7 Characters Killed Off Because Of The Actor’s Behavior

7 Characters Killed Off Because Of The Actor’s Behavior

There are a ton of television series with
main characters who get killed off for plot-driven reasons, such as The Walking Dead, or because
actors’ contracts are up, like Josh Charles on The Good Wife. But then there are characters who are killed
off because the actors playing them are causing such a mess behind the scenes that the producers
just can’t wait to get rid of them. Here’s a look at some characters who were
killed off because of the actor’s behavior. Patrick Dempsey Fans of the long-running medical drama Grey’s
Anatomy were blown away when McDreamy bit the McDust after a car crash during the Season
11 finale in 2015. Rumor has it actor Patrick Dempsey hastened
his own demise with some behind-the-scenes drama that show creator Shonda Rhimes would
not tolerate. According to Radar Online, Dempsey was allegedly
cheating on his wife with a much-younger staff member on the show, with an insider claiming
that “It was obvious to everyone Patrick was [sleeping with] her. It got very messy and emotional on set and
became a huge liability.” Rhimes reportedly suspended the actor and
moved the staff member off the set. Dempsey called the allegations “absurd,” though
his wife filed for divorce before later reconciling. When The Nightly Show asked Rhimes if she’d
ever killed a character because she didn’t like the actor, Rhimes was… cagey. “Yes!” “Yes! And I’m not naming names.” “No!” Nicollette Sheridan After Nicollette Sheridan’s character, Edie
Britt, was killed off in an April 2009 episode of Desperate Housewives, Sheridan sued show
creator Marc Cherry and Touchstone Television for wrongful termination. In her lawsuit, she claimed that during an
argument with Cherry over a script, he hit her, and when she complained, ABC fired her
from the show. Cherry, on the other hand, denied any physical
violence and claimed that the character was already slated to die before their argument. But he did admit that her behavior contributed
to the decision to can her, with the Los Angeles Times reporting that Sheridan was allegedly
critical of her castmates and nasty to crew members, in addition to forgetting her lines
and being regularly late to set. Sheridan’s wrongful termination suit ended
in a mistrial, and her subsequent appeals were rejected, leaving her desperate, indeed. John Rhys-Davies Sliders star John Rhys-Davies was not a fan
of the sci-fi show’s writing team. The actor referred to the scripts as “incomprehensible
gibberish,” telling Digital Spy: “I would go to [the writers] and complain. But they would say, ‘John, why don’t you just
say the words as written?’ and I’d say, ‘I’ll tell you what, I will actually say the words
as written when you can actually write intelligent sentences!'” “What’s that?” “Cheese.” “That is not cheese. Brie is cheese. Camembert is cheese. This is yellow plastic.” “I’ll take it.” Rhys-Davies said those clashes prompted his
exit midway through Season 3, insisting the writers “screwed up because they didn’t have
the vision.” It’s not much of a stretch to imagine, then,
that the writers probably enjoyed composing the episode where Rhys-Davies’ character,
Professor Maximilian Arturo, is shot and killed. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I think I’ve just seen god and I could’ve
sworn he was driving a Cadillac.” Dominic Monaghan Lost star Dominic Monaghan made it clear to
Entertainment Weekly that he wasn’t upset about being killed off the series. He explained: “It’s a big cast and you don’t work as much
as you would like. You get bored, you get frustrated, you get
lazy, and your work suffers. And there are other things out there…There
are projects out there in 2008 that if I were to be working on Lost I would go […] ‘I
know that project’s going on and I can’t do it.’…I’m just excited to be free.” But the National Enquirer claimed that there
was more to his departure than simply a desire to work on other projects, reporting that
his nasty breakup with co-star Evangeline Lilly was a major source of tension on set. And it probably didn’t help that Monaghan
was also vocal about his dislike for co-star Matthew Fox, who he alleged on Twitter “beats
women.” Whether or not that’s true, Monaghan’s outspokenness
about his colleagues likely made it a relief to everyone on set when his character kicked
the bucket. Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros Monaghan wasn’t the only Lost star whose disappearance
was linked to bad behavior. Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros, who
respectively starred as Ana Lucia and Libby on the series, were both arrested for DUI
on the same night in December 2005. Rodriguez pleaded guilty and served five days
in jail and paid a $500 fine. Watros who also pleaded guilty, faced a 90-day
suspension of her driver’s license, 14 hours of rehabilitation, and $307 in fines. Following their arrests, both Libby and Ana
Lucia were killed off in the same episode. Rodriguez and the writers both claimed her
death was the plan all along, but it still looks and sounds really fishy. Michael Pitt Michael Pitt was unceremoniously fired from
Boardwalk Empire for his alleged poor attitude and lackluster work ethic. A source from the set claims, “[Pitt was]
late a lot… [he had] trouble remembering lines…[was] constantly questioning his character’s
storyline, tried to change dialogue a lot, would wander from the set, got into a little
fist fight with William Forsythe… They had plans for him…but they pretty much
just got tired of him.” Both Pitt and showrunner Terence Winter have
denied that he was fired, claiming instead that his character’s death was planned all
along. But even Pitt’s own agent allegedly tired
of his behavior, with a source telling Deadline that “UTA fired [Pitt] as a client yesterday
because he’s really difficult on set and otherwise.” Looks like he might have misjudged things
— just like his character. “I am not seeking forgiveness.” Eesh. Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. When you hear news late but hey isn't that how Derek and Meredith ended up together patrick cheats on wife with intern everyone hates them for a while and then they get married have kids and hr dies in a car crash

  2. So… he was killed off because she didn’t like him flirting with a crazy woman. And here I thought he actually did something worth ending his career over. It’s pretty much why I stopped watching Greys Anatomy.

  3. For years I've been mystified why the character of Jimmy was killed off so soon and abruptly in Boardwalk Empire, since so much had been put into his development. While his death wasn't entirely out of the question, it seemed there were still many places for the character to go. Very interesting!

  4. Michelle Rodriguez should get killed off in everything she does. She is garbage. I will not watch anything she's in. Idk, she just looks like a rusty stick is stuck up her ass.

  5. Why is Nicki Swift on the side of the writers and producers? If you knew what really went on, wouldn't you report more objectively?

  6. Shardra sucks. Patrick is an amazing actor. U killed him and the numbers of the show is worse than the previous years

  7. watching old Greys episodes now…I thought i remembered they Were good in the beginning (they were). might make it to when Derek dies…..then came the mess for the last year or two with Everyone doing everyone for every reason.

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