Adults React To And MEET Jay And Silent Bob (Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes)

Adults React To And MEET Jay And Silent Bob (Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes)

– That’s exactly what
I wanna laugh at, ’cause it’s real life stuff.
– (Kevin) Your homies are here, homie! – (Jason) OHHHHH!
– Whooooa. – (Sheila screams)
– (Kevin) Old people?! – (Jason) Old people?! – What do you mean old people?!
– (Sheila screams louder) – Hey, man. I’m Kevin Smith.
– Jason Mewes! – And we play Jay and Silent Bob
in movies for the last 25 years. And today, we’re gonna surprise
some people who know us, man. “Fans,” if you will. – (Jay) And then you know
what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna go to a party.
We’re gonna get some [bleep]. – Clerks. Classic.
– Oh, wait. This is the original! Oh my god. I thought this
was the new one. Oh my god. – Do you realize how many people
tell me that I look like Kevin Smith? – It’s the greatest.
They really are the greatest. – Sometimes, when he talks,
I just don’t know what he’s saying. I just hear curse words.
– Oh my god. I love this. Mallrats is one
of my favorite movies. – I hate when you have
one of those in your jackets. – This is fantastic. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– I love the tie in with the love of comic books as well.
– You know, the whole Batman motif, the Bluntman, is kind of the greatest.
– (laughs) – This is– I love this movie.
This is Chasing Amy. – Chasing Amy is literally
one of my all-time favorite movies. – (Bob) You’re chasing Amy.
– (Jay) What do you look so shocked for, man?
– Look at how young… – (Jay) You think just ’cause
you don’t say anything, it’ll have such huge impact…
– They have the funniest relationship ever too!
– (Bob) Yap, yap, yapping all the time.
– Yes! He needs to talk more often
in the movie! – Oh, man. This is Strike Back. – [Bleep] knocker! Yes! – Dude, Mark Hamill. Oh my gosh!
– And they have the frickin’ best Star Wars references
up to, including Mark Hamill. – (Dante) Why can’t you ever say
something useful for a change? – I get told that all the time.
– (Jay) Well, what the [bleep] are you waiting for?
That’s your cue, man. – (snickers)
– Also, it’s so cool, ’cause all the characters
that are in… they go movie to movie,
so you know it’s family. – (laughs)
– (Bob) I got nothing. – Oh my god. This is gonna be great.
– Ah, you guys! I can’t wait! – Okay, I saw the trailer before.
I don’t need to see that part again. – (officer) …just got it tucked in.
– (officer 2) Identify yourselves! – I’m Jay, and this is
my hetero life mate, Silent Bob! – Ohhh, hetero life mates!
– They look the same. – Oh my gosh.
– (Jay) I think I’m gonna need to see a blood test.
– (woman) This is my daughter… – Harley Quinn!
– (woman) …Millennium Falcon. – Millennium Falcon. (laughs)
– How he’s gotten his daughter involved with stuff too, it’s like,
it’s a frickin’ talented family. Ah, man.
– Oh, I can’t wait for this. – Brian Quinn.
Little Easter eggs for people that have followed
Kevin throughout his career. – (Chong) Smells like
this reboot went up in smoke. – You guys. Come on.
None of you guys got that reference. I got that. You guys
know Cheech and Chong? – (FBE) So, can you talk about
why you’re such a big fan and how their comedy
has influenced movies literally to this day?
– Oh my gosh. Man, ’cause it’s real. It’s real life stuff.
– (Kevin) Your homies are here, homie! – (Jason) OHHHHH!
– Whoaaa. – (Kevin) Your trailer comes to life!
– What the freak. – Richard Linklater’s Slacker
I think inspired Smith to make Clerks. And likewise, Clerks,
it kinda did the same thing for other filmmakers of like,
“Hey, you can do this too as long as you have good characters
and a good story, you know, and you have heart behind the story,
then you can do it.” And I think that inspired
a lot of filmmakers. Clerks 2, which is one
of my favorites too, which is– he talks about,
you know, when you’re– – (Kevin) Clerks 2
is one of my favorites too! – Mr. Smith.
