asdfmovie6 song | LilDeuceDeuce

asdfmovie6 song | LilDeuceDeuce

Hello, hello, hello, click, HELLO! Everybody do the flop

100 thoughts on “asdfmovie6 song | LilDeuceDeuce

  1. Coming back to the video after a long time, still enjoying it !!
    Oh, and lemme try:
    Pink: kick // Red: Bass // Green+white: snare // blue: chords // light blue: white (musical ?) noise.

  2. left 3 are bass drum 6 after are bass, green 3 are snare and ect., 8 blue are the melody and the last is the cymbal

  3. Everybody do the flop! I got older! Who parked my car on my sandwich!
    Hey! You stole this idea from ultrasdf!

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