5 Best Budget Hotels in Dubai 2019.

5 Best Budget Hotels in Dubai 2019.

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel and one of the most popular questions I receive is where to stay in Dubai on a budget so today I’m gonna give you my top five places that I recommend you to
consider when you are coming to Dubai in 2019 and you want to get good value and
save some money Option number one is Rove Hotels. These are my favourite budget
hotels in Dubai they are very modern stylish, they’re conveniently located in central neighbourhoods they have easy access to the Metro and I go sometimes to work there they have a good coffee, high speed
Wi-Fi. Their rooms are very big, spacious, modern They have of facilities: gym, pool,
meeting rooms it’s a great option to stay from both a single traveller and for the families. The second option is Ibis Hotels it’s a group of the well-known budget
hotels across the world there are eight of them in Dubai and most of them are located near the metro station if I were you I would choose the branch next to the Mall of the Emirates because it’s one of the biggest malls in Dubai you can go shopping, they have Ski Dubai, cinema if you want to go to the beach you can just take a metro and go to the JBR and it will take you around 15 minutes it’s a public beach there is a Dubai Marina very beautiful area so check it out Option number three is Somewhere hotel apartments It’s located opposite Deira City Centre and the metro station is right next to the hotel so it’s very convenient for you to move around They have an outdoor pool, fitness centre and this hotel is located just 10 minutes away from the airport The next budget option is Signature 1 Hotel Tecom It’s located not far from the Mall of the Emirates not far from Ibis hotel and as I said only 15 minutes away by Metro from the public beach from JBR they have an outdoor pool, fitness facility so it’s another good option where to stay if you are on the budget And another hotel in the same Tecom area is called Tryp by Wyndham it’s a little bit more expensive than the previous options but it’s also great, modern, stylish hotels they have they have rooms for different needs if you like sport they have even fitness bikes in the rooms, yoga mats if you’re a business traveler they have comfortable tables for work in the rooms and they have also family rooms so they can meet the needs of all tourists and guests So guys this was my selection of five budget hotels in Dubai If you find this information useful please don’t forget to leave a like under this video as it helps me to grow it motivates me to shoot more content for you and if you have any questions or if you want me to discuss any topic that I haven’t talked about on my youtube channel please let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to share some information with you Thank you for watching and I will see you very soon bye bye

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  1. I recommend First Central Hotel! It is cheap and great. You can see this in the background on 2:13

  2. Благодарю за полезную информацию 👏, отличное видео, молодчинка, удачи🌷🌺🌷🌺🌷🤗!!!

  3. Hi from Brazil!
    Great. Thanks!
    Please make a video about study English in Dubai, about student visa, and curiosities about study and work in Dubai.

  4. Great video oksy, l send U an email on Gmail the 19/04, if you have time chek it, maybe you fond it on notification on Gmail. thank you and good luck

  5. There are lots more cheaper than those hotels u have suggested. I know the hotel rates everywhere. Even 5 star and hotel apartments ☺

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  7. I suggest Hyatt Place Dubai Hotels. Its under Hyatt group but more budget friendly. Superb rooms plus all near metros! 😀

  8. Nice content, Oksy Vlogs! I want to share something to you and your subscribers in Dubai that may help in finding more cheap hotels that can be booked at very low price, and sometimes, almost FREE!
    100% legit!


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