“Archangel Theatrical” – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

“Archangel Theatrical” – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

“Arcanjo Teatral” Deixando ir
Deixando ir agora Deixando ir
É como nós vamos acabar todos Deixando ir
Deixando ir agora Deixando ir
É como nós vamos acabar todos Desta vez nós não
vamos acordar Descobrindo onde
você esteve Aguarde em silêncio
e começe denovo Eu vou tomar meu tempo
pra fazer você cair Passando pela sua cabeça
apenas no ângulo certo Caindo
cedendo Queimar os mentirosos
e começar denovo O que enche seu orgulho vai
fazer você cair Eu sou o fim
uma porra de arcanjo

100 thoughts on ““Archangel Theatrical” – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

  1. Still crazy that three years have flown by since that, when I was worried it was going to be the end. Like I legit thought "well, I guess that's the end of the story" and tried to get some closure. Feels like an eternity ago.

  2. kevin are you trying to say that we should live our hope to another ending of zombies? or it could be a signal about something bigger is coming

  3. If Zombies will be back in the next game, which is next year, why not just remaster them in the next game since its almost time and black ops 3 will basically be dead by then…

  4. Hearing this after revelations gives so many references to things that have happened. For example,
    "Finding out where you've been wait in silence and begin again" – sounds like The Giant where they find out Richtophens been on a 2 year journey and this is around the beginning of the cycle.

  5. I wonder why they would put this up now rather than back when it came out could this be a sign or just for the song

  6. Read the comments for the video while listening to the song. It honestly brought me on the verge of tears. All the memories ALL of us had. 😢

  7. it really sents chills through your body digging up all the memories from the community and how far we came from WaW to BO3 and hell this has been with me and most of us for the whole 9 years and I think I speak for most of us this was the best fucking thing to happen to us and I'm glad you could make the best damn music Kevin and I have to say thank you 😆👍

  8. if instrumental-only versions of the easter-egg songs come out, i'll be right there listening as soon as they come out lmao, especially if their instrumentals of these versions of the songs.

  9. We really did it*, back then. We trapped freed *Samantha back there. We denied allowed her freedom and left her in the hands of a stranger ally. She is forever condemned safe at The House where she will never see her real father and reality again. forever live in safety with her father and other captured rescued people. We have truly created a dystopia utopia for the desire of the evil noble being, known only as the devil. Monty. And remember, do not ever try to escape from this world of imprisonment. keep the windows shut.

  10. not sure if youll read this Kevin, but i grew up playing zombies. Im 18 now, and every single map i played i would make sure i played the song. I used to listen to these songs on repeat and you actually inspired me to make music my self. Im going to college to for music theory next month. thank you for these masterpieces

  11. Guys we need to get all these bo3 tracks on Spotify I need help everyone plz try to contact treyarch to put them on Spotify

  12. 1:38 if it went to the normal music at the drop this would easily be 1 of the top 3 zombie songs and definitely best theatrical

  13. R.I.P. Primis Richtofen
    August 27th 2013-October 12th 2018
    “I was the nicest one, and you won’t even remember.”

  14. Hearing this after Alpha Omega, the quote: "Burn the liars and begin again" gives me chills. What an awesome story and an incredible experience.

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