Acting Gay | Gay Men | One Word | Cut

Acting Gay | Gay Men | One Word | Cut

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  1. I dont think anyone can act gay…. said him in the most gaysest way possible

    We act ourselves… yes and then we tell you you act gay and you get offended and make this video

  2. I hate that there always has to be a stereo type with everything, there Is no such thing as "acting gay" it was made by annoying people who wanted to use it in a harmful way. ummm tea

  3. I hate that there always has to be a stereo type with everything, there Is no such thing as "acting gay" it was made by annoying people who wanted to use it in a harmful way. ummm tea

  4. Be yourself. I'm gay and damn proud of it. Anybody that has a problem with it or think this is me "acting", can go fly a kite. Never be ashamed of who you are.

  5. You can't act gay unless you are you are literally having sexual relations with the same sex at the time they say it. Your behavior, feminine qualities, looks, hobbies, voice, it means nothing, none of that tells someone's sexuality.

  6. I like to occasionally 'act gay' when I'm with my friends not because I'm making fun of them,I just adore the dumb stereoptype. I love the body language and the flamboyant esc personality. Oh btw I'm straight lol.

  7. To me acting gay is; someone playing the part in a play, movie, tv show is musical of a character who is gay. Because you’re acting, and you’re acting as someone who’s gay


  8. I feel like if a boy acts more "girly" other people are quick to call him gay, and he'll end up believing he is indeed gay.

  9. I'm gay myself and I gotta say:
    They do act gay.

    You listen to them for 0.1 seconds and you know they're gay.

  10. The voice of the man at 2.37 … omg please do ASMR 😍😄 I personally don’t think that you can act “gay” because gay can mean anything … it’s basically just to describe flamboyant and really feminine behaviour

  11. “I don’t think anyone can act gay.. oh gosh” hahaha. Sorry i’m bisexual and have a gf but that was pretty gay 🙂 no hate

  12. Lets be real you can tell someone is gay by their mannerisms, their tone of voice, their hand gestures. It does exist. Thats what people mean by acting gay

  13. I asked my student teacher if he was gay and I told him I also gay and he smiled uwu I am overflowing with gay energy help

  14. i hate when people pretend "acting gay" isnt a real thing. like maybe it shouldnt be called that sure but when you hear a man talk a certain way, you can most likely tell if theyre gay or not. and i guess when you think about it, the phrase shouldnt have 'acting' in it. but a lot of people say "you cant do that" and etc. etc. when you really can when youre stop trying to be pc

  15. When I think of "acting gay" when used in a negative way I think why is it a negative it makes as much as sense to say" acting straight " that person isn't acting gay ,but just being who they are and that's great .I don't judge a person based off their skin,who they pray to or not,who they sleep next to or not,and how much money they have or don't just how they are as an individual and how they treat me and others.

  16. Gay simply means a man is attracted to a man. I hate this stereotypical representation of a gay man. You do not have to "act" a certain way to be gay.

  17. A lot of gay people have a lot of the same personality traits that’s why “acting gay” is a thing😂It makes sense

  18. I think it's the "accent" or the way men sound that ppl believe men are gay. I had one friend that spoke with a flamboyant dialect but he was straighter than a ruler.

  19. Lol I don’t care what people say or who’s opinions I hear about this , I respect everyone for who they are, but you can call a masculine gay or a straight acting gay but I’m a guy and I’ve always known I was I just act like a dude not on purpose but because I just do and I like Men and I’m proud of that that’s all I can say.

  20. Since none of the gay people like when someone says they’re acting gay, how about stereotypical? That seems less harsh right?

  21. There are flamboyant gays… Very girly men. There are manly gay men. Most of the time if I hear the girly man voice I will think it's a gay man. If I hear a ghetto voice it's most likely a black/gangster person voice. Just like people act black and ghetto. End of story

  22. hii im a boy and I consider myself as a bi but mostly gay , earlier someone told me my face looks gay , I questioned myself “how do I look gay?” I felt really worried if everyone that knows me thought of the same thing as he said to me because I’m not open about my sexuality. For some reason I found it really offensive even though it’s true.

    I didn’t ask for this to happen, I didn’t ask to have this face , to have this kind of tone of voice , the way i act.

    im just being myself, and what’s wrong with that?

  23. i think if you act out something……your not it. i don't need to know if your gay or not…cause if you are…then you are. all that extra stuff of showing your gay….makes it look like your not confident of what you are.

  24. I'm guessing if I made a gay voice joke that would be considered of poor taste… But I'm gonna make one anyway…
    What do horses eat? Hay.
    What do gay horses eat? Haaaaaay!
    On a serious note, I've never met the stereotypical, overly-flamboyant gay type. I know a few lgbt folks and they are regular people.

  25. Im bi dont come for me. But I dont like the fem gays who say annoying shit like “Yasss betch YasSsSs” “Slaaaay Betch” “Hunty plz” and “Bye felicia” “YasSsSSssssSsssawwvsgagwveve” like that sht is old and annoying now plz stfu 😐

  26. It starts with praising little boys too much. Woman baby their little boys and praise them for every little thing. Boys need to be able to deal with anger, frustration, joy, fear, embarrassment or being teased (especially) and other strong emotions. A man's style of reassurance goes better than a woman's in this case. Women if your son's father left, don't be afraid to let your son interact with other heterosexual men. Young boys need that balance early. I see too many mother's who shelter and shadow their son's and then when they see the bottom about to fall out they want to reach out but don't know how. By then its too late.

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