Barsaat Ki Ek Raat Full Hindi Movie HD | Amitabh Bachchan, Rakhee, Amjad Khan | Classic Hindi Movies

Barsaat Ki Ek Raat Full Hindi Movie HD | Amitabh Bachchan, Rakhee, Amjad Khan | Classic Hindi Movies

Hey Bhudwa! Yes Sir Get Gaurang’s daughter….
-Yes! Motia to me! But Sir! Do what I say!
Get lost! Go!
Lets go! Go Who is it? Father Save me Save me!
C’mon Father save me They took my daughter away! Leave me! Save me Save me They took her! What happen? What happen? My daughter Save me Kali Babu’s men kidnapped my daughter! Yes They’ll keep extorting you and
you’ll keep watching? Wont do anything? Lets go to the police station! Lets go Your daughter is a decent woman? If she ran away with Kaliram
what do I do in it? You’ll came in the middle of the night
to disturb me! Go away from here…. …else I’ll lock each one of you! Understood? Yes you’ll lock us up… …why will you do justice to us? Lets go! We’ll go to the
higher authority! He’ll definitely lead us to justice! Yes lets go to the higher
authority! Yes Sir, we cant tolerate this
everyday! You are my only support
please do something Sir! Dont worry! I’ll do something about it. Hello, DSP Sir? Greetings Mr. Sahay! How are you? What? Kaliram has done all this? Kaliram and his father, do illegal things openly! Smuggling runs a Black Market, Riots! They have even bribed the police! You dont worry! I’ll do something about it. “A little garden alongside
a river” “The clouds swing on our gardens” “A little garden alongside
a river” “The clouds swing on our gardens” “The river shines like a mirror” “The face looks beautiful
when seen in this water” “The river shines like a mirror” “The face looks beautiful
when seen in this water” “God awakens in Shivji’s temple” “The clouds swing on our gardens” “A little garden alongside
a river” “The clouds swing on our gardens” “I will make a cage for a bird…” “…..and protect it from
problems” “I will make a cage for a bird…” “…..and protect it from
problems” “I cant handle my thoughts” “The clouds swing on our gardens” “A little garden alongside
a river” “The clouds swing on our gardens” “Some magician has made
the sun and the moon” “When one comes out
another sets down” “Some magician has made
the sun and the moon” “When one comes out
another sets down” “World is a magic” “The clouds swing on our gardens” “A little garden alongside
a river” “The clouds swing on our gardens” “The clouds swing” “The clouds swing” Sir! Sir!
What is it? Britain goods! If you could just buy it… ….I’ll be lucky enough! You are showing an alcohol
bottle early in the morning! That too when its tea time!
Shameless! Okay, keep it. Take this! How much? What is the hurry?
They keep coming! First taste it Taste it! Why did you again give
it for free? What to do? If you keep him happy
all our work will be done! Sir, I cant find major anywhere! Where are we going? We’ll go till the bridge and see! Look someone’s coming!
-Yes Cant you see? Move
from our way! Get lost Cant you hear what am I saying? Hey Muniya…. ….tell them I have never
taken a step behind in my life! Move away, else…. ….else what? When I came first on the bridge,
its you who has to move behind! Really? Hey Bhudwa!
-Yes sir Show him how
to move behind! Yes sir Hey Muniya, they are of the same caste
as you! Lets do something for them!
What say? What do you think of yourself? Scoundrel… …how dare you! I’ll screw you, I swear! Babuji, you got angry without
any reason! This is not for kids
to play I’ll get hurt!
What are you doing? I am telling you! Your rope is cut! Now stick it like a tail… …and go wander around in the village!
Understood? Take it Lets go Muniya Dont forget sticking it! Scoundrel!
Forget it Why are you demeaning yourself
by hitting him! Lets go to Bagan
we have to take money from people! Else everyone will take
their wages and disappear! Take 50 rupees Give it to me What happen? You are going without
giving the money? What is his account? 70 rupees! Remove 70 rupees! 50 rupees 20 rupees interest! Cant you remember before taking
the money? Why did you take so much money?
To drink alcohol? -No Please forgive me! Why just this week? I’ll forgive you every week! Send her to me! Take your money Lets go Look at her attitude!
What does she think of herself! She flipped the money and went off Sir! Mohini is running away Hey Mohini Hey where are you running? Remove the money Please forgive me this week My child is not well I want to buy medicines for him Am I your child’s father,
that I’ll forgive you? Hey Bhudwa!
Dont leave anyone! Take money from everyone! -Yes!
I’ll see if Bade babu has come to office! C’mon! Remove! Your diary… Your file! I’ll take everything, dont you worry! Tell me something… ….I cant see inspite of having
eyes! How do you come to know everything? How? I’ll say? Close your eyes! Come Come! 1…2….3….4 You saw, how I come to know? I used to face problems
in the starting! Now I am used to it Okay, Now I am leaving! Come soon from the office! Yes, I’ll come soon Greetings! I have got cigarettes for
all of you! Take it!
Dont feel shy Take it Sir has still not come? He will be coming
anytime! Good you came!
Else we were supposed to come! You’ll had some work with me? There’s a festival… …you are our biggest suppliers! And so we needed some money! We’ll give money… …but your company doesnt provide us with bills
and so we dont get money! You clear our bills… …we’ll give you’ll money!
Okay Sir has arrived! Greetings! Greetings You and here? Yes Father had sent me to you! Its our festival today… …so he had asked to clear
the bills! I am helpless I have a lot of complaints against
the goods! This has reached till
the higher authorities! You are the head for us! If you want!
No I cant pass your bills! It’ll be good if you speak
to Mr. Sahay! Heard? I cant clear your bills! Because he is the boss…. …even I’ll see how he doesnt
clear off the bills! Muniya, you take rest
I am coming Sir, will I get a room to live here? 1 room is available! 15 rupees! But food is not included!
Thats okay! How many days will you stay
here for? I cant tell you anything! 10 days… ….or may be 10 months! My business is like that! Understood!
Understood? You seem to be intelligent to me! Take this! Advance! Okay, this is my bag! Kindly leave it till my room! And one more favour you’ll have to do
for me! Where is Maniram Jewellers situated? Go straight and its near the market Thank you! I am just coming! Hey Changi!
-Yes Keep his luggage in his room! Okay Its like! Its like… What do you want, Sir? Greetings! Why are you calling me Sir! I am just an ordinary man! You have made all of this? Very good Very beautiful! Only I can make this in this
area! You are pretty famous! And so I have come here! Really? Listen! I have some goods! Really? Look at this! A gold biscuit? Be soft, else I’ll be taken
to the police station! But this is illegal! What are you saying? I’ll obviously get illegal things
from the other side of the country! You melt the gold and
it will be legal! You are an influential man! We dont do illegal things! You can go from here! Listen to me If you wont do… …..give me references of people
who do! My work will be done… …and even you’ll get a commission
of 10 percent! Surely, but see to it you
nothing goes wrong! What are you saying? I am giving you a guarantee!
Okay Thats enough! Come lets go to Sahuji place!
