Acting Out My REAL Childhood Stories (PART 1)

Acting Out My REAL Childhood Stories (PART 1)

66 thoughts on “Acting Out My REAL Childhood Stories (PART 1)

  1. WHAT IS GOOD #TeamSuper fam!? This is the first video in a 2 PART SERIES about all my REAL childhood stories. I was a hot embarrassing mess 24/7. I can't be the only one who's arms were as hairier than my dad!!!! Comment below and help me feel like I'm not the only one who did these things as a kid? <3

  2. OMG I relate so much to you!
    I am White, but have more hair in my arms than some of my male classmates, so I ALWAYS wear a sweater to cover my arms, because I am so embarassed…But thanks god my mom will let me wax my arms soon ??????

  3. White moms catching their kids staying up:honey! Your up! You can’t have your phone tomorrow

    My mom being a immigrant: hits no phone for 17 weeks

  4. Girl don’t worry I’m a kid and I have a LOT when I say LOT I mean it like a LOT of hair on my arms and I even have a moustache and hair on my legs and all the boys in my school don’t even have a moustache except for me and my bff!

  5. OMG when I was like 4 my cuz told me that there was this “FUNNY CLOWN MOVIE” and they said it was called it
    And we’ll ever since then I can’t walk to walk outsiders the rain ☔️

  6. "These days you get your phone taken away, back in the day you'd get your limb taken away" Lmao died at that comment (Hey 2017, im from the future)

  7. sam I was terefyd of sidetrs and IT my sister has a sweter or all scary movies that here boyfriend gave her and now eye's opend all night

  8. My cousin forced me too watch sharknado and my other cousin forced me too watch s3x im 10 i have no childhood anymore i watched IT 1 & IT 2 i lowkey beat The record ?

  9. Me watching IT : (silence)
    My brain while watching IT : Welp would ya look at that another movie

    Me seeing a spider : Oh it’s not that bad
    My brain : Doing the Harlem shake
    My body : Running away uncontrollably

  10. I remember when I first got my fear of clowns and it was because this one kid in 1st grade showed the whole class a scary clown gif…

  11. My Texan mom would spank me or slap me I had no idea what those child protective services were and that was only like 10 years ago

  12. Huh? What did she say? September 26? I was born on September 27. Now there are two youtubers who I share a birthday with. (Yes I know it’s not on the same day, but I was born in the morning, so it’s kind of the 26)

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