465.000€ Rolls Royce Phantom Driven: The ULTIMATE Luxury Extravaganza! [Sub ENG]

465.000€ Rolls Royce Phantom Driven: The ULTIMATE Luxury Extravaganza! [Sub ENG]

Ciao everyone, here it’s Marchettino and today we dive in the most extreme luxury with the new Rolls Royce Phantom! Today I’m in the quiet british countryside because Rolls Royce has been so kind to invite me and have a go with the new Rolls Royce Phantom, if you remember this summer I had the chance to test it around the French Riviera feeling like a real russian oligarch, in this setting I feel like an english lord! Now let’s get onboard and let’s have a go in the most extreme luxury! There’s no need to get closer to the door to close it, you just have to press this button. Ready to go! Driving a Rolls Royce is a unique experience, that kind of experience everyone has to try at least once in a lifetime because driving a RR is not like driving any other luxury car, I think this is THE ultimate luxury car with incredible numbers under every aspect.. size, price.. performance! I think there’s no other manufacturers that can compete with RR in terms of exclusivity and luxury we find on the new Phantom. Driving a RR is like doing a long first class journey. When you get onboard and start to touch all the materials and feel the quality, whenever you start the engine and plan a trip you always try to find a longer road to enjoy the car a bit more. Wherever I drive with the Phantom the road don’t feel big enough because this car is huge, it’s a luxury car long a whopping 5.7m and wider than 2m, basically wherever I go people have to stop to let me pass! If you’re not used to big size it could be problematic at the beginning! This car has more cameras than me though, so when you drive through tight spaces or when you park there’s lots of tech at your help! Let’s talk about my first driving impressions behind the wheel of this huge saloon car. In front of me there’s an endless bonnet, I can’t see where it ends! In the front I see the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy, the logo of RR. I think that golden badge is the ultimate expression of showoff your wealth! On request, you can have the Spirit of Ecstasy made with crystal and talking about customisations, when it comes to RR you have a world upon you. You can choose endless colours, leather, wood, it feels like to be at Buckingham Palace! With a price starting at 465.000€, what do you get? In the second part of the video I wanna show you on detail the quality of the materials and the exclusive features, let’s talk about the quality of the ride because this is the real quality of RR and the new Phantom is very innovative because after 14 years it replaces the older generation of the Phantom and this one uses a new platform, like new materials and tech features. Like the four-wheel steering that allows to the Phantom to be more agile and maneuverable. Agile not in the way you would take it to the track, talking about such heavy and big car, the agility and maneuverability are very important. Compared to the older generation, this new generation of the Phantom has a twin-turbo engine. A huge 6.75L twin-turbo V12 capable to produce 570hp and 900nm of torque. It may not be an impressive figure for the size of the engine but trust me this is a fabulous engine for the way it delivers the power because all this power is available already at 1700rpm! Which means whenever you hit the throttle you have all this power ready to unleash! It’s not that kind of power that tugs you because obviously it’s a luxury saloon car, whenever you hit the throttle the car accelerates, it accelerates fast without giving you the feeling to be driving fast. It’s very fluid and smooth to such extent I did the coin test, and this happened! See that? It’s such a smooth engine I could put a coin on the top without making it fall with the vibrations. The engine is perfect for such kind of car, not to mention the noise! There’s no noise and it’s good like this, inside a RR you’re isolated in your world of luxury and show off. The cockpit is much soundproofed, also for this reason this car is heavy. Just think that there’s a whopping 130kg of soundproofing material. Also the Continental tires fitted on the 22″ wheels are specifically developed for this car because they have a soundproofing layer to reduce the noises. As you understand, behind the making of the RR Phantom there’s lots of tech and luxury that make this car a unique product. I’m driving gently, behind the wheel of a RR you’re not motivated to go fast even though it’s a powerful car and even if it’s heavy the performance are remarkable because flatout it goes to 100kph in 5.3s and believe me it’s impressive for such weight. Top speed is electronically limited to 250kph, it’s better like this as I woudn’t trust to push a car like this quicker than that because in terms of a sports driving, this is not a proper car for speeding even though it could. The steering is very smooth, too much if you smash the throttle in the corners because it’s a steering designed for a