Antariksham 9000 KMPH Theatrical Trailer | Varun Tej, Aditi Rao, Lavanya Tripathi | Sankalp Reddy

Antariksham 9000 KMPH Theatrical Trailer | Varun Tej, Aditi Rao, Lavanya Tripathi | Sankalp Reddy

You are losing control Don’t panic Just focus…focus! You have only 10 seconds left Mihira satellite is
travelling at 2000 kmph In its orbit Every 24 hours …it falls 2 km It can cause a black-out
on world communication Tell me one good news, Mohan, please – There is one, sir
– What is it? He is Dev
He needs no introduction He has successfully coded
so many satellites ‘From The Producers Of Kanche’ It is not only your dream It is our dream I’ll fix Mihira, directly At least this time
try to be a team member Don’t behave like a dictator! ‘From The Director Of Ghazi’ People respected you a lot here
Don’t wipe that out No bigger disgrace than
losing without trying, Mohan Ready for launch Sir, we have a deviation They are not on the expected path We still have another chance India is not going to lose this This satellite is also like a soldier Never ask if it will fail Think only of how it can succeed

100 thoughts on “Antariksham 9000 KMPH Theatrical Trailer | Varun Tej, Aditi Rao, Lavanya Tripathi | Sankalp Reddy

  1. This movie was showing at a local theater, at very limited times wanted to see it but i got sick and didn’t. Was it good???

  2. Dear, we feel space technology related movie means the coming generations will learnt some good knowledge , here totally scientific mistakes really sad……! space machine moving time how hero will catch the chain (thread) even didn't wear the astronaut helmet be4 entering in moon gravity in space bus all parts in gravity , very sad.

  3. Though I appreciate the effort and the vision of the creators, but I don't understand the need for epic shots of space walk, which obviously looks hilarious. A gripping drama on the ground, well choreographed inside shots of the craft in space are not far fetched. A 100 crore budget can surely get it done.

  4. Copy cat movie. They copied most of the scenes from Apollo movie. Also the logic is pretty non-sense. Gave me a headache.

  5. Holy cow in space! The capsule looks like Jules Verne. Will there be dancing in space station… and how do you place the Matterhorn into there?

  6. Im starting to get in love in this movie hope this movie is dubbed in tamil(why i am wishing this movie to be dubbed in tamil it is because im a tamilan but in malaysia and also a kid😉

  7. Outside: India vs Hollywood
    India: Tollywood vs Bollywood and death wish from both sides. This is how India will take over the world.

  8. to be frank , movie climax assalu bagodhu….hero return vachedi edo coincidence la choopinchadu. adey hero chanipoyyinattu choopinchi undi unte athani sacrifice valla India kolpoyina danni saadhinchindi ani manchi emotion pandedhi…..but movie matram fantastic except that climax.

  9. this movie 60% copied from the tamil movie Tik Tik Tik, not a great movie after watching Tik Tik Tik, if you dont believe me then please watch that movie and then reply….

  10. I am trying to watch this on Amazon Prime, but it seems like they are speaking English half of the time and another language (Tamil?) the other half? Maybe they are just speaking English VERY FAST!? Trying to use subtitles. Looks like a good movie.

  11. Just be yourself. You have your own character of movies industry. Sci-fi and its action genre was hollywood's stuff, and you great with your romantic and emotional story.

  12. These bitches copied the movie gravity….. …what bitches!!!….where has this world come to….and what the f**k is yhat language…..??!!

  13. Tik tik tik first Indian space flim very low budget, but vishuals extordnary but this trailer not vishual treat

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