Are Steep Stadium Seats Dangerous?

Are Steep Stadium Seats Dangerous?

it’s a dizzying sight look at that view it’s as if you’re looking straight down steep seats are becoming more and more common at arenas across America it’s designed to put spectators stuck in the upper decks closer to the action with unblocked sight lines but is it dangerous Paul McCartney opened to a sellout crowd at Sacramento’s new golden one Center on the night the arena opened last year but look this concert goer is being wheeled out and it’s not because he fainted at the sight of McCartney what happened a fan fell on top of him he says because of the arena’s steep seats he’s not alone it just felt very unsafe as we were walking up there the next night Megan surrett and her mom were sitting in the upper deck when they say a woman seated behind them toppled over them all of a sudden a large woman was over my back my neck my head and my lap and on my feet most seats in indoor arenas across America have a 30-degree pitch but the upper deck here in Sacramento has a vertigo-inducing 34 degrees and if you think that steep check out the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York it’s home to the Brooklyn Nets and ever since it opened in 2012 it’s become a favorite concert venue and even hosted the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards it’s also home to the steepest upper deck in the USA 36 degrees several Barclay spectators have reportedly sustained injuries due to falling or from other people losing their balance and landing on top of them the stiffness causes better sight lines but then it is less safe forensic architect Christopher Ling says when you build the seats that steep the seat in front of you is going to be lower once it goes below the knee and closer to the ankle then it becomes more of a tripping hazard so if you have any kind of issue with balance it’ll be more likely to chip you and have a propensity to fall into the people in front of you the Barclays Center told us these arenas are the most modern up-to-date and built to the highest safety standards and they provide the best fan experience by creating a greater sense of intimacy and the best sight lines [Music] you [Music]

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  1. My girl hates them I kinda like danger so it's okay but for concerts it's the worst I don't drink that much or any at sporting events

  2. Depending on your height , you have to meet your weight standard . Its not the stadiums fault your obese .. to me , your lazy and fat so get off the couch and do something to improve your health …

  3. Prime reason why I never get high seats I rather either stay home or pay more money for closer seats. Plus due to me scared of heights.

  4. I've sat in these type of seats and thought the same thing but one thing they didn't even bring up is what happens when alcohol is introduced in situations like this, I got very nervous upon leaving

  5. Is it “barclee”
    Not bar clay?
    I’m asking since Andy from chicks play last name was Barclay but was pronounce bar clee

  6. Do out of shape, morbidly obese folk realize that gravity does not work in their favor in steep situations? Apparently not!😕🤔😯

  7. This is not needed. Safety safety safety. Did the mention they were also able to put in 3000 more seats!!! Those seats should have a railings if I need a railing on my deck that’s two steps off the ground WTF.

  8. At Barkley center in Brooklyn I fell over like 10 rows in the upper deck, broke my collar bone, don’t get me wrong I was pretty drunk but still

  9. Experienced this at the O2 areana in London. Pretty scary at first, but the view is way better. That said, when everyone is stood up its a little disconcerting.

  10. I Hope Everyone Who Got Hurt Because Of This Is Ok 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 And If Anyone Died R.I.P 😭😭😭😭😭

  11. "A woman bigger than myself fell on me" jesus, how much bigger can they get?
    I guess the architects in America didn't consider this……

  12. Really nothing better to report then steep stairs… What next steep hills then steep tea? Waste of your education & a degree

  13. A few months ago I was at a concert and I slipped and fell on my butt while walking down the stairs. I cried and I acted like I was crying because I was so happy to see the singer

  14. in my university main hall there's steep stadium seats on 2nd floor and I always aftaid someone might fall off :") the worst is.. what if they tumbling down to first floor?! 😭

  15. I was expecting a bunch of comments on people complaining that inside edition making everything dangerous. I'm relieved. Those people can go suck it.


  17. It’s not hard to hold on to a rail. Seems like some of these issues could be dealt with better balance and maybe some weight loss lmao

  18. i walked up the stairs in the upper deck of the barclays center and believe me it is terrifying and i held the railing with my life

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