A STAR IS BORN – Official Trailer 1

A STAR IS BORN – Official Trailer 1

[guitar plays] ♪ ♪ You know, man, in the
old days… I always knew, like,
you were gonna do something. That you’d be
all right. It’s the first time I’m
worried about you. Can I ask you a
personal question? Okay. ♪♪ Do you write songs
or anything? I don’t sing my
own songs. Why? I just don’t feel
comfortable. Why wouldn’t you feel
comfortable? Almost every single person
has told me they like the way
I sounded… but that they didn’t like
the way I look. I think you’re beautiful. ♪♪ -Hey.
-What? I just wanted to take
another look at you. ♪ ♪ Here’s what we’re
gonna do. You come sing that song
that I love. No, I can’t do that. You’re coming.
Here we go. Jack, Jack, please,
it’s not funny. -Jack.
-Look at me. All you got to do
is trust me. That’s all you
got to do. [cheering] [guitar plays] ♪♪ [cheering] ♪♪

100 thoughts on “A STAR IS BORN – Official Trailer 1

  1. While watching the trailer i realise that the plot is similar to the bollywood movie ashiqui 2… It is literally the same….

  2. Other than Stephanie's performance which was amazing, this film was trash. Two hours of my life minus the performances that I cant get back. The love story was a dangerous message and the story was depressing.

  3. Why many stupid indians said this film is copies of a indian movie? This the third remake of original a Star is born released in 1937, first remake was released 1954 with Judy Garland, second remake was released in 1954 with Barbra Streisand and third remake was released in 2018 with Lady Gaga . SO the indian Movie is fucking copy.

  4. The ending of this movie still to this moment haunts me…because he died blaming himself for holding her back … And she blames her self for being the cause of his death …… Man can't believe they won just one oscar…

  5. This movie really felt like a reunion of the Bollywood movie Aashiqui 2, in a Hollywood light. Meeting at the bar, him being an alcoholic, the girl being famous and at the end dead of the male protagonist. And I'm just as much as in love with it as much as I'm with Aashiqui 2.

  6. This movie is beautiful no offense,but… it fully copied a Bollywood movie called 'Ashique 2'!! 😶 (Though same happens in Bollywood too😒)

  7. So many movies have passed before this one that was apparently really good and emotional. I didn’t feel anything in them, but in this movie, I never knew I would cry.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks its hindi version is Aashiqui 2 (2013) 🤔🤫 i just still loved it cause gaga and cooper had nailed it 💕💕

  9. she looks so freakin' different in a good way obviously loved her 😍😍 and her hindi version is #Shradda kapoor #Aashiqui 2 💗💗

  10. Finally got a chance to watch this movie and let me just say I fucking HATE Rez. I’ve never hated a movie character but it’s all his fucking fault. He got better for her. And she never wanted a lifetime of fame. I hate how caught up she got in it and you could see Jack knew she was losing herself a bit. I could go on about this movie. It hit me so hard and I never expected it.

  11. This song reminds me of the memory of my love..
    We were together in the morning 5 am she sneaks out of her house and there she comes and now we're headed to the highway under the morning breeze. Shallow was like our favorite song and my gf is the best singer i ever met. Soon she was singing this song in the lonely highway in the morning mist.
    That was a lovely experience

  12. I wanted to watch this but my husband didnt want to. Coz he thought it's cliché and just another chick flick. Glad i forced him to watch with me. He didnt regret it. He said it's a very nice movie. He cried in the inside. Lol

  13. Search for the "Ashique 2" movie of bollywood.. this movie is direct ripoff.. Ashique 2 was released in 2014.. and believe me even dialogues are same..

  14. Marvelous movie! amazing songs! great casting! (I've never imagined that Gaga and Cooper would make such an amazing couple! ) superb chemistry!!!!

  15. I want to watch this really ..
    But I know I'm gonna cry af just like everytime I remember "Aashiqui 2" it's Indian movie have the same storyline I think..
    Will make another river of tears 💦

  16. When I first saw the trailer and heard about the movie I was 50/50 about it, I thought it was gonna be about her becoming a singer and that she became famous and that’s it. But boy was a wrong, I’m so glad I ended up watching it. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper did a phenomenal job! 10/10 beautiful movie! I love the way she sang “I’ll never love again” at the end my god I got goosebumps it was so beautiful 😭😩

  17. I watched this movie a few months ago and didn't realize that beautiful woman is Lady Gaga untill just today , Wow

  18. Exactly Same story of bollywood movie 2013(Aashiqui 2 ) i saw it few years ago and is so much better then this one

  19. Honestly I was debating on whether to watch the movie or not and if it's worth it and I can tell you for sure that it is one of the best movies I have ever watched. The story is amazing, Gaga and Bradley played tremendously and just made the movie a thousand times better!! It was honestly worth it and deserved more than one Oscar at least for me!! Also Gaga's talent is beyond this world!! Her voice is just sooooo beautiful, strong and gentle at the same time!! Her singing always gives me goose bumps every time 😍😍😍❤❤

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