A AA 2 ( Chal Mohan Ranga ) 2019 New Released Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nithiin, Megha Akash

A AA 2 ( Chal Mohan Ranga ) 2019 New Released Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nithiin, Megha Akash

[AMBULANCE SIREN] I have nothing to do with this city. The girl who is with me,
doesn’t love me. Since childhood I am shameless. I have no choice other than
making fun of my problems. When a small boy turns
to be a young man. And when he achieves a status in life… …then he is called a celebrity. But a girl is a born celebrity. These wounds are so deep that… …the operation may take
some time. In the meanwhile,
I’ll tell you my story. [CYCLE BELL RINGING] Even though it was rainy season,
it wasn’t raining that day. [MUSIC PLAYING] Be careful. Dear, are you hurt? [BIRDS CHIRPING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Dear, you are injured. Things that happens once
can never happen again… [MUSIC PLAYING] What if it happens again? …if it happens twice then it will
surely happen for the third time [MUSIC PLAYING] It was winter season,
when sweaters are a little expensive. -Listen.
-Yes, what happened? It’s January, buy
a new calendar. To keep track of my bad days,
why should I spend 25 rupees more? [WATER SPLASHING] At least buy a geyser… …guests are coming over
for the festival. On last festival you said guests
are coming so…. I got new sofa covers. Your this year budget has exhausted
in that purchase. -Now don’t ask for anything else.
-Look at this. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh God! It has not been more than
three days, I got this for 3000. -Son, let’s go and leave him somewhere.
-Please, father. Look dear, in my present
financial condition I can’t afford to keep
you both happy. At least let him live happily.
Let’s go now [ENGINE REVVING] [MUSIC PLAYING] That day, I saw that girl again. I wanted to ask dad to drive faster
but I knew he would hit me. That’s why I kept quiet. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Look…
Huh! When the signal is red,
we should stop. Okay By the way, he never
followed any traffic rules… …but today he had to definitely
stop at the red signal. [Rumbling of heavy vehicles] [MUSIC PLAYING] Come on, now
come back. [SWING SQUEEKING] Hey, come. Come. Jimmy! Summer time! Is the only time when you’re
not worried about exams. -Be quick.
-Wait, buddy. [ENGINE REVVING]
[BIRDS CHIRPING] Hey, listen.
Look, the same girl in that car. Whom are you looking for? The girl who stays in this house. That girl has gone to America to study. Oh dude, that girl
has gone to America. [PANTING]
[MUSIC PLAYING] -Father.. Father!
-What is it? Father, what do I need to do
to go to America? For the first time in your life,
you have asked a good question. If you want to go to America, you
need to pass class ten with 80% marks. You have to score a good rank in MSAT,
because I can’t afford donation. Even then if you don’t get admission,
then you study engineering. Pass GRE and then
you can go to America. When my dad started to talk,
first it boosted my confidence… Later as he kept talking,
I understood… I won’t be able to do all this. Through studies it’s
impossible to go to America. I forgot the girl but America
was still in my mind. I got into a habit of
smoking at the age of 18. At the age of 20,
clashes kept increasing. At the age of 22,
subjects to pass increased. At the age of 24,
I achieved a worthless degree. [MUSIC PLAYING] Your life is exciting!
Wine, chickens and music. You can drink and live
your life happily. -What will I do?
-Hey, wait, I will show you. [PAPER CRINKLING] I have secretly stolen this. [LAUGHING] Don’t you feel ashamed,
stealing from your own shop? Dad will never give if I ask him,
so, I have stolen it. What a futile life is this!
Is this even a progress? -Oh pal, atleast we progressed.
-What progress did we do? We used to smoke discreetly, then at the
cigarette shop, now on terrace. This is not progress. We have
just become more daring in life. Whatever it may be,
everyone has its own weaknesses. Your weakness is America. By the way,
why are you so crazy about America? If middle class people like us
want to live a lavish life… …then we must
definitely go there. By the way, tell me… …with such a marksheet it’s
very difficult for you to go to America. Why is your visa
always rejected? [SAD MUSIC PLAYING]
[DEEP BREATHING] It was in 2014,
I was little petrified. I am Mohan. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sorry sir, your visa has been rejected. After that in 2015,
I went with confidence. Hi, my name is Mohan Ranga. [MUSIC PLAYING] Rejected. Next please. After that in 2016,
I went very casually. -Thank you, ma’am.
-Next please. -Hey, what’s up?
-Hi. I am Mohan.. Mohan Ranga. [MUSIC PLAYING]
[WHISTLING] Sorry sir, your visa has been rejected. Whether I go petrified,
confidently or casually… …they would send me back. Now, how will you go tomorrow? Tomorrow I.. Hi. I am.. [MUSIC PLAYING] Next! [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] -Mother!
-I’ll talk to you later. I have got the visa, father. In this world, no will be as sinful
as you are. Is this the way you will go to America? -Why is he saying so?
-He is jealous. [LAUGHING] You are good for nothing.
I’m not jealous. What do you mean, Uncle? I have no feelings for him
after what he has done. Enough now. Tell me, how did you get the visa? Thanks to aunty Saroja, mother. Saroja Madam?
Who is she? She was our neighbor. What do you mean by ‘ she was’?
Is she no more now? By God’s grace…
Yesterday only… [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh God! She has four brothers and sisters,
they all stay in America. Huh! Instead of they all coming here,
it’s better we take her there. So, I gave them this idea.. .. That means you asked them
to pay for your ticket. Are you not ashamed of yourself? [MUSIC PLAYING] Bye mom!
Bye dad! Gosh!
Let’s go inside. See you, mom. Hey, I am asking you to come inside. -You go, I’ll call you back.
-Okay. Eat on time. -Where is this Pammy?
-Hey, dude, listen. -Did you get it?
-Yes. -How much is it?
-Two lakhs. What about the interest? Interest is less.
I have taken 10. You have taken 20? -I have taken that extra 10.
-Why so? My commission! No problem,
you can return me later. Pal, you will return it to me
for sure, right? I’ll return you in dollars.
We are doing a big favor on them. As I get her there, they will
quickly offer me a job. Wow! [AEROPLANE ZOOMING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC CONTINUE PLAYING] [CHURCH BELL RINGING] Oh God, the graveyard here is
bigger than our airports. [GASPING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Without any reason, people
don’t bring other’s luggage also. And you have brought
a dead body. -You are great, bro.
-You? Just wait. I am Vilas,
her far off relative. Did you never go
close to her? I hate funerals but
I like this place. In fact, its rating is 4 out of 5. Huh? Yes dude, this is what happens in
America. From hair pin to helicopter… …reviews are checked for
every damn thing. I am MR…
Mohan Ranga! I knew her very well. You knew her well that’s
why you got her here. When the need is your own,
then one has to do it. [GIGGLES]
I like your frankness, bro. They are also just like you. -How?
-Very frank. -Mohan..
-Yes sir, tell me. [FOOTSTEPS] What’s the matter, sir? Should I book India’s
ticket for tomorrow? [MUSIC PLAYING] [SNAPPING FINGERS] What happened?
For when should I book? No sir. I have got a job that’s
why I am here. -Oh great, congrats.
-Congrats, bro. You got a job?
Where is the party? [MUSIC PLAYING] Is there any bar close by? [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING] I thought they will offer
great hospitality. But they said, good bye. -Why, what happened?
-Everything is over. After all what do you
want, bro? Want a house to stay, company
for shopping, car for sightseeing? To maintain all this
I need a job. -That you had.
-I thought, they will give one. [GASPING] On their mother’s death, they
didn’t go to India, they are so bad… …depending on them, how
could you come so far? I understood it after coming here.
Now I have nowhere to go. Please, now as long as I don’t get job,
I’ll stay with you. Now you are my savior.
Please don’t refuse me. Now what to do?
I’ve to find a job for him? -We can talk to my boss.
-Brother! -But he is worse than them also.
-I will fall on their feet. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now drinking water is hurting
my throat. It was alcohol, bro. -You should have informed me before.
-I am sorry, man. Bro… I will let you
stay in my room. Crazy guy! People say one feels easy after
drinking but why am I feeling uneasy? -First time you feel like this only.