Lets go! Keep the goods inside! Okay!
Govinda What did you get? I have got rice!
Rice Govinda, you have soaked this
rice and have got? People offer it to god! You wont get sinned! Bad They are dry They are dry?
Yes Whatever it is… ….I wont give more than 1.25 rupees! Only 1.25? I’ll die Why do you talk nonsense? Okay I’ll give you 1 paisa more Keep the goods inside
-Okey Maniram! Come Maniram! Greetings! What news? Who is he? He has got gold! I understood! Come! Come inside! Come Sit I’ll shut the door It has to be done secretly! You understood, right? Understood everything! Where is the gold? A biscuit of gold? Its real? Its very real Okay!
I’ll give you the right price! How much? 500! But its for 1000 Thats there This is illegal
and so….! You seem to be very intelligent! Remove money! Remove money! Look… …you look decent And so I bought it from you! What do you do? The same thing what you do! Selling and buying goods! You are a nice man Listen… …..get gold from the other
side of border to this side! Here! I will get it! But its difficult going there! Why? Because the police there
is behind me! So I’ll have to stay here for
few days! Here Stay here! Whenever you get a chance? But hide it and get it Understood? Understood If I want to do business with you,
I’ll have to do it secretly Okay, I’ll leave? Greetings! Welcome! Greetings!
-Greetings! Kali had come to fetch you
but you dint come! Tell me how are you? I am fine! But this man…? Do you know him? No I dont know him! Today only..! Why what happen? Do you know him? Feels like I have seen him
somewhere! But his eyes… …makes me doubt him! What are you saying? Its not safe to keep
things here! What is not right? Biscuit A gold biscuit He had come to sell it I had a doubt there’s something
wrong! Else how would he give
it to me in half the price? You take it away Take it away from here! Dig it underground I’ll get it later on! You were right He is not the right man Else how would he take it
in half the price! Hey girl! Are you buying bangles? Hey girl! Where are you off to? Just tell me a yes once… …I’ll keep you like a princess! Oh my god!
He hit me! He broke all my pots! Is this your father’s road? You walk in the middle of the road! I was crossing the road You pushed me! Its your fault! You will have to pay for it! Its my fault?
-Yes! I’ll have to pay for it? Yes Take this! Look, he hit me! He is hitting me Save me Shout and call your father! Call him Call your father Save me Save me Save me Save me! Oh god You are very strong! Hand! It’ll be dirty! Put your hands in your pocket You? Yes me Where is your tail? That rope? You wait and watch! You are unnecessarily getting
angry! You broke a watermelon! I swear if I dont
hit you brutally… …I’ll change my name! Very good Sir! What am I saying? If I hit you with this, you’ll
start running! So let the spare parts be
in a car! Understood? Oh God he hit me very hard! I will have to do something now! Bhudwa, He is a tough man! What is happening? You’ll are fighting on the roads? I am not fighting… …he was fighting with me! He..! Where are you? He broke his pots and is
even raising hands on him! Yes! Heard?
He is lying! I am lying? What is the truth?
You all say? Yes! What had to happen
has happened! Everyone go home now! Go home? He behaves like a hooligan,
wont you punish him? He wont punish him He wont punish him Yes! Okay You want to increase the matter then
I will take them to police station. But who will be their supporter? I will support him but first make arrangements for his treatment. Take him to the doctor… ….and get him to the police station
after his aiding him! Even you need medicines? C’mon C’mon Kali babu Dont worry Come on There’s a problem! Lets inform Bade Babu Hey Rama.
– Yes? Where is the boss?
– Inside – Sir.. Sir.. Why are you shouting? What happened? Police caught Sir and have taken
him to the police station! Okay What? Why? He banged GopiKumar with his jeep! Kali is a big problem for me! Police station!
Where is Gopi? Shut up He is taken to the clinic Lets go! Quickly lets go to the police station! Not to the police station!
-Then? First we’ll meet Gopi Lets go Come on Greetings! Welcome! Greetings!
-What is the matter? Why did you get him here? Atleast have a seat! I got news so I came running here! Okay Poor Gopi He got injured! But why did you get Kali
for such a small thing? Made a big issue out of it! He dint make an issue out of it… …straight justice! You and here? What are you doing here? Dont get scared! Our matter is a secret! This is something different! Kali Babu bashed Gopi
with his car…. …and broke all his pots! And even hit him brutally… ….he hit him very brutally! So I got him to the police station! Was I wrong? Kali cant do this! He is very quite! Okay He is very quite? Say Gopi Say Gopi Say Gopi What had happened? He is our own!
Dont get scared! Sir.. …I cant hear Kali honked at me! But I coudnt hear I myself came in front of the car! I am unlucky! All my pots broke! Its my fault Its not Kali Babu’s fault Really? Gopinath what am I saying…. ….if he has not hit you…. …then how do you have so many
wounds on your face? I banged into a stone! And so I got hurt You can hear me very clearly! How much money did you get
to act deaf? You keep quite! Why are you getting angry? Ok I’ll keep quite!
Whatever you want him to say let him speak… …I’ll listen to it quietly! Say! Now what else do you want to know?
He has said everything! Okay we are leaving Okay, You’ll leave! Gopinath, come with me! Daruga Babu, I’ll pay for his pots! Be careful while driving! Are you a kid?
Now greet him! Greetings! C’mon! I’ll meet you again! Seriously? You left him? Good justice done! I am telling you!
-No need to say anything more! You have come here to
boss around? If you again try to boss
around… ….I’ll lock you up! Understood? I understood! I understood everything! Keep an eye on him! I doubt on his every move! He had come to the shop this
morning! He had come to our shop
Why? To sell a gold biscuit! And thats when I thought he is not
a right guy! Dont you worry Father! I’ll screw him royally! Major… …what’s the matter? You melted the gold? Gold? What gold? He fooled you! He cheated you! Yes How? Only 2 biscuits were real gold… …rest all was brass! Was just gold-plated Look! I wasted my money! I wont spare him! Bharat!
Yes sir? Whose it? Whose it? Sir Welcome It’s my pleasure that you visited my home We have got news… …that he has crossed the border and
have come here! And he has sold gold biscuits
to you! Who? He? What are you saying Sir? This is a lie! Open your chest! We want to search! You want to search? Yes Okay Come Search inside! Look! Look Sir biscuit? Yes You have kept these eating
biscuits inside this? I had to keep Sir To protect it from mice! God Ganesha rides on a mouse! So before Ganesha these mice
eat the biscuits up! Did you see Sir? He doesnt keep gold biscuits in his
chest…. …he keeps eating biscuits in
his chest! You got me here unnecessarily! I dont do illegal things You shut up Do you know this man? I havent ever seen him before,
this is the first time I am seeing him! You are seeing for the first time? I am a simple man… Rice, wheat, Paddy, Timber I dont do illegal things Sir Swearing on God! He is such a simple, religious man! He takes his God’s name in
every sentence he speaks! There is nothing wrong with him Sir He is unnecessarily..! I am saying!
