An American Werewolf in London (1981) – David’s Undead Victims Scene  (8/10) | Movieclips

An American Werewolf in London (1981) – David’s Undead Victims Scene (8/10) | Movieclips

– You look awful.
– Thank you. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.
I don’t know what I’m saying. I don’t even know if it was me that killed
those people. I don’t remember doing it. What about the zoo? Well, even if I’m not the Wolf Man, … ..I’m crazy enough to do
somethin’ like that. Look at me – in a porno theatre
in Piccadilly Circus, … ..talking to a corpse. I’m actually glad to see ya, Jack. I want ya to meet some people. David Kessler,
this is Gerald Bringsley. Gerald’s the man
you murdered on the subway. We thought it best for you not to see
him. He’s a fresh kill and pretty messy. Yes. I do look most unpleasant. Why are you doing this to me? This isn’t Mr Goodman’s idea.
He’s your good friend. Whereas I am a victim of your
carnivorous lunar activities. Mr Bringsley, … ..I’m sorry. I have absolutely no idea
what to say to you. You’ve left my wife a widow
and my children fatherless. And, I understand, I am to walk the earth
in limbo – one of the living dead – ..until the wolf’s bloodline is
severed and the curse lifted. You must die, David Kessler. David? This is Harry Berman and his fiancĂŠe,
Judith Browns. – Hello.
– Hello. And these gentlemen are Alf,
Ted and Joseph. Can’t say we’re pleased
to meet you, Mr Kessler. What shall I do? – Suicide.
– You must take your own life. That’s easy for you to say.
You’re already dead. No, David. Harry and I and everyone
you murder are not dead. Undead. Why are you doing this to me? Because this must be stopped. How shall I do it? – Sleeping pills?
– Not sure enough. – I could hang myself.
– No. No, if you did it wrong it could be
painful. You’d choke to death. So what? Let him choke! Do you mind?
The man’s a friend of mine! – Well, he ain’t no friend to me.
– Gentlemen, please. – A gun!
– I know where you can get a gun. – Don’t I need a silver bullet?
– Oh, be serious, would you? – Madness.
– No, a gun would be good. Put the gun to your head
and pull the trigger. If you put it in your mouth
you’d be sure not to miss. Thank you. You’re all so thoughtful. A knife! – An electric shock!
– A car crash! – Throw yourself in front of a tube.
– Drowning.

100 thoughts on “An American Werewolf in London (1981) – David’s Undead Victims Scene (8/10) | Movieclips

  1. one of the most disturbing yet hilarious conversations that I have seen in a movie, and it's all about David killing himself lol
    btw I find it funny that the couple are still very joyful even after they died

  2. Jack: "Oh, be serious will you?"
    Me: Right Jack. Sitting in this theater while watching a porno and being given suicide advice from a bunch of undead people requires the utmost serious considerations.

  3. When David starts chatting with Gerald Bringsley?  It sounds like that woman in the movie is having a REALLY good time!

  4. I love how the joyous sounds in the background are totally inappropriate to the seriousness/morbidness of the discussion. Gerald Bringsley: "You must die… David Kessler…" Woman in the movie: UNNNNHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  5. You must die… David Kessler!
    Also, I love how polite Harry and Judith are. They’re both bloody and dead (well, undead) but their enthusiasm is hilarious.

  6. The porno in this scene is hilarious. It's so good it almost takes away from the tension when David transforms.

  7. I know nearly everyone there was pretty pissed off at David for killing them but to be fair he had no control over his actions.

  8. I'm Brazilian and I'm 28 years old. I believe to be a reincarnation of an English man or that was born in England and that I had a romance with the actor Geoffrey Burridge. Since I was a child, I feel disconnected from a lot of this current era and I have always identified myself with a lot of old things, from an era that predated my birth. I've always loved London without ever being there, and when I first saw Geoffrey it was as if I already knew him, he has not left my thoughts ever since. Does anyone believe in me?

  9. The actor playing Harry Berman (Geoffrey Burridge) would later become a guest star in an episode of the TV series "Blake's 7". 🙂

  10. Harry: no a gun would be good
    Judith: Yes you just put the gun to your forehead and pull the trigger
    Gerald: If you put it in your mouth you'd be sure not to miss.

    hahaha, one of best scenes in movie

  11. David: I could hang myself?

    Jack: No. If you did it wrong it would be painful, you’d choke to death.

    Person: So what? Let him choke!

    Jack: Do you mind, the man’s a friend of mine!

  12. That dead couple smiling, the proper British gentleman and Jack OMG very casual. Very funny too. Great practical effects.

  13. I hope my best friend will stay with me offering advice no matter what even if a were wolf kills her and bites me giving me the curse. Best friend goals. And jack still considers David his good friend and doesn’t blame him for not saving him. All he wants is David to die before he gets more blood on his hands but not to suffer at all, because it’s still his best friend. Jack just wants peace for himself and David’s other victims but more than anything he wants David’s nightmare to end without pain. Still thinking about his best friend even as he’s a rotting corpse falling apart he doesn’t want David to suffer or feel pain. These two guys David and jack are the most kind likeable nice guys in movies I’ve ever seen 🙁

  14. I like how even being ripped apart by a monster and cursed with undeath, Harry and Juddith are just still bubbly and happy. Makes you realize that they still have each other, despite their circumstances.

  15. You see a bunch undead people you killed and your undead best friend and they are all giving you advice on how to kill yourself seems legit

  16. I love how the young couple don't seem to care that they're (un)dead. They are just happy to be together. It's oddly sweet

  17. The dialogue here I feel is a bit off in some parts
    Like for example, David asks Jack why he’s doing this, and then Bringsley (?) says that isn’t Jack’s idea. Then David again asks why Jack is doing it, and Jack then gives his reasons.

  18. I love how the FX team let Griffin Dunne operate the Jack corpse puppet instead of just having him provide the voice over. This movie was a perfect storm of creativity. Best werewolf film to date imo.

  19. Also the young engage couple were happy to meet David Kessler.but Mr.Bringley along with Ted,Al,and Joseph were not happy to meet with David.but every one except Joseph were giving David some ideas how to end his life before killing more victims,cause before the came to an end three more victims were attack.

  20. I don't know why Jack finds the idea of David asking if silver bullets would work is silly, considering he just figured out he was a werewolf, today, and doesn't really know how the rules work.

  21. So if David has to die so his victims move on then how come jack hasn't moved on bcoz the werewolf that killed him is dead ?

  22. Its strange that as a kid this zombie never scared me but the ones in "Return of the living dead" and "one dark night" did scare me.
    Guess because this one was talking casual.

  23. Haha, I like how the chic has much of her damage to her L face and shoulder because weredavid bit her on the L shoulder before the scene shifted. Would've been cool to see her man's bloody stump of an arm that weredavid tore off.

  24. I find this so sad. I never wanted David or Jack to die. But I know that once David dies he and everyone else will be free from the curse. 😢❤🐸🐷🐺

  25. 1:45 they didn’t die

    they’re lying

    They killed someone and went to the movies afterwards

    Cuz no dead couple can walk the earth in limbo and have a smile like that

  26. If they are real why don't they kill David themselves? I feel so sorry for all of them but David suffers the most. First he loses his friend Jack, then he changes into a monsters and gets scolded by the same people he killed. Not one of them has any sympathy for him, except Jack.

  27. this was the last best scene of this movie… After that it became just another automatic Hollywood movie with dramatic shootouts and epic deaths… but this humour in this horror is what makes me keep rewatching it almost 40 years later…

  28. personally- I would prefer drowning-I've done it before..and it's quite painless..the panic can be nasty…but it feels natural?

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