Bewafa Episode 7 | 21st October 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Bewafa Episode 7 | 21st October 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

You are sitting here comfortably having tea Didn’t do anything yet
So…what do I have to do What do you mean what to do? Your sister has come home for the first time after getting married Prepare breakfast for her Sister…first time Where did she go in the first place that she’s coming back Just stay quite You only talk rubbish Make breakfast quickly, good one
Listen to me I am not making any breakfast I am very tired, will rest whole day, that’s it Hey…so are we going to fast whole day? Why will everyone fast? A lot of money got saved, order something from outside, everyone will eat O God forgive me You have got eyes or binoculars Always on to something Mother why are you delaying it, go get something to eat Your son in law will soon be coming home He will be hungry, go Are you getting late, son? Sharmeen is just serving the breakfast No aunty I am not running late today Okay, its a good thing Sharmeen, how much more time? The breakfast is served mother Come
Okay son lets go And….I need to ask one thing from you When are you taking Shireen from here? Will take her very soon How soon will you take her? What happened to you Sharmeen? Don’t you have manners how to talk to your brother in law