Shut up! You are saved now! Again if I catch you… …I wont leave you! C’mon! This is weird! Will anyone agree to this? Okay I am leaving Where are you going? What are you doing?
It will tear! My clothes will tear Leave it Leave it! Leave it please Give my money back to me Money?
-Yes What money? What money? You had sold Brass for Gold! That? But you just told Sir you
dont do illegal things! And now you say..! Okay Sir Sir Shut up Keep quite? You think you are smart? I’ll break your legs! Legs! Yes! You can do that! I saw that in the police station! Amazing, What tricks you use! All of them are in your clutches….! I’ll leave? Scoundrel! The police is now aware! Just be careful! Yes I’ll be careful… ….but I lost all my money! Oh my god Oh my god Sister Have come for a walk? Who? Fulwa? Yes Just with Tommy You are done with your work? Yes Come home! I have kept sweets for you! Really? Lets go! Fulwa Rani… Who is this girl with you? So you wont tell me? Hey Bhudwa! -Yes
Do you know her? She is Sir’s daughter Okay, She is Sir’s daughter?
-Yes Greetings Its surprising I havent
seen you only! I am Kaliram You must have heard my name! Lets go Kancha Fulwa lets go Lets go from here You are leaving? Okay Greetings I’ll meet you again Look ahead Who was he? He? He is Hariyal Sahay’s son! He is a scoundrel! Forget him Give Tommy to me! Take him! Who is it? A stranger! What if you would fall off? Cant you see the deep valley? valley? I cant see! I am sorry, I dint
know! Dont feel about what
I said! No, Why will I feel bad? You saved my life! But I dont recognize you! How will you recognize me? I am Abhijeet Rai I am new here! I am an outsider! Okay Then you’ll have two names! 1 would be Abhijeet and
second name Pardesi! Call me whatever name you want Till you dont know me
I am a stranger for you! But can I tell you something? Tell me! You shouldnt go alone
outside! I wasnt alone! A servant was along! But my dog ran
all of a sudden…. …and so he went to catch him! Sister, he is such a waste! Kancha cant even catch a dog! If Tommy runs in one direction
he runs in another direction! You call her sister and leave
her alone? Where did I leave her alone? This dog started running
so even I started running behind him! I’ll drop you home! No Why will you do so much for me? I’ll go along with him! But you definitely come to
my house! Our bungalow is there! Okay I’ll definitely come! Greetings!
-Greetings! Lets go! Mr. Gosh has sent you! Mr. Gosh atleast remembered me! He told me! You called me sir? Yes!
Meet him He is Mr. Abhijeet And he is Suresh Babu! Greetings!
The chief accountant here! A very old friend has sent him here! He’ll stay here for few days! If he has any problems
please help him! Dont worry Sir! Come Sir After you! Sister… …whom are you making that
necklace for? Just like that! Just like that? Is he coming? Who he? That outsider I’ll hit you Go run away! Okay I am leaving! If you meet that gentleman… …I’ll tell him…. … sister is making a necklace! “Where has that foreigner come from
in my mind?” “Where has that foreigner come from
in my mind?” “That foreigner” “I wish I dont shed like a flower….” “….in someone’s arms” “I wish he doesnt take me….” “… a Palanquin” “I wish I dont shed like a flower….” “….in someone’s arms” “I wish he doesnt take me….” “… a Palanquin” “Where has that foreigner come from
in my mind?” “That foreigner” “My inhibitions used to
surround me from all directions” “Even taller than mountains and
deeper than oceans” “My inhibitions used to
surround me from all directions” “Even taller than mountains and
deeper than oceans” “Where has that foreigner come from
in my mind?” “That foreigner” “I couldnt stop him from coming” “How will I stop him from going?” “I couldnt stop him from coming” “How will I stop him from going?” “Where has that foreigner come from
in my mind?” “That foreigner”
Who is it? Its me the foreigner! I mean Abhijeet! When did you come? I was passing from here,
heard your song and stooped to listen to it! You sing very well Okay So you were listening to my song
secretly? This is not good You tell me what would I do? You were singing so well that I had to..! Say you were caught red handed! You have stolen something
and should be punished for it Punishment? What punishment? You’ll have to have tea…! In that case I am ready to suffer everyday! It looks good when you say
‘What am I saying?’ Really? Its a habit! Okay then I am saying
lets go! I am surprised to see you….! Dont you feel sad? Sad? Why? I am blind so..! No, Infact I am glad! Inspite of loosing your eyes…. ……you never gave up! You have accepted everything! And havent complain to anyone! Its better to accept…. ….than to complain! And so I am happy being alone in
my own dark world! What is the use complaining? Abhijeet Babu…! Greetings!
Sit! She is my daughter Rajni Did you introduce yourself? Yes Father, he is the one… ….who saved my life Okay You have no idea, you have
done a big favour on me! How do I thank you? What are you saying? Do not let me down Rajni is my only daughter! God has not given her eyes! What are you saying? I think you are not
eating anything! I ate so much Okay I’ll leave! Why so soon?
Yes its urgent! Okay!
I’ll drop you till the door! If you get time visit again! My world is dark so if anyone
comes I feel good! Definitely! Greetings! Look Mani Babu There are a lot of problems with
the bills of Sahay and Company! I dont want… ….on the day of Durga Puja… …you’ll ask for any help
from them! Okay Sir We’ll adjust! Dont get upset! I have sanctioned Rs 5000 from
Mr. Sahay! Then we wont have any problems! Then we’ll make it grand! Okay! Then do that! You can leave! Hail Durga Mata Hail Durga Mata Bless me! I had come to pray God. And I got to meet you My worship has been fulfilled How are you? All thanks to you. 1 request I have to make! Request?
-Yes I’ll be glad if you could just clear that bill
of 17,000 Is this the time to talk about
payments? What happen?
Its a festival Eat, drink and enjoy yourself! Office talks should be done
in the office! Okay I’ll meet you in the office! Okay I am leaving Everything is fine, if needed
anything just handle! Okay Okay I’ll go to the office! Please clear off my bills! Greetings! Greetings! You have come to see the festival? Yes I am seeing it for the first time! Good decoration is done! The workers do it! Their program will begin in sometime! Really?
-Yes Definitely see they dance very well! Lets see!
-Lets go Come sister,
Greetings! Greetings! When will your show begin? How will we dance? Look they are drunk! Drink some more Who’ll play the drums? If theres no one to play drums,
you all wont dance? Without drums how will
we dance? Shall I try? You? Yes!
You’ll play the drums? You know how to play? Yes, see me! Get the drums! Sir, drink this! Its Cannabis Sir… …this tall man is cheap! He is playing drums
between all girls! Is this called playing drums? He is banging on the dead skin! You play and show him! Should I?
