Bewafa Episode 10 | 11th November 2019 | ARY Digital Drama  [Subtitle Eng]

Bewafa Episode 10 | 11th November 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

*Television sound* *car horn* *television sound* what are you thinking?
that you didn’t even noticed me coming when did you come? just now what happened to you? nothing much… just like that has everyone gone somewhere? Umm … Kinza has gone to drop Hashir to tuition has Kinza said anything to you? nothing special …. nothing much it means, she has said something … huh! just that… Hashir … tell me, how was your day at office today? Shireen… tell me, what she has said? nothing much has happened … I was just playing with Hashir she just shouted on me a little but …. it’s OK … because she has got a very big heart she is tolerating another woman in her house this is my house as she is my wife… you are also my wife she herself has called you here, else I can afford another house too I feel, she has just called you here to irritate only Listen! now, you don’t fight with Kinza, because of me… please
please … I’m alright… nothing has happened to me….
I’m happy it’s not any big issue…
tell me, how was your day today? good… I was missing you there… really … yes, everyone was thinking that we’ll arrange a dinner really… no but … not at the moment… Kinza will feel very bad… please say no to them I had said ‘NO’ previously…but now I’m thinking not to say ‘NO’ at all this dinner will happen and you don’t have to be afraid of Kinza … she can’t do anything to you alright then … I won’t be scared… sorry …
but let go off dinner Listen! please drop me at my mother’s house… I will from Kinza … I won’t ask from Kinza I will not seek her permission sorry … OK tell me, you had your meal? Look, Kinza … we need to settle everything whatever has happened… has happened I have said sorry to you many times but still … there is no effect on your mood I feel that, distances are widening between us widening of distance, is also a relationship I keep remembering, that someone has become distant to me Look, Kinza… I’m being straightforward I’m not understanding your actions I did not brought Shireen here … it was your decision if you want, I will take her from here I don’t think so, that anyone is comfortable here “take from here” means, that you will also leave with her from here Kinza … till when this will go on? … Hmm … let us settle this … tell me clearly … what should be done Ahaan … I had told your clearly she wanted to come here, she came then, make everything normal … she is also a human being as such … she is also my wife … I don’t know, what YOUR WIFE has told you but I’m also saying, what you are saying she is also YOUR WIFE…. but just .. AS SUCH take this Hashir… drink it quickly … it’s time for school he drinks milk with difficulty take this… that’s it … go … bye!
bye!… go to papa let’s go … did you keep your math copy in your bag? …Hmm … you forget that, the previous day and stationary? you usually forget your stationary too he doesn’t have 2 mothers… just one only who has packed her all stuff, you can take it without any worry I’m also his father, that’s why asking yes… you are his father… but nowadays, your focus is more on other relationships I had to talk to you go ahead… I wanted to go to my mother’s house, can I go? you take Hashir in the car… she is coming you have asked her not to go to job, she doesn’t go at least, she has the right to go to her mother’s house look, I’m not her mother… so that I restrict her on going somewhere nor, I have to keep any relationship with her, for which I need to think but she came here as your wife… so she should stay as your wife she should take care of all of your responsibilities furthermore, by not going to office… and crying in the room only, what else she has done? you take him along with you … she is coming look, stop your drama what have I done? yes, you have done nothing I went to kitchen last night it was stinking so bad…. by this insects will grow sorry, I will clean it upon returning…if you say so, I won’t go huh.. listen to me very carefully I have brought you here, just to fulfill my husband’s responsibilities I don’t want to keep any relation with you beside this and yes, if you want to talk something with me…then come & talk to me never, show your fake innocence in front of my husband or son.. understood! yes …whatever you’ll say…I will do that you have given me place in your house, I shall remain indebted to you, all my life I will not give you any chance for complain and the pain, that you have endured because of me
I’m sorry I had said, so many thing to that girl
but she never replied back what a good nature Kinza even said so many things.. but that girl didn’t uttered a single word Ahaan.. would not have got married like this only did both of them, really had no other option… no, no … these type of girls are like slow poison we won’t be aware… and she will use us if we did not control her, she might throw us out of the house what did Kinza say? nothing … I’m asking you something … what did she say? Ahaan… leave it if Aunty & Kinza, says anything to me, then it’s OK… aunty is my elder… she wants good for me…and it’s Kinza’s house, if she has uttered four words even… then nothing happens did mother also said anything to you? please leave it … whatever they feel like, they can say… this matter is between us you make me yours, by saying that their angry nature is the matter between you guys and look at them… they keep you away, as if you are stranger father, I like this aunty very much she plays all games with me..and watched TV with me and mother, scolds her oh.. my daughter … my eyes were waiting to see you … my child is here
