Airaa Movie Emotional Scene | Nayanthara learns the truth | Kalaiyarasan | 2019 Latest Tamil Movie

Airaa Movie Emotional Scene | Nayanthara learns the truth | Kalaiyarasan | 2019 Latest Tamil Movie

My future wife… My beauty…
Have you left from work? About to Why don’t you keep talking to me
till you reach? – Sure, why not?
– Take an auto, don’t come by bus Bhavani! Remember I told you about room no. 701,
the beer company owner? He’s calling me to clean the room Isn’t your shift over?
Just leave… – Give me five minutes, let me check
– Fine, come back soon You’re dressed like a mannequin Where are you going? Why don’t you spend
one night with me? Tell me your price, I’ll pay you You have to be back here tomorrow.
Remember that! Is the auto available? – Where to?
– Registrar’s office, Saidapet I’m heading there, tell me? After our wedding, vacate your hostel
and come home with me Everything will be ready for you Do you remember you gave me a gift
when we were in school? I have a gift for you too. You’re my biggest gift.
Do I need more? Stop teasing me What’s the gift, my dearest princess? That’s a surprise Hey! Get out of the auto! What do you guys want?
Move! – Get down!
– Who do you think you are? Hello! Bhavani! Two drunkards are threatening us
for money in Vandikaran street – Is anyone there with you?
– Hold on for a minute Hello! – Every single person pays us here!
– Brother, I’ll pay you What’s happening there! Don’t give it – You get into the auto, dear
– Stay out of this Give the bag Please return my bag Brother, not that please.
That’s my wedding ring Brother, don’t take it A platinum ring! I’ll give you anything else you want We got a ring instead of money Brother! We aimed for cheap beer
but we’ve got imported champagne! I bought that for my wedding.
Anything but that, please… – I’m begging you, please
– Take your bag Who’s marrying your ugly face? Why did you take your bag out? They are doing like this… Are you there? The drunkards stole your gift from me It’s alright It’s just a gift… …we can buy it anytime Stop crying.
Wipe your tears. Where are you now? – I’m almost there, I’ll call you back
– Okay, be careful You thief!
Trying to flee with the jewels? – Come with me!
– It’s not me Do I look like an idiot? – She ran away…
– You’re refusing to come? – Where’s the bride?
– She’ll be here in five Ma’am, are we next? – My husband is waiting for me
– Shut your mouth! You’re getting married?
Should I believe that! I’ll book you for prostitution
along with robbery. Mind it! – Shut it!
– I didn’t do anything wrong They’ve caught the thief.
It’s not this girl – They’ve caught her?
– I told you it’s not me I’m sure you’ll get caught again Get lost – Excuse me
– Sure Tell me Amudha, a policeman caught me.
They hit me – They hit you? Who was it?
– I did nothing wrong What happened? Tell me! I wonder why I’m always cornered Where are you? I’ll be there – No, I’m close by. I’ll be right there
– Alright, I’ll wait here Sister, hold on Can you help me cross the road? It’s only been mental torture
since I married you! Pain in the ass Hey, call the ambulance The day I was to marry Amudhan
and start a new life… …ended in my funeral!
That’s because of… …the selfishness,
the lack of empathy… …avarice, greed, lust… …hatred towards others
who are unlike us! That little mistake of yours… …a mistake you did
out of selfishness… …has destroyed my life, Yamuna! Madam! Please hold the lift I wonder why I’m always cornered What do you want?
What do you want me to do? It’s you, that I want! I want to re-live my life through you! I didn’t have a good life
when I was alive… …I want it now! You have to sacrifice yourself
for that! If that was your aim,
you could have taken me before I could have. But I wanted
your wholehearted consent Then, why did you torment me? Shouldn’t you experience
a little bit of… …the suffering that I went through? You should know! You will understand my pain
only then! You’ll know my demand
is not unfair! Hello. yes Amudhan, no… Stop it

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  1. Vidhi n onu irruku. Lift la Edam kudukatha karnathu kanga oru allu sethuthaku namma karnam aga mudiathu. Intha oru simple logic antha director yosika maranthutaru 🤣🤣🤣

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