224U: All Saints Cinema

Welcome to another episode of 224U. It is a rainy day here at All Saints Cinema
and its a perfect day for a movie. Lets check it out. Today we are here with Kris, the operator
of All Saints Cinema. Do you mind telling us a little bit about
the space we are in today? Well, we are located in the historic Amtrak
station here in Tallahassee. It has been around since 1858 and we absolutely
love it in here. It has all the original brick and beautiful,
beautiful seating. So would you mind telling us a little bit
about the films that you show here. Obviously its not the same as a mainstream
theater. That is right. We focus on international, independent, documentaries,
foreign films that kinds of stuff. We do something a little bit different…we
don’t have features playing over months and months and months like the mainstream theaters
do. We usually have things over the course of
a weekend or a couple of weekends. If they do really, really well we will bring
them back. So how do you choose the films that you screen
here? Well, we have a process where we will get
films recommended to us from various sources, whether they come from other film society’s
around the country or they will com from bookers or distributors and independent film makers
that reach out and say ‘hey, can you screen my film.’ Then we will run those through a programming
selection committee or a screen selection committee and they will review them and rank
them to determine whether or not they feel like it is a good fit for our audience and
our community and then after that we will put them out for the crowd and see they do. Going back to what we said earlier, if they
do really well we will keep them coming and if they don’t do so well we have got them
for that one. What is the strangest film that you have had
here? Well, that is a tough question because strange
is relative depending on what you like and what resonates with you you might find something
strange when I find it to absolutely beautiful. I can say that one film that stood out to
me was a recent one called, Heart of a Dog. It was by Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed’s wife,
and it was experimental so when you start it you are not sure if there is a clear narrative
going on but as the film progresses… it was so beautiful that even as I think about
it today I still well up. It makes you question life and death and what
you value and it is a beautiful piece of work. I’ve been told there’s membership fees and
student discounts, do you mind going over that with us? Absolutely not. We do have memberships that people can sign
up for based on individuals or multiple people in the same household and we have sponsorships
for businesses and individuals can sponsors on higher levels. Students get an awesome discount, instead
of $9 for general admission they get to come in for $6 dollars and that also give them
benefits at other places in town. They can get discounts at Student Life Cinema,
AMC, and Regal, I believe and it is just kind of a little bit encouraging film in this community. That is really great to know. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. So Eagles, rain or shine come down to the
railroad tracks and watch some hidden gems.

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