please speed up the fan .. it’s so hot oh yes… you must not be habitual of this house, anymore … you must be sleeping in an AC and use to walk in a very big garden you must be feeling suffocated here I had told you, you could have called me… I would have come there myself no… I like to come here at least I can breath freely what! I was thinking, you must have achieved your goal by now it is very easy, right? as if nothing is to be done nothing happened like that… whatever I had thought… that woman is two steps ahead of that every time, I have to keep roaming with an oppression label on me if that daughter-in-law & mother-in-law wishes… they can throw me out of the house in 2 seconds oh… I had made so many plans already I had also made many plans
anyways nothing is happening as yet then what … what will you do? whatever I will do…. I will get everything and all this, Kinza will give me herself just, let me come near to him, once Sharmeen is making food? Hmm … Huh… how weird … same you … same me but everything has got changed where you are…. and where I am congratulations! on your new level you should congratulate me… I’m very happy that house has many comforts when there is power cut, the generator switches on itself if I need to go somewhere, there are two cars… and Ahaan… loves me so much, that I can’t tell you that much love, that I’ve forgotten every bad things in life also your behavior … do you know if I am elder than you in age, it doesn’t mean that you make me too much fool when you had called mother, that day to ask about tea’s recipe… I’ve heard that… that day I understood, what is your worth why don’t you do one thing… since you are in this house already, then learn how to cook it will be helpful for you it will be helpful…why not? I was making tea in my husband’s house, nor at my father’s house while sitting here you are also saying this wrong that house is not yours, nor that husband… everything is of Kinza’s you know, why you have been kept there? in order to let you know your worth and I feel, till now, you must have got to know about your worth sister Sharmeen … you ignite hatred first, and then think… this is weird when I had to get Ahaan that time… you were fully on my side… in fact it was your idea and now, he has become mine already now I have everything, and I’m happy
you’re being jealous and you have become my biggest enemy you have said this absolutely correct… you are saying right but you know what? now I don’t get jealous of you … and why? ask me… what’s the difference? the difference is that, I do all this work in my father’s house and you know, where do you work?
In Kinza madam’s house Hmm … crazy … look, my child I have brought up my both daughters with immense love and Shireen has never done any work in this house ever she didn’t even use to drink water, by herself she was very good in studies the cupboards are full of her medals since childhood, she was keen on being able to stand on her own who knows… that after marriage, she will sit like this too many restrictions… aunty, I do realize Shireen has not said anything wrong to you no, no, when did I say, that she has said to me this? I’m her mother, my child… so mother has read the face of daughter by the way aunty, I’m thinking that we should live separate… this will not work for many days no,no, when did I said that, my child… furthermore, Shireen was praising your wife & your mother very much she said, I don’t have any problem there Shireen is very nice, though Hmm … please, take care of my daughter take this mother, your tea Thank you … look… look at this these are the photos of the second day of your marriage yes … mother, you had worn this set on your marriage as well Hmm… how old fashioned it is … but you still wear it … I don’t find anything old fashioned, given by you Aww… look at Hashir … he looks so healthy here he has become so weak and this… this one … it’s recent photo on the anniversary morning you forced Ahaan, a lot … to sing a song he desired, that the earth gets open… and he gets in although he is my son… but he sung so badly mother, I can’t believe…. a person who use to sing very romantic songs for me, previously and today with him, I don’t have any trust till tomorrow these are seasoned birds they come to others house, to remove the hardship of their own house and when hardship will arise here…. they will fly from here as well mother, how these seasoned birds come, they also go away but this girl either she will distant Ahaan from me or will distant me from Ahaan … don’t worry, child have trust in God everything will be alright let me go and get Hashir from tuition give me your mobile… give your mobile …
quickly give the purse too … give the purse give it …
leave leave it …
