Bewafa Episode 17 | 30th December 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Bewafa Episode 17 | 30th December 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

what have you done, since you are not able to face me? I haven’t done any such thing, mom but I know, that a lot has been done to make you understand till when you’ll live like this? till the time, Kinza doesn’t realize her mistake what mistake, she has done? that’s the matter, mummy after doing everything, she becomes innocent in front of you and yes, if I apologize then it’s alright but if I take the stand first, being right… then an issue is created in the house don’t you feel sorry, on being right of such type? which displaced you in a day only and your this right nature, is asking you to talk against your wife don’t you feel sorry? try to understand… and she? she won’t understand anything? even though, her house (family) breaks down? house (family) breaks down? now she has become that bad, that now you are talking about breaking up of family? mom, you don’t know, how Kinza treat Shireen how does she treat her?
yes? she herself, kept Shireen in front of you, from her own hands what else does she do? mom, she treats her very very badly she keeps her like a servant in her own house she is not allowed to breathe even, without Kinza’s permission but, this won’t happen now now she will get all those rights, which are of a wife you know what there is only one thing common, in you & Kinza and that is, by talking in favor of this Shireen, you people are snatching each other’s life and she?
she is sleeping in her room, very peacefully mom, this is all the brain washing of Kinza… whatever you are saying but lie cannot be hidden for so long, all this truth will be revealed soon what are you doing here? you are awake?
I also slept very late, last night but, after so many days I’ve slept peacefully get out of my room this is great! by looking at my peace, you are becoming angry go out of my room you this anger, has made this condition of yours I’ve tolerated so much because of you, and you have made me tolerated so much enough now Ahaan, will only do what I’ll ask him to do I came here to warn you and let me tell you this, I won’t come to you to give the next warning Ahaan will come to warn you your breakfast! I’m asking you for the last time, what has Kinza said to you? she was saying, you have got married, so… so? she said… since you have got married, so stay with him at home she was saying that she is unable to tolerate my face, so I should leave the house when you go & I shall be back once you are back home she can’t tolerate your face? this is God, who has given me patience.. else I would have thrown her out of the house long ago Ahaan, whatever is Kinza saying she is just saying on the reaction of the little things I think, both of you shall sit together & talk, and settle down the things I don’t want to do any reconciliation with her, even if she wants to I’m so much fed up of her, that I pray she doesn’t comes in front of me shall I start my work? why not? also, your sister has already created so many problems… start correcting them so many problems have been created in your life, because of me there aren’t any problems created in my life, because of you but the people in my life have problems with you and now, I can’t listen a single word against you you will get all those rights, which rightfully belongs to you go & work take this what is this? warning letter! warning letter, for what? 3 warning letters are given before termination if its given to you every next 2 days, then you’ll be free from here in a week only why do you do all this?
yes? do think something about our relation I have already thought, that’s why I’m doing all this you are enjoying, by doing all this, right? yes, I should be enjoying…
you tell me one person, for it’s own good wants to give me pain, so I shall enjoy by giving pain to that person you used Kinza, and got the job here just to hurt me only, so yes… I’m enjoying I haven’t used anybody to get this job as far as Kinza is concerned she has given me this job, herself… she has done a favor to me I haven’t gave her any CV alright there is an offer for you what? what sort of offer? you just say, my dear sister Shireen I hurt you… I used Kinza I hurt you, please forgive me your ego gets hurt, right… apologize to me… may be I’ll forgive you say it you don’t want to say it, right? warning letter! I’m asking you for the last time, tell me what has happened? your favorite daughter, ask her… she’ll tell you don’t talk rubbish, alright. she isn’t here, how shall I ask her? mom, this is too much…
too much whatever Shireen is doing, don’t know how many lives will be ruined.. why don’t you make her understand? Oh! I’ll make her understand… but what do I have to make her understand? mom, Shireen has already gotten,whatever she wanted even though she got it from a lie or from doing a fraud, but at least she has got it yes, she has got it what does she want now? by making me lose my job, and by throwing Kinza out of her house and snatching a dad from a small kid, what she’ll get by doing all this? Oh! you have lost your job? I haven’t lost it yet, but it’s on the verge of being lost and I’ve told you 2 more things, with this matter you didn’t focused on that what is it about those matters, though if Shireen is thinking about her future, then what’s wrong in this? either today or tomorrow… one of them has to leave from there though so it’s good, if she goes quickly and, you don’t need to worry it’s better to be thankful to you sister, who has got you this job and focus on your job only I will focus, if my job will continue OK then go & try to save your job, do some struggle else, kitchen is already there for you… to use your hands & feet here *door knocks* can mamma come inside? is Hashir angry from mamma?
yes? yes, I’m angry with you you are not the same as before you don’t give me the time, at all sorry, child you will also become like that aunty? which aunty? like aunty Shireen, she also loves me but when I go to her she pushes me and she scolds me just like, sister Zareena she also doesn’t says anything in front of you but she scold me, while being alone mama is not like anyone at all because my life is in Hashir, yes?
you know this then why don’t you make me ready? and why don’t you go to drop me to school?
