A Moment Apart Tour – EP02 – “Biggest Show Yet”

A Moment Apart Tour – EP02 – “Biggest Show Yet”

A Moment Apart is all about taking a moment to step away from all the noise And the things that maybe weigh you down in life We want the show to do the same for the people that are coming to view it What are you guys feeling right now? Feeling uh, a little hungry Uh yeah, I’m excited to go listen to ambient
music… Mm, getting pumped! Me and Clay are trying to avoid thinking about
it It’s pretty nerve-wracking Completely because it’s scary It’s a huge space But we’re excited to do it Ok I am nervous for STAPLES Center Wow! How’re you doing? Good! How are you? Hey! Just walking into that arena, it was completely
overwhelming Just like the enormity and scale of that room
just like completely blew me away On a two-story, three-story scale it’s like
a whole new experience Two minutes ’til show Copy, all systems are green Walking out with Harrison and Clay now Usually when you’re out there you’re not thinking Nothing else has happened in the world but
that You’re just, in that moment Just existing That’s kind of the beauty of it I hope that when people see our show they walk away feeling like they saw a full spectrum of something It wasn’t just one kind of sound, one kind
of visual If you can make something that feels like
a full immersive experience That touches on all these different genres and styles And if we can find a way to bring all those
things together And do it in a tasteful way I think that’s a successful show

100 thoughts on “A Moment Apart Tour – EP02 – “Biggest Show Yet”

  1. I think it’s time you released one of your Live shows in full in dvd or something. For the people who went to your shows and for the rest of us who cannot attend them and are residents in countries and places where you won’t go for your tour.

  2. I attended Berkeley Night 1. I can emphatically say that based on your mission statement starting at 2:30; that you guys #NailedIt! #MissionAccomplished! OMG SO GOOD. Thanks everyone!

  3. We attended your concert in Sacramento on Halloween and it was the most amazing performance ever. We're so glad you were able to come and perform for us!

  4. I can't wait to see your show on November 18th in Montreal !!!!!!! I've been a huge fan for years ! Love from Canada

  5. The best nights are unplanned, I bought my Odesza ticket 2 nights before the show on stubhub and somehow I ended up in my own suite at the staples center, front and center. I was able to enjoy the visuals, the lights, all the production from a perfect angle, I honestly feel like this night took a little piece of me that I can't get back <3 thank you for the best show of my life!

  6. Awesome experience in Sacramento on Halloween. The Jason masks on the drummers were fun / creepy. Why no costumes for the boys? And I agree that this show needs to be released in vid in full. Its just too good to not be fully recorded and released.

  7. Anyone from Melbourne that would genuinely want to go to Odesza's concert with me? I'm scared to ask any of my friends since they don't really listen to Odesza or don't enjoy this kind of music

  8. Ive been listening to you guys for a long time now, ive enjoyed watching both of you guys grow into something amazing and im proud to be apart of this journey with you, i hope you guys stay true to your roots… thank you for sharing your amazing work with the world i hope you guys keep making music

  9. I was there that night and it was so beautiful seeing so many people in a single place all so immersed in what you guys were putting out there. Thanks for a one of a kind experience <3

  10. This is the most inspirational video I've watched this week! Love what you guys are doing and can't wait to see you make your way to NC

  11. This video doesnt has sense, it is just what they are doing wtf this is about their's disc not what they feel, Ill wait for the 3rd episode, I hope it better 😏

  12. I’m seeing you guys in Chicago this weekend .. I’ve watched this three times and cried over excitement each time. You make my soul happy! 💓 Grateful for you and the beautiful music

  13. It's crazy how your music is able to ignite so many mixed feelings, memories, and physical reactions from me. It always makes me stop and think about the raw beauty, power, and craft of perfectly composed sound. Thank you.

  14. Um yeah… If you are wavering back and forth on going to the show and buying tickets… I'll help your decision.
    YES, buy the tickets. WOW, just WOW. Saw the show in Portland, and even from my seats right hand side stage (got there about 15 min late due to parking- and it was General Admission)- the visuals were AMAZING. I can't even imagine what the show looked like from straight on the stage. The whole show was one of the best concerts visually I've seen in years (and I used to work in the music industry).
    AND… Come'on, Its Odesza, so if you already love the music, it will be a breathtaking experience.
    My friend who went with me, mid show- when "Falls" came on, she started crying, because of the music, positive energy people were putting off that we talked to there- all ages- and the visuals. She had never heard of Odesza until that night.
    She's a huge fan now after going.
    So unless you're not going to have enough money for rent, or food- and you have enough money to buy the tickets and not be out- buy the tickets, you'll love it, its worth it.

  15. Please come on tour to Canada someday! I'd love to see you perform live it seems like it would be a life changing experience 🙂 🇨🇦

  16. Viewing you guys live took my breath away again, again, and again. You guys have pushed your music, your visuals, your performance SO far and it truly, honestly, with no exageration, was the greatest live performance of any category that I believe I will ever see. Honestly, just thank you for what you do

  17. You guys transport me into another world! Voodoo was amazing and Camp Nowhere was truly magical for me!!!
    Y’all are my addiction!!!
    One love!!!!

  18. Looking back on this, after experiencing your very last A Moment Apart Tour show Sat night in LA!! Thinking back to this first show that I caught at Staples. The beauty and magnificence of all that you've created and shared all over our planet is beyond measure. Your evolution is transcendent. Our world is a better place to live in because of how your art encapsulates and uplifts our souls. I am eternally grateful. Looking forward to your next chapter.
    One Love <3

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