Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada – Official Theatrical Trailer | A R Rahman | STR | Gautham Menon

Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada – Official Theatrical Trailer | A R Rahman | STR | Gautham Menon

Thinking I’ll take of on a small trip.. And then come back and look for a job… *With the wind on my face*
Nice? Where are you traveling to? All over the world? *And this beautiful woman on my shoulder* Won’t it be nice if you could come along too? *This journey ahead of me* *Will be endless..* No sir.. I’m not going from here… *But you might be forced off the road…* I told you to leave! *As the unexpected unfolds…* *All you have to do is ride* No! Let’s go! *Till you find YOURSELF…* I’m not running away from here..
I’m going to take out each and everyone of them.. They won’t know what hit them! If you’ve done enough in life, it’s difficult to let go and die…
I’ve not seen anything, but it’s okay if I die… Anything can happen in life.. Are you ready to handle it is the question..

89 thoughts on “Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada – Official Theatrical Trailer | A R Rahman | STR | Gautham Menon

  1. BGM!!!! goosebumps!!!! there is a reason why arr rocks even after plenty of new music directors keep streaming in daily….

  2. wow… i hope n wish this movie turns out to be like magic …and hope it turns out just as special as the trailer n the song. all the best.. its magical… beautiful

  3. simbu is a good soul… and repeat mode for the trailer for the bgm.♡ once again big hit movie.#gvm#arr

  4. i dont mind what the movie will be like at all !……

    will watch it simply for the background score. the bgms can single handedly elevate the quality of scenes

  5. block buster ?????…semma …specially thalli pogadhey song ku chance ehy ella ….I headed more than 50 times till now i think ….osm song ….??❤❤❤❤❤❤❤….no words to say …Love it

  6. Ugesh Prasad : Dai thevdiya paiya otha unaku la thaguthiyae illa da bodu ni ethuku da film pakra ni paklanu yarum aluvula , Un kanji ootha munja poi mirror la paru aprom chella kutty str ah kalaipa ni . Otha ni amblana tha ni oru unmaiyana amblaya iruntha chennai kasimedu ku va da paklam naya punda mavanae , Gvm kaga pakrana poi gvm poola sappu poitu po thuki vai la nalla vepparu thevdiya unaku pidiklana poitae iru da echa , Otha dhanush kuda compre eh pannatha avanae second kuthi ya vechi otinu iruka , katna pondati kuda second hand antha thevdiya paiyanuku ethumae sontham illa

  7. I dont know many movie-makers show scenes with no helmet.. such scenes could have been & teenagers would be watching the movies..being a road-movie, it would have been good if one or two road-safety dialogues were indirectly given..but here i see a hero without any helmet in some scenes..! what an example to set..

  8. Life'la enna venalum nadakalam but athukaka namma readyya irukkoma?? Athane Kelvi!!!
    Superb dialogue but it gives lot's of meaning…

  9. Simbu is back with a bang
    Gautham one man who knew the potential of simbu ?????
    Waiting for aym ????
    Rahman sir you nailed it

  10. guys stop comparing sss and AYM.. they both are different versions , different actors so deliver different emotions…. tamil guys watch AYM and Telugu guys will watch SSS why does one need to compare them if you don't watch the other version… naga cht has done amazing job even the hero in aym also.. just enjoy the movie

  11. plzzzzz…..release the official video of thalli pogathea song ASAP….visually suberb….and its so suprising……And I ove the movie

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