone who will co-star with me? – Co-star with you? / – Yes. – Now, we will… / – No one? – KBS Drama Awards. / – Let’s hear them out. Let’s hear them out. Some of them must be hesitating. Be confident, and raise your hand. – Then I will… / – KBS Drama Awards. – One-Act… / – They’re so cold-hearted. They’re so mean. Let’s take a look at the male nominees first. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Male nominees for One-Act Short Drama Award. Can you click “Like”? Gong Myung from “The Happy Loner”. Why do you keep thinking of me? Why? Is it that hard to ask me not to leave? Do you mean that? (Gong Myung, “The Happy Loner”) Please help me. Kwak Dongyeon from “Slow” of “Drama Special”. – Today’s game / – And I thought that hitting the ball was everything. However, I’m not sure about it now. Take your time to think about it. Seo Youngju from “Girls’ Generation 1979”. Are you worried about me? I can’t leave like this. Tell Jeonghui honestly. We’re friends, aren’t we? I won’t be your friend anymore. I will do my best. Son Hojun from “Let Us Meet” of “Drama Special”. No man would like a woman who gets married to turn her life around. A matchmaker? You should be grateful for meeting a man like him. You’re on the lowest level. The lowest level. Yeo Hoihyeon from “Girls’ Generation 1979” and “Dancing the Waltz Alone” – of “Drama Special”. / – Will you accept my love? One, two, three, two, two, three. Then, why have you been dating me until now? You should’ve broken up with me! This is pathetic! If I were a great man Im Jikyu from “The Reason We Can’t Sleep” of “Drama Special”. The thought of the woman I like makes me smile. Would you call that trashy as well? Why is it so complicated? (Im Jikyu,) (“The Reason We Can’t Sleep”) I’ll hold you tightly so you can’t go back. Jang Dongyoon from “If We Were a Season” of “Drama Special”. They kiss each other. If that’s not the case, why do you push me away? If we are just friends! How can I be well when I pretend not to know you? Let’s end things with a hug. Warmly. (One-Act Short Drama Award) As I watched the videos of the nominees, each of the dramas seems to be extraordinary. I’m sure the nominees’ great performances made the dramas stand out even more. Sook, please announce the winner. All right. I will announce the winner. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. One-Act Short Drama Award. The male recipient is (Son Hojun, Seo Youngju,) (Kwak Dongyeon, Gong Myung) (Yeo Hoihyeon, Im Jikyu, Jang Dongyoon) (One-Act Short Drama Award) Yeo Hoihyeon. Yeo Hoihyeon from “Girls’ Generation 1979” and “Dancing the Waltz Alone” of “Drama Special”. Congratulations. Through “Girls’ Generation 1979” and “Dancing the Waltz Alone”, Hoihyeon played a sweet first love and a boyfriend in real life. By portraying completely different characters, he made a deep impression on the viewers as a next-generation handsome actor. Please give him a round of applause again. – Congratulations. / – Please give your speech. Hi. Well… (Yeo Hoihyeon, Winner of One-Act Short Drama Award) I am so nervous that I don’t know what to say. Thank you very much. First of all, there are so many people I want to thank. There are so many of them, so I can’t mention every one of them here. I thank the directors and the writers for trusting me and giving me such good roles. The cast and staff members who went through hard times with me while filming the drama, thank you so much. I’ll make sure to call all of you later. And I would also like to thank my parents for raising me to be so handsome and great. I want to say that I love my family so much. I didn’t expect this. I couldn’t even imagine that I would win such a great award in a short period of time. I feel overwhelmed with joy. I realized that the trophy is very heavy. As much weight as I feel, I will work hard to be a mature actor. I will become a better actor next year. Happy New Year. Thank you. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Please announce the female recipient. Here are the female nominees for One-Act Short Drama Award. KBS Drama Awards. Female nominees for One-Act Short Drama Award. Kim Sohye from “Kang Deoksun’s Love History” of “Drama Special”. I feel like I’m going to die. Aren’t we living in the world where we can’t even cry whatever happens? I want to pay for myself. You just broke my heart that’s already broken. Ra Miran from “Madam Jeong’s One Last Week” of “Drama Special”. I’m a secret agent. I’m begging you. You can’t send her back home. She’ll be in big trouble. You know, right? I’m a secret agent. Mun Kayoung from “Dancing the Waltz Alone” of “Drama Special”. You said you didn’t bring your wallet. Do you hate to spend money on me that much? Will it be possible next year? If not, shall we just kill ourselves together? Min Hyorin from “Individualist Ms. Jiyoung”. I’ve never loved anyone. I haven’t even missed anyone. He’s the person who made me feel happy for the first time in my life. I miss him. Bona from “Girls’ Generation 1979”. What did you just say? – Let’s kill ourselves. / – Mom. Stop it. I will… (Bona, “Girls’ Generation 1979”) I’ll become incredibly successful and marry a man who will prepare our memorial services. Can I get married in this world? Cho Boah from “Let Us Meet” of “Drama Special”. I can find a man anywhere I go. Do you really