Aimee Copeland: Flesh Eating Bacteria Tragedy

Aimee Copeland: Flesh Eating Bacteria Tragedy

this is usually one of the most tragic
about one of the saddest stories that we’ve covered on to write you during my
time here i’m referring to any copeland she’s the university of west georgia
student she was on a kayaking trip in carrollton
georgia are just a short time ago last week as she was playing in the water un at
one point he is the homemade zip line this is something that i’m sure many of
you have used in the past underlying snapped and it cut through her calf uh… she went to the doctor
interpreting this from an article from the house in the post she receives stitches and left the
hospital but in the following day is repeated
visits to the doctor didn’t help the pain by friday in new york physician had
diagnosed her with necrotizing fashion i guess uh… an infection from a rare
flesh-eating bacteria that’s obviously the name that i’m sure
you’re more familiar with um… it’s not something that we here at
sweat about in the u_s_ i think fully it’s extremely rare however
unfortunately amy copeland was struck by flesh-eating bacteria from the wound
that she suffered from the homemade zip line uh… it says that she was airlifted to
a hospital burn unit in augusta georgia uh… and unfortunately surgeons were
first forced amputate her leg uh… immediately along with tissue from
ur cabinet because of the spreading of the bacteria it said that despite the fact that they
had to take her leg uh… doctors on tuesday said their chances of survival
were slim to none now thankfully there was further news of both earlier today uh… in the morning and further updates
throughout the day as for families that live blogging her medical treatment um… and they say it misses from her
father a indeed hero on his blog today amy as responsive and coherent ashes responding to specific commands a
even selected in music she wanted to listen to unfortunately her blood vessels in your
hands in her remaining four have died and us they will have to be amputated to uh… that’s obviously extremely tragic
she’s lost all of her extremities at this point uh… or at least parts of those
extremities uh… but to give them a little bit of
more positive news you know what positive updates can come out of this uh… there was dot further news it said
driving is not a spectacular day she’s breathing more her own and her body is responding positively she even got emotional today i think
she’s scared uh… now that doesn’t sound like positive news but the fact
that she is coherent enough to have a devotional reaction of what’s going on
is actually considered positive news now uh… despite what was said by the
ducks on tuesday it appears that she’s doing somewhat better than expected
uh… as of right now they don’t know what her chances of surviving are and
now one of the reasons i want to cover this story is because the website has been set up by her family onto facility donations of both the
blood and money uh… is any copeland dot com we’ve got
the information in the description below uh… if you can do anything to assist
her or if you simply want to lend some sort of support are you can do so at that website uh… as i said earlier this simply but
you know a tragic completely one in a million instance this factory exists in nature it’s an
unfortunate fact uh… in our world of the chances of
contracting it from an injury of a sore extremely low uh… but it is happening uh… it’s it’s just the two stream is that you
know and i we’re gonna find out pretty soon you know what is gonna happen to her they they
thought that you know her chances of surviving just a few more days were
extremely low the fact that she has is positive uh… but i i can imagine the
next few days ago the important as well uh… we will continue to update you on
this on whether any video update sometime next week or if there’s
breaking news i will include in the description or
send a comment dot below uh… to use that you’ll know what’s
going on uh… but yeah i hope that if this is
something you care about you can visit our website lend support tried by a pseudo it’s the same it’s
just part breaking what’s happened to this uh… university western virginia
student and my thoughts but her family

100 thoughts on “Aimee Copeland: Flesh Eating Bacteria Tragedy

  1. The politically correct response: oh, it's a miracle, praise Jesus and let's hope she pulls through so she can let lead a fulfilling life and blahblahblah whatever.

    The honest response: let her die already, you selfish fucktards!

  2. Why does this hoe get media coverage? Because she has blue eyes and is mildly cute? American media is a joke. All this white woman syndrome for these sheep to gobble up.


  4. Heard or not one's opinion reflects on who speaks it. And you, you're reflected as one shitty character. One of which even bacterias backs off from because you are one of the filthiest scum.

  5. ha ha ha. i am so happy she got jacked. the sight of her rotting limbs falling off brought a smile to my face. i am jumping for joy.

  6. God bless her and her family but what makes you think going on a "homemade" zipline is a good idea? Shouldn't a university student have known better? Two things you don't mess with, your body and your money. I hope this atleast serves as an example to others who have done or are thinking of doing this. Bad idea all around.

