Bewafa Episode 6 | 14th October 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Bewafa Episode 6 | 14th October 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

What kind of a girl is she? She has destroyed her everything for me Reputation, job…everything went down Still she cares about me I wish… Only I wish that I have founded Shireen before One side its her and on the other it is Kinza I haven’t done right with Shireen I destroyed her life but what can I do now? Nothing can be done now I have to live with this guilt from now on Greetings, sir Do you want me to make tea for you Did anyone tell you to ask me for tea? Who will tell me? I am just asking because there is no one at home who is going to make tea for you Why? Where has everyone gone? They…nobody informs me where they go Yes, madam was talking to mother That she is getting bored at home Lets go out somewhere Perhaps, they have gone somewhere around She has gone to kill her boredom…
after spreading discomfort in my life Let alone realizing their mistake They are having a picnic Sir, do you want some tea then No…no need for that Don’t these wealthy husbands beat their wives? I am getting desperate to watch that Take it Kinza You have cut a long face here as well I brought you out because… It might lift up your mood But there is no avail Mother, I don’t feel like it Lets go home What is at home to put your heart into it Ahaan must be home So what? Its not like you are in talking terms with him Yes and I will not talk to him until he realizes his mistake Then its fine Stay here peacefully See, how much is Hashir enjoying No mama no, I don’t want to go home Don’t know if he has taken the tea or not He asks for tea as soon as he comes from office You told Zarina before coming, right? She must have given it But it is also dinner time now Fine…Let us go You will not come at peace Hashir, come Last ride, okay then we are going home Your mother is getting very anxious Food is served on table Come eat I am not hungry Why are you showing attitude? Ahaan I don’t like talking to ill-mannered girl like you Excuse me! I am the one who is angry at you I am not talking to you Fine, go from here then Why should I leave? You go I have never seen such a stubborn person like you Let alone forgiveness You don’t even realize your mistake And I have never seen such an arrogant person in my entire life Whatever has happened with her, its right And if I get another chance, I will do it again Are you going from here or not? I am not going,
if you don’t want to eat then you should go Sister Sharmeen Where is my shirt sister Sharmeen? I have a match Sister…what are you doing?
Stop No, let me go Let it go sister. What are you doing?
What am I saying I want to kill myself. Why? I don’t want to stay alive
What happened? My life is ruined, Zeeshan! I have a bad reputation in neighborhood, lost my job, mother and father hate me. They are not talking to me. Father has said to poison me And since when have you started taking interest in me, why do you even care? Oh sister, I am your brother Brother? You are my brother! You did this being a brother to me I heard my parents conversation, they said I should kill myself… They will kill me, You are not my brother, Zeeshan Sister, I am sorry! Sister, I don’t have intention of doing any such thing I am sorry, now no one will ever say anything to you Do you know… Zeeshan, you must have seen the dead bodies reported in the newspaper I will also be a part of it soon because of honor killing, so let me… Trust me sister, nothing will happen, they were just talking.. I will die Please don’t do anything to yourself I will put everything straight for you, please.
You don’t do anything to yourself No, I want to die… Listen, which one is Mr. Ahaan’s room? This one? Thank you! Ahaan brother, Shireen… What happened? Is everything alright at home? they will kill Shireen What? What happened? Why? My parents will kill Shireen But why? Because of you… Mother says my sister has got bad reputation.
Now no one will marry her So they will kill her She is going to die, please save her
Let us go to your place, come I…want to do Nikkah with Shireen Are you in your senses…or you are just uttering nonsense like your wife No, I never utter a word without thinking over it As for my wife, I already have asked forgiveness for whatever she said No my son, there’s nothing like that We didn’t take anything to our heart We also seek forgiveness,
after all we are about to be in a bond OK, lets keep this aside…tell me that… What will be her position in your house Where will you keep her? I will value her in the same way as I value my first wife I have already been unjust….
and I do not wish to do that further I just have a request with you If you can spare me sometime to let my family members know… And also there is one more request… Don’t tell anyone about our marriage How much time? Just assume that I have given you Shireen for safekeeping I won’t take much long
And when will you get married? I have to do Nikkah, that’s important You decide, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, or in a year
It’s up to you Just don’t say anything to Shireen Alright then, you have already said that its going to be simple Why should we delay it, lets do it tomorrow
But … How will it all happen? You just leave it on me…
yes my son is it alright for tomorrow? Yes…whatever you say OK then, I’ll be right back
where are you going? Oh! my daughter just got proposed,
shouldn’t I get some sweets for celebration Shireen, many congratulations to you my daughter He said you can marry her off whenever you want,
I said lets do it tomorrow Tomorrow?
