6 of My Favorite YouTube Guitarists

6 of My Favorite YouTube Guitarists

30 thoughts on “6 of My Favorite YouTube Guitarists

  1. +1 for the sense of humour, half drunk one night said to a country band, play some Hendrix, what ensued was one of the best versions of All Along the Watchtower, I have ever heard. Brilliant, showed me.

  2. I only knew Andy and Robert! Thanks for introducing us to these other guitarists. Perhaps you forgot to add Pete Thorn to the list and make it the top 7?;)

  3. Kfir is on another level. One of my absolute favorite players is Tim Pierce. He's got a great channel too. He's played on countless albums over the past 30+ years. Definitely worth watching on a regular basis. And a really nice guy. And though we probably all know him, Greg Koch's skill coupled with his personality simply cannot be matched. He's a crazy man in the best of possible ways hahaha.

  4. What about Burgs right here in Australia, awesome player, still tours with James Reyne I believe. I think you had him on one of your live chats once. I also love Johan Segeborn. I am going to check out some of those you mentioned right now.

  5. Check out Matthew Scott and Rik Sevigny, they rock the SRV / Hendrix Strat vibe to the point that it's become a way of life. Unreal tone, both of em.

  6. One day in 2025 maybe I'll be on your list hahahahah. Nah. I'm just a small time dude drummer for decades and keyboardist teaching himself to play guitar. I take the world along with me I use a looper usually GT1 and just grab deep and try and make up whatever comes out on loop and then find a melody. It's been a wonderful ride this last year. I had a little bit of knowledge but not much and cannot believe I waited to learn as main instrument all those years banging out the drums. Hahah.

  7. Yeah you probably didn't need to put me on this list coz it goes without saying. Wouldn't want any of these guys to have to follow a clip of me. Would be unfair. 😬😬🥶 (these guys are all awesome.)

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