-Yes Make my way! Move, Sir is coming! Fulwa Rani What are you dancing on his beats? I’ll play the drums, you dance! Get the drums! I’ll just get Hey Fulwa Rani… …tell him if he likes playing the drums… …come and combat me! What is it? You are challenging me? Are you man enough to compete
with me! Come Kaliram Even I want to see your strength! Okay but take care of one thing… ….if you loose… …I’ll tie this drum around your neck…. ….and will take you around market! Okay accepted But if you loose Take an oath you wont put the drum down
and run from here! I take an oath
and I am the only son of my father! I’ll wait for you here! C’mon Now you’ll show whose
son are you! What happen? Kaliram’s drum blasted! Kaliram’s drum blasted! “A crow apes swan” “A crow apes swan” “A donkey tries to be a horse” “The rhythm breaks, the trick breaks” “The rhythm breaks, the trick breaks” “The rhythm breaks, the trick breaks” “Kaliram’s secret is exposed and his
drums blast in front of the market” “He was embarrassed” “Kaliram’s secret is exposed…..” “…….and his
drums blast in front of the market” “He was embarrassed” “We saw this entire show
without ticket” “We saw this entire show
without ticket” “A mouse had Cannabis” “A mouse had Cannabis and disturbed a tiger” “This is like small person giving intellectual suggestion” “Kaliram’s secret is exposed…..” “…….and his
drums blast in front of the market” “He was embarrassed” “Chant and play the shell” “Drop your head” “Durga explain this fatso” “I request Durga Maa to leave
this monster” “I request Durga Maa to leave
this monster” “This fatso should be learnt a lesson” “Goddess take his life” “Goddess take his life” “This sacrifice is precious” “Kaliram’s secret is exposed…..” “…….and his
drums blast in front of the market” “He was embarrassed” “Poor guy lost the game” “Totally embarrassed” “Someone go and drop him home” “Someone go and drop him home” “He is highly ashamed and is repentant
for his mistakes” “What is the value of the
person who has lost his respect?” “Kaliram’s secret is exposed…..” “…….and his
drums blast in front of the market” “He was embarrassed” He is running! Catch him he shouldnt escape! Why are you getting so angry? Its okay if your drum has bursted! But if our business dooms,
we’ll loose everything! Think Big And keep Sir in your clutches! Its a big day of celebration…. ….bribe Sir! And take a sari for his daughter For that girl? That girl is not good My drum bursted and she was
laughing! Girls have a habit of laughing
in that manner! Let her laugh Tolerate everything at the moment… ….and clear all our bills! Just cool down! And tomorrow morning
go to their bungalow! Understood? The festival day was nice! Why not? You defeated Kaliram! Walk slowly What’s the hurry? Is someone waiting for you at
home? Who will wait for me? I am all alone! Here at least you are
there to accompany me! Abhijeet Babu Who stays with you at your place? No one! My parents had expired when
I was young… Now I am all alone So many birds Yes In winters, these birds come from
far! And once winters pass, they go back! They love and live on the way! And they disappear on their way back! But a man cannot disappear on his way! He wants to make his own house
and get settled! The one who can see…. ……feel love like a dream come true! Lets go “Where has that foreigner come from
in my mind?” Who is it? Who is it? Scared? I am not an animal… …I am Kaliram! Why have you come here? Why have you come here? I have come to your place! Ask me to sit, Talk to me sweetly… …you ask me questions like
why have I come? When that scoundrel comes
you serve him very well! And I have come..! What nonsense are you talking? I havent come here to talk nonsense Rajni! I have some important work There is no work here! I have work! I have work! I have got a sari for you. Its very beautiful Who asked you to get it?
Take it back Go What happen? Father, see him! Kali Babu What brought you here? I have come here for some important work.. ….But before I could say something,
she started shouting My father sent a sari for her… …and sent some money! Money for sweets! Greet him from my end But I dont want anything from you! Take all of it! Both of you talk in the
same tone! Its 2000 rupees! Take it And after you clear our bills..!
-You are bribing me? You want to buy our trust and
religion? You want to make us wretched
like you? What did you say? I am wretched, I am an animal? You are worst than that Enough Sir, stop her… …ask her to keep quite else..! You keep quite child! Kali Babu, office talks should
be done in office! Please go away from here! I have not come here
to stay If you take money you’ll
work… …if you dont take,
you wont do the work! There’s no need to show anger! Kaliram wont tolerate anyone’s
nonsense! Even if she is a girl! Remember that You are here to flirt around? I am saying Kali Babu… …I can show it to you
when time comes! Really?
-Yes Yesterday only your drum bursted… …be careful this doesnt burst! Lets see what bursts! Did you see that Abhijeet Babu How dares he! I did not clear his fake bills….. … started coming home
and threatening me! Why dont you take some official
steps? Talk to Mr. Sahay, everything
will be fine! You are right Mr. Sahu You have supplied goods of low quality
in all our gardens! And you havent supplied goods
here! And submitted the bill! Sir, I swear on god… …I have supplied pure materials! There are absolutely no glitches
in the bill! You can ask Mal Babu! You have always bribed Mal Babu and
have done all this! So the company has suspended him! Suspend? He is your man… ….you suspend him or
pamper him…. ….What have I got to do with it! But if you dont take the goods… …my goods worth thousands will
rot in the godown! I’ll be ruined! They are your goods!
What do we do if it rots or decays! You are forcing me to go
to the court! The company has already filed a case against
you of 2 Lakh rupees! I think you have already taken a decision Listen to me…. …I wont tolerate this injustice
done to me You can leave Greetings Greetings Sir… careful with him We had a set business… …no problems we had! Since the day Suresh Babu has come… ….our business has doomed! If we dont do something about him.. ….we’ll die out of hunger! Dont you worry father If I dont kill him… ….I’ll change my name! Will you be able to do so? Why not Go and begin with your work Use some force! Brother! Are you there at home? Why did you come here? Why do you abuse and if you abuse
be sweet enough! Sir has come to meet your father Screw him! Go from here else I’ll
hit you with this broom! Go from here! What happen? Look at him!
Hey Bhudwa… …you and here? Brother, Sir has called you. Am I his servant that he calls me
and I follow his orders? Why do you get angry? He has work What is it? Listen to me! This is it This is the thing? Sir has called? Lets go! Father where are you going? Why are you blabbering? If you come home drunk,
I’ll hit you with a broom! She has ruined my life Lets go Greetings Greetings You dont understand what I am saying! You think I am a fool? I have eaten my Sir’s salt… ….Sir’s respect is my respect! Everyone’s respect! Say! Yes you are right Take advance and once work is done
I’ll give you the rest of it! You remember right what you
have to speak? Yes I remember! Bade Babu’s mediator ship wont work! Terminate the mediator! Terminate the mediator! Bade Babu down down! Hail Mal babu Terminate Bade Babu Terminate Bade Babu Bade Babu down down! Bade Babu down down! Chote Babu, Bade babu is screwed! Bade Babu down down! Hail Mal babu Bade Babu down down! Hail Mal babu Terminate Bade Babu Hail Mal babu
Bade Babu down down! Bade Babu down down!
Hail Mal babu Hail Mal babu Sir this strike is because of me! The company has to face losses My conscience doesnt accept this! Transfer me! We can talk about your transfer
later on! I wont transfer you during
the strike! And I wont tolerate this vagrancy! You go and inform the police! Okay There is no use calling the police! He has bribed the police! Where has he popped up from? Dont you worry! I’ll cool them down!
