5 Signs You Will NEVER Become Rich One Day

5 Signs You Will NEVER Become Rich One Day

Bill Gates famously once said how if you’re born poor it’s not your fault But if you die poor is totally your fault. Now with over 1700 millionaires being made every day in US alone according to fortune The question is this why are people still struggling and what are the mistakes the forts and the beliefs that they’re having? Does keeping them poor well in today’s video insider This is what I’m going to be revealing to you today as I’ll be breaking down the five signs You’ll never be rich So make sure to pay close attention to every single one of these signs because this may be the very blockage you’re having right now That’s keeping you from creating the life you truly want so make sure to pay close attention and without further ado Let’s go into the first sign, which is you blame others. I hear this all the time from broke people out there They say Tim. You don’t understand I can’t get results because I’m too old. I’m too young. It’s my country It’s my government it’s my parents. They put blame on everybody else apart from themselves, you know, there’s a great quote that went on lines of how two men sat behind bars one saw stars the other saw mud the question is right now is where is your focus going because Depending on what you’re really focusing on in life. You’re going to begin to see more of it And if you are putting focus on others and waiting for them to change Good luck on living your life because you’re going to struggle you see in psychology we talk about something that’s called self-serving bias and Researchers basically discovered how many of us will take the credit for ourselves if things are going good? But we lay blame on circumstances when things go bad. Yes. I understand blaming others is easy Yes, blaming others may protect your insecurity and ego But if you don’t stop blaming others for your misfortune, you can never take the personal responsibility And become the captain of your own ship meaning you can never steer it in the direction. You want to go in life? So you’ve got to be willing to take full ownership and realize it’s entirely Your fault if you aren’t proud or if you haven’t got yourself to where you want to be Realize your fault you got yourself here, and now you got to get yourself out So let’s make it happen and take full ownership Let’s go into a second sign, which is you justify why money isn’t important. Let me put this bluntly anyone who says that money isn’t important doesn’t have any You see whatever beliefs you got right now and in regards to money is either drawing it closer towards you or away from you The question is what are your beliefs right now? Because rich people understand the importance of money in the place It has in our society on the other hand poor people validate their poor thinking by using irrelevant comparisons No fool lives in your head rent-free you end up paying for every negative thoughts as well as your beliefs right now and as you’re growing up It’s very likely you believe these negative statements that the society told you to believe such as money is the root of all evil Rich people are greedy. But when you begin to believe this realize that you are beginning to push money away from you and Logically, think about this you saying money is not important. I’d rather have happiness It’s like me saying I’d rather have my freakin arm than a leg Why can’t you have both that’s the question because all money is is simply a magnifier it Magnifies who you are at the core. Yes, there are douche bags with money by the same time. There are kind warm-hearted people with money as well So realize that let’s go into the first sign, which is you buy things you can’t afford you See, there’s no point trying to buy things. You can’t afford with money. You don’t have to impress people You don’t like what’s the point of that? It’s incredible how many people I see walk around the planet today simply trying to impress the Joneses and be willing to get into debt for it So next time you receive a lump of cash Resist the urge to splash out on something such as a trendy piece of clothing and the new gadget Yes, the instant gratification may feel good. You may feel special but in reality The typical millionaire isn’t all Hollywood glitz and glamour many live below their means investing and budgeting money Diligently and spending it intelligently and they only treat themselves if they can actually afford it if you consistently follow these standards You too can become rich So to sum up spend less time impressing others and more time and impressing yourself Be willing to put in the work and energy to climb the mountain so you can see the world not so the world can see You the end my friend is to be rich not to look rich now Let’s go into a fourth sign, which is you’ve got a scarcity mindset You cannot accumulate wealth if you view money And if you view life in general with a scarcity mindset if you believe there’s limited amount of money if you believe when you Sell something to someone and you’re taking money from them and you believe they’re not gonna be to get that back if you approach life with a scarcity mindset you cannot accumulate wealth all affluence really means the literal meaning is Abundant flow and it doesn’t mean having things at all So you’ve got to be willing to create the consciousness that invites the abundant flow the moment you create that consciousness That’s when you begin to accumulate wealth This is how truly wealthy people remain wealthy because they approach to life with abundant flow mindset They’ve got the consciousness that attract more wealth They allow themselves to invest their money because they know what they put out will come back. That’s a truly abundant mindset So you got to get rid of your scarcity and work on your abundance consciousness Let’s go on to the final sign, which is you’re not obsessed on your craft We’re living age today where people love people with passion. They say yeah, what’s your passion on what you’re passionate about? Yeah, that’s awesome. Keep being passionate but the moment somebody’s obsessed We begin to phone up on that but if you look at anybody who’s really passionate about their craft, look at Elon Musk For example, they are freaking obsessed. They’re possessed about their craft They’re willing to do whatever it takes to commit to mastery and be willing to make the mission of reality We found upon that give me obsession of intelligence any day because I’ll be more successful when I’m consistent with my effort It doesn’t matter in this day and age whether or not you’re intelligent it matters whether or not you’re consistent with your actions Inconsistency comes from sheer obsession towards your craft so find what you’re truly loved to do Yes, find that passion but be willing to get obsessed over it be willing to be obsessed on the marketing that product selling that product getting out our marketplace be Obsessed with your craft because if you aren’t you’ll never be rich in your life. These are the five signs You’ll never be rich. I hope you found today’s video helpful if you have be sure to click that like button and Share this video of your friends and loved ones who need to hear this message right now because life is all about paying it forwards So be sure to pay it forwards to them and comment below in regards to any feedback questions you may have and as always Follow your heart and take action and go live the life you are truly are born to live. I’ll see you on the next video soon. Take care

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  2. Can't believe I accidently subscribed to this ? … because of people like you … milions of valuable and precious human beings die of hunger in this world every year. That's so sad. You make me vomit…

  3. Jack Mar ain't no random Chinese dude that made his way up the ladder, he was a member of the communist party which means he was near the top of the ladder from the start.

