ALPS / ΑΛΠΕΙΣ (2011) Theatrical Trailer [english+greek subs]

ALPS / ΑΛΠΕΙΣ (2011) Theatrical Trailer [english+greek subs]

We’re going to do a test. I’m going to use this object. If it doesn’t change color
and stays white, then it automatically means that
you are competent and reliable, and can stay in our group.

7 thoughts on “ALPS / ΑΛΠΕΙΣ (2011) Theatrical Trailer [english+greek subs]

  1. I know it sounds crazy but there's this thing called the internet that makes it really easy to find out plot synopsis about any movie so you don't have to feel like a bumbling idiot in the dark with caps lock on.

  2. @iheartjelly a trailer never gives out much, if anything.
    for that you'd actually have to.. you know watch the movie

  3. Hey….Can anyone here let me know if there's a torrent link available for this film? I could not find it anywhere on PirateBay. Thanks

  4. This film is a mess. It's not on Dogtooth's level and this has been universally acknowledged. The critics are not all that impressed with it. Lanthimos is coming off like more of a gimmick film maker as times goes on.

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