– Oh! Pleasure, man. Look, it’s other guy.
– How are you doing? – (Jim) How you doing?
– I could’ve listened to that for hours.
– I found Kevin Smith through Comic Book Men.
And from there, people were like, “Oh, have you seen these movies?”
And I was like, “No.” So, me and my friend literally
just binge watched every single movie.
It’s nice to see that people still like comedy and are still
okay with just sitting down and having a laugh
no matter what it’s about and realizing a joke’s a joke.
– (Kevin) What do you mean comedy? That movie’s a drama, man!
– Oh my god. – Probably young people
are not gonna get it. You know, they’re gonna be like,
“This is not funny.” Like, wh–
– (Kevin) Old people?! – (Sheila screams)
– (James) Old people?! – (Kevin) what do you mean old people?
– (Sheila screams louder) – Jay and Silent Bob
Strike Back, for example, was the silliest movie ever,
I feel like, in a long line of silly movies, silly smart.
– (Kevin) Silly Smart was my nickname in high school.
– (Trudi) Ha-ha! – (Jay) Oh!
– You guys! – Dogma is my favorite movie of his.
And I wanna see it more, so I could absorb it more,
but I can’t find it anywhere, and I don’t have the damn DVD.
That’s very irritati– – I know a thing or two–
– Oh, are you [bleep] kidding me?! No!
– (Kevin) Yes! – What?!
– (Kevin) Yes! – What?! Oh my gosh! [Bleep]!
Ahhh! – And it’s the other guy!
– Oh my god. You– oh! Are we gonna smoke out together?
– Heavens yes! – (laughs)
– (FBE) Looking at the two of you next to each other, it’s crazy.
– (chuckles) – (FBE) We’re looking at–
you can kind of see the– – Wait, put your hat backwards.
Let’s do that. Oh, yeah.
– See? That works. – (FBE) I can totally see–
– Jay and Silent, Silent Bob. – (laughs)
– (FBE) How does it feel to meet these guys right now?
– It feels great. It feels great. – I think we’re more impressed
with meeting Jim to be honest than Jim’s meeting us.
Like, Jim’s been in the field. Any cop has an exciting,
interesting life, man. They’re making a decision
that no normal human being does. They’re like, “I’m gonna put
myself in harm’s way for some stranger I don’t know.”
That’s mind-bending. That is the closest thing
to meeting Batman. – Yeah.
– Are you a comic book guy? – That’s why I became a cop
is ’cause I can’t be Batman. – I wanna cry! I was
just gonna say that. Really? – I wanna be a crime fighter.
– You curse a lot. – Yeah, a little bit.
– He does. I was trying– – You curse like–
– I’ve been telling him that for years. And the movie’s only 90 minutes.
Imagine standing next to him for 30 years.
– Well, I love you said you saw too– Comic Book Men
was the first place, right? – Yeah.
– So, you’re a big fan of comics. – Yeah.
– You see the pins. – That’s wild, man.
I’m just delighted that somebody watched Comic Book Men.
We followed the Walking Dead, so there are bunch of people–
– That’s my show. That’s why I watched it.
That’s my favorite show in the entire world.
I love Robert Kirkman. I’m a huge fan of comics.
– I love Robert Kirkman too. He’s in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.
– (gasps) – Yeah.
– We brought him in. He plays himself. – Jay and Silent Bob
as a concept is older than you in real life.
– And I am a fan of you guys. I remember seeing Mallrats
when I was like 16 or 17. – Get out of here.
Did it make sense to a 16-year-old? – Yeah. I loved it.
I love that era. I think it was just a very
funny, not really taking it very seriously, but at the same time,
very honest representation of people. So, that’s why I kinda enjoyed it,
’cause it was just like, “Here you go,” you know?
It’s not super framed and this has to be perfect.
It’s just like– – All right, all right…
– No, no, no, no, no! – …’cause now you’re being hurtful!
– No, no! – You’re like,
“It looks like [bleep].” – You know what?
– “It’s crooked!” – Now that weed’s legal–
like, you guys were at the forefront. – I know.
– Isn’t it so trippy? And Comic-Cons too!