Isn’t it too soon Yes it is soon, but we can’t trust an already married man Don’t know when he changes his mind? Listen my child, don’t hold anything against us If not today then tomorrow Ahaan will take you with him Whatever I have been telling you,
it was all for your betterment I have already cleared my heart, you also do the same Actually.. your way of getting things done was a bit different That is why we couldn’t understand you But now there are no hard feelings,
right! Mothers weep… in such situations They say that their daughters are going to another house. They hugs them, prepare to wed them off But all you are worried about is, whether I’m going to take care of you after marriage or not Don’t worry,
whatever I do, will be of benefit to you He wants to say something to you Did you notice his look? He is unable to say it mother He has changed drastically in these three four days
that…even after thinking he is not talking to me You are worrying over it again How can it not bother me, mother? Days were same for me,
only dates and years were changing And suddenly a night has come which has not ended since four days Why don’t you break the ice? Why should it be me, mother?
What is my mistake I understand you are not at fault But if you start the conversation maybe it will help him understand No mother I will not start the conversation, I will not talk to him Ahaan is infatuated with that girl,
I have seen the messages Also his brother told everything No my child I am not asking you to ignore everything But if you pull your guards off your husband Then even a married man starts assuming himself as a bachelor You have all the right on him.
Use it Mother in order to possess right over him
he should have been empathetic with me I have spent a long time with him,
shouldn’t he care about it I am not pleasing him Fine then, its up to you My son, why are you standing at the door?
Come here Come to mama quickly, come What is it? Are you going to hide it from Mama? Are you and baba separated? Who said that to you? Zarina sister said that She is bad Really, let me ask her right now No mama, I know…
you and father are cross with each other Yes my child, but even you don’t talk to your friends sometimes Yes it happens but after sometime it gets back to normal So, me and and baba will also shake hands Promise
Promise Be friends with him again, then we will all go out for fun and will not take sister Zarina with us Yes, we will leave her at home, OK? Oh my sweet child How are you all? How is everything at your end? You have arrived Yes Sir
How are you? Have you got the lights? How many? two hundred lights Will it be enough? Yes it will be sufficient And do you know where they are suppose to be hung? Yes please tell me that Okay start from here…this is the area from where they will enter, come forward, cover this whole area
Okay If you leave a light, my mother will not spare me Mahvash, since when was all this going on? it came as a surprise to us when we received the sweets You have been very secretive about it Nobody got to know anything and then suddenly Nikkah, I can’t believe it Now what should we do? Everything was so sudden Actually the boy lives abroad, he has his own business He is coming tomorrow for the marriage, will take her along afterwards We got to know that it’s his second marriage And we didn’t even get to know about him being abroad The guy lives here only, in Karachi and even has his job here somewhere Jealous people will obviously show their jealousy There will be as many opinions as the number of people
Now how many rumors shall we ignore Yes but as far as his marriage is concerned…
its true that he was married but… His wife died shortly But what I have heard is….
Zeeshan!!!! Zeeshan come here, quickly
Coming…you do your work perfectly, okay Yes mother have you instructed them about the lights? Yes mother Listen, hang the brightest of the lights
So that it makes the people even more jealous Yes mother, don’t worry about that, I am on it Good…go on then Sharmeen… The food is ready or not? Guests are waiting for it It’s getting ready mother, this is not a hotel That the food will get served shortly after ordering I just got two hands, it will take some time And if you are that anxious then please come here and cook it by yourself My child what happened to you?
Don’t you cook daily, its just a bit more today And how are you dressed? You should be dressed properly After all its your sister’s wedding tomorrow Wear some fancy clothes Why should I get ready, tell me? For whom should I celebrate? I am not happy at all and I don’t even like sitting with these ladies I am fine the way I am and that’s it Even today you are being jealous of your sister After a long time, happiness has come in this house
Happiness came earlier also But you know the family members of this house cannot take the happiness Okay whats the use of living in your past…
learn to move forward in your life And when the food is ready, serve it quickly I can’t move forward mother Because where you all are standing I am not there I have been left behind And now I can’t move forward When are we getting married? Very soon And what about your wife Don’t take her name, I am going to divorce her off soon Kinza… Kinza What happened? Kinza, are you crying? You had your second marriage Not yet.. I know you have not done it yet I saw a very bad dream Look at my hands, they are trembling badly I saw in my dream that you have divorced me Kinza I can never even think about leaving you Ahaan, I am so sorry You win, please forgive me You were right, I shouldn’t have gone there.
I am sorry Kinza there is no need to apologize If there was no need for me to say sorry,
then you would have apologized to me till now Kinza, I have something important to talk Ahaan, I don’t want to talk about this again,
I said I am sorry, I accepted it Now listen to me… If you ever did second marriage… I will kill myself Did you listen to me?
I will take my life OK now go upstairs Why! My belongings will not come down by itself what did you think? I will give full freedom to you? Now go bring my things back Mama, I am so happy that you and Baba have reconciled Friends fight with each other but they make friendship again Didn’t I tell you? Can we then go outside, I want to take some rides Yes sure, we will wait for father.
Once he is back then we can go, Alright! Oh no Kinza, we can’t go today
Why? Oh I forgot to tell you I have a meeting to attend today So I will be late When did that happen?