No They are vagrancing around What will you do alone? See what I do! Bade Babu’s mediator ship wont work! Terminate Bade Babu Terminate Bade Babu You’ll act like politicians! Yes I want to hear what you all
are saying What to do with Babe Babu? Terminate him Terminate him? What wont work? His mediator ship wont work! Now speak What wont work? Everything will work What to do with Babe Babu? Dont do anything You have alcohol and take his bribe and
come here to strike! Within 5 minutes if you dont get back to
work I’ll shoot you! Go! He’ll shoot Kaliram, your game is finished! Go home! You cant boss around here! Had come on a strike! Scoundrel! Just by wearing a fox’s skin,
it doesnt become a lion! You thought those scoundrels will
go on a strike for you? They’ll go against the company? If I knew they would do this
I would have taken them along? I would have taken them along? A deal worth millions slipped
from my hands! A loss of thousands of rupees! Listen The money that you have given to the girls…. ….charge them interest and collect it
by this week! Dont keep any give and take relation with them! Understood I’ll screw each one of them! Hey Bhudwa!
Yes Chote Babu… Get that scoundrel and his friends! I’ll just get him! Hey come along with me! Lotan!
Hey you scoundrel Who is it? C’mon, Chote Babu has called for you! Who is Chote Babu? C’mon C’mon!
Leave me dont touch me! Leave me! Remove my money! I returned your interest back to you! I am not talking about the interest…. Who will give the money
that I bribed you with, your father? We went on a strike! You did?
Yes! You ran away seeing that
tall man! Remove my money Oh my god, why do you hit me? You are forcing me? We’ll go to the police station We’ll call the police What did you say? You’ll go to the police station!
-Yes You’ll call the police?
-Yes Call them! Fulwa they are hitting your father!
C’mon quick! Get up scoundrel! You’ll go to the police station! Leave my father! You’ll go to the police station! Leave him!
Someone save him! -Shut up! Hey Bhudwa set fire to
the entire area! Yes! Save us, he set fire
to our house! Save us He set fire Are you giving me my money
or should I throw you in this fire? You have to pay me!
You are lying you scoundrel! If I dont get my money till
tomorrow morning… …I’ll nab your daughter! No!
Father Hey Bhudwa, lets go! Put off the fire What happen who set the fire? Kali Babu set this fire! Babuji, please save us, this
monster will kill us! Kaliram you are crossing your limits! Stop!
Oh my god! Who set this fire? This is injustice done to us Kaliram set fire to our houses! He ruined us! Inspector, are you seeing this?
-Yes! I want you to take
proper actions for it Where did Kali babu go? Kali will wait to
get himself arrested? You cant turn hundreds of people
deaf like Gopikumar! Go and find Kali Sumar babu!
Yes I’ll do something about it! Lets go start the jeep! Suresh Babu I’ll take Lotan to the hospital! You go to the office! We’ll have to prepare a report by
night…. … send it to the headquaters by tomorrow! Okay
C’mon Lotan! Abhijeet you’ll come along with me? You carry on! I’ll go teach Kali a lesson! I have never seen a bigger fool
than you! I sent for you for the collection of money And you created forgery there? You broke their heads? What else could I do? I asked for money and instead of that
he threatened me! And so I screwed each one of them! I screwed each one of them! Forget all that Listen, the Inspector has
sent in some news…. …..this time even the police is helpless! So please listen to me and cross the
brigde and meet the Pradhan (major) And secretly stay there for some days! On this rainy night? I cross the lake and go? Yes you’ll go If police comes its difficult
to save your life! Who is it? Its me Bahadur Bahadur What is it? Sir, the Inspector has called you
to the police station! Okay Inspector?
Police? I hope you havent told him
Kali is here! No You go I am coming! Okay Kali the police has arrived! Go and jump from the window! Quickly! Samur Babu, what’s happening? You will really arrest Kali? Sahayji the thing is…! Samur Babu, whatever you’ll tell me
to do, I’ll do! But dont arrest Kali! Where is Kali? Kali? You? Yes its me! Where is Kali? Who are you to ask? Kali has not come here! You are lying! I am lying? Yes Samur Babu if you have a doubt… …You can come home and search
for him in my house! Yes we’ll come to check! This is our duty! Stop Sumar Babu There is no use in pretending! I know Kali is not going
to wait for you! He must have banished him
and he is trying to act innocent… ….and you are pretending to do
your duty! What? Yes If you wouldnt have wasted your time
by sitting here in the police station… ….then Kali woudnt have escaped! You are responsible for this matter! Shut up Do you know whom are you talking
to? I know Sumar Babu I know it You have forgotten your duty
and have taken a bribe! You are a disgrace to
the police department! But remember one thing…. ….your attempts to save Kali…. …will go in vain!
I’ll not leave him Kancha!
Yes sister Food for father! And see its raining heavily outside! Dont leave father alone
outside! Get him along! Okay Sister! Chote Babu you? At this time? Get two bottles of beer! Have 4 bottles! But dont drink here! The police is searching for you! Do what I say,
screw the police! Okay!
Hey Bhudwa, close the door! Chote Babu, listen to me!
Shut up You think I am a coward? Where is he carrying the tiffin to? This means Bade Babu is not at home! Chote Babu please dont go
I beg you! Shut up! Lets run and save our lives! Who is it? Who is it? Its me Kali Babu Where is that oldie? Father has gone to the office! Go there! He is in the office? Okay great! Open the door No I wont open! You wont open the door? No, you go from here! You wont open the door? Dont come near!
Go away! Go away Go away! You are looking very beautiful! Its a beautiful night and you are alone! And you ask me to leave from here…! No! What do you want? What do you want? I love you Go away from here I’ll go away but before that I
would like to embrace you! Go away! Go Go Scoundrel Save me! Leave me! Save me! Save me!
No one will save you today! No one will save you! Even if you shout no one
will come to your rescue! Dont be scared I am here! Rajni
Father Scoundrel, arent you ashamed of
disgracing a blind girl? Rajni! Will you repeat it? Say Abhijeet babu what happen? Father Father Suresh Babu, this scoundrel had come to
bring disgrace to your daughter! Dont get scared! You take care of Rajni, I’ll
take him to the police station! C’mon Kalia! C’mon! Kali Babu? Samur Babu I told you, I’ll find him
and will get him here! Take him I got him here! What is all this? Dont you understand?
No I’ll explain! He is that snake… ….intoxicated snake that you
couldnt find! He set fire to houses of the village
and ruined them! And today…. ….he entered to molest a blind helpless girl! I have found him from there! He is lying!
Believe me…! …the decision will be taken later Kali! Later! Samur babu, arrest him! I need evidence to arrest him! We need a witness! Witness? I am a witness Now I order you to arrest him! Order? how dare you! Who are you to order me? You want to know who am i? This is me Greetings Sir I did not recognize you Sir You did not recognize me? Now I expect you to follow
my orders! Yes definitely! Arrest him! And lock him up! And Samur Babu….