– We’ve been very lucky in as much as the things that
we’ve liked and proselytized for moved to the forefront
of pop culture, not because of us or anything we did, but…
– No, because of you. – ….we loved comic books
and now comic books are the focus of pop culture right now. So…
– Totally. – Thankfully, the taste shifted
into what our tastes are, and so we get to hang around
for a little bit longer. – (FBE) Here at FBE,
we actually a huge amount of respect for Kevin Smith
and Jason Mewes as our founders, Benny and Rafi,
when they were teenagers, saw Kevin Smith’s first movie,
which they loved, and it inspired them
to become content creators. They’ve actually said that
if there were no Kevin Smith films, there would be no FBE.
So, in a way, we’re all here right now because of Kevin Smith
and Jason Mewes. – How sweet is that.
– Exactly. That’s amazing. See? See?
– How sweet is that. They showed us a picture
of the boys, of them at Vulgarthon in 2002,
which was a little film festival I used to make of the films we made
and stuff in Red Bank, New Jersey. It’s one thing to be like,
“Hey, I saw Clerks and it made me want to do stuff.”
That feels great, but it’s another thing
to be like, “We were legit. We were there for one
of your only Vulgarthons and stuff.” – Yeah, there were only
so many tickets, so people had to get ’em right away,
so they really had to pay– so, it was cool
– I always felt a kinship to the YouTube kids, ’cause I felt
like if I had been five minutes later with Clerks, I would’ve
done it on YouTube. Like, never mind making
a film and stuff. It was just film was the only medium
that was available at that time. So, it’s– yeah, meeting those cats
and hearing that Clerks had any influence on FBE
was very flattering. – (FBE) Kevin and Jason,
I have a question for you. With the View Askewniverse,
you really were among the first innovators
of building an online community back in the ’90s. Can you talk
about why you did that then and how you continue to connect
with fans, such as giving us so much time today to meet everybody?
– I know. That’s greatly… – I know. It’s lovely
that people still care. There was a guy named Ming Chen
who was on a show called Comic Book Men
years later that we did, but he was going to college
in Amherst at the time, and he had put together
a Clerks website, like just a shrine.
I said, “I’ll reach out to this kid and say, ‘Can you build me
one of these websites?'” and stuff. And he said, “Yeah.”
– What is this? – He goes, “Anything else you want?”
I said I would like to be able to do a Q&A. And he goes,
“Well, I could give you a message board.”
So, for years, ever since the beginning,
I’ve always been more engaged with the audience than most.
– Being able to see people at the cons, social media,
it’s awesome, ’cause you really get
to get feedback. – (FBE) Kevin and Jason,
is there anything that you can tell us about your upcoming film
or maybe your upcoming live tour dates that your fans would be excited for?
– Ooh. – So, you know, we made
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and it’s coming out.
It comes out October 15th and 17th. You can see it anywhere
from Fathom Events screening, multiplex, anywhere.
But then me and him, on October 19th,
start the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow Tour, where we have
62 dates all across– Yeah.
– 62?! – Yeah. Now you’re listening.
– (FBE) Before we go, how can you best sum up
this experience today? – Look, I’m gonna go first.
I got to sit there and listen in. It was almost like being dead
and going to your own funeral. – You guys are just like…
the sweetest. – Awww.
– You guys are so kind. – I’m not gonna say snoochie boochies,
but I am gonna say it, ’cause I had to, right?
– Snoochie boochies. – That’s better when
you say it actually. – Boo boo kitty.
– He gets paid to say it. – I know, right? – I am very thankful
for the both of you, the amount of content,
the movies you guys have put out. It’s brought joy
to my life, honestly– Oh my god. I’m gonna cry.
I hope you guys continue to keep doing it.
– Thank you. – Keep trying to make us happy,
’cause whatever you put out there is gonna make me happy for sure.
I appreciate it, guys. Thank you. – I can’t thank those people enough
for coming, man. Don’t forget. Jay
and Silent Bob Reboot is in theaters October 15th,
October 17th, any place that you could see
a Fathom event screening. Or if you wanna watch
the movie with us, come see us on the Jay
and Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow tour.
Tickets at

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