-Later on? Then you have to drink like me,
till you’re completely drunk. After I am drunk! [MUSIC PLAYING] [EXHALING] -I’ll do it and show you.
-Okay, man. [MUSIC PLAYING]
[FOOTSTEPS] -Ah, sorry ma’am.
-That’s okay. Seems like all input will become output. Before I do anything humiliating,
it’s better I get going. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh. Sorry sorry, sister. -Sorry, sister.
-Megha..Megha, be careful. [GROANING] [GROANING] -Oh God!
-Oh no! [MUSIC PLAYING] Hello…are you okay? Excuse me. [MUSIC CONTINUE PLAYING] I will be right back. Mega, we are dead! Police has
seen us, come on be quick. Last minute, your
brain really worked. Alcohol is also working well. -What’s your problem?
I need a job. -Need a job! Give me job.
-Where should I drop you? That uncle has already
dropped all my hopes. -Who is this uncle?
-Saroja’s son. -Who is Saroja?
-She was very close to me. What nonsense are you talking to him,
stop the car and get rid off him. Get down. -You can at least help me.
-He is drunk, I will not hold him. [SIGHING] I am tired, lift me up. -Hey, what are you doing?
-Lift me. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sit. Mega, enough now.
Let’s leave. [MUSIC PLAYING]
[HICCUPS] Will he die if you don’t
make him drink water? [SIPPING WATER]
[HICCUPS] -Oh God!
-You keep helping him. More than him,
you’re irritating me. [MUSIC PLAYING] [BIRDS CHIRPING]
[SIGHING] Last night, where were you, man? What did you say? You did
everything in one night? -By the way, who was that girl?
-Don’t know, I was over drunk. -I don’t remember anything.
-Oh God, that’s scary. Boss is scarier than her.
Come, let’s go. Get out of here.
I am very busy. You want to go on leave?
Get lost from here. -I’ll break your legs if you come back.
-I think he is in bad mood. -Everyone wants to come to America.
-What happened, sir? His wife is pregnant, wants to
go on leave. So, have you sanctioned it? Sanctioned him permanent leave. -Sir, he my friend,
-Hello, sir. -He has come to US yesterday only.
-How are you feeling here? Feeling scared, sir. [LAUGHING] I will tell you a small story. New York is a small place. It’s spread over 13 thousand width
and 15 thousand breadth. [SIGHING] -By the way, where do you hail from?
-Hyderabad. Hyderabad! Do you see
Manhattan and Brooklyn? These Jubilee Hills are like
our Banjara Hills. Do you see this Queens Brown? This looks exactly like
ours Chandryan ghata. Do you see that Jersey?
That’s like our Vanasthalipuram. For name sake it’s in Hyderabad
but it’s close to Vijayvada. -Where do you stay?
-Vanasthalipuram, sir. -Here, where you stay?
-In Jersey, sir. Jersey!
[LAUGHING] What work do you have
from me? Sir, if we can get his H1b1.
He wants a job here. Documents? [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh God, please get
my work done. -Third class?
-Yes, sir. -Superb!
-Thank you, sir. In day time, you are of
no use to me. But at night you can be of
some use to me. Bro, please you request him. -Sir, last month you had
processed one. At least look carefully
before comparing anything. I can’t afford to spend
so much on him. If you want, pay 7000 dollars
and get it processed. -7000 dollars?
-But darling..! [MUSIC PLAYING] We can’t process it. How will you arrange so
much money, bro? [MUSIC PLAYING] [CAR ENGINE REVVING] -Please give your phone.
-Yes. [WHISTLING] [PHONE RINGING] Hello, my dude. -You got a job, right.
-Give me a packet of bread. Money lender had called twice.
I told him, you’ll return in dollars. After all we are Americans. Work hard, dude.
Everything is fine here. Hello…hello… There is lot of network issues
in America, it’s not so in India. [CAR ENGINE REVVING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [PHONE RINGING] -Hello.
-Hello, papa. How are you? Have you delivered the dead body? Since yesterday your mom is worried
whether you’ve reached safely or not? -Have you eaten?
-Such questions don’t suit you. -Why such a change?
-Nothing… I need five lakhs to process the Visa,
if you give me then I.. .. Why? Have they kicked
you from there? That means you had received
this honor also. If you want, I can feel sorry for you. But never call again to
ask for any money. If you want you can come back,
I have fridge, tv at home… …same way I will put
you also in some corner. -Never gives money. Keeps blabbering.
-What is it? You stay out of this. Here
we are talking about big money. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CLEARS THROAT] I understood when you got
coffee for me… …you are going to do
something like this. I just have 1000 dollars. I can’t
give anything more than this. -Please bro, you help me.
-Hang on..hang on, relax. My dad’s friend’s is
over here… …he is the one who
helps people like us. Let me call him once but
don’t have high hopes on him. -Please bro call him.
-Hold on. [MUSIC PLAYING] Please don’t touch. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hello uncle, one of my friend
has come from India. He wants to meet you.
Okay uncle. -What did he say? Please tell me.
-Bro… Day after tomorrow he is
going back to India… He wants to meet you tomorrow.
It’s five-hour journey from here. When will we leave?
Please..please when will we leave? Not we, only you.
I am very busy. How can I go cheap and fast? [EXHALES] Cheap and fast! Carpooling is
best for you, bro . -What does that mean?
-That… Instead of travelling alone… …or to save money they share
the car with each other… -…that is carpooling.
-Oh, I got it. -Your car is booked.
-Thanks bro. [MUSIC PLAYING] Don’t forget me after your
work is done. Shameless! By the way, what is she
doing there, bro? [MUSIC PLAYING] She sells peanuts.
What’s your problem? Keep it. You are like a mobile company
in my life… …in such a short span of time
you have given me so many offers. My uncle is very strict. You will not get such offers there.
Keep that in mind. -When will the car come?
-On the way. [CAR ZOOMING] What is this fool doing here? Bro, is this the car? -Don’t know.
-Okay. [MUSIC PLAYING] [PHONE RINGING] -Where are you?
-I’m waiting where you asked me to wait. Right now a yellow car has
also come and stopped. -Huh!
-But where are you? -It’s you?
-Yes, it’s me. -Hello!
-Wait, I am coming. -It’s you..you!
You..? I will definitely not take you.
That night you troubled me a lot. That night she… [MUSIC PLAYING] She almost looks like
the same girl, bro. You broke my phone and
you don’t remember me. Oh my God. Was I so drunk?
I just had three pegs. I was rotating like a giant wheel,
I don’t remember anything. -Still I will not take you.
-Huh! -Brother…
-Huh! Why? Ma’am, I beg at your feet.
It’s matter of my life. You sit in front, I’ll sit
behind. I’ll not utter a word. What are you doing, man? Do I look like a driver? If you say I’ll sit next to you.
By mistake also I’ll not utter a word. Please..please ma’am. He may be senseless at times
but not harmful. You can trust me. Please madam, please. [MUSIC PLAYING] Come. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hello sir, I am Mohan,
Vilas’s friend. I have left from here. I will be
in front of you in five hours. No problem, we’ll meet over a
beautiful lunch… …talk about it and
close this matter. [MUSIC PLAYING] Do you have any
choice for music? [MUSIC PLAYING] What do you mean?
-Jazz, Blues, Trans Opera.. .. -Are they item songs?
-What do you mean? Any Indian song item… Understood. [OPERA PLAYING] -What is this, madam?
-Opera! -Will you switch it off.
-Definitely no. No matter. [OPERA PLAYING] Whatever it may be, I
had a very good sleep. I am feeling very fresh.
So, where have we reached? -Still at the same place.
-Huh! Madam, it’s matter of
life and death. -If you sleep, I’ll not drive.
-I’ll never sleep in my life. Please madam let’s go. [CAR ENGINE REVVING] Ma’am please drive
faster. [CAR ENGINE REVVING] -Speed is 100, fine.
-Please press the accelerator. [SIREN VAILING]
Enough? Ma’am, ambulance is coming,
please give way to it. [SIREN VAILING] Why did you stop the car? [DOOR OPENS]
[DOOR SHUTS] Madam, give some money
and settle the matter. Then they will put us behind
the bars for 5-10 years. Oh my God! We have to leave the car here. After registering a complain we
can take the car. Madam please give me your leg.
