5 Cars That Won’t Last 100,000 Miles

5 Cars That Won’t Last 100,000 Miles

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about five cars that won’t make it to a hundred thousand miles,
now of course any car can make it to a hundred thousand miles if you want to
spend a fortune on it, putting another engine or transmission, or spending a
fortune repairing it, I’m talking about cars and won’t make it to a hundred
thousand miles if you just change the oil and filter and take care of them, they
just won’t make it because they’re so poorly made,
now the first vehicle I’m gonna tell you about is the Range Rover, no surprise to
anyone who knows vehicles they are notorious for having all kinds of
electrical problems, now the original Rovers, there were copies of American
jeeps from World War two, the English saw them liked them, so they made their own
one with little bitty four-cylinder engines and those things they could run
a really long time, but then they started to think, let’s make a bigger ones,
luxurious ones, and sell them for a whole bunch
of money, and while the little ones, some of those original ones are still running
all over the world, Africa you name it, but the bigger ones they all proved to
be pretty much money pits, and then that Indian company Tata that makes the
really cheap car, they bought them out so now they own them, and really if anything
the quality’s gotten even worse, now I know
another mechanic and he loves them because that’s all he works on, and he
says Scotty these things are great, it’s like you’re
printing out money for me, they brake so much I make a fortune fixing them, and
the modern Range Rover, they have all this electronic stuff and it’s fine if
it works like in a Lexus, but their’s doesn’t, I
have a customer with one and he says every day is a new adventure in what
electronic part will fail next, I had a customer who had one, in the first year
of ownership the dealership actually had the car for four months attempting to
fix it, and it never really was fixed, one time he took it in for a problem when he got
it back that problem was gone, but there were four new electronic problems that
suddenly popped up, and when you take into consideration they’ve had head
gasket failures over the years, it’s just not a vehicle that you can buy and think
you get a hundred thousand trouble-free miles of driving it, it’s
just not the case, and of course the smart person would look at the resale
value of the Range Rovers and see hows incredibly low they are, so they think
woe I can get one cheap, well there’s a reason you get one cheap, because it
may be cheap to buy but it’s not gonna be cheap to fix and it’s gonna break a lot,
now the next car that probably won’t make it trouble-free to a hundred
thousand miles is the Chevy Cruze, now lately GM has been known for poor
quality, but the Cruze it takes the prize that’s one of the worst cars they ever
made, I have a customer with one, 70 thousand miles, it’s on its third automatic
transmission, it’s just insane, they keep replacing them, they keep breaking them,
because they’re just so poorly made and I said, well what do you think now, he
said I should have spent the extra three four thousand instead of having this
pile of junk that I’m just going to get rid of the
next time the transmission goes out because it won’t be under warranty then,
granted the Cruz is a lower priced car but it’s got even lower quality in it, my
advice stay far away from them, but if you have to get one, say you found one that
looks okay and it’s real cheap, only buy one if it has a standard transmission,
the rest of the cars are poor quality but nowhere near as bad as the automatic
transmissions, now the next car that probably will make it trouble-free to a
hundred times miles, is the mini and yes they’re cute that’s how they sell the
things, but they’re not made cute, I see it all the time, the engines have a
tendency of blowing head gaskets and don’t even get me talking about the
wiring on those cars I had one come over here the headlights
weren’t working, so I pulled out the headlights and all the tiny little wires
that fed it were the thinnest things I’ve ever seen and they were all melted
together, now with modern manufacturing processes, you think they’d be able to
make wiring that goes to the headlights that could last forever, well this
particular vehicle it was only three and a half years old and the wiring was already
all melting together, that’s just uncalled for, that shows quality control that’s
down the toilet and the ones that have CVTs they’re
notorious for transmission failure that’s what happens when you start
putting higher technology in a German / English car and sell them without
really doing any kind of serious testing of the things, now I remember years ago
Honda had carbureted cars in the United States, but at the same time they were
selling fuel-injected Honda’s in England they used in England as a test ground,
and once they got all the glitches out of their fuel injection systems, then
they started selling fuel-injected cars in the United States,
and guess what those Honda fuel injection systems are pretty bulletproof, they didn’t
have any problems at all really, maybe mini
should have learned from that, maybe they should have just tested all the stuff in
England first, before they started shipping them to the United States and
have them fall apart, and when they do fall apart
man with all those BMW parts on them, they are expensive, I did one the
other day I had to put a brake caliper on it, I couldn’t believe how much money the
parts cost, I tried various places nobody had them, and I noticed when I did have to
buy the caliper at the dealer for an ungodly sum, it said BMW on it, because it’s
a BMW part, they got lot of BMW parts on them, three years old it wasn’t that old, stuff
shouldn’t fail that early, so if you want to maximize your car value, don’t buy a
mini, now the next car that generally won’t make it to a hundred thousand
miles is the Fiat 500, a while back Fiat left the United States and they left for
three entire decades and didn’t sell cars in the United States, but now with
Fiat buying Chrysler, Fiats are back in the United States, perhaps they should’ve
stayed back in Italy and not come here, I had a customer, forty thousand miles the
engine blew up oil and told it was change regularly, it was just a poorly
made little car, now theoretically its an upgrade from the original Fiat 500 which
was called Fiat 500 cuz it had a 500 cc engine in it, the new Fiat 500 comes with
a stock 1400 cc engine, a lot more than the 500 CC but really the quality
control, they haven’t learned much in the last 30-40 years at Fiat, now one year
when they first came out to the United States, these new Fiat 500 they sold
like 40-something thousand of the things, which was a decent start, but last year
they sold less than five thousand, so they’re going down the tubes, and the
rumor mill has it that they might just pull Fiat out of the US
market, and sure from what people tell me in Europe, the Fiat 500s are mainly
standard transmissions a lot of them are diesels, here in the United States people
mainly get automatic, and in 2016 Fiat had to recall a lot of their automatic
transmissions for shifting into neutral all by themselves, they recalled over
300,000 of them, now of course they weren’t all five hundreds because they
didn’t sell that many of them there, but you take a little car like that that’s
underpowered then put an automatic transmission on top of it makes it even
less powerful, and they just don’t fit in with the American market, now granted the
Fiat 500 wasn’t as dismal as a failure is say the smart car, but the smart cars
they sold such a small amount of cars, I don’t even include them in this video
because as far as I’m concerned they really don’t exist as a model in the
United States, now the last car that probably won’t make it trouble-free to
100,000 miles is a late-model Nissan Altima, especially with one that has the
CVT transmission, now I do say modern because you go back decade or so or more
the Nissan Altimas we’re actually very good cars, I had customers buy them totally
happy with them, the acceleration the gas mileage the handling, whoo since Renault
took over their quality has gone, but not only are their automatic
transmissions garbage, they blow head gaskets on all the time too, I see head
gaskets blowing on Altimas frequently, it’s just something that
should never happened with modern metals, they know how to make them, obviously
Nissan isn’t putting that into practice anymore, and it’s a shame really
because I’ve had customers that owned Altimas decades ago, then when they
bought a newer one and it fell apart they were so disappointed cuz they said
oh we remembered our old Altimas and they lasted so long, but this one was
just a pile of junk, so don’t make the same mistake yourself, stay away from
late-model Nissan Altimas, so now you know five cars that aren’t gonna make it
trouble-free to a hundred thousand miles, and why you should stay away from them
if you value your money, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. LUV this guy’s voice….he gives great advice. I was seriously thinking of buying a ‘Range Rover’….NOT NOW. Thanks Scotty.

