6 reasons you should NOT move to Korea

6 reasons you should NOT move to Korea

DO NOT move to South Korea. Don’t get me wrong. I was born and raised here in South Korea, And I love my country, and I love living here Because it’s very convenient and the people – they are very nice. I mean at least the people around me. But if you’re a foreigner, there are a few things that you need to consider before coming to South Korea A few people, they fantasize about South Korea, like it’s an imaginary world full of all the handsome and beautiful K-Pop stars. But no, this country . . . it’s like an actual country that ordinary people are living in, just like me I have so many foreign friends who are living in South Korea, and they say they love living here But because of some reasons they want to say goodbye to this country First of all: The air
(Fine Dust) Today the sky is kinda blue The air is fresh today, but sometimes, I mean, so many times The sky – the air pollution – is very serious here Some people say that the fine dust comes from China But who knows? I don’t know Or because of the cars Who knows? Yeah, but one thing is clear: Our government ¯_(ツ)_/¯ is not doing anything. I mean they are trying to give us some solutions, but they are not practical at all. Yeah, we all know that it doesn’t work, so there’s no solution But whenever I wake up in the morning, I always check my Naver. Naver is like the biggest search engine here in South Korea and this is the landing page. This is the front, the first page See here? We always check the fine dust How serious it is. The fine dust today is ‘Average’ today So it means that I can just go out and do something. Sometimes when they say ‘It’s too bad’ then we cannot go outside and enjoy a picnic at all. Especially if you have a kid or if you’re planning to have a kid, that’s a really serious problem, you know? The kids cannot go outside And they can’t play with their friends. They’re just stuck in their homes like that Can you believe this? Almost every household and families they have at least one air purifier That’s really expensive. You need it if you want to live here South Korea Sometimes I really miss the fresh air And secondly not everywhere here in South Korea, but It’s just so crowded. Yeah, everywhere you go. There’ll be so many people, especially if a restaurant is really famous. Then you will see there’s so many people waiting in line like crazy Movie theater? Yeah. Just so many people and subways? Yeah. Buses? Yeah. Just everywhere you go you will see lots of people And even at night if you go to Itaewon at night, like 1 a.m. or 2 a.m You’re gonna feel like “Oh my god. What is going on here?” Because it feels like it’s like hopefully daytime There are so many people enjoying drinking and clubbing, you know? So if you like that lively atmosphere, Then Seoul is perfect for you but if you prefer some quiet country nice feeling then Soul is not for you. And you know about the song Gangnam Style? Yeah, everyone thinks that “Ah, Gangnam is a cool place to hang out.” That’s right, but I don’t like Gangnam that much because there are just too many people. I don’t live in Seoul I live in Incheon. That’s my city. It’s by the sea And it’s not that crowded there. Let me go to the subway 3: Are you expecting something romantic? It’s not gonna happen to you :/ It’s all because of some ridiculous Korean dramas I mean there are some romantic people, of course, romantic and nice guys, of course, but yeah, there are some f*ckboi’s too. I mean, I’ve met so many f*ckboi’s in my life But here I’m Korean, but you are Maybe a foreigner, right? So the problem is that because you look different, Your skin color, or your hair, and your language, your culture Everything is different So they may be interested in you because of that. Some guys or girls – they wanna learn English through you And some people they are just interested in you, only physically You know what I mean? If they feel like “Okay, now I know who you are, and I’m not interested in you anymore” Then, maybe They’re gonna say goodbye I’ve heard just so many stories from my foreign friends so Some people say that Koreans are cold and rude. Yeah, I watched some videos And honestly as a Korean what I feel about this is that I don’t think Koreans are cold or rude, but just some people – they don’t know basic manners, like holding doors for the next person Or when a woman is holding a really big luggage, and they asked like “Oh, do you need help?” Something like that. We never do that because It’s very rare in South Korea to talk to strangers Because we have this word 정 (jeong). I don’t know how to exactly translate this to English cuz I feel like There’s no exact English word Cuz Koreans, we may look a little cold outside but we have very warm hearts inside. Some restaurant owners like grandmas They curse a lot They swear a lot to customers, but people go there because they know that that’s the expression of love That’s because the grandma loves the people, you know, and the people – the customers – they love grandpa, too Sometimes if you take the subway, you’ll see some crazy people some weird people screaming and yelling and Yeah, just some people, they have no basic manners. It makes me very upset sometimes. Yeah, so a few days ago I was on the subway and there was one old man and he was calling very loudly, and There were so many people in the subway and he was calling like that. So I was kinda mad So I asked him like, “Excuse me. Can you please lower your voice? Because there are so many other people?” and he was like staring at me. So I was a little scared And I heard in the States if you’re not good at working They’re just gonna fire you but here in South Korea if you’re not good at working then they’re gonna make you crazy With their mouths And especially if you’re a woman, and you want to work in a Korean company, It’ll be very challenging because some crazy bosses they Just talk about your appearance a lot. Like “Oh, you look very ugly today. “Did you get some weight? You should not eat that much.” Something like that. You know, that’s really bad I know, but it happens so many times, so many times They talk about your appearance when they look like sh*t And this is the last thing. The Internet in South Korea, it’s really fast You will see so many PC cafes here in South Korea The Internet is amazing here. But in the meantime as a youtuber I feel like there are just so many mean comments so if you’re not gonna do your social media, or you if you’re not gonna do YouTube stuff then you don’t need to worry about that. But because I’m a youtuber and blogger Yeah, I always get some bad comments, especially talking about my appearance Yeah, they always say “oH, yOu lOoK very uGlY” And whenever I read some article from Naver It’s crazy, the comment section. It’s crazy. All the people, they are saying something really bad about a celebrity or the government, or about females and males and If everybody – it seems like everybody hates everyone, sometimes. I feel like that, seriously Ok, that’s it guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
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  1. Vulgarities can never be expression of love. I was listening to a korean muslim convert. On question why he converted, he said becos he travelled to turkey or some muslim country and the people were very well mannered and hospitable. Initially he thought he was good and kind, but being there, he see people better than him in goodness and kind and he realized the people religion were islam. so he eventually converted. haha. im saying i agree that koreans can be so lack of manners or they seem like they live in their bubble. Dunno how to treat people from different religion or respect them and stuff like that.