Dad is very serious, madam. Doctor is calling,
mother is crying, madam. Sister banging head, that is
why we were speeding, madam. That’s why this brother was
going, save me, madam. -It means.. ..
-Understood. Now what to do? [BUS ENGINE REVVING] -Sir, it’s me.
-Yes say, where are you? Sir, stuck in traffic jam,
will take few hours more. We’ll meet over a beautiful snack
with a cup of tea. And close this matter. [SIGHING] Oh god! -Hey, what’s up?
-God! God is up! -Angry on me?
-Why will I be angry? You are late because of me. That day I was drunk, still you
gave me your shawl… …why will I be angry?
Basically, my fate… It’s okay. [PAPER CRINKLING]
-Thank you. Looking at you, it seems like you’ve
come to America for the first time. -Why did you come here?
-I came to deliver a dead body. What? An aunty called Saroja who was
very close to me… …during my childhood she gave
me a valuable advice. What advice? Not now, you need the right
time and emotions to tell that. Not now.
Sometime later, okay? -By the way, what’s your name?
-Megha. -Megha Subramanian.
-Miss Mega.. Not Mega, it’s Megha.
It’s not ‘ga’ it’s ‘gha’ -Come on, say.
-Miss Megha Subramanian. What’s your name? Mohan Ranga..it’s not
Rangha..it’s just ga. [MUSIC PLAYING] [FOOTSTEPS] Oh God, I am very late,
don’t know how he will react. Nice meeting
Mr. M.R. Mohan Ranga Nice meeting you
Miss Megha Subramanian. -All the best for you interview.
-I will rock the interview. -I am sorry.
-I am so sorry. -That’s okay.
-I am sorry. [MUSIC PLAYING] [PHONE RINGING] Where have you reached? -Maybe I’ll take an hour more.
-Don’t you have sense of time, idiot? He is scolding me even before meeting. [CRICKETS CLITTERING] No problem we’ll meet over
a beautiful dinner… …with glass of wine and
close this matter. -If I delay it any more, he’ll kill me.
-If you go like this, he’ll fire you. Now what to do? -Madam, what is this?
-My shirt. Nowadays shirts are common
for men and women. -It’s my shirt I’ll not give you.
-Miss Megha!!! Get up!
What is this? So far, we have come together, just
tolerate me for 1 hour more. It’s matter of life and death.
Please help me. -Take.
-Thank you. [MUSIC PLAYING] -How am I looking?
-Sunny Leone’s sister. That’s so great of you, comparing
me with such a great personality. Come let’s go. [MYSTERIOUS MUISC PLAYING] [DOOR BELL RINGS]
[SIGHING] I’m very late, don’t know
how he will react. [DOOR OPENS] [MUSIC PLAYING] -Sir, I am Vilas’s friend.
-Let’s have dinner first. Okay sir. [MUSIC PLAYING] You have not studied from any
good school or college. No good academic records. I thought you will be having
good sense of time. Even that is not there in you. Now I’ve no courage to talk
about your dressing sense. Okay tell me, why should I sponsor
money for you? Just give me one reason
why should I sponsor you? -Uncle. please heed me once.
-Tell me. What you said is 200% correct,
even my opinion about him is same. Whole day I was along with him,
do you know why he has come to US? To deliver a dead body. [MYSTERIOUS MUSIC PLAYING] Exactly, even my reaction
was same. Has the police ever let
you go scot-free? Left him! Shirt that he is wearing
now is mine, uncle. Coffee spilled over his shirt so
he wore my shirt. He was saying, nowadays there is no
difference between men and women. -Truly speaking, I’ve never seen
a character like him. -Yes. You and I can go to India but
he will definitely be here. Trust me, uncle. He is here to be
a successful man. Not flee away from here. Just
give him a chance to be successful. You will never regret. [SIGHING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Still I don’t like this boy. But I liked what you said. But for your sake,
I will do it. -Thank you, uncle.
-Pass the cheque book. [HAPPY MUSIC PLAYING] [BREATHING DEEPLY] Take it. [CRYING] What happened?
Why are you crying? Hello! -No one has ever been so helpful.
-Okay. -Not even my dad.
-Okay, I understand. Megha, I am ready to do
anything for you… …in America you met me
just like a God. [CRYING] Keep quiet. [CRYING] Quiet! [NODDING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Tell me Megha, how can I help you? -Do you know to say ‘yes’?
-Yes, I know. You have to just say it three
times, whenever I ask you to say. Not three times, I will
say ‘yes’ for 30 times. First change this shirt,
looking very cheap. Go and take a
new shirt. Why have you got me here? [FOOTSTEPS] -Hey, hi Megha.
-Hello uncle, I am Mohan Ranga..MR Cool! I’m so excited to
meet you. Mom spoke a lot about you. Finally, we are meeting,
come on give me a hug. -My boyfriend.
-Huh! [MUSIC PLAYING] -Boyfriend?
-Yes! [MUSIC PLAYING] I like your frankness. It’s good to clear everything
before marriage. Come on dude, let’s
talk about Megha. -He is not here to talk to you.
-Huh! [MUSIC PLAYING] [THUD] Yes! Then why is he here? He is here to hit you. [MUSIC PLAYING] You want to beat me? You mean, you will
beat me? -Yes!
-You!! [MUSIC PLAYING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] You are not any ordinary girl. People say ‘no no’
and fall in love… …but you made me say ‘yes yes’
and called off your wedding. Oh God! What a guy was he? Boy should
come to meet the girl… …instead of that you’ve come to
meet him. I didn’t like it. The night I met you I
was going to meet him. -Because of you I had to come so far.
-I see! That’s the reason I asked
you to say ‘yes’. We are even now. You are great! If he sees me,
he will not spare me. Now let’s go.
[SIGHING] Today, I am very tired. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Miss Mega..
-Didn’t I tell you? Yes, I know it’s not Mega,
It’s Megha..gha. Right? [MUSIC PLAYING] [DOOR CLOSES] [BUS ZOOMING] -Thank you so much.
-So? So? Let’s meet someday. [BIRDS CHIRPING]
from India? -How was the boy?
-You could have called before coming? Did you meet that boy? Is papa fine? You’re not replying to
my questions. And how is everyone else? Megha, can we talk seriously? Have to go to college.
I will come and talk. Come. [FOOTSTEPS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh God, when will she change? [COMMOTION] So, this is done. But don’t be
happy with this much. In a year two lakh people apply. From them only sixty thousand
people are selected. You be happy only if you
are one of them. [MUSIC PLAYING] Thank you, sir. -But sir…
-Keep quiet, you fool. Megha, you should talk politely
with aunty. -Forget it.
-Excuse me. Hello..yes.
Who is this? [MUSIC PLAYING] [MOBILE RINGING] Hello Megha, I was just
thinking about you. Is it?
Why? Just gave the cheque to boss.
This wouldn’t be possible without you. Even I was thinking of you. Why were you thinking of me? Here a man’s mannequin is
wearing the same shirt. Now forget that incident. [MUSIC PLAYING] -So?
-So? [GIGGLING] Can we meet? [MUSIC PLAYING] What’s the matter?
Lost in deep thoughts. Confused! Life is swinging
between happiness and sadness. What do you mean? You got me the cheque,
so, I should be happy… …or should I be tensed whether
I’ll get the visa or not? I can’t understand. If you don’t get it, you
can go to India and do a job. Wherever you go,
work is same. For the same work if one get’s
60% extra salary… …then one should
work here only, right. Even if you earn so much,
what will you do? [MUSIC PLAYING] Will buy a big car,
nice huge house. -After that?
-What after that… …then get married to a girl who
will bring good dowry. Will you demand for dowry? Not for myself but I need
it for kids’ safety. What if the girl is fat? I will get the treatment done. -What if the girl is arrogant?
