Aquaman – Official Trailer 1 – Now Playing In Theaters

Aquaman – Official Trailer 1 – Now Playing In Theaters

My father was
a lighthouse keeper. My mother was a queen. But life has a way of
bringing people together. You could unite our
worlds one day. Check it out.
Arthur is talking to the fish. Let me go! They made me
what I am. Permission to come aboard? I’ve been looking
for you. Your half brother, King Orm… is about to declare a war
upon the surface world. The only way to stop
this war… is for you to take
your rightful place as King. Trust me, I am no king. You do your best thinking when
you’re not thinking at all. That was the worst
pep talk. Ever. You might wanna strap in. Welcome home. This is badass! My brother has come from
the surface… to challenge me for
the throne! I call it an ass-whooping. I’m no leader. I came because I have
no choice. I came to save my home
and the people that I love. You think you’re unworthy
to lead because you’re of two different worlds. But that is exactly why
you are worthy. That was awesome. A war is coming to the surface. And I am bringing the wrath of
the seven seas with me. -We’re here.
-What are you doing? Wait, wait, wait! She didn’t have a parachute! Redheads.
You gotta love ’em.

100 thoughts on “Aquaman – Official Trailer 1 – Now Playing In Theaters

  1. Arthur: Heads up! We got a bogey on our six!

    Mera: What does that even mean?

    Arthur: Bad guys behind us.

    Mera: Then just say that!

    Arthur: Bad guys behind us!

  2. So Atlantis has an impregnable border wall with laser guns, border patrol and immigration agents that arrest illegal aliens, and capital punishment for citizens that practice miscegenation … oh man this movie is gonna be a box office failu…. what’s that… $1.2 billion worldwide, huh!!

  3. This movie sucks stupid as fuck I couldn't even get through it. Every actor in there was weak. The only good real actor was Nicole Kidman and her part was very small. Probably because they couldn't afford real talent or CGI

  4. Hold up, the king trident can only be found using the map that nobody knew existed, that leads to the desert place that no one knows how to get to that’s been deserted for hundreds of years, to get the bottle that no one has ever seen, that leads to place that no one knew about where you have to solve a riddle to get to the unmarked spot in the ocean, where you have to dive in and survive the killer trench people, to get to the unsurvivable under water tornado…. so, my only question is, if this is so hard, how are there so many skeletons of people that got there???!!!???!!!

  5. Ig you dont know something till you watch it, im a huge marvel fan and ive thought bad of DC ever since. But after watching this movie- Not bad DC. Not bad at all. However as im scrolling through the comments, im seeing stuff like "DC should keep this same pace.","This is one of their best movies!!"

    Personally, seeing MCU movies, I thought as this movie as a 3.1 stars. However, DC fans see it as a 5. Marvel's average movie would be a higher rating than this. If this was their best movie– Marvel sure has it in the bag. You should definitely check marvel out. Wont regret it. But, DC is fine aswell. Still a marvel fan though. 🌌

  6. I went into Aquaman with no expectations, no judgment, nothing. I was blown away. What a film! And it was my first DC film in cinemas too 😉 I can't wait for Aquaman 2

  7. Its about damn time! this movie is fantastic! The story, ''Him'' and the characters! The best!!! The Star Aquaman got the ''it'' factor! Heavy Metal Soulful Sexy Cool! First of his kind! Great script! This goes along with V for Vendetta! The best!! Not corny at all! Great writers! That under water shit is powerful!!

  8. Aquaman proved one thing: if you include James Wan in a movie that is not R-Rated/ likely to have a mass appeal, that movie is guaranteed to gross over $1,000,000,000.

  9. Genuinely awful. Horrible overacting. Hole filled and contradictory story. Actors look uncomfortable with each other. The most horrendous 80's music montage while the bad guy takes technology hes never seen before and modifies it. An awful staged italian town overdone love montage. Lots of flashy colors though. Im sure it will keep the lower IQ watchers entertained.

  10. what a bullshit movie ;D ahahaha im soo glad i didint see it until now and yet i regret wasting my time on this crap movie.

  11. Wow i thought this movie would be mediocre.But its amazing!I havent seen such an expensive production and such a good direction from the times of lotr2 and 3.Yeap its that good!

  12. I hope Orm realizes that the surface world has nuclear weapons and massive armed forces at their disposal not to mention the meta humans like Superman and Wonder Woman just to name a few. Even if Orm invaded the surface it would likely end up the same way Justice League Throne of Atlantis did with the League crushing the Atlantean troops except they would likely have the military backing them up again. And those are just the meta humans we know off. I saw Orm's army its not going to be able to destroy the surface world. It would basically be a live action version of Justice League Throne of Atlantis if Orm invaded the surface. Orm causes massive damage but gets killed or imprisoned in the end.

  13. It would be nice if we learn in the sequel that Aquaman is only thought highly off in his hometown but across the planet he is seen as worthless like in the comics. It would make the sequel interesting and then have Aquaman perform one of his incredible feats like lifting an ocean liner or a submerged landmass from the water and having him stop a tsunami.

  14. Is this movie age appropriate for an 8 year old boy living in Poland ? I can buy American movies (DVD's) dubbed in Polish. I always send several movies @ Christmas. Can you think of any other COOL movies he might like ? I'm thinking BumbleBee would be good. —- Thanks

  15. I saw it without the trailer.. I was amazed by the beauty.. I think its better not te see too much before a movie

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