relaxed and gentle driving, in fact look at here I can steer and move a 2.5t car with a finger.. fabulous! Let’s use both hands though! I don’t wanna damage this half million euros car! On the straight line I feel more confident to hit the throttle because this engine is amazing, it doesn’t give you the feeling to be driving fast when you accelerate. Let’s try a standing start, of course without maknig the tires spin! Not bad, you can hear a bit the V12 With such heavy weight, also the breaking power must be adeguate to the car and yup, brakes are very powerful. Pedal is a bit spongy at the beginning but once you press it the breaking power is quite strong. Currently I’m driving with the massage and heated seats on, I think it’s the most comfy review I’ve done so far, I better not get used otherwise the next time I drive a noisy and uncomfy car it’s gonna be a tragedy for me! Let’s hit the throttle again! You can hear the engine a bit if you don’t keep this amazing audio system on! The head-up display just reminded me to brake because as I said, behind the wheel you don’t have a proper perception of speed when you go fast, fast or slow is kind of the same sensation and this is also the quality of a RR, being able to travel anytime and in any condition with the maximum comfort. For the first time I’m driving a car that doesn’t make me want to speed but to enjoy the trip and maybe also take the wrong route to take more time to reach the destination. You need extra time to reach the destination anyway because if all roads are like this, you struggle to go through! First part of the RR experience is done, now let’s do the second because it’s good to drive a RR but it’s even better to be chaffeured so let’s get behind! Let’s try to hear the engine standstill! It’s a very anonymous sound that doesn’t give you the idea to have a huge twin-turbo V12 and btw There’s no rev counter, in pure RR style we have the Power Reserve instead. It doesn’t show the engine rpms but the amount of power you’re using. Another treat of this generation of Phantom is the closing door system because there’s no need to accompany it. In pure RR style, the back doors open in the opposite way for a simple reason, to help to step in and out the car. When you’re rich you don’t want to overstain to do such things! Another feature is the RR umbrella hidden inside the door! Another thing I love of this car are the floor mats, I don’t know much they cost; just to show you the comfort they offer, I try to put my hand on it just look at how much it sinks! These are the most comfy floor mats my feet have ever experienced. All we have to do now is to find the right position for the feet close the door and tell my chaffeur my destination. Here starts the second part of the video because as I said driving a RR is an experience but also being chaffeured is an experience! The Phantom is huge and I think it’s the right car to enjoy with a chaffeur, the smaller Ghost is the right RR to drive without the chaffeur to me. And now that I’m behind I can appreciate even more te qualities of this car by starting from the suspensions because it has adaptive suspensions that are fabulous to say the least! The car floats on the road, I don’t feel any potholes or roughness of the road, it feels like walking on the velvet! And now that the sun is setting down I can appreciate even more the sky on the roof of the RR. I think it’s one of the most unique and particular features you can find on the market. Today I also got to visit the factory, sadly no videos allowed but I got to see how the sky is built and basically all these lights are installed one-by-one, so you realize how much attention and time RR spend to build every single car. This is not even the Phantom LWB just look at how much space in here, just like being in a first class cabin! Seats are completely adjustable, also here I can enjoy the massage feature and by pressing here we have tables and with the infotainment I can play change the radio, settings, internet, music, this system is BMW derived. Hidden behind we have – of course when we’re thirsty for bubbles.. we have a fridge with RR glasses, sadly it’s empty! Another feature I quite like are the curtains. Let’s turn the lights on as I want to show you clearly the wood, another thing that has impressed me from RR is the quality of their woods for every single Phantom 1 tree get used, honestly I was expecting more and a particular thing I didn’t know is that RR uses tree that are already fallen and for every tree used, RR plants 2 more! Visiting the RR factory spending some time with the Phantom let me find out deeply the qualities of this company and this brand new car. I could even get used to make such comfy reviews! At least once in a while I end the video in an unusual way, without shouting and powersliding! Now I put the massage seat on, I recline it a bit and I say goodbye! Make sure to Like the video if you enjoy it, subscribe to my YouTube if you haven’t yet and as always thanks for watching, ciao!

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