-Yes …you remember one day you had told
me you’ll lock me…. …to cool me down! Yes I remember! Even I have done some
arrangements for you! No Sir You are suspended Please forgive me! Babe Babu You? Why have you come here! Please forgive me Bade Babu You take your case back
I am ready to serve you for the rest of my life! I cant do anything! The matter is in police’s hand! Police? If you’ll help I’ll deal
with the police! You just tell a yes…. …go back to your village without
worrying much…. ….and keep a grand wedding of your daughter! What are you saying? Dont worry about money Bade Babu Your daughter is like my daughter! I’ll finance you! You want to bribe me? No Bade Babu! I am talking for your
daughter’s well being If you go to the court, you’ll
create an issue out of it! Your daughter will be defamed! No hopes will be left to get
your daughter married! I know what is good and what is bad! I cant deal with her dignity and honor! Now you can leave! Okay I am leaving But definitely think about what I said! Its not easy to get a blind
daughter married! Especially, when she is defamed! Greetings Bade Babu! Sister Abhijeet Babu You go What is all this? We are leaving from here
Abhijeet Babu Leaving? Why? We have no other option I cant see I just know one thing What is it? I cant face anybody… ….after the incident that took place! It wasnt your fault! Still!
-Rajni! My leave is sanctioned! We’ll leave tomorrow morning! Abhijeet Good you met me here! I wanted to talk to you
something important! I just came to know from Rajni,
you’ll are leaving from here! But do you know something… …..once you’ll leave from here,
the case will be dismissed? What to do? I cant face Rajni! My delicate child… …has become an idol of stone! She keeps crying all day! I have become weak seeing
her tears! This means… ….you can tolerate the injustice
done to you! You wont fight it Like a coward you’ll run away from here! I am helpless! You wont understand how it feels to
be a father of a blind helpless girl! Abhijeet You have done many favours on us! But I… ….cant wait this time! Please forgive me! Who am I to forgive you? If Rajni comes to know Sahayji
has bribed you… …can she ever forgive you? I have taken bribe from him? What are you saying? Sahayji had also given me money! I returned back to him! But being a father what did you do? I take my daughter’s swear… ….I havent taken any money
from him Then why are you going? Just for Rajni! The case will go on in the court… …the advocate will ask
questions… ….he’ll ask tough questions! And these talks will spread And she will be defamed! And after hearing all this
who will marry my daughter? Nobody She will keep suffering all her life… …I wont be able to tolerate
that! I wont be able to tolerate
that! Only this is the reason? Yes If a decent man is ready to marry
your daughter then…? Where will I find such a guy? Who’ll marry my daughter? I’ll marry her! Abhijeet, you? Yes me If you are ready to get
your daughter married to me… …I’ll give her the dignity
of being my wife! Abhijeet, you are telling me this? Listen to what Abhijeet is saying! God answered to me No father No! This is not possible! You have mercy on me No Rajni Its not mercy I dont know when did I start
liking you so much! My life is a curse to me! I dont want you to get cursed! Its not a curse to get you! I am fortunate! Abhijeet Abhijeet Rajni!
Abhijeet Come Can you hear the birds? They are coming back home
to stay here… …even I found my house today! Feels like… ….a star has started
shinning in my lonely life! And that star’s name is…!
Abhijeet! No Rajni Switch off the lights! Switch off the lights! Why? Switch it off! I switched it off Liar Switch it off I switched it off! No!
How do you know? Can recognize the light in the dark And so today… …..I recognized you! I did not only recognize you…. …..but also have achieved you! I wish I had eyes… …I would have seen you
till my heart’s content What did you want to see? How does my God look like! Did you get to know? Kaliram’s case’s decision
is taken! What is the final verdict? He is imprisoned for 5 years! Good Yes very good Preparations are done? You’ll have to go to Sonapur
tomorrow! Yes But I dont feel like
leaving you alone and going! Dont worry about me! Abhijeet is promoted thats good news! He will be the incharge of Sonapur’s
4 police stations! All that is okay But you’ll be alone here?
Who’ll look after you? You come along with me! Silly girl. I’ll keep visiting you
on and off! Wipe your tears… …today is a big day
for us! My daughter will go to
her own house! You shouldnt be sad at this time
you should be happy! Dont cry! Dont cry Rajni This is our small little house! There is a garden in front of us! And there is a lake… ….and mountains behind the lake! Come Come This room? This is our drawing room! The house is very beautiful? I wish I could see! So what? Look through my eyes! Yes Come I always see you watering these
plants… …What is the matter? Just like that Just like that means? You wont understand it But I understand! What have you understood? I understand what you want! Just like these flowers… ….a flower should blossom… ….even in our lives! Hey Bhudwa!-Yes
Today Kali is going to be released… ….get a garland!
Yes! Make 2 garlands! Chote Babu is coming! Come sir Muniram!
Welcome sir Greetings Greetings Muniram is that locket ready? Kali is going to be released today We have to go to fetch him! It is ready Can I ever delay your work? Take this Very nice!
Good work Very nice! Bless me Just bless me after Kali wears this
he becomes wise enough! Chote Babu is released after 5 years
make him wear the garland! Live long He has lost so much weight You must have faced problems staying inside!
No, No Sir, that locket! Locket Wear this locket, god
will protect you Its of real gold I know! You have to do some big things!
Now go home I have to meet Pradhaan! Bhudwa, Kachwa take Kali home! Go child!
Come Chote Babu Welcome Sit Amazing Chote Babu, we have
stopped at a good place He directly came here from the jail! Welcome Sir Welcome Sir Welcome Give me 2 bottles of beer Yes I’ll get it You are sitting in my way Hey get up Get up its my place! Why? Why? All dogs have become tigers
in 5 years! Scoundrel! Chote Babu, sit You have come after 5 years,
whats the use getting angry? Hey get alcohol quickly! Where is that blind girl and
that Inspector? They have left this city
after getting married! Forget them I should forget that? I dint do anything and was imprisoned
for 5 years And you ask me to leave him No Take this What is this? What type of syrup
is this? Get the imported brand I drink… …and take the money later! Imported brand is not available! What? You have forgotten that day… …..when you would stop my
car and sell imported beer? And today you say you
dont have it! Go and get my brand Else…!
Else you’ll hit us? You were imprisoned for 5 years… …but still havent got a lesson? Scoundrel… …you talk about jail? Scoundrel, dont you know Kali? Leave me!
You scoundrel! Leave me Move!
Leave me That indigent man insulted me! He called me cunning, scoundrel
and a hooligan! And all this happened because of
Abhijeet I’ll find him… …and will take revenge from him! Rajni… Rajni… Rajni
-Yes Very good Wait!