  7. Oh Christ. Please don't assume "God" will save her. Unless your God can help her regrow her limbs and stop the spread of bacteria, she will sadly die. As unfortunate as it is, your prayers will not aid her. Sorry.

  8. "I think she's scared"??? Positive news??? The news media hacks need to jump off a cliff and due Amy and the rest of us a favor.

  9. Live in Georgia for 6 MONTHS, and you'll see why. Why does everything have to be made into a racist issue?!? My goodness! This girl was a hippie, life-loving, outdoorsy chick, not even the "white beauty" everyone is making her out to be. SHE fought for PEACE and EQUALITY. That's the type of person SHE is…

  10. You could die in a wreck today, does the fact that you got behind the wheel make it your fault or any less devastating? Stop making this poor girl's tragic accident about race, and start being more considerate for a young woman who deserves love and compassion just like anyone else.

  11. According to "The Augusta Chronicle" as of 7:49pm on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 she is showing signs of improvement.

  12. What a nice God we have that would create a universe that has a nature that has flesh eating bacteria so things like this can happen. Anybody who says that God exists and deserves praise needs to be locked up. Send money to scientists like Aubrey de Grey so maybe Aimee can be returned to the way she was before the accident.

  13. Fyi this is not a flesh eating bacteria it does not consume the flesh but infects and kills the flesh and then breeds in the new dead portion were it then infects and the cycle
    Cycle goes on and on and that
    is the reason they must cut out the infection and give large doses of antibiotics to slow the infection and cut it out. Most people that become effected by this type of bacteria are people with compromised immune systems as did the girl in this story when she was injured and had stitches

  14. who's to say whether she would have even approved of these more progressively radical amputations… they are having to remove her hands now… everyone needs an Advance Directive!

  15. Just goes to show you bring a First Aid Kit and clean out your cuts with Rubbing Alcohol this shit is sad tho…!

  16. Who the hell is talking about a "life of luxury and beauty"??? She is going to be so disabled and helpless she won't even be able to wipe her own butt. Honestly, there are worse things than dying.

  17. Yes, I know Nick Vujicic and he isn't fine – he deals with depression all the time. The cheery personality he puts on for his paid motivational speeches isn't how he lives his life behind closed doors.

  18. i am so happy she is going down fast. first her legs fell off, then hands, finger, then her vagina. the sight of her decaying brought a smile to my face.

  19. That zipline or that river has nothing to do with the bacteria. White woman syndrome? What they fail to mention is, that she has lupus. And she was taking immune suppressing drugs. This bacteria hardly ever cost more than diarrhea in humans.

  20. ..they fail to mention that she was taking imunosupressive drugs for her LUPUS. That bacteria hardly ever cost more trouble to humans than diarrhea.

  21. I shouldn't have said anything in the first place. I only wanted to share my opinion. But my opinion is wrong and not nice apparently. I just wish I knew what SHE thought and what SHE wants rather than what myself and everyone else wants.

  22. Well yeah she's had medical intervention. If I didn't have medical intervention 12 years ago, I would've been paralyzed from the neck down. I see what you're saying though. Sorry. I get caught up in my feelings just like you. If death is best thing for her, then so be it I guess. I give up on sugar coating this stuff.

  23. it is wrong. like i've said before, I'm done sugar coating this life after bacteria stuff because of random impulse. Reality is, she will most likely will die and there's hardly anything we can do to stop it. I think that i should've kept my opinion to myself and the same with others. I think that we should now stop arguing and give condolences to her family out of respect. do we all agree? arguing gets old, does it not? sorry for my words.

  24. No, you shouldn't have kept your opinion to yourself – you have as much right to express it as anyone else. I simply disagreed with it so don't take it so hard.

  25. this is not about lupus. its about imunosupressive drugs taken. probably more then recommended . that's why this happened. Somehow they "fail" to mention this over and over again. That bacteria hardly cost more trouble than diarrhea to humans.

  26. you need to understand one thing: doctors are required, by law, to save life by any means necessary. they dont need no consent for that.

  27. You're wrong – doctors cannot override the wishes of the individual being treated as long as they are of legal age – this girl is 24 years old. Had they not kept her doped out of her mind and lied to her she may have made a different choice…I would have.

  28. you dont know shit about the law. we are talking about LIFE SAVING procedures here. they did not amputate her leg just because they felt it may be good idea. Necrotic tissue needs to be removed. Same goes for her abdomen skin and fat and fingers. there is no fucking choice.

