Good Morning! 7AM | I wake up every day at this time to catch my mom before she heads to work to change my clothes and have my hair fixed. *If not, I have to deal with messy hair all day, which I don’t want. * Then I go back to sleep Music: Boyscott: Nova Scotia 500 10:30AM | Starting my day *Jocy jokingly shakes her head at viewers as she closes restroom door* *she lets darcy, her dog, outside* lights on! cleaning time! *Jocy is opening two window curtains with a ruler she’s holding with her mouth* *Jocy is fixing her bed using her mouth to pick up pillows and blankets* *Jocy pulls at the edge of her first layered pink blanket on the bed to straighten it out. 4 corners, one by one* *Jocy starts fixing her top white and blue blanket as she did for her pink one* *Here Jocy folds the start of blanket neatly to show a clean made up bed* *Jocy looks at her made up bed with an ‘oh well” face and lays down on it. break time!* *Jocy sits up by rocking her feet forward* Meet Darcy! *clip shows a brown and white shih tzu mix dog* *darcy licks her nose* 11:30AM | Feeding the animals *clip show a plastic container running low on dog food with which Jocy uses a blue feeding spoon to fill Darcy’s bowl *Darcy’s bowl is a ceramic blue bowl with brown outlined bones* *Darcy walks over to her food and water bowl* *quick close up clip of darcy wagging her fluffy tail at Jocy* *clip shows Darcy’s messy blanket on her bed and rolls to another clip showing a made up spread out blanket. Meet Sophie! *Jocy’s small rainbow colored betta fish* *Jocy shakes fish food in ziplock bag, and Sophie flutters in excitement* *Cute clip of Darcy waddling to her bed* 12-1pm | Lunch: Find, prepare, & eat! *jocy is holding dirty dishes to take to kitchen. holding glass cup handle with mouth and ceramic dishes with hands* *quick clip shows darcy sleeping under Jocy’s bed* 1-4pm | Activism & Social Media *jocy is checking her phone with her laptop on a desk in front of her. This is where she gets her socialization in* *clip moves to Jocy sitting on her pink wheelchair* 4-5pm | last potty break for darcy *jocy let’s darcy back inside the house. Darcy’s hyper, and Jocy throws her a treat on the floor* words on screen: treat time! 5:30-6pm | Practicing the piano *this stimulates Jocy’s brain, gives her arms exercise, and takes her out of her headspace* *working on a piece she wrote* *Jocy lays tiredly on her bed* 6-7:30pm | By 7:30pm my mom comes home. This is where I just relax until then. *Jocy rolls on her bed* Tinder time! Aaay. *girl has to flirt sometimes* when you can’t handle flirting lol Jocy says: Have a good night, everybody! words read: mom’s home! this is where I’ll eat dinner and then take a shower A Day in My Life | This is my every day and I do go weeks sometimes a month or two, without leaving the house or seeing people. It’s part “circumstance” and mainly how inaccessible my hometown is. Although it’s repetitive, I try to keep myself productive so that I can keep myself grounded and mentally okay. Some days are okay, and some are not. Today’s video was definitely a good day 🙂 If you like this video, please hit ‘LIKE’! If you like me, hit ‘SUBSCRIBE’! 🙂


  1. I’m not disabled but I definitely feel for the social isolation. Idk if you remember me but I used to walk the big fluffy white dog around your college (: I ended up moving to raceland after getting married and its pretty lonely out here. I don’t have many friends to visit so its really just me and my dogs on this quiet farm lol. It takes a lot of mental strength to deal with being alone all the time.

  2. I likes the pice of piano, I am actually trying to learn music too! And i feel isolated too because it is hard to meet people that do not juge you be cause of your disability.

  3. I wish you all the best, I think you're a real fighter in life. For many, this is a typical day, those that have disability in their lives must work harder to get through the day and enjoy even the most simple things of life.

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