What are you doing? Again in this attire? What is it today? Do you know what is it today? I had to call you and ask
you to come home! No but seriously I have lots of work! I know what work you have! Catch people lock them up… …and to harass them! No Rajni nothing like that! Even I have a family And now a small guest is
going to come! So I dont want to be cursed,
infact I want good wishes! Our life should not be affected with the shadow
of any evil! Yes? I dont know, I am scared of one thing! I wish our child is not like me..! Do you know what did the doctor say? What? He said you should always
be in a happy mood in these days! Understood? Hello
-Yes Gopal Babu say! We have got news… …someone has crossed the border
and have got some smuggling goods! Really? Okay I am just coming! No one is checking today on the bridge! Where is the truck? Look there As and when it reaches in the
middle of the bridge, you block the road! I’ll come from behind and stop! They blocked the road! Break it! He is Inspector Abhijeet He is shooting!
Race! Take the bridge, I’ll see him! See this son… ..this is an important place where
we do business! Rope trolley Its not only a rope trolley… …with this rope….. ….the smuggled goods come from foreign
in it! And then they are sent from here
to the market! Very good father! What amazing business you do! Too good Just dont accept all this,
even understand it! I’ll show you some more things! Why has the truck come back again? Come lets see! Where is Sahayji?
He is upstairs! What happen Pradhaan,
you came back? Some problem came up! Came across a policeman! I have saved my life and have come! You said the road is clear The road was clear But Inspector Abhijeet
reached there Abhijeet?
Yes! The one who had sent you to the jail He is transferred to Sonarpur Sonarpur Sonarpur Rajni Yes, you come shouting… …like you have some very early! Its your habit of coming late
home! No I had gone to the market
to buy some stuff! Look what did I get for you! What did you get? Show me Cradle For the coming guest! Yes he’ll sleep in the Cradle?
-Yes Where else will he sleep? On my lap No, he’ll sleep in the cradle! And… ….I’ll sleep on your lap! And then you’ll sing Lullaby
and make us sleep Both of you will sleep…. …and I’ll be awake all night? Never If you’ll sleep who
will feed him? Go away! Okay you think about him… …dont think about me! If I wont think about you,
who else will I think about? You mean the world to me! Look I have bought a sari for you! Show me Is it of Silk? Yes What colour is it? Red! Go and wear it quickly! Why? You forgot today is our
marriage anniversary! We’ll go out roam
around… …will enjoy! Okay You remember our wedding anniversary? I thought you dont remember
anything besides your duty! Started with your taunts No Just like that C’mon This is the way to Sonarpur! Shut up I know “Our dreams of love….” “…have finally come true” “Our dreams of love….” “…have finally come true” “Songs have blossomed like
flowers on our lips” “I found my soul mate in you” “Our dreams of love….” “…have finally come true” “Our dreams of love….” “…have finally come true” “If I get vision for sometime” “I’ll see what I have heard” “I’ll read your eyes” “If I get vision for sometime” “I’ll see what I have heard” “You can see through my eyes” “Our dreams of love….” “…have finally come true” “Our dreams of love….” “…have finally come true” “The lanes full of thorns…” “… have blossomed there” “Dance and celebrate” “The lanes full of thorns…” “… have blossomed there” “Lets go beloved somewhere with
everyone” “Our dreams of love….” “…have finally come true” “Our dreams of love….” “…have finally come true” “In my every birth…” “… get married to me” “Your palanquin should be in my courtyard” “In my every birth…” “… get married to me” “Lift my veil with your hands” “Our dreams of love….” “…have finally come true” “Songs have blossomed like
flowers on our lips” “I found my soul mate in you” “Our dreams of love….” “…have finally come true” This night is so wonderful! Silence all around! And these rains! Feels like only we two
are there in this entire world! You and me! No one else! Many nights will come… …but this rainy night
wont come back again! Why not? Next year also this night will come! Next year we wont be alone
on this day! We’ll be three of us! One you… …one me… …and the new guest! So what? He is ours! Yes but…. …he wont let us sit
in peace! You’ll have more rights on him
than me! No This can never happen I’ll always see your dreams! When you’ll go far from him… …..he’ll never make me feel
your absence! Really?
yes He’ll bind us together And then our love! This phone is like another woman! I’ll receive it Hello! I am talking from the check post Tantri Which check-post? Check-post number 30 I have just got the news… ….a lorry will take smuggled
goods from here! Okay Did you call Gopal Babu? Yes I called him But he is not there at home! He is not there at home?
No sir The truck should go! Block the road from both the sides
I’ll just come! Okay Sir You’ll go on out on this
stormy night? I will have to go! They have seen a truck of smugglers! They had escaped that day! Today I’ll see to it they
dont escape! The inspector has left Let him die in the rains Kachuwa, switch off the main
light! Go Quickly! Why did the light go away? Sister, what happen? Give me the torch The light has gone off How did the light go off? The fuse must be dead What happen? Kancha Kancha Kancha Hey Kancha Why arent you talking? What happen? Who is it? Who is there? Who is there? You had called? No Sir I did not call You did not call?
No sir I think someone has cheated me! Okay be careful if a truck
comes, call in the police station! Okay sir Open the road Gopal Babu Sir you and here at this time?
-Yes Since how long are you at home? From 2 hours! Your phone is working?
-Yes What happen Sir? Nothing Okay Chote Babu, Sir has come! Why is it dark? Why are the lights off? Where did they all go? Dont touch me! Rajni, its me Abhijeet Dont get scared! I am near you Dont worry I am near you! The moment someone touches me… …..that monster is coming again to
hold me! Can you just give me
little recognition Then I wont leave him alive! A little recognition! A little recognition! No I cant tell you! My hand and mouth were sealed! And he dint speak a word! He killed my child! He killed my child! Dont cry child! Dont cry child! What do I do? I am ruined! Cool down What happen? Doctor I wanted to ask..!
Come please Why dont you understand her state? She got a shock, and then abortion plus
severe bleeding has happened! Let her rest Please I am sorry Doctor
I couldnt control! I am raging with fury? I understand! But its not right to ask
her questions! Let her recover You go, I’ll stay with
Rajni! I have just come to know
Abhijeet…! How is Mrs. Abhijeet? You’ll get whatever help
you want! Do you doubt anyone? I cant pin point anyone Sir. From the check-post I have come to know,
the car they had come on… ….the number was a fake one! Rajni also is unable to tell
anything about them It was a raining on that night
so all the marks have washed away! So I dont get any proofs! But I look forward… ….to find those scoundrels! I have got the reports…. …..due to rains …. …..the fingerprints from this tape
have been washed away Okay I am going home just now… …if you get any more news call me there! How is Rajni? Okay But she doesnt talk or walk She is only sitting near the Cradle Who is it? Its me! Why are you sitting silently
here? What else do I do? God has snatched everything from me! My happiness, My peace… You only tell me… …what was my fault? That god had to punish me so brutally! No Rajni… ….dont get so upset! Our life is not over! You see happiness will again favour us! Joys will again come into
our lives! Bad days are for a temporary period In this entire area only
I am the one who can make this! Amazing, its wonderful Son, Think one more time! To combat with those guys is equal
to playing with fire! I cant wait anymore… …even if I have to play with fire
or face the mountains! Who’ll respect a police who cannot
take a revenge of his wife’s insult? Who’ll believe me when it comes to safeguarding…. …..others and taking care of their respect? Its not just the question of Rajni’s
or my respect… It is the question of entire
police force! No I wont leave him! No, I wont let you go You have no idea how dangerous
they are! They will….!