*gun shot* child, do you remember your house phone number? No … and what about papa’s office number? no … why the number is not getting connected… why are you not letting me to go home? in a while your papa will come… you wait for some time everyday… my mamma use to come for pickup but your mamma is not well today, so, your papa will come to pick you up today alright? why the number is not getting connected? say something … since, I have got in love… I don’t have anything to say previously, I use to pick words and continue talking … but now… I am stuck to one thing only and now… there is just silence … and realization there is so much difference between both the silences… what do you mean? there is one silence, between me and Kinza when we usually come & sit in the restaurant both of us … talk, so harshly with each other it feels, that time passes quickly… and we go home we don’t have anything to say and with me? and one silence is with you … and this silence is like… I feel that this time shall never pass I have to start talking so much to you… huh … but I feel, to stay quiet and sit like this only and there is no expertise from my side you are that kind of… that the silence says thousands of words we have got married… but still… we need to come outside like this to talk I feel like, I’m a boy who is dating, while keeping it hidden from the parents the only difference is… instead of parents, there is first wife Kinza is nice … its just … it’ll take some time after Kinza’s bad attitude… it’s just you who can say like this yes … let’s order… everyone is waiting at home Zareena …. Zareena bring my mobile quickly …. let me call the cab but where you’ll go? I’ll go to Hashir’s tuition center, it’s quite late… they have not came as yet but you don’t know the address of tuition center but still … let me see something… it’s eleven O clock I don’t know, where they will be right now…quickly.. go quickly alright, I’m bringing oh God!.. have mercy on us
where they have been Ahaan… Ahaan Listen … Kinza & Hashir has not came till now what do you mean, they didn’t come? he went to tuition…and Kinza went to pick him up I don’t know where they have been … it’s quite late now they haven’t come till now? no, my heart is sinking God, help us…
alright,mother.. don’t cry..let me go and see..nothing has happened to them..everything will be alright let me go and see I shall come with you
no,no.. you stay with mother… she need you … I’m coming in a while oh God! mother, come… sit here come sit… nothing will happen, by the grace of God oh God! please sit, let me bring water for you.. God yes, who? I’m Hashir’s father … Kinza must have come to pick him.. where are they? I tried to call you many times… but you didn’t pick up the call call.. but why? actually, a robbery happened here… and your wife got shot what?…. Kinza…. where is Hashir? Hashir is fine … he is inside… and your wife has been taken to the hospital which hospital? Doctor.. I’m Kinza’s husband? how is she? she is alright now… I… Can I meet her? no,no …she is unconscious at the moment… as soon as she gains conscious, you can meet her *phone ringing* Hello… Ahaan… where are you? I was waiting for you … while waiting .. I … what? she is been shot? what do you mean? Uh… is she alright? thanks God… shall I come to pick up Hashir? alright then… we’ll wait then… I will come with mother in the morning to pick up Hashir are you alright? is there any danger? ok… let me inform mother yes… please …. take care of yourself and Kinza mother … mother … what happened? …
mother is everything alright? yes… Um.. Kinza is in hospital in hospital? …but why… what has happened? yes…it’s fine she met a small accident… she and Hashir is in hospital … doctor has said that she has to stay in the hospital till morning accident .. how did this accident happened? Umm… Ahaan called me he called you first, but your number wasn’t connecting he said, we both shall come to hospital as soon as possible, in the morning since you have come in this house… something on the other is happening how did you get married to my son… you have destroyed by happy family house you are right this all is happening, due to my bad luck sorry, mother now, if you want to come with me … I’ll take you to the hospital oh God! have mercy on us you have come… I got saved Kinza, don’t say this Hmm … I won’t say Ahaan, how come you are here, after leaving your wife Kinza, you are my wife I’m not your wife, Ahaan I was alone no one was with me it was good, if I had died don’t say like this, Kinza… please I’m sorry … I’m so sorry where is Hashir? Hashir is here… here he is … Hashir … Kinza …. Kinza Kinza … son, stay here mamma… mamma … our relationship is not like that… that you take care of me like this or care for me this is all your thinking … your value & place is the same as before I’ve become old and the value of old things, get diminished they are found in the house, like wise I was found on the stretcher in the hospital I had made mistakes very big mistakes if you are on this bed…then I’m responsible for it if today, my nikkah (marriage) is done with Shireen for that also, I’m only responsible because of my mistakes, people have suffered a lot specially you I can’t take the burden of these mistakes anymore can you leave her? then leave me … I can never even think of doing this Ahaan… you cannot get both of you in one time and even if you get us… it will be like this sometimes in the hospital.. or sometime on the road then don’t meet get separate … Ahaan, a woman decorates her wound given in man’s love, like jewels on herself they reminds her the sign to pay respect to a worthless person but the stain of a second woman … cannot be decorated by any woman on herself you are right … absolutely correct but it’s the truth at least try … try to end your displeasure your displeasure is eating me from inside how much damage has been done please, give one chance at least if there is any complain … then you can show your anger please … one time …

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