  29. She is a poor girl. No one deserve this. But! why the fuck is this all over the news? Because she is white?

  30. Actually I do know quite a bit about the law in regards to this situation as I went through with my elderly parents before they died. They had a right to refuse treatment and did. Anyone can refuse treatment if they wish.

  31. again LIFE SAVING EMERGENCY procedure is not end of the life derision or do not resuscitate order. you are mixing apples and pears.

  32. AGAIN, age does not matter (discriminatory by law) as many illnesses may or may not be terminal for young people as well. No one can assess end of life until it actually ends. You posted a stupid statement, just admit it and move on.

  33. she is not atractive anymore. and it will cost her family arm and leg to pay for her healthcare when she gets dropped from her insurance for "preexisting" condition

  34. you are moron. old and terminally ill people can plan ahead. that's not a case in this emergency life saving procedure. no consent is needed. they are merely saving her life.that is priority. they could not fucking "wake her up" to let her sign some paper idiot! she was in induced coma to stop/slow down spread of the infection.While they amputated her leg and abdomen.

  35. use your fucking brain. its called logic! they could not "wake her up" because she was
    in toxic shock, they had to put her in induced coma in hyperbolic oxygen chamber. to even keep her alive. there would be no "waking up" idiot! she would die right there. I dont think any doctor takes pleasure in such a drastic measures. But they are in place to save life. Everything else is secondary.

  36. AGAIN – it was widely reported in the media that she was awake and talking between surgeries – what don't you understand about that you simpleton???

  37. awake my ass. duped. but anyway. her leg and abdomen was long time gone. removed during EMERGENCY PROCEDURE.

  38. what the fuck are you talking about you moron? if yo uget you knowledge from news media than you are stupidest fat fuck. educate yourself. read more about hyperbolic oxygen chambers etc. when they got to talk to her finaly AFTER SAVING HER LIFE. HER LEG and ABDOMEN WAS ALREADY AMPUTATED!!!!

  39. “The Worldly Hope men set their Hearts upon Turns Ashes – or it prospers; and anon; Like Snow upon the Desert's dusty face Lighting a little Hour or two – is gone”

    “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

    Omar Khayam

  40. Yes i invented a paste that can stop that disease (1985) i feel soo helpless, I want to help, im no doctor, I never had this problem in 3rd world countries. The FDA, Refuse to look at my paste, doctors, the media, news papers always ask, has it been approved by FDA? Its a dame shame i cant help you, unless you???????????????

  41. I will pray for you amy, and ur friends and family. My sympathy goes out to you. God is here, and you got alot off good people in your life.

  42. Aimee we are trying to get to you, please read flesh eating disease by courtney on youtube-we have contacted your hospital, no reply, we tried to contact your doctors, no reply- we can stop that disease, I feel so helpless, I want to help you Aimee, your doctors refuse help, Good luck young lady, its not too late, Ican still stop that disease, Please someone get me on any news station,

  43. your the idiot, im just trying to help, as of now ill only help people in other countries, Most Americans hate me because i can help, the system has you blind blind mode

  44. I'm just confused on how did the doctor not know that she was infected with bacteria isn't it like standardized to clean the wounds and such?

  45. This girl is so tough mentally not to just collapse into a shell. This poor thing has suffered major deformation due to this terrifying cell destroying bacteria and she's a fighter! I'm sure there will be mega donations for her and her family. We're all pulling for you Aimee! God bless you.

  46. This is incredibly sad. I know this happened a few months ago, but I just watched this TYT coverage of this story and went searching for the website afterwards. If anybody else is interested, there is a beautifully inspiring blog updated regularly by her father on the site.

    I admire people with this much strength. You have to be unbelievably strong to pull through something like this with a smile on your face.

  47. why u gotta be racist muthafucker? u makin' us look bad. i'm black and i camp 2 or 3 times each summer, bitch ass!

  48. wow he just told us about someone's life being destroyed and the only thing you care about is his habit of saying "uhm"

  49. you're right, either God's will is in the good and bad or there is no will. The problem of evil is the most difficult hurdle to faith. It is rather uncouth to just say "God's will be done" in a place like this. Maybe it's better to just say a prayer, however an answer to that is just do something and the counter to that is why don't you. These arguments unfortunately circle the drain regardless of intent. She now has prosthetic hands and has decent motor function in them.

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