-I will become humble. Seriously you don’t want a bride,
you want an ATM card. What can I do,
if you think so? No girl can stay with a guy like you
for a minute also. Look Megha. Richer the girl,
the happier I will be. It’s useless talking to you. You have a male egoistic
mentality. Enough madam! Listen to me, I would love to
live life the way you do. The way I live is my compulsion.
Understood. I am hungry, let’s go and
eat something. You also come. Not today, tomorrow at my
place for lunch. Bye. Bye. [BIRDS CHIRPING] Such a big house, bro. Control both, your language
and your body language. Sorry, bro. Anyway, why should I come
along with you? After very long time we’ll get
scrumptious Indian food to eat. Come on, let’s go. [MUSIC PLAYING] Scrumptious Indian food! We stay in Conoor but mom
is from Hyderabad. Mom likes Hyderabad.
Mom, even he is from Hyderabad. -Oh nice! Where at Hyderabad?
-Jubilee Hills, aunty. Oh nice.
And you dear? -Ameerpeth, aunty.
-Oh nice! [MUSIC PLAYING] -What does your dad do?
-He is an industrialist. Oh nice! And your dad? Clerk at electricity board. Oh nice! [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHING]
[CLEARS THROAT] Why so much of discrimination
between us? This is injustice. -Did you say something?
-Yes aunty. Pizza is very tasty, aunty. -Desserts are more delicious.
-Ohh!! You all are good friend then
put some sense in her… …that guy is so nice. -Mom!
-she has got such a nice match. Now you all persuade her. -What does the groom do?
-He is a Jockey. Jockey means radio jockey, aunty? No, he has stud farms,
he has horses… ..he is a jockey.
-I love horses! Oh, you too!
Me too! Nothing, just my nail. Huh! [MUSIC PLAYING] [GIGGLING] Mom, infact MR is
also a jockey. Oh nice, since when are
you a jockey? May be after 10th. -Oh nice, he is jockey since 6th.
-Wow! Megha, you’re so lucky,
he is jockey since 6th. -Infact Vilas is also jockey.
-No, bro. I am not jockey. I have seen it.
You are also a jockey. -Aunty, is uncle also a jockey?
-No son, he is a VIP… …he doesn’t have time
for all this. [GIGGLING] Why are you laughing? [GIGGLING] So, you were talking about that Jockey,
I couldn’t understand a word. Megha, however the food may be
but I had a good time with your mom. What happened?
What are you thinking? Nothing! Weekend is coming
and mom is going to be here. She will keep talking about marriage.
I don’t know what to do. So, what does that mean? -Will you suddenly run away from here?
-No, no way. Yes. [MUSIC PLAYING] -I don’t have money to spend.
-I will sponsor the trip. [AEROPLANE ZOOMING] -This is gift for you.
-Why? I don’t drink so often. This is not to drink alone,
whenever we meet again… …there is a memory to share. -Do you have any girlfriends?
-No, I don’t have any. -Do you love someone?
-No! Don’t know how people
can talk for hours… …forgetting what’s going
around them. Even I feel the same. [DOOR OPENS] [MUSIC PLAYING] [DOOR CLOSES] Megha, tell me, if you don’t
want to get married… …why did you elope secretly? If you don’t like him, we’ll
not get you married forcefully. [MUSIC PLAYING]
lovely weather… …lovely wine bottle,
let’s have fun. Bro, everything is not for
drinking. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Mohan Rangha?
-No, Mohan Ragh. -Oh I thought it’s a boy’s name.
-I can understand. ‘What are you doing?’ [MUSIC PLAYING] ‘Hey, what’s up?’ [MUSIC PLAYING] ‘Can we meet?’ ‘Let’s meet.’ I like him, I should
tell him. [MUSIC PLAYING] [BIRDS CHIRPING] Bro, I am going
to meet Megha. If someone ask for me,
say, I am busy. -Will you tell them?
-Why bro? Because I want to meet him alone.
What’s your problem? [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC CONTINUE PLAYING] -Megha is superb, bro.
-You are right. I forget about time
when I am with her. He is gem of a person. He doesn’t hide his feelings. Don’t you feel all this is
happening very quick. After six months also I will
have same feelings for her. It’s better that I propose
her now. Both of your lifestyles are different,
how will you live together? [BALL THUDS] Why we will not
get along, bro? Do you think that purchasing
a car will change your life? Police stopped her on the way,
so, she left the car and went away. You both are very different. You are citizen of this country. That’s why he will want
to settle here with you. But how did you even think that
you both will get along well? I didn’t think of all this. Brother, think again. You only said,
when Megha’s alliance was broken… …that he was good looking
and well settled… …when she rejected him,
how will she accept you, brother? Neither can you accept aunt’s
proposal nor can you refuse her. Even if you say, you like him and
go back to India and settle… …or if he leaves
everything and come here… …will this be right for both of you? -You think yourself.
-What I felt right, I told you. What she will feel, you only know that. [MUSIC PLAYING] No girl can stay with you
for a minute also. [MUSIC PLAYING] I like your life style but the way
I am living is my compulsion. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING] [MUNCHING] Yesterday, Megha must have
surely come to meet me, bro. I didn’t go there. Maybe she felt it bad,
she didn’t even call me up. I’ll go and meet her. [MOBILE PHONE RINGING]
-Come immediately to office. He always calls up at the wrong time. I asked you to print ‘Paul’, then why
have you got nickname ‘Paddu’ printed? -Fool.
-Sir. One more incident has
struck in your life. You are not fit for this place.
Investing money in you is wrong. And biggest mistake is
getting visa. In so many mistakes, do you
know what is good for you? It’s my bad luck that I’m
offering you the job. [MUSIC PLAYING] Thank you, sir. Sir, I will just come. -Darling?
-Stop it! Come. [MUSIC PLAYING]
available to take your car… Please leave a message after the tone. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CAR DOOR OPENING] [CAR DOOR CLOSING] You have received your master’s degree.
Now what do you want to do? Now I just want to relax for some time. -Brother.
-Hello. Tell me. Just got the news that Megha
went back to India. -Shall I ask Ashu?
-No brother. She has gone without informing us.
We won’t disturb her. Take care, bro. -Hello.
-Did you meet Mohan? I thought you called to
talk to me. -Forget him, he didn’t call once also.
-Okay, bye. -Hi, father.
-What is your sister doing? Since last two days she was sleeping… I don’t know what she is doing today. Dear, she has locked herself
in the room… [LAUGHING] -Take her somewhere out
-Okay, father. [MUISC PLAYING] -Sir.
-I thought you are useless. But you are useful.
Do your work. Yes, sir. You called me so I came here. I came here without informing him. I don’t know whether
I like him or not. Who is he? [LAUGHING] [LICKING]
[MUSIC PLAYING] This is sweet. All my life I used to think
alcohol is always bitter. But this one is sweet, you taste it. You don’t believe me, try it. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Sing Megha, I love you.
– [SONG PLAYING ON TV] Wow! I like this song very much. What a song! All lyricist are male, that’s why
they picturize all females as villain. [LAUGHING] Father, sister has fallen
in love with someone in US. That’s why she is so frustrated. Shut up. [MUSIC PLAYING] If your sister eats so much,
she has to go for Lipo therapy. Otherwise she won’t get married. Hey MR come, hi guys please come. -I am promoting MR, congratulations.
-Thanks. [APPLAUDING] -Congrats.
-Thanks. -Go party MR!
-Yes, Sure. Never thought that Chandu will do this. Take, chicken lolly pop. Where will I go with two children. Don’t worry everything will be FINE.
Drink coffee. -Hey!
-[MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHING] So much has happened with
me and she is laughing. [LAUGHING]
[MUSIC PLAYING] Mom, what is this? Dr. Mitra, please take care of her.
Thank you. -What is the problem?
-I don’t have any problem. Maybe you and my mom
have a problem. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Anger.
-What did you write? Curiosity. Tell me, what are you writing? I’m talking to you and
you’re busy in writing. This is too much. I am asking you
and you’re not even replying me. Frustration, you can go. [MUSIC PLAYING] Doctor I don’t have any problem. You believe me, I am fine. Why are you calling me here?
Why are you writing all this? -I don’t understand it.
-[MUSIC PLAYING] Split personality. -You can go.