  4. 👍.not blaming but learn from mistakes.most people are learn from books (theories) or from experiences. Set your goals and do it to reach it but it is sometimes depend also from opportunities. Thanks to GOD (grateful) what you already achieve and always do your best until the end if your life. Healthy is the most expensive thing in life.

  5. I might not have lambo big house some money but I know that God has made me rich coz those money can't ever buy love of my fam I'm happy now with my fam

  6. as per me, money is the best way to make money. invest the money rather than spending it. also, debts are the biggest obstacles to becoming rich. so, never take debts. speaking with experience:)

  7. you definitely broke if you keep talking about your health, Christ, love, relationships and saying that you're rich., This video is about money, $$$$$, mucho dinero, benjamins, stop confusing the context of his video.

  8. Today Rich and poor are in the SAME boat in some way EQUALS in so many ways (white-collar criminals and blue-collar criminals = $ame $hit)… They both waste $$$ for drugs, alcohol, marijuana, hookers, partying, guns, strippers, material $hit and then you have the hustlers, hackers, frauds, thieves, robbers, gang bangers, drug dealers, drug lords, etc…totally into SELF and SELF-destructive ways and nothing more.
    In the end the only thing the rich and poor will take with them is NOTHING and will be in a 6 foot deep hole rotting…and BTY when you are in judgment GOD doesn't give a $hit if you are rich or poor but what your soul and heart was… did you feed the less fortunate, did you help those in need, did you visit someone in the hospital, did you visit someone in prison/jail, did you clothe, feed, assist someone in need etc…. what did you do with the BLESSINGS GOD GAVE YOU!….your $$$ is not going to buy your health, salvation, nor buy you a place in heaven…

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  10. "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"
    Mark 8: 36-38

  11. I love this… Hand on heart, I need to become more obsessed about my craft…and spend my money a little more wisely 🙈🤭🧠

  12. Instead of trying to become rich, try to become good. Instead of thinking about money all the time, try to think about how you can become a better person.

    “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

    – Albert Einstein

  13. that last one about being obsessed about your craft is totally wrong and i'm living proof of it. it takes too long to explain but watch the video by mike rowe titled "don't follow your passion" and he lays it out pretty well

  14. I stopped after the first one. I spent my teen years grabbing at every opportunity I was given only to be let down by the adults at the head of those opportunities. And coming from a poor family severely limited my opportunities to begin with. From that I ended up in fast food for 5 years. And every step I took to improve my life only sunk me deeper. I'm now 23 and homeless. Don't you dare say that it's never the fault of others

  15. Actually, Bill Gates never said "If you were born poor, it's not your fault. If you die poor, it's your fault."

  16. Thank you 😊🤝 this is really eye opening… I have learned so much from your channel 👍🏽💞💯

  17. This motivation videos are the root cause of dividing people further , money is created by the banks it does not exists , we are where we are because 1% is controlling the 99% of the people which is not fair we should govern ourselves not by someone else , centralising power to a few people so they can do as they like with the world it doesn’t matter if they are psychopaths as long as they have money, wake up people , understand the nature of life not the meaning of life.

  18. I’m gonna be rich and healthy I strive for balance in life ultimately but deep down I want to be rich

  19. A saying from rich dad poor dad "money is an illusion" you can only get rich if you change your mindset on money

  20. Rather than humiliating those who had been severely punished by their own misfortune, I would deliberately emphatize those poor souls.

    You see Tim, age, or in that similar manner, cultural backgrounds discrimination is a REAL thing. And people do judge solely based on those ill-informed conviction. Those mistreated people will inevitably find themselves crushed aginst agony walls of constant rejection which leads to their being whiners n self-pity all the time.

    Hope anyone else would've been wiser onward!


  22. I give thank to God for my life and my excellent health and every work for progess but is not an obsesition

  23. What if you get into a business not necessarily because you're passionate about it, but because you're passionate about being financially independent? When my parents started their business over 24 years ago, they weren't passionate about it. It was not something that they dreamt of doing ever since they were kids or something( My mom especially hated it) but they got into it because there was a market for it. What they were passionate about was to provide for my sister and I and give us a life filled with opportunities and so they worked their asses off and made a lot of sacrifices to grow their business. So I'm a bit confused about the fifth sign as it's not something that's black and white. It's much more complex than that in my opinion.

  24. hi l am rich very rich because l don't for get who create me l worship my god every day that is way am rich he's my every thing with out God no one can have good life

  25. I came from royalty, who were and are very wealthy people. I have 46 royal blood lines, of whom are wealthy. I have been a millionaire once on my own and 3 times with 3 different husbands.

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