  2. Annyeong haseyo !
    from the Philippines..
    Come and visit our Country for more lovable and nice views of lot a tourist spots 😍🤩

  3. I am musician in the US, have my own band and recording studio. But have spent many years in Asia and been to Korea a few times.
    Once to see Baby Metal when Yui was still in the band and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was in Japan at the time recording some music.
    Me I liked Korea, but I'm not much of a drinker. The people were good to me, I just show their culture respect and have friends there.
    I didn't go for the girls, but there is many nice ones. And you are not ugly. I just like getting to know different people and being happy.
    Thanks for the video, I am new subscriber.

  4. I traveled to Korea this summer and I gotta say the girls there were extremely pretty.they pretty almost all had Snow White skin and gorgeous hair.i think it’s because they all try to fit in the Korean beauty standards there. I actually saw some handsome people (not meaning to be creepy) but 2 of them were wearing black masks lol. I don’t think the people were very polite,they pushed in the train and gave me a cold eye and I was eating meat. Definitely, I saw a lot of Koop dances in the street (I was in Inchon) and everybody went crazy when they heard twice lmao.

  5. Thank you for existing, really, to live in Corea is my Childhood dream. I dream about it since I was like…9? I guess? Or maybe 8 or 10? But anyway your videos are really cool and helpful

  6. If I’m ever going to live in korea i just wanna live in a fancy apartment all alone walking in korean streets while listening to my load rock songs all alone eating street food all alone going to parks and reads a book and I might learn some taekwondo bc I love martial arts just having a peaceful life and korea is perfect for this the morning in Korea is so peaceful and nobody gives a fuck about nobody everyone just minding their business which is why I like it Korea has a beautiful nature beautiful weather also is Sophisticated and that’s what I the most

  7. 1. Air pollution + government does nothing about it.

    2. Crowded

    3. It is not as much of a romantic place as you might think, if you use K-dramas as a way to gauge romantic people are.

    4. Koreans seem cold/distance/rude, but it is a cultural custom. But it´s more a matter of letting people go about their day undisturbed and/or not getting personal with people you don´t already know. (much like in Denmark)

    5. Korean coworkers and even more so bosses who believe that you don´t work hard enough, will passive aggressively let you know by insulting you instead as to let you know they are upset with your performance at work. Instead of simply speaking to you about it or out right firing you.

    6. Is not a Korean thing, she simply talks about social media toxicity.

    Have a nice day

  8. I want to go to Korea to meet EXO and slap SM for treating them so bad. I also wanna try their food. Street food specially.

  9. The total population of South Korea is around 5 crores. And she thinks they are so many people while travelling in trains or streets. She needs to know that India's population is 133 crores!!😂
    She must travel in Indian trains. She will start loving her country more than she ever did. She will never ever complain about having so many people over there in her country once she experience it here.
    And girl.. I love Korean dramas. I know there is difference between reality and dramas. You complain about your dramas because you have no idea what Indian dramas are all about😂😂😂😂 once you come to know about them, you will start watching and loving your dramas more, even their repeat telecast!
    Am a huge fan of Korean dramas❤😍big fan of Ji Chang Wook!!