-Damn. I don’t have any problem,
my friend has a problem. -Her problem?
-Actually… …she met a boy in US and they
were together for some time. That girl didn’t know whether
she likes the boy or not? And one day they both
wanted to meet. But that girl came here
without informing him. She is feeling guilty now. She is confused whether
what she did was right or wrong? She must have informed that
boy, isn’t it, doctor? So, this is your problem. -Not mine, my friend’s.
-Got it. -You can go.
-What? You can go Miss Megha Subramanian. Problem solved. -Yes Mitra.
-Mrs. Subramanian. Girl has fallen in love in US. -Really.
-Take care. Okay. Thank you. [FOOTSTEPS] Megha! -Do you love someone in US?
-Who said this? Doctor Mitra told me. I wasn’t talking about me,
I was talking about Ashu. It is Ashu’s problem. -So, you don’t have any problem?
-I don’t have any problem. -So, we look for alliance?
-Yes. [MUSIC PLAYING] [DRINK POURING] This is our company’s 10th anniversary. I would like to say a few lines. Whatever you may think
this to be… But hear it out. It is said that behind every
successful man there is a woman. -Absolutely right, sir.
-Nonsense. -Didn’t understand? Are you shocked?
-Yes. Take the example of our office. After me, a progress like me.. …has been achieved only by him. -Do you know, why?
-No, sir. Because I got divorce
and he had a breakup. -So sad, sir.
-Hey, hey, hey, hey! Focus in life is quite different when
there is no girl in your life. You can fly like rockets. You know, all night to be
online on whatsapp… …deleting message before going home,
mouth washing after smoking… …I have left everything in life
to achieve this success. I have a marvelous doubt on your
great speech, sir. Yes, tell me. I love doubts. -Am I becoming like you?
-Of course. -Sir.
-Thank you. Brother, am I becoming like him? -He is drunk, sir.
-Am I loner like him. I am loser like him.
I am saddest like him. -Hey, hey!
-Shut up. I am irritated that I am becoming you.
You are not like me. Did you get it? [MUSIC PLAYING] Now I’ve understood,
Love is very important in life. -Or else you become like him.
-Hey! -What are you saying?
-What you can hear. Hey, first take off
your shirt. -Give me the glass.
-Hold it. But don’t drink. -Take off the shirt!
-Taking off. He is drunk.
Chill. In life you should have
one companion for sure. Because when we go out in
such outdated outfits… …they tell us how disgusting
we are looking. Fake laughter, working
just for money… and absence of your lover,
all these three things are not right. Absolutely not.
In olden times… …one who used to sacrifice everything
were called monks. But nowadays that is called success. I have understood clearly.
Now I know very well. -What you understood clearly?
-Is it necessary to say? -Don’t say.
-Come on. Darling! Don’t tell anybody what
happened here. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Do you know, what are you doing?
-I know very well. Do you know what all could
have happened in a year? -Brother she must have–
-She may be married, had children… In worst case,
she must be dead. Even if she is dead, I will
take flowers and go to graveyard. But I will definitely go. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey Ashu, how are you, babe? Not to be seen for long time.
How are you? -How come you are here?
-I came to drop mother. -And how come you are here?
-MR is going to India. -Oh! Who met at Miami.
-Yes, but after that we couldn’t meet. Did you guys come? You didn’t come? That day we were busy
so Megha and I couldn’t come. -Oh.
-Did you guys come there? No, we were also very busy in office
so, we couldn’t come. -No, we didn’t come.
-Okay. -Got lot of work in the office. See you.
[MUSIC PLAYING] After two sleepless nights,
after travelling 9000 miles… I reached here. Can I hire that red jeep? Where do elite people stay
in this city? In the gym. [JEEP ENGINE REVVING] Hey. Where will I find
elite people in this city? In tea estate. [MUSIC PLAYING]
[JEEP ENGINE REVVING] Man, wants to know the
way to tea estate. -So, ask someone. Each and every person in
this city is a specimen. [JEEP ENGINE REVVING]
[MOBILE PHONE RINGING] Damn it, why bro is calling
me again and again? [JEEP ENGING REVVING]
[MUSIC PLAYING] Dear where is the girl? -They are getting her.
-Okay. What is he doing with mobile? -Hey Snebh, give me the phone.
-No. Stop dear. [MUSIC PLAYING] Where are you going, stop? Please mommy, only one game.
Please I will play only one game. Please mommy, mommy please. Madam please it is matter of my
life, madam please. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHING]
[HONKING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Pammy, you have come. In inebriated state you called me so
many times, that I had to come. [MUSIC PLAYING] I can’t give blessings to this couple. Tell her to go, I can’t tolerate. Hey, hey where she is going? In an intoxicated state, you banged into
her mother. And the marriage stalled. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh! Nice. -Dear–
-Tell me, what happened? Last minute when we were
getting the nuptial chain… …she met with an accident,
her leg is fractured. -Told to rest for one week.
-Who was that idiot who banged into her? He is there. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MOBILE PHONE RINGING] Since when am I calling, why
are you not picking up the phone? -What happened?
-You were feeling guilty for that day… …even he didn’t come. Who told you? Why will I listen to anyone?
Vilas personally told me this. Okay, bye. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Papa.
-Don’t worry, dear. -How is mother, dear?
-Earlier she was not fine… At present she is better.
Don’t know, later how she will be. -She is crazy.
-Speak softly. This is serious fracture,
who did the accident? He did. [MOBILE PHONE RINGING] -He is the one?
-How come you are here? -How come you are here, sir?
-Had come for the marriage. You are great, sir. You met that girl once
and you came so far for her marriage. Not come to attend the marriage,
I’ve come to get my son married to her. That day I told you
that I liked the girl. Sir, visiting hours are over,
please all of you leave. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [AUTO ENGINE REVVING] Such a big house!
Whose it is? -Of that same girl.
-And this bouquet? -For her mother.
-Will you give her? -I will say sorry.
-To whom, mother or daughter? -I will just come.
-Shall I come with you? Am I going to sit and
booze with them? You! Okay, pal. Okay. Why has he come here? Sir, I will go and meet aunty. [MUSIC PLAYING] After banging into her, you’ve
come with a bouquet. In your village, after banging into,
do people go to meet empty handed? You must learn driving, you can’t
just keep banging into people. -I feel you should be killed.
-Killed! What a man! -I never thought all this will happen–
-Hello aunty. -That I…
-Sister, he did the accident. Oh. -These flowers for you.
-Okay. -It seems all are very upset.
-What else. What are you doing? I’m well settled now, aunty. I have bought a big
car, just like yours. Now I am making my house. It’s quite big. May be
as big as this one is. I am getting marble flooring. Got carpet also.
Please take my card, aunty. -If you need–
-Give me. What are you doing here? -Here, aunty?
-Yes, here. -Must have come for the marriage.
-Yes absolutely. He should be in the marriage hall,
what was he doing on the road? -He must be stuck in the traffic.
-How can one bang in traffic? -That–
-He could be in hurry. -Yes correct.
-Will you have tea? You fool, I drink coffee. Aunty, where is Megha? She has gone to station
to pick her sister. Oh. Okay, aunty. Okay, aunty I will leave.
I have some work. Okay Bye. Get well soon, aunty. Bye uncle. [MUSIC PLAYING] Damn! [FOOTSTEPS] I posted a status as marriage
postponed and got 100 likes. I hate it. -[MOBILE BEEPS]
-Sorry sir. -Marriage stalled because of me.
-Hmm. No problem, there is nothing
to be so serious. If not today then tomorrow. Anyway, nowadays there is no dearth
of auspicious marriage dates. Important thing is
that you are fine. By the way all this food,
tent, chair according to me… …it is not a big loss. But I have a small doubt. On inviting also if you
would have not come… …we would have thought
that you were busy. But you have come here
without the invitation… What should I think? Well, you rest
you must be very tired. -Am I right?
-Yes. Get some rest. How do you know,
he is uninvited? He is saying sorry but
he is not guilty. His eyes are looking something else. [MOBILE PHONE RINGING]
[MUSIC PLAYING] Again, his call. [MOBILE PHONE RINGING] -What is it, brother?