not know what I want to do and whom I want to see today? Don’t you know that women of these times say no when they want to say yes? I’m saying that I like you. Chae Soobin from “If We Were a Season” of “Drama Special”. Are you insane? Did you take the wrong medicine? Don’t treat me as if I cheated on you. I hope you’ll hold me in your arms when it ends. It feels like we really are over. It’s been so long. (One-Act Short Drama Award) We took a look at the female nominees who all are great actresses. – They’re all incredible. / – That’s right. Kim Sohye, Ra Miran, Mun Kayoung, Min Hyorin, Bona, Cho Boah, and Chae Soobin. We saw these seven nominees. I was surprised that many of them are my friends. – Is that so? / – Yes. I’m so curious who could be the winner. Who could be the winner of the award? Hyunmin, please announce the winner. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. One-Act Short Drama Award. The female recipient is… (One-Act Short Drama Award) Congratulations, Ra Miran. Miran from “Madam Jeong’s One Last Week”. Sook is smiling happily. Since her close friend is the winner, she must be even happier to present the award. In “Madam Jeong’s One Last Week”, Miran played Madam Jeong who lives in hiding because of a bag of money. Her excellent performance proved that she is one of the greatest actresses just as she used to be. Please give her a round of applause. – Congratulations. / – Look at them. (One-Act Short Drama Award) Please give your acceptance speech. I came to this ceremony as an award presenter. Filming this one-act drama was so much fun. I felt like I was filming a movie. I hope that the station won’t stop giving full support for one-act dramas. Since it was the debut drama of Director Kang Mingyeong, I was worried I might be a nuisance. However, the drama got high ratings, so I got to eat free meat. It was good. Also, while filming this drama, I learned a lot from this actress called Shin Rina. While performing with her, I couldn’t keep up with her. So I want to thank Rina. I’m still the number one, right, Rina? You must be somewhere else. Hi. Everyone, thank you for your hard work. As I watched the other nominees, I thought many of them deserve this award. I’m sorry that I received the award instead of you. I am very grateful. Thank you. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. The next award we will present is a special award that KBS Drama Awards prepared. She dedicated herself to her acting career and lived her life for acting for 46 years. To pay tribute to her achievements, KBS Drama Awards will give her a special award. The presenters are Choi Kanghee and Lee Donggun who have a special bond with the awardee. Let’s welcome them with a round of applause. (Special Achievement Award) Hello. I’m Choi Kanghee. Hello. I’m Lee Donggun. Today, I’m here to introduce a person who maintained a single career path as an actress for 46 years. I’ll introduce her. For me, she was a flower that would never wither. For me as well, she was a special lady I could never forget. For her entire life, she moved and pleased us with her realistic performances. She’s been with KBS drama for more than 31 years. It was 31 years ago, at the KBS Drama Awards in 1987. I still remember her bright smile. (Actress Kim Youngae) Top Excellence in Acting Award goes to “Beginning of Love”, (1987 KBS Drama Awards) Kim Young Ae. Kim Young Ae, congratulations! (At the 1st KBS Drama Awards) (Top Excellence in Acting Award) KBS Drama Awards, Top Excellence in Acting Award for Actress… I don’t know if I’m qualified for this award. On the day when I got the scenario, I thought if I couldn’t do it right, I should quit acting. But, I couldn’t quit though I wasn’t good enough. Thank you very much. Thank you. There are a lot of her works, which are beautiful and moving. Especially, in the history of KBS drama, she left a great legacy. From the role of Empress Myeongseong, she played a role as a warm-hearted mother. She sometimes was merely a lovely lady. She played all kinds of roles across the genres. It seems like her roles were always shiny. Among numerous works, she chose this drama as her best work. It’s “Hwang Jini”. Because of my humble position, do you think my talent is also humble? My dance… My dance is not over yet. I love being an actress. If possible, when I reincarnate, I want to be an actress again. Here, I’ve been working and getting old. It’s great. I’m so comfortable in front of the camera. (The actress, whose acting was everything to her) (The late Kim Youngae) I met her in 2009, at “Goodbye Mom” as mother and daughter in the movie. We went to the bookstore together and read books on the street, too. At a moment, we became close friends. One day, she leaned against the banister, she was singing Baek Zyoung’s “Like Being Hit by a Bullet”. So, I asked, “Mom,” “do you still feel hurt just like the song” “in your age?” She said, “I just got older.” “It’s the same.” She was ageless like an angel. She was a beautiful lady who said that her heart always fluttered as if it was her first time to act. (At “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”) To me as well, she left a special memory. I did her last work together. It was an honor for me to play a role as her son in her last work. So, I feel sorry about that. After she found