  10. OMG you are so amazing in your placements, i'm brazilian and i always wanted to live in korea, i had just watched one of your videos and today i saw this one now, and honestly i need to follow you more, you have a lovely way of thinking, even though i I really want to live in korea I felt that what I said is really sincere, many youtubers just lie about your country, very brave, thank you beautiful! ♥️

  11. I am indian and i want 2 go to south korea because of the glamorous city…amazing k pop songs….shining city…so refreshing…so relieving wowww

  12. The reason why I want to marry Korean guy/any Asian guy is because my whole family is Mexican and I want to learn a new culture and I would love for my kids to grow up with Mexican and Asian culture with both languages and I also think Asians are cute 😂 but I am aware that they are humans just like in America. I also really want to go and live in Korea or Japan when I’m older 🙃💗

  13. Y/N never gives up on her dreams, she's moved to Korea searching for the love of her life. Y/N leaves the hotel and goes touring but sees the man she's been longing for, Kim Taehyung standing in front of her. He takes her handShe wakes up crying

  14. jina kim: dont come to korea
    bts: we are waiting for you!!
    seoul commercial create

    me: swims to korea 😆

    but if koreans really have problem with weight i think i must not go there…but fast internet can make me think twice..here in the philippines you'll need to climb trees to get signal lol specially in the province

  15. all countries have their own problems and I think it is not good that our bad experiences and we influence other peoples mind. although its true but let them be.

  16. It's kinda real. I had a conversation with a Korean boy, we have the same age, btw. When I noticed that he's late in replying my messages as time goes by and it lose my interest on him. That's why I left his messages unread up until now. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  17. so are you tryna say I'm not gonna find a idol looking oppaR and dance in the rain with him and he's the ceo of a company ???

  18. Yah youre right Korean netizens are very sensitive when it comes to kpop idols saying bad things because he/she is making a little bit mistakes its fucking horrible to think of it..

  19. مرحبا انا من ليبيا حبيت نعبر عن اعجابي بكوريا واتمني في يوم من ايام اقوم بزيارتها وفي الحقيقة المعلومات الي قلتيها عن كوريا اول مرة نعرفها وشكرا وعارفة انك مش حاتعرفي تقري عربي بس رح ترجملك شن قصدي
    I hop in soom day go and vesit korea i think you have adifferent cultur and i think all korean peapole is good.
    Goodluck 😍😊❤💙💜

  20. The more you talked, the more Korea looks like India. I mean, ALL the points. That makes me wanna come more because I think i'll be able to endure it. 😂 But eventually I think we're all the same. ❤️

  21. Even I know harsh reality but my friends don't . Even though my friend makes watch Kdrama I am like… ">_> I am not moving to Korean because I'm smart you my dear friend are a dummy. " Even I tell foriegn student once 😂 America isn't like in movies stay away from Alabama, New York city, New Jersey and NEVER EVER go in Las Vegas. It's bad!! Real bad…

  22. 5:40 😂😂
    Korean girl : Okay, I learned English. So, I am not interested in you anymore. Goodbye 😏

    Me: Hey, wait ! Now it's your turn, you're gonna teach me Korean for the whole life… 😎😎😎😎

    K.girl : 🙄🙄

  23. Ok, no to Seoul, maybe yes to Incheon. 😊 After all, I like the sea. 😄

    Btw I'm new to your vids, your accent sounds familiar. lol. Where'd you learn English? 😄

  24. I want to go to Korean because on Printerest I see these beautiful places and the fashion, skincare and the food! Another reason is I feel like if I’m lucky enough I will bump into a kpop idol but that probably wont happen

  25. Honestly I think the fine dust would probably be the worst part for me. I'm from colorado and we have a really fresh area so that would probably be the worst. I likes everything else there tho. I never wanted to live in big cities before but korea just had different energy. I liked it a lot.

  26. Okay yeah everyone is beautiful there and stuff but I want to go there for skin care products,makeup and fashion…ohhh and pictures!😂😂😂

  27. When you talked about people I instantly imagined Gangnam station after leaving work at around 6:15PM… And then u literally started talking about Gangnam hahahaha. That aside: the air pollution and old people not obeying the rules 'just because they're old' are the worst parts for me. As the company I work in is pretty international I luckily don't have problems there though, so that's good… But maaaaany of my Korean female friends do. I personally love my job (and the whole 회식 culture) so I'm probs a bit different lol.

  28. Really? Are you Korean? You are just a Incheon 촌년 who has little knowledge and experience and cannot represent a single aspect of Korean. Your video clip is full of negativity that comes from someone who is narrow minded and has low self esteem.

  29. Am I the only one that wants to go there for a month or two just for the food and culture, also I want to learn to cook their food the way they do it.

  30. I wish i had a korean boyfriend because i love korea ❤❤❤❤❤🇰🇷 i want to live in korea and work there. Korea is a beautiful place ❤❤❤❤❤😭 and i wanna learn how to speak korean word so bad 😭😭 and i want to experience snow 😍😍

  31. Some people fantasizes Korea a lot because of their favorite stars. But as for me, I love to go to Korea because of the ordinary people and the place itself.

  32. I love the clouds in Korea, it’s aesthetic. Clouds in Korea are the reason people have an aesthetic IG. It’s like my dream to take pictorial with the clouds in Korea. When I heard you complain clouds in Korea it made me wonder “what do you see that I don’t?” 😂

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