-Where are you, brother? How many times I have to call you? -First tell me what is it?
-You left for India in such a hurry… -…she didn’t come to meet you there.
-Really? -Who told you?
-Ashu herself told me. -And what did you say?
-I said, even we didn’t come that day. -Did I say anything wrong?
-No, good, very good, brother. This is the right answer. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, sister. -Tell me.
-You say. -Why didn’t you come that day?
-That day I– Shall I tell you?
You are selfish. -You need car, house and money.
-Yes. -If possible, you’ll die there only.
-Yes. This is your thinking,
that’s why you didn’t come. All this is right,
but that day why didn’t you come? -Hmm.
-Shall I tell you. Basically, you are escapist,
you want to escape from everything. You made me your boyfriend
to get rid of that boy. When your mother was talking about
alliance, you eloped to Miami with me. You can’t take your decisions,
you are coward. -You are an escapist.
-Get out. Whoever has a platform ticket,
can stand here. [MOBILE PHONE RINGING] Hmm, I thought of something else. But something else is happening
and I thought something else. That’s why I called.
He is that boy? -Though sad he looks handsome.
-Shut up, let’s go. [MUSIC PLAYING]
[RAINING] Serve us two cups of tea. Oh dude, look at the girl,
she is looking beautiful. You can go and talk to her,
I’ll not tell anyone. [WHISTLING] These goons have no standard,
they whistle at everyone. -Keep quiet!
-Do you want to come with me? [LAUGHING LOUDLY] [CONTINUE LAUGHING] She is looking very beautiful! Who whistled at me? Whistled? Dude, he thinks
himself to be too smart. -Who whistled at me?
-Hey… Didn’t whistle at you. [LAUGHING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Who whistled at me? Hey, get lost. [THUMPING] When elders are talking kids
should not interfere. Who whistled at me..you..
is it you? I didn’t whistle at you but
whistled looking at the girl. [MUSIC PLAYING] Come here. -At this girl.
-Yes. Tell me, who is taller,
she or me? [MUSIC PLAYING] Your height. Who is fairer, she or me? You, dude. That mean, who whistled
at me, right? Am I right? You will not let boys
live peacefully. [THUMPING]
[GROANING] -Why will a man whistle at man?
-What did you say? Why will a man whistle at man? Listen, I will not explain
the same thing again and again. It’s good that each and every one
of you get this very clear. -Am I clear?
-What dude, are you serious? Will I do comedy between the
fight scene? [SMASHING]
[GROANING] [RUMBLING] Come here. [MUSIC PLAYING] Just now you were saying something,
what was it? -Nothing.
-Tell me. -Tell me.
-He said, are you coming? Tell me, where you want me
to come? Tell me, where do you
want me to come? [MUSIC PLAYING] If you are feeling hot then take
off your sweater, Stop flirting with men. [MUSIC PLAYING] [DOOR OPENS] I thought you will be late,
so, I left. -Get lost.
-Okay. -Hello sir.
-Hello. Send me four large whisky, please. -Sorry sir, service has been
closed for the day. -What? -Please try.
[RELISHING] -Dude, she said get out.
-Who? Whoever she may be,
how does it matter to you? Don’t know, why was her mom
gazing at me? Who was her mother? Whoever she may be how
does it matter to you? She said, I came without
invitation. Who said? Whoever she may be how
does it matter to you? Then why have you
got me here? To fill the glass. [CLANKING] [FIRE CRACKLES]
[MUSIC PLAYING] Am I someone who will
run away? May be and maybe not. -Am I not beautiful?
-May be and maybe not. Madam.. .. [FIRE CRACKLES]
[MUSIC PLAYING] Look, what he did. [MUSIC PLAYING] [DOG BARKING] -Do you have his number?
-I knew, you will ask for it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Put it on speaker. [PHONE RINGING] Now, who is calling?
It’s so disturbing. -Who is it?
-Where are you? -Who is it?
-Megha. -Megha Subramanian!
-Oh god! Why are you trying to
sound like James Bond? When you sound just
like a goat..maa..maa.. -Oh shit…
-Don’t tell me, how I look. -In which hotel are you staying?
-I am staying in Taj. -I am coming.
-I am waiting. Come, I will see you. Let her come then I’ll
teach her a lesson. It’s damn irritating.
Come on, madam let’s go. [MUSIC PLAYING] -This is the room.
-Ganesh, let’s go. You will not be able to
tolerate what’s going on inside… …so, it’s better you close your eyes
and stand here. Your blessing is needed. [MUSIC PLAYING] You have gulped down so
many bottles. Have you come in
some procession? [GLASS SHATTERRING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Who is he? I was talking about him, he
threatened me that he’ll smash me. So, come let’s smash him. Will you smash me? Where have you come, what are you
doing, what are you talking? We have come to Ooty, we are boozing
and talking in Hindi. You have said enough, now
if you utter a word also… …then I will kill both of you. [MUSIC PLAYING]
[NODDING] You want to decide your fate
by tossing a coin? If it’s head, I’ll
smash and leave you. If it’s tail I will
chop off your head. [CLINKING] [THUMPING] [GROANING]
[SCREAMING] Why did you switch off
the light and hit me? …if you are so daring then
come in front of me. Where did you disappear? [SCREAMING] [THUMING] [THUMPING]
[MUSIC PLAYING] So many scars on my body,
you didn’t think of my dignity… …you will take off my clothes and
hit me? Please don’t hide and hit me. Oh God, save me from
these devils. [THUMPING] They just left the underwear on
me, shameless devils Are you humans or beast? [SCREAMING] I shall go myself and
see what’s going on. -Now what should I do, sir?
-Get alcohol. You have consumed the entire
alcohol of Ooty -What crap are you ranting?
-You Dumbo. -Madam!
-What happened? They smashed me to pulp. [CRYING]
[MUSIC PLAYING] In day light who looks
like a hero… …was behaving like a
villain in dark, madam. -You are complaining about me.
-Sir! Sir, maintenance of this room is very
bad, power failure is very frequent. I will complain to house-keeping.
I will wait outside, madam My dignity! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? It’s my money, it’s
my alcohol… -…why should I be ashamed?
-Do whatever you want… I don’t care. You very well
know, why I have come here. Return it to me, I will leave. [MUSIC PLAYING] You have come so far
for alcohol? Had you said it, I would have
got it for you. Isn’t it Pammy? -Obviously.
-Yes!! Where is Jimmy? [MYSTERIOUS MUSIC PLAYING] Jimmy?
But this is whisky. And that is over. Since when have you started
robbing dogs? Dogs! [DOG BARKING] This sound? [DOOR SQUEEKING] Jimmy! From far she was barking at me and
when I went close, she was licking me. I felt I have some
old bonding with her. That’s the reason I got her
along with me. Sorry, man! [MUSIC PLAYING] Jimmy, come baby. [MUSIC PLAYING] [DOG GRUNTING] Couldn’t forget me because
we were together for some time. When I was a child, dad asked
me to abandon her. Don’t know, where you found her. You feel, I have
found her. And I feel, you had
abandoned her. [MUSIC PLAYING] [STRETCHING] Bro, don’t hit me. Early morning
why are you hitting me? This is not called hitting, pal. No..no..please.
You hit me at night also. You call yourself an
expert boozer. Please dude, don’t hit me. From when have you
started stealing dogs? I thought I had old bonding with
the dog, it’s my mistake. You didn’t get any other
dog to steal, Pammy. Are you my friend or an enemy? Today I will definitely
find this out. Don’t him me.. Because you took
two lakhs before going to America. You are such a disgusting man,
I will not spare you. I should take off your
clothes and hit you. No…no..not my towel. [SCREAMING] [CRYING]
[MUSIC PLAYING] What is this?
What are you doing? [MUSIC PLAYING] Papa, how come you are here? [BIRDS CHIRPING] Last night why were you crying? -I want to meet you, please come.
-Where are you? At Conoor in Taj,
Room number 405 What are you doing there? [MUSIC PLAYING] I had thought that something
else is happening here… but I have understood something.
Hiding from sister… …I’ve got her here, keep it
for today and return it by tomorrow… You are servant, right?