everything, that aunty does I went to aunty, to get ready she threw me out of the room, again child, mamma’s arm was injured that’s why, mamma was unable to do any of your work but now, I promise Hashir’s all work, will be done by mamma only and aunty, won’t come to you at all… OK? No, you scold her… then I’ll be happy don’t you worry whenever I’ll see aunty, I’ll scold aunty so badly.. that she’ll get to know alright? my love, I’m so sorry *phone ringing* Hello! yes, everything is fine thanks to God yes I’m at home, you can come OK Hi! Hi! Shireen is not at home she is in the office both husband & wife will come late actually, I want to meet Kinza with Kinza? so now in Shireen’s absence, this responsibility if making Kinza fool, is hand over to you? you are absolutely correct at your place you shouldn’t believe me, because you know Shireen very well, and you think that I’m also like her but I’m here to try to make Kinza understand you pray that, my discussion will effect her alright, you can try she is inside, come look, try to understand you got me the job, I’m very thankful to you but it’s been only 2 to 3 days, that I’ve joined the job and the circumstances have become so worsen there and furthermore the left over fraction is completed by Shireen Shireen didn’t even left a fraction here as well her true face is revealing to me now the revelation on you is just that, she wants to reveal on you actually, she plays with humans like toys and the people around her, if anything is happening wrong in their lives so, its just because of her only you remember, when you met her for the first time? you slapped on her face, right? I remember it very well OK she will also slap on your face this is her plan before this… that her slap keep on echoing in your life for the life time and you keep on hearing it… please do something *car horn* sister Sharmeen when did you came? even a chameleon doesn’t changes her color so quickly, the way you change your color sister Sharmeen you have come to house and Ahaan is standing infornt pay some respect keep some of my veneration yes?
what he must be thinking? he must be thinking the same, that you want to show him you haven’t left anyone capable to think something, though everyone’s thinking is based upon your actions I think, you should leave now I also think the same, that I should leave now from here and yes the time my job has survived, I pray your home (family) will survive for more days than this why she came here? Kinza asked her to come why? don’t know whatever she said to me, she said it in front of you and after you left, she said so many things to me what? that this marriage won’t work out for many days and since I’ve become your wife now, so you so now, you’ll get the third wife as well all this, she said to you in front of Sharmeen? don’t know, what has happened to Kinza? she has called you in the house, herself… and her attitude has got so changed with you I thought, everything will be fine but nothing is been fine huh.. and the way she is reacting I don’t think so, that she wants anything to be fine, though don’t know, what has happened to her will yo do this? what? as Kinza is saying third marriage? I shouldn’t have done the second marriage as well but the circumstances in which we have got married
who knows better than you? third marriage is impossible this is all just Kinza’s thinking means, our relationship will always be labeled as “compulsion” I’ve never given the name of “compulsion” to our relationship in fact, I’ll say that you love has compelled me to come closer to you do you love me? is this still a question? and with Kinza? yes… this is a question, though Ahaan, is also not with me now everyone was saying the same thing how I couldn’t see all this? I kept relation with Shireen, for Ahaan’s happiness it’s enough now I should talk to Ahaan the one who is mine, I shall make it mine else, Shireen won’t leave anything to me I’ve packed your favorite lunch for you, and today mama will go to drop you to the school you aren’t angry to me anymore, right? No… No, mamma… you are the best Aww, thank you my child… come here…
wear it someone else is also there, who is angry with you but may be, you aren’t concern about it my heart doesn’t allows me, to apologize to a person who use to apologize to me, even on being right bad habits shall be changed then why you made me habitual? yes? neither one, nor two… 6 years after ruining my habits for 6 years, now you want me to change myself in a moment like you you made me learned these habits, in your love, right? this ego… and the proud of being with you I shall also change this, Ahaan? I haven’t change you have become more stubborn your attitude, is absolutely not right yes, my attitude is not right, nor it will get right again I had thought that Ill appease you, and will apologize to you but I won’t bow in front of wrong matter and this also, you have made me learn that don’t bow in front of any wrong matter you also made me learnt, that don’t bow even if the matter is right now, the change will come… but in you you will change your habits I have tolerated so much for you, Ahaan your changed attitude, I can’t take it Oh! you…. you are awake? I was coming to get ready Hashir… has anything settled? or he again refused to talk to you why do you do these drama? sometimes, tell your reality to him also do I look fool to you? we had never fought before, nor will will fight now and I know how to get back Ahaan… good… you’ll stay in my prayers…. best of luck I didn’t knew, mom I think, everything will went in vain I made you understand, not to sit there becoming an innocent woman straight away, throe her out else, she’ll throw you in such a manner, as if hair from the butter if your favorite daughter, wouldn’t have come here & created a scene, then there wouldn’t have been any issue created she would have slept in peace, and I would have get whatever is my right easily would have? means, after so much time, even now… it would have? I thought, everything would have been done till now everything is mine, but now Ahaan, won’t throw her out ever from the house alright then, has she apologized to Ahaan? No, mom she hasn’t apologized to Ahaan, she is a foolish woman, & foolish women doesn’t apologize so what have you thought then? although, there isn’t peace between the husband & the wife, their relation is of just of namely marriage only uselessly, she is coming in your way there shall be divorce by now we have heard this only, about the first wives you have respected her tantrums, uselessly no, mom… it’s not that easy he loves his son so much he won’t leave Kinza everything was on track, but… sister Sharmeen, can’t see my happiness, she has got some issue since the childhood yes, you are right