I know Rajni! Anything can happen to me! But the one who wears this uniform
has to face danger! His life is always at stake! The one who had tied your hands…. …made you helpless and wanted to
seize everything from you…. …till I dont arrest that animal… ….I wont sit quietly! No, I cant take this! If anything happens to you… …what will I do? I cannot put my marriage to stake! No!
Dont act stupid! Dont make me weak!
You are my strength! If you demotivate me how will
I fulfill my duty? I swear on our love… Tomorrow evening before teh sun sets… …that scoundrel will be
under your feet! Father Let him go Let him go Let him fulfill his duty Dont cry!
Stop him! Maniram!
Welcome Inspector My good luck that you visited me! Can you tell me whose has made this locket? This?
How would I know who has made it? You dont know but I know! In this area who can make this
locket except you? You remember you had told me this
once? I had told you But I havent made! You havent made?
No Probably now you would
have remembered? Say I dont know Sir! Maniram whom did you make this
locket for? I dont know Sir Maniram the owner of this locket
has ruined me… …and you are his friend, I
wont even leave you! For whom have you made it? Say I am telling! I am telling you Sir What are you saying Maniram? Kali’s locket… …is with the Inspector? Crashed! We are ruined! Kali! What is the matter? Havent you got a lesson
after spending 5 years in jail? Why what happen? You had gone to Sonarpur? Yes Why did you go there? Why did you go there? To take a revenge! To take a revenge! The Inspector is coming to arrest you! Let him come!
I swear I wont let him go back alive! Have you lost it? That Inspector will assault you! Go from the back door I’ll handle him Go! Welcome Inspector Where is Kali? Seeing you after a long time! Get sweets! Where is Kali? Sit here for sometime! I havent come here to sit I have come for Kali Where is he? Who?
Oh Kali? Kali is not here!
After his release from the jail… …..we did a treatment but that dint help
so we sent him to Calcutta! You are lying? You are lying?
What are you doing? Tell me where is Kali? No Sir, I am not lying Kali is not here You can search for him in the house! Search him? There is no use finding him
because I know you have deported him! But remember one thing! Whatever tricks you use…. ….if I dont arrest him till tomorrow
evening… …I’ll change my name! He is Babuji! Babuji! Help me! Carefully! Pradhan Saab, congratulations! Work is done! Welcome Kaliram!
You look happy! I killed that Inspector! What are you saying? Abhijeet is no more?
Yes I have killed him such that
by now animals would have eaten him up! Wonderful, we should celebrate! Even Beer should be there! Her Bhudwa -Yes
go to the village and…. ….get all the dancing girls Yes!
Fulwa! And if she creates any fuss, carry
her and get her here! Yes I’ll just get her Fulwa I have promised your sister… …I’ll arrest him by tomorrow
evening! Do you know where would
he be? No Babu I dont know Fulwa Rani!
Who is it? Bhudwa here! Chote Babu has called you! Chote babu? Go Why has he called me? There is a celebration tonight… …if you wouldnt be around,
who will dance? Go! Okay All my friends will come! But where do I have to come? Behind the mountain where there is
the bungalow of rope trolley… …there!
Okay I’ll definitely come! Okay then! “Naughty girl” “My cheerful girl, My naughty girl” “My naughty girl, which lane
is this?” “My naughty girl, which lane
is this?” “The one who comes here…..” “….cannot go back” “If you survive and return back,
its your good luck” “My naughty girl, which lane
is this?” “My naughty girl, which lane
is this?” “The one who comes here…..” “….cannot go back” “If you survive and return back,
its your good luck” “My naughty girl, which lane
is this?” “This is a secret not to be told” “This is a way to come inside
and not to go outside” “This is a secret not to be told” “This is a way to come inside
and not to go outside” “This looks like a maze” “Hold my hand” “If I get lost in it so will
you” “My naughty girl, which lane
is this?” “My naughty girl, which lane
is this?” “I have come now where do I go?” “I have tied a Shroud on my head
and have come” “I have come now where do I go?” “I have tied a Shroud on my head
and have come” “Listen to me my King,
dont be stubborn” “Say” “Talk sense”
Okay “Save your life rest is your
wish” “My naughty girl, which lane
is this?” “My naughty girl, which lane
is this?” “Naughty girl” “Let thoughts come” “Its fine if anyone comes to
know about me” “Let thoughts come” “Its fine if anyone comes to
know about me” “Still I leave from here
with wings on me” “…in the winds” “You see the whole world will
keep wondering” “My naughty girl, which lane
is this?” “My naughty girl, which lane
is this?” “The one who comes here…..” “….cannot go back” “If you survive and return back,
its your good luck” “I am a naughty girl, which lane
is this?” “I am a naughty girl, which lane
is this?” “Naughty girl, which lane
is this?” Who is that guy who was dancing with you? He is my husband to be! He is your husband to be? Where did he go? He was here only! I dont know where did he go! I dont know! Okay till he doesnt come… …come and dance in my room! Leave me! Come on you bitch! Leave me Shut up! I feel something is wrong You manage these people
I’ll get the truth out of her! Tell me who was that man? I told you I dont know! You dont know? Say else I’ll kill you! I was that man! Recognized me? you? Yes me Your locket! I had come to give it back
to you! By mistake you left it
at my bungalow! No, this locket doesnt belong
to me! Sins leave marks behind! Even if you erase they
dont go! Take it Dont get scared! I will definitely hit you… …but wont kill you! I have promised Rajni, today before
the sun sets… …I’ll present you in front of
her! Take this! Wear the handcuffs Inspector, my men will present your corpse…. ….in front of your wife
before the sun sets! You are doing a big mistake! You cannot escape! Whoever is standing outside, are all police
people! Dont leave me else I’ll die! I’ll die! No Kali I wont let you die I will fulfill my promise! I’ll take you home alive! Alive! Kaliram…. ….one bullet can kill you! But I dont want your corpse… …..I want your hand! You will have to come along
with me before the sun sets! C’mon, come out of the car! Rajni Rajni Abhijeet! Rajni, look I got him You have come? C’mon Yes I kept my word The sun has not set! And I have caught this animal
alive! No, No, take him away from here Poison runs in his blood He killed my child Dont worry Rajni I’ll crush him! C’mon Leave me! I should leave you? A monster like you? No Kali I’ll never leave you! You killed my child Kali I wont leave you alive! Father what happen? Abhijeet is safe Kali Father Father What happened? Inspector I had come to kill you But what did I do? Scoundrels like you should
be punished in this manner! Good I did not commit this sin Take him away Arrest his men! Okay Sir Take them! Abhijeet are you fine? Yes I am fine Abhijeet untill officers like you are alive…. ….laws will be in order! Take them all! C’mon! Abhijeet Nothing happened to you? No Rajni Are you hurt? No Tell me the truth! No Nothing happened to you?
No “The lanes of thorns…” “… have now blossomed there” “Lets go beloved somewhere with
everyone” “Our dreams…” “…have come true”

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