out that her days were numbered, she still did the best passionately until the last episode of the drama. When I look back, I still can’t believe it. Perhaps, acting was everything to her. (At “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”) Slow down. You’ll get an upset stomach. Well, I should just give up and go back to you, Mom. (“If I didn’t do this, I’d have given myself up.”) (“For acting, I forced myself to eat to endure.”) Just eat. (The late Kim Youngae) Eat. She became the eternal star now. The actress, the late Kim Youngae. In the 31st, 2017 KBS Drama Awards, we dedicate this to you, Special Achievement Award. (KBS Drama Awards Special Achievement Award) Many actors and actress are shedding their tears. Lee Minwoo, the late Kim Youngae’s son, will receive it on behalf of her. Wow, all the actors are giving a standing ovation. The late Kim Youngae will see this from above. It’s her son. Please, make a speech. Hello. I’m receiving on behalf of my mother. I’m her son, Lee Minwoo. This time is the third or fourth time to receive an award on behalf of my mother. Whenever I made a speech on behalf of her, I always thanked people who’ve loved her works and supported her. I think I didn’t thank those who had worked with her until her last day. Today, for those who had been with her and for the staffs in her management office, I want to say thank you. Thank you for remembering her and for cherishing her together. Thank you. To all the people, she showed her spirit of acting. To the late Kim Youngae, we give a standing ovation once again. She might be watching us from above. Please be seated, everyone. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Now, let’s change the mood. I heard that there are a lot of people outside watching KBS Drama Awards now. At the site, our first love, – Suzy / – Really? is out there. – Is that true? / – Yes. Then, please call Suzy, who you love, Soohong. Me? Okay. Suzy! Suzy! (KBS Hall, In front of Jamsil L Tower) Are you surprised that I’m not that Suzy? I want to be loved by Namkoong Min. I’m a comedian, Lee Suji. Nice to meet you. At Jamsil right now, in spite of the cold weather, there are many people to celebrate the New Year. Nice to meet you, everyone! Thank you. Now, I’ll invite citizens one by one to have the interview. Come on up. Nice to meet you. Even in this cold weather… Are you a family? Yes, we are. How come did you visit here? We’re here to watch the countdown concert. So, your family is here to celebrate the New Year. What’s your New Year’s wish in 2018? – She’s my child. / – Hello. I want everyone to be happy. You spoke very well. Thank you. You may leave. Happiness for everyone. Laugh! She hoped for a year with a smile. Let’s bring the next person. Aww, how terrible they look. Look how tightly they are holding hands. Zoom in their hands here. It looks terrible. Are you a couple? Nice to meet you. KBS Drama Awards is taking place in Yeouido right now. Who do you expect to win the Grand Award? I want Chon Hojin from “My Golden Life” to receive the award. Chon Hojin from “My Golden Life” You must have enjoyed the drama. What do you wish for in the new year? I want to succeed on my diet. Are you making fun of me? Why would you talk about the diet now? Okay. Then we have the Best Couple Award which is the flower of the Drama Awards. Who do you think the winner will be? I really enjoyed “Go Back Couple”. So I say Jang Nara and Son Hojun. You’d like Jang Nara and Son Hojun to win who were like a real couple. They’re as amazing as you. I’m sorry, but I can’t help asking this. If you were to choose between Son Hojun and Park Seojun for the Best Couple Award with me, who would you say it’d be? It’d be Park Seojun. You remembered the lines so well. You’re doing exactly as I said. Are you listening, Seojun? I’m not pretending to be cute. I’m literally cute. Could you think of me at least once? I guess that’s no. It’s obvious. Well, now. I hope the couple you’re cheering wins the award, and the ones you wish would win the Grand Award. I hope you succeed your diet. Yes. Thank you. Who’s hotter between Seojun and your boyfriend? My boyfriend. Okay. Go down. Thank you. Please continue to watch who wins the 2017 Grand Award. I’ll send this mic to Namkoong Min in Yeouido with love. Please take it. (KBS hall, Jamsil L Tower) Thank you, Suji. Me too. – Did you take it? / – Yes. You shouldn’t take it so easily. – Really? Why? / – I wonder what’d happen. Okay. – Right now, / – Yes. it’s 11:10 on 31st. We have less than an hour left in 2017. In Part 2, Excellence Award, Top Excellence Award in various genres and the Grand Award are left. We still have many awards left for actors and actresses who have done a great job in 2017. Please stay tuned. Special guests are waiting to celebrate with us. If actors here struggled to capture the hearts of audience through acting, these people are working hard to capture the hearts of audience through singing. It’s the Unit. Applause please. (Celebration performance by the Unit) (“That’s What I Like” by the Unit) (“My Turn” by the Unit) (2017 KBS Drama Awards Part 2 will continue.) (2017 KBS Drama Awards Part 2 will continue.) (2017 KBS Drama Awards) (Who is) (the winner) (of the Grand Award?) (It’ll be revealed soon.)

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