don’t know, what does she want she has got a good job, but she says… I’ll leave it I am tired by making her understand again & again, but she doesn’t get it please make her understand, the betterment of the whole family is in this, so please make her understand because the job, she has got, this can also go also yes, yes I will make her understand
but you also understand this make your house yours, as soon as possible it doesn’t happen, that there won’t be any house left for you get your right, as soon as possible by any means you are right, mom … I can’t even tolerate this anymore, it’s enough now yes, that’s good alright then, bye my arm had just got injured I hadn’t gone disable for the whole life elder madam… I’ll do whatever I was asked to do by younger sister listen to me, this is my house you’ll do,as I say you to… and what you have started this elder madam & younger madam just say madam then the younger madam, I mean… to say what shall I pronounce to sir’s second wife, then? whatever she wants, pronounce by that name to her don’t ever compare me to anyone ever, alright? what spectacle you have made? look at the condition of the house, the kitchen smells so bad what do you do all day? elder madam it’s not my place to say this but… you know what whatever is the rubbish around, it’s all because of the younger madam madam Shireen doesn’t know how to do anything at all the food that her mother sends, and whatever I cook she takes her name on that go & look in the kitchen, so much mess is created there it’s smelling so bad, from everywhere listen to me! I haven’t asked, what she does? yes, I only know this, how much fin-fingered you are go & clean the kitchen go now yes, going pack your stuff and go from here what are you saying?
have you gone crazy? this is the termination letter..
and this is the three month’s salary usually people eats the salary, but I don’t want to do any injustice to you but you told me, that warming is given before I did gave you warning again & again, I gave you warning, that don’t come in my way you have got so much sympathy for Kinza, now go & stay with her let’s see, what can she do to me listen to me, whatever the fight is between you & her, it’s yours why are you dragging my job in between? I’m your sister, right whatever amount I’ll get from here, they will go to mom & dad only more than Kinza’s alms, I can take care of my mom & dad but still, I’ll support you some how go, pack your stuff… and leave from here Ahaan, it’s enough now… this won’t work out anymore what?
what won’t work now? whatever is happening, it won’t work like this you have to choose, between me or Kinza is everything alright?
I’ve never seen you in so much anger you haven’t seen it right?
because I don’t get angry, uselessly I don’t create spectacle on little matters, but it’s enough now I do have some limits also, there is something on which I’m angry alright, relax… sit down.. sit, will talk in peace what happened? when the matter was till home, I was tolerating it but now Kinza is creating problems in my office as well as in my mom’s house and I am not able to tolerate this she made you fool, & got appointed sister Sharmeen here then she daily meets her she fills her ears daily, sister Sharmeen is not talking to me properly mom is also not talking to me properly,
this is not fair why is she creating problems? yes, but you got Sharmeen terminated in the morning today, right? I’ve pointed out sister Sharmeen’s mistake, so that your reputation doesn’t get deserted they will say, that first of all he appointed his wife, and then his wife’s sister I’ve written the termination letter of my real sister, myself… by keeping the stone on my heart but Kinza what’s her problem?
why is doing all this to me? she has made my life, a living hell at home then office & now at my mom’s house, Ahaan.. this is not fair I never thought, that Kinza will do such thing, I never… keep this charity of the three months with you I haven’t seen a bigger fool than you ever do you want some more evidence? alright, don’t you worry I’ll take care of it, Relax… take this when a leaf falls from the tree in the river then it’s direction to go ahead is decided by the river not the tree whatever Ahaan says it’s his tongue though but, the words are of Shireen… you have been so late, to open the eyes… Kinza mom, I don’t have any complain with Shireen I’ve complain with Ahaan why don’t you have complain with Shireen, my daughter? because, mom… complain is by our own people Shireen is not my own Ahaan is my own this house is my own if Ahaan would have been with me Shireen shouldn’t have ever dared to see in our eyes she uses a person, like a wooden step of a stair when there is no need of a person, then she disposes them off from the stair way her destination was Ahaan she used me, Hashir, her own sister, and everyone of us like the stair… to reach to you and now, I feel that she is now making your time come now, to remove from the stair mom, I will convince Ahaan I will apologize to him I will appease him, when he will come today and I will make the lesson learnt to Shireen now this is the right way once, Ahaan gets appeased then you make Shireen learnt the lesson very well stop! at first, you use to talk openly now you passed by me hesitatingly my wish… is there no fixed time for you to go to office? whenever you wish you go & whenever you wish you come back no body is there to inquire you? I’m the wife of that person, whose office it is nobody has the gust to ask me this question Sharmeen was right you change your colors more quickly than the chameleon

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