  3. Our 2010 Malibu is pretty well over 200,000 and hasn’t had any major repairs yet. We’re not even that great about maintenance 😬 The headlights go out about every year now, that’s about it so far.

  4. Brittish manufacturers such as Land Rover, Jaguar were total garbage until they were rescued by FORD otherwise, they would of be in oblivion years ago. Sadly they were acquired by a trash indian car company that makes toys for transportation aka TATA..so their fate is written again…

  5. I bought a range rover and I love it. Can't tell you how many times its got me out of going places I didn't want to go.

  6. Surprised the Ford Focus isn't on there. The computer operated clutch pack system which fails in 20,000 or less, already had mine replaced twice in less than that mileage. Got a feeling it was replaced by previous owner too. No recall on them cause there is no real fix. There are class action suits against Ford. They have been basically trying to buy back my Focus to get it off the road, or keep from having to replace the clutch pack constantly.

  7. Interesting that the mini is perceived as low reliability in the States. They aren't the best in the UK but pretty middle road. Almost all here are manuals though! Parts are a fair bit cheaper and loads of 3rd party aftermarket stuff which keeps the costs down on repairs. Agree with the rest of the list though!

  8. hey scotty? what you think of the maxima 3.5se's and the trannies therein? was thinking you could do more of these kinds of videos on various chevys or fords ect that people may be tempted to buy. like with the cobalts and the other 4 cyl and the 3.5 suped up version which i believe is a stock impala 3500? maybe compare the 3500 to the 3900 and or the v8 impala for some 🙂 review wise to see which motors and trans in those types are better.

  9. Have a 2014 Cruze Diesel, Robust, Came with Large 4 wheel Disk Brakes, and a heavy duty 6 Speed Auto. The drivetrain made in Germany. 53/Gal, Highway @ 73mph.