Hold her. [SIGHING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Who is that sister? Who is this dog? Don’t know about sister but
have old bonding with the dog. Can we get out of this
hell and talk? Jimmy.. .. Eat..eat. [MUSIC PLAYING] Why did you leave America
and come to Conoor? Last night why did you call me? Why were you crying over the phone?
Why are feeding biscuits to this dog? Mom, you make him understand,
why will I cry? Maybe you felt
so, because of poor network. Listen, please look into the matter. But why were you crying? I was missing you so
I started to cry. That’s the reason. If you miss someone,
you can be worried… …and you can be sad if someone cries. By how can you be worried
if someone is crying? All this is side effect
of brandy. [MYSTERIOUS MUSIC Playing] Listen, don’t leave him alone. I know, what to do with him. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC CONTINUE PLAYING] Tell me, what’s your problem? Here you don’t get alcohol
after 10 pm, doctor. [MUSIC PLAYING] I am not asking about your requirement,
I want to know your problem. Problem is not much, loved a girl
and I came here for her. …after coming here, I come
to know, she is getting married. I started to drink
in depression. -Is she married now?
-It stalled. -Did you do something?
-Yes, I did. -With that girl?
-No with her mother. [MUSIC PLAYING] -I see!
-I didn’t see, doctor. -I can understand.
-I didn’t understand, doctor. [MUSIC PLAYING] I can understand your emotions. -A girl was also facing same problem.
-Really? But now she is very
happy after the marriage. -I can’t believe it.
-You want me to prove it. -Please doctor.
-Excuse me. [MUSIC PLAYING] [BEEPING] -Keep it on speaker.
-Yes. [PHONE RINGING] -Hello, doctor.
-Sorry, dear Megha. Because of medical conference,
I could not attend your marriage. No problem, come next
time for sure. [MUSIC PLAYING] -You didn’t get married?
-Got postponed. [LAUGHING] It’s postponed. Doctor, mom want’s to
talk to you. -Yes.
-Dr. Mitra… You have to definitely
attend the dinner party. Sure, Mrs. Subramanian.
Thank you. What happened, doctor? Tomorrow I’m visiting their place
for dinner. You also join me… In fact, looking at the change in
my old patient, you will also change. I am very excited, doctor. That belongs to me. Sorry, doctor. -You can go now.
-Thank you, doctor. [MUSIC PLAYING] Fools want cold drink in winter.
Oh God, he’ll ask for coffee. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Listen.
-Yes, sir. -He went away without offering us.
-You don’t drink cold drinks. But he should have atleast
offered me. I would have refused, that’s the
different story. -Should I call him?
-Let it be. It will look as if we are begging. -Should I scream at him?
-We will look like arrogant beggars. -Hello doctor, how are you?
-I am fine. -How is Mrs. Subramanian?
-She is better now. -Where is she?
-She is inside. I’ll meet her and come. Dr. Mitra. -Ramesh!
-Oh my god! How come you are here? [LAUGHING] Do you all know, Dr. Mitra was nominated
for Noble for Mental sickness. By the way, how come
you are here? Their daughter is my patient. With her my son… [MUSIC PLAYING] Damn it.
I had a doubt. I thought you were very
broad-minded, Ramesh. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now how is her condition, Dr. Mitra? [MUSIC PLAYING] -Now everything is alright.
-Is it? Yes. Looking at her, I don’t feel so. [LAUGHING] Tension before marriage is
quite normal, Ramesh. Do people behave like this
in tension? In medical terms, this is
already proved, Ramesh. Now, I understood. It was so wrong that you
didn’t receive Noble… You are brilliant, Mitra. I know, Ramesh. Mr. Mitra, don’t let them feel that
I know about this… …-they will feel uncomfortable.
-I have already forgotten it, Ramesh. Wow! So great of you! [MUSIC PLAYING] -Dr. Mitra.
-I’ll just be back. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Dad, you know many people here.
-Of course. -Yes, Mrs. Subramanian?
-Do you know Mr. Ramesh? -It’s a big story.
-Then don’t tell me. I mean, Megha is your patient,
don’t tell him. If he come to know, he
will feel uncomfortable. Same to same dialogue. [LAUGHING] Wow, what a picture.
Look at it. Dr. Mitra, share the joke with me
also, let me also laugh. Everyone’s thinking is alike. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh God, why has
he come here? -Do you know him?
-How you know him? He is my patient, I have
invited him. So that even he can change easily
looking at the changed patient. You have linked everyone
in Ooty. This is cool place that’s why mentally
disturbed people come here more. Oh, you are wonderful. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh God, he is here. -Who?
-One who is wearing suit. Who? One in white suit.
Don’t worry, I will handle him. [MUSIC PLAYING] Dr. Mitra, there can be power
failure any moment, be careful. Hello Dr. Mitra, how are you? -I am fine, how about you?
-fine. -Hello sir.
-You always arrive at the right moment. We are very punctual. -I’m talking to him.
-But I was talking to you only. Dr. Mitra, quite a few
people here are related to you. Because it’s a cool place. [ANKLET TINKLING] -I didn’t invite him.
-Hey Satya. I didn’t ask you. [MUSIC PLAYING] Dr. Mitra. Hi Megha. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Hi, Megha.
-It’s just a humble request to you. Don’t let him know that
I am your patient. What if he comes to know? He will himself feel
responsible for my condition. Because of him? -Dr. have you worn your underpants?
-Why? -Because this is very cool place.
-What is he saying? -Dr. Mitra, I request you.
-Even you have a request? -Okay, tell me.
-I know that girl is your patient… …and I even know she must
have said not to tell me. So, you know her from before? I know her mom also. How do you know her mom? That girl introduced me
to her mom. Why did she introduce you
to her mom? -Because I know that girl, doctor.
-How do you know that girl? -It’s because of Ramesh.
-How did Ramesh come in between? Because of that girl
Ramesh had helped me. How did Ramesh know
that girl? I introduced her to Ramesh. If you had introduced them, why did
she request him to help you? Because more than me, he
liked that girl. -Oh, that’s the reason for the marriage.
-Don’t know, doctor. If you don’t know then
what are you doing here? What else will he do? Marriage was
postponed because of him. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Did he bang into her?
-Yes, he is the one. -Whom she loved?
-He is the same guy. -He came here..
-Purposely. -This means Mr. Ramesh…
-Became a fool. [MUSIC PLAYING] You are roaming with
militant and terrorist. Now what should I do? I don’t know, how
have you become a doctor? Everything will be very clear
once you get the dose. Oh my God! So, tell me, what is
your sister saying? Isn’t she happy with
the marriage? No, she isn’t,
will you marry her? -What are you talking?
-Enough of your drama, leave from here. Dr. Mitra, on meeting your new patient,
you forgot your old friends. -Why are you so worried?
-I am being careful. About the patient? -About his deeds.
-Come on, enjoy the party. We need to leave immediately… …else there are chances that
work can stop in between. If it stops, it will
start again. The work that has started again can
be stopped again. If it has stopped for so many times
then it will never happen. -Exactly.
-You keep quiet. Are you saying all this purposely
or unknowingly? Talking from experience. -Oh god, here everyone needs treatment.
-Because this is a cool place. Yes, that’s true. Why is this dog licking you? Because dogs are scared of me. -I asked him.
-But I told you. Come on Mitra, do
something. You were the one who didn’t heed me
and asked to enjoy the party. First tell me, out of everyone, why is
the dog licking him? You’re worried because
he is licking him… …or are you sad because he
is not licking you. Come on, Mitra why are you
so frustrated? I am not frustrated. Dog is
licking his own master… …then why are you asking
so many questions? Dr. Mitra.
Calm down. It seems like this cool place
has affected you also. Yes, it has. It’s affecting everyone. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Hey, everyone,
-Yes! -Please come here.
-Yes, everyone go. I want to tell you something. [LAUGHING] I saw her photo once… …the very next day I came to India. Next day we were
suppose to get married. Just four minutes before the
auspicious time our marriage stalled. I know it’s very sad. Aunty, I am so glad that
you have recovered. [LAUGHING] And then again, our marriage
date was fixed. And today I am standing
in front of you… Claps..claps.. [APPLAUDING] You see, in a week’s time
you will get divorce also. Here everyone is one better
than the other. My lovely Megha, she is a
very special girl. She is not very talkative. She is always very clear. [LAUGHING] She knows what she wants.
