BEETLEJUICE Must Dearly Depart the Winter Garden Theatre on June 6

BEETLEJUICE Must Dearly Depart the Winter Garden Theatre on June 6

Holy crap! Must vacate by June 6th? Well, sorry everybody. Soon, a new leading man will have his name on the marquee. Will he be as sexy as yours truly? Nah. Not possible! Hey, hey, hey! Don’t freak out. It’s still my house for another six months and we’re gonna have some laughs! I’m talking sold-out performances, free range sandworms, and surprises that’ll make your eyes pop out of your shrunken head. Oh, man. We are never gonna get our security deposit back… I present the Handbook for the Recently Evicted Broadway Show. That is super specific. Chapter 1 – all breathers should get off their butts and get tickets before it’s too late. Well, I better get going. We got a full house tonight and it’s not gonna haunt itself. Hey guys… love you guys. [Music]

100 thoughts on “BEETLEJUICE Must Dearly Depart the Winter Garden Theatre on June 6

  1. I'm so sad this musical was so short lived. Such a shame seeing such a young, amazing musical being kicked out.


  2. Okay, so I’ve got a “green slime tutorial” for the full musical (the Girl Scout bit is cut) but I’m afraid it’ll get taken down or something if I link it rip

  3. Is it just me, a history nerd, who finds it ironic that a show about death will close on a day that is known for being the date of a huge military campaign and a day thousands of soldiers died?

  4. Thank god my best friend took me a few weeks ago to see the musical 4th row back dead center one of the most amazing experiences ever I need to see it one more time before it’s gone

  5. Guys listen
    This doesn't necessarily mean the sho will end forever. They have announced a national tour and are trying to find a Broadway theatre. So, it's most likely going to carry on.

  6. Can’t we like March? Or protest? Or something??!!? The show is doing phenomenal and not even closing due to sales, it’s closing to make way for a revival of a show? Something needs to happen!!

  7. sadly music man might be taking the place of where they are now but beetle juice cast is looking for a new place to call home. so there still hope, right???

  8. This musical has really made my life a bit better and I can’t deny that I’m really sad and shocked this happens so soon :,( I’m going to miss them and all, really wish I could go see them but to live across the world from us, not possible. Truly something special this musical


  10. I traveled from California to NY to see this Broadway and now I've been listening to it for more than a week now. Pls don't go.

  11. Wait are u killing ???? But it seems to work no ?? You want make me cry ? What’s next huh ? No this can’t be possible this show is insane damn it

  12. this absolutely breaks my heart, especially when says love you guys
    i hope the relocate or go on tour really soon! this show deserves so much more time then what it’s gotten :((

  13. Guys chill out. They'll probably either come to an agreement with the Winter Garden or find a new theater(It's selling crazy well, no doubt another theater will want it). The only issue is that transporting the set will be a nightmare.

  14. It’s being replaced by The Music Man. I mean, I totally get it, but why not another show? Beetlejuice is actually good compared to other Broadway shows that are on right now.

  15. Aw 🙁 I'm bummed. I tried to convince my chorus teacher to let us see Beetlejuice during our NYC trip but we're seeing Aladdin instead this April.

  16. Guys, it is not coming out of Broadway. It's just looking for a new theatre. Let's send them some positive energies, so they can find a new home!


  18. They're saying that they wil leave the Winter Garden, not Broadway.
    Please please please move to another theatre

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