  10. My 2009 Nissan Sentra has 115600 miles on it. All it's ever needed is a new battery, and the exhaust pipe welded back together. It's not even burning a lot of oil.

  11. After this…im happy with my car. 2005 Phantom black Audi A4 sline Manual trans Diesel..145,000 miles and shes running sweet…yeah regular servicing and ive replaced a few bits and bobs but man she runs just fine and starts 1st time every time…so she aint so bad after all…well done Audi..

  12. I had a chevie (Daewoo) Tacuma, head went at 70k, head reskimmed, went again at 75k. Bought another of the same age (5 years) lasted to 75k head went again .

  13. Replace a caliper ALREADY ??? these cars aren't that old !!! holy crapola !
    Also, what do you expect from Italy's superb manufacturing consistency ? 😉

  14. My uncle had a European Honda Accord, and had no problems except tires and small service, the 2.0i engine MPFI! from 93'. 🙂

  15. Scotty, my lady bought her chevy cruze in 2017 new and now with 40K miles on it (automatic) should we be worried? I drove it today seems to drive alright. She loves her car but im afraid to bring this up.

  16. When I worked for a tranny shop i had to put 3 transmissions in a chevy cruise before we recieved a functioning transmission FROM GM!

  17. My girlfriend just bought a chevy cruze a few months ago. It’s spent a lot of time back at the dealership. We’re not very happy with it. Already put it on Craigslist.



  20. People only get Range Rovers as a sign of wealth, to display how much money they’re able to throw down the drain.

  21. I test drove a Nissan Maxima with a CVT Transmission yesterday and it feels so freaking weird, I was hitting the gas pedal all the time and although I knew it was CVT I was always waiting on it to change gears. Hahahahaha!! I got back into my Optima SX Turbo and I loved my automatic transmission.

  22. I had 2 Nissan Altimas. A 2000 and an 01, same body. Both died on me within a year. I junked the 01 with ~150k miles when the engine was on its last legs. The ‘00s motor blew up on me in Toronto with 113k, 500 miles away from where I live.

    Before that I had a 99 Maxima that I only got rid of because it was stolen, and before the thieves abandoned it, they destroyed the interior. Matter of fact I got rid of that car for the 01 Altima.

    I don’t trust any Nissan if the year begins with 2.

    I’d buy another 99 Max in a second though.

  23. I have a 2008 Nissan Versa that easily made it to 107000 miles without a single breakdown or failure of any kind. A very solid and dependable car, it still has the original light bulbs.

  24. how do you have so many views with such bad information. mini brake calipers on rockauto are in stock, and under 100 dollars

  25. I have a Chevy Cruz with 297,000 miles The only things that I have changed on that car are the tires ,the oil,the battery and the radio and it’s still a great car

  26. Buy a Tesla it will soon be able to last a million miles. Not that anyone would drive that much. But it’s still cool

  27. Interesting. I have a 2012 Cruze with 193,000 miles on it with hardly any trouble… Original engine and transmission. I would trust it to drive across the country. I can't bare to get rid of it because of how reliable it's been.

  28. What are your thought on the Fiat 124 Spider? With a manual transmission, of course.
    I really prefer the look and feel of it over the Miata, but does it have the same Fiat quality we've come to expect?

  29. LOL my sister and dad have the mini coopers. I told them not to get them. They already been to the mechanic like 5 times. Me one time for brake change.

  30. A guy I know has a 2013 curze with a 6 speed. He clocked well over 200k miles. The car has 2 and 4th and reverse left🤦🏼‍♂️

  31. Hi Scotty, what do you think about the quality of Infiniti JX35 or the QX60? I have heard you talk about the CVT transmission in other cars. What are your thoughts?

  32. My dad has a 99 Dodge 1500 and it has 350000 miles on it and it has only been through one transmission and still runs great

  33. The newer BMW engines are sadly no different. My friend has a very recent 318d GT and after only 80k miles of normal driving and good maintenance it has thrown it's timing chain. Huge damage, it will cost thousands

  34. Well I see that you're dissing on the Range Rover but the thing is I've got one and the hardest thing I've had to replace on that bus basically the alternator and the starter

  35. Got one of those Altimas, it's sitting at 120,000. Had to baby it after the transmission started whining. Also did a transmission flush right after I heard it. Only reason why I think it's still going is because we moved from southern California to a cooler and flatter place, limiting the stress on the car.

  36. Minis are like PT-Losers…Cute Junk.. And Minis expensive to fix..As Scotty pointed out costly BMW parts for the cutesy Mini

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