Since we were not talking then, I forgot to tell you I will try to come early Is it important? If it wasn’t, then I would have refused to go You know how bad I feel saying no Hashir But it’s important..I have to go Fine, try to make it early And what about my rides
Don’t worry, I will take you my baby No problem at all, okay. Now hurry up, pick up your bag
and come outside with your father. I am preparing breakfast Please if you receive any call from my home then say that I am in an important meeting I will come late at night We were hearing such rumors in the office But I didn’t believe in them In fact, I still can not believe it, even after you telling me Office…How did it spread in the office? Only Shireen can tell you that No man, no I told her not to tell anyone This must only be some office rumors and that’s it Nobody knows about this
And Kinza? Till how long will you keep her in darkness I didn’t keep her in dark I wanted to tell her at night But before me telling her anything,
she said something… That I couldn’t say anything then You won’t tell her Ahaan If you wanted to, then you would have already told her everything I told you this before and I am repeating it again You won’t be able to hide it You are stuck in a swamp… The more you try to come out of it,
you will get deeper into it My friend, whenever I ask you for my help you always start advising me The advice I am giving you, take that as my help Don’t do it, you still got time And the stories you have been told, these are all dramas Nobody takes their life like that Nobody will die taking poison I am very disappointed in you,
you don’t know Shireen well I know her That is why I am marrying her It”s very easy to talk while sitting on the other side of the table If you would have been in my place,
you would have understood everything And please Next time be careful while talking about Shireen May be getting married to Shireen is not wrong But hiding it from Kinza isn’t right either She apologized last night only Maybe she is changing Should I be doing this? Hello
Where are you? What do you mean?
Remember I told you I am in office, in a meeting Really? Don’t lie to me I called you in office, your guard told me everything What did he tell you? That the office is empty and you are not there Listen, tell me honestly where you are, otherwise I will reach your office in two minutes You apologized to me last night….last night! You are back on it again Yes I regret that I apologized last night Tell me where are you? If you could only use your brains before blaming me
then you won’t need to apologize I came to client’s office, meeting is here If you still don’t believe me,
then come and see it by yourself And please don’t bother me now No change She can never change No chance at all Do you know what is the most beautiful part of marriage? Off springs I am so exhausted right now But everything went perfect It’s still unbelievable, that everything happened with perfection in such limited time This is what you call perfection You invited every kind of women from the neighborhood They had food here and then asked to pack food for their homes as well I am so tired of doing all that But you…you really had pleasure on that money And I am fully convinced that you might have even saved some No, not at all, nothing got saved Every penny got spent on clothes and jewelry And it wasn’t any favor by giving us some money It is a groom’s right to do so In fact, I added more to it It was just a matter of a day,
we gained reputation in our neighborhood You are always jealous Oh Zeeshan, was everything alright outside
was there any complain by the groom? What are you saying mother? We have earned respect in our neighborhood In fact my friends are speechless He is giving me such good information, i’ll just come
I’ll go outside to do some work I am so pleased by this news Seventy-five How much did we made? Its exact seventy five thousand seventy five thousand? Alright put it somewhere safe, we have to return it to Ahaan tomorrow morning What is wrong with you…..
Do you have any brains or not? This is our money, we saved it Nobody should know about it at all But… No ifs and buts In your so called self respect, you once also tried to make Shireen stay at home Did you gave a thought about our future then How will we manage the house Now please don’t involve yourself in these matters again People pray for their daughter’s good fate because… So that they can gain advantage out of it…
Now see It’s because of her good fate that I got seventy five thousand rupees Alright fine, do whatever you want to do Who could it be now? What is it? Who is it? What is the problem? What is your problem say it? Ahaan is in my room, mother I am sleepy, where should I sleep? What do you mean where should you sleep? He will go in sometime Stay awake till then Alright if you are that sleepy,
then go and sleep on the rooftop That’s good! He does the wedding,
you loot money out of it….. and me… I should go and sleep on the rooftop…
why? Its just useless arguing with you Go sleep where ever you want, go In fact do one thing, you sleep in our room and we will go outside. Alright! Mother, don’t challenge me, I can sleep here Sleep then Sleep, my foot What should I give you, as a ritual? You have already given me a lot I don’t need anything now I have not given you anything as such That is why we are at this stage Otherwise, I completely understand what you are rightful of And I will try my best to get you all your rights Very soon Ahaan I never needed things I don’t want things, I want….you You have accepted me as yours Joined your name with mine That’s more than enough for me I am grateful to you Look Shireen You know my situation very well I won’t lie to you I haven’t told Kinza anything I will leave shortly now as well I lied at home And now after looking at everything,
I feel as if I am your culprit You are not a culprit,
you are a very good human being There is nobody like you You are not at all my culprit And Kinza has more right over you than me I do not wish to seize her part of happiness,
I will never even try Please don’t worry about me And please keep Kinza and Hashir your first priority
they need you more than me Be with them as you were in the past I will not come in between you and your family,
and I do not even wish to For me…this is more than enough As far as office is concerned,
I will not let anyone know about it I will keep this happiness a secret with me only Shireen, I always feel that I am… In your debt, the more I want to take it off the more I get indebted to you I free you from all the debt Just consider me worthy enough to give debt for the lifetime

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