Bernadette Peters: ‘Hello, Dolly!’ Is ‘A Beautiful Role’ | TODAY

Bernadette Peters: ‘Hello, Dolly!’ Is ‘A Beautiful Role’ | TODAY

29 thoughts on “Bernadette Peters: ‘Hello, Dolly!’ Is ‘A Beautiful Role’ | TODAY

  1. Jesus, that woman is everything 💙 That cute laugh at the very beginning 😄 😍 that woman is so cute, that woman is love! 💖 I would love to collab with her someday.

  2. She’s wonderful! The critic Brian Kellow once publicly trashed her in a music magazine, but he enjoys dishing dirt like a proper queen.

    People have seen her say she's DREADFUL.
    She doesn't even know her lines.

  4. Love Bernadette Peters I worked with her in the 60's 2nd Broadway Las Vegas tour of Gypsy. She was always great.

  5. I saw her live, love her so much. She was awesome. Nobody on the face of the green earth is so wonderfully charming.

  6. I know right!!!!!!!!!👇
    she looks like mid 30s……. not 70!!!!!
    WOW!!!!!….. good genes….. and whatever you are doing Ms. Bernadette keep it going!!!😉😉😉😉

  7. She looks so young for her age, because she never got a day of sun in her life… She was always a beauty being as white as a ghost… Not one bit of plastic surgery on this beautiful woman!

  8. You'd expect someone at 70 to no longer look and sound how they did when they were younger much younger but she remarkably still does! She sounds exactly the same she may have aged a bit since I first saw her in Annie but she's still recognizable more than anyone else who has aged 40 something years!

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