#Clarity! You and me are going to be the next
trend setting couple on social media. Virat and Anushka are
#Virushka! Surya and Megha,
it’s #Sumeg [LAUGHING] Thank you, guys.
Thank you so much. [ANKLET TINKLING] So #SUMEG I will go and
call her. Claps..claps. [APPLAUDING] Why were you laughing? [SIGHING] Just like that.
Forget it. Tell me, why were you laughing? [MUSIC PLAYING] I know you very well but
that poor guy thinks… …in the world no one’s mind
is as clear as yours. That’s his misunderstanding. Don’t talk about my character. I am not talking about your
character but about your clarity. [MUSIC PLAYING] Will you help me? Please go away from here. [MUSIC PLAYING] Megha, what’s your problem? First you hold my hands and
then you ask me to leave. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ramesh uncle has seen you here
and I have seen him looking at you. Now should I tell this
or not? [MUSIC PLAYING] In this family it’s just you
who has the clarity. Okay fine. Megha, do you remember,
once you had asked me… …what advice did Saroja
aunty give? [MUSIC PLAYING] What happens once will
never happen again! And if that thing happens twice… …then it will surely
happen for the third time also. [MUSIC PLAYING] First time you called
off the marriage… I didn’t stop you. Second time, unknowingly
met with an accident. Your marriage stalled. It happened twice that
means …for sure this thing will
happen for the third time also. But this time I will not stop. [MUSIC PLAYING] Will meet again. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sorry. Maybe we don’t meet. [MUSIC PLAYING] [ANKLET TINKLING] Listen dear. [FOOTSTEPS] Tell me, is everything clear? Now everything has
become clear. [ANKLET TINKLING] [SIGHING] It’s quite obvious to
feel bad. After all,
it’s your best friend’s wedding. -Cry, if you feel like crying.
-Now tears also laugh when I cry. You have had good
experiences in your life. I went through a lot when I wanted to
be successful but now I’ve changed. I’ll return your money
with interest, sir. I shall leave. [MUSIC PLAYING]
[FOOTSTEPS] He was so rude and
you didn’t say a word. There is very little difference between
a coward and courageous man. And you should not
underestimate them. Otherwise it could lead
to explosion. [MUSIC PLAYING] Really upset, let’s go and
booze out somewhere. Is it? Come, I’ll take you
to a good place. [MUSIC PLAYING]
[FIRE CRACKLES] Drink it, you will feel good. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CORK POPPING] What is your problem? Don’t you understand,
he is in love. [LAUGHING] By the way, who fought,
you or she? -We don’t have choice!
-Shut up! [LAUGHING] Seems like he is the one
who fought. We met in the monsoon,
fell in love in winter… …had break up in summer. I hope you both
are not weather reporters. [LAUGHING] -How long you have been in love?
-One and half year. -That’s less.
-Not a very long period. Cut the story and narrate
Do you want to say something? Come. Quickly finish all this work. Come. [THUD] [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC CONTINUE PLAYING] [BEEPING] -Hello.
-Yes, say. [BELL TINKLING] -Papa.
-Hey. -Hello.
-I am going to America. -What are you saying?
-Leaving just now. -Where are you?
-Bye. Hello. [BEEPS] [MUSIC PLAYING] -Pammy.
-Huh! Pammy, let’s go. [CAR ZOOMING] Where are you going?
Stop! [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHING] Looking very beautiful. Go and meet dad. [TINKLING] -Is everything ready?
-Yes. [ANKLET TINKLING] Where are you going, dear?
Stop, come back. Come back. [MUSIC PLAYING] Come with me. Come. Rohan, come on
come with me. Come. [MUSIC CONTINUE PLAYING] For some time, she stayed with me
that’s why she couldn’t forget me. [ANKLET TINKLING] [RAINING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [ENGINE REVVING] ‘Number you are calling is switched
off right now. Please try later.’ [MUSIC PLAYING]
[GLASS SHATTERS] [DOOR CLOSED] [BEEPING] [BANG] I am going back to America. [CLICKING] Please go away from here. Will meet again! Sorry… Maybe we never meet. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [GROANING] [BEEPING]
[GROANING] [BEEPING] Doctor… Call the doctor on duty.
Patient’s pulse is dropping. Doctor… [MUSIC PLAYING] [DOOR SQUEAKING] Doctor, patient’s pulse
is dropping. Pulse is below 40.
It can cause brain failure. Nurse. I think it’s a cardiac arrest.
Nurse, get it quickly. Take it, doctor. [MUSIC PLAYING] [BEEPING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] No improvement.
Let’s try once again. [MUSIC PLAYING] Pulse is still low.
Doctor, try once again. Doctor, this patient’s pulse
is going high. [BEEPING] Nurse, pulse rate is increasing,
immediately get the injection ready. Yes, doctor. Pulse rate is fluctuating.
It’s not stable. Oh no, doctor.
It’s again dropping. Have to give her CP once again.
Nurse, get the injection fast. Doctor, pulse is still not stable.
Should we get CP ready? Yes. [BEEPING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Pulse is getting normal. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now everything is alright.
Don’t worry. [MUSIC PLAYING] Let them talk. Now she has understood what she wants. -Don’t tell her anything.
-Hmm. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Please.
-Okay, sir. Neither am I the right person for you… Nor are you right for me. That’s why.. we must live together. We always say hot and sweet,
never say hot and hot, sweet and sweet. I know we both are different. We will definitely fight.
Every day we may fight. But Megha… It’s better to stay together and fight
rather than staying away and fighting. Think it over. By the way I love you so much… I left you for your betterment. [MUSIC PLAYING] Even I! I’ll not get dowry. Did I ask for it? -Occasionally I drink.
-I won’t open the door. Okay, I will give up drinking. -I am little egoistic.
-I’ll reduce it. I go out with friends on weekends. Only one day. Okay, only one day. If I became fat after marriage? Together we both will go to gym. -Hmm.
-Hmm. Then, it means. did you say yes? When I say, you say ‘yes’ three times.
Understood? I will say. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Uncle.
-Yes. He says I don’t have clarity. -That’s why I am saying in front of him.
-Hmm. From quite some time
we love each other. Yes. -He purposely banged into mom.
-Damn. I knew this. Yes.. yes. In marriage also he had said, you
just come, I will handle everything. Yes. It seems everything is clear now. It is always painful. If you feel like crying
then definitely cry out. Cry, cry, it is good. What would you do, if I wouldn’t
have accepted your proposal? Nothing much, first I banged
your mother then you. This time I would have banged Ramesh… …marriage would have
postponed for six months. I sponsored this boy and he
is talking about banging me. Sir, because of your helping nature,
you wrote the cheque and gave him. Listen, once he said, help me,
I will remember you forever. But he has done such a thing
that I can never forget him. [MUSIC PLAYING] Did you know about
this from before, madam? -Yes.
-Hmm. -And you, sir?
-What? -I knew from before only.
-Oh. Hmm. -Mr. Ramesh.
-Dr. Mitra. Hmm, they went away, right. -So even you knew about it.
-I told you so many times. You didn’t pay any heed.
Said, enjoy the party. [MUSIC PLAYING] Everyone made fool of me. -This is cool place, Mr. Ramesh.
-Yes, it is. Mr. Ramesh! Mr. Ramesh! -What are you doing?
-It’s affecting you also. -Papa has gone crazy.
-Oh my god! Dude, at least now introduce
her to me. -No.
-I will do it myself. My name is Pammy.
I am his childhood friend. -You know her since childhood.
-Who held your hand in childhood. She is the same girl. -Oh. Since childhood he loved you.
-Is it necessary to say this? -Why didn’t you tell this to me?
-Even I didn’t know. Why do I have to tell you everything? By the way, did you come to
know about this thing in USA or Ooty? What do you have to do with that? -Did you tell her first or to me?
-Do you need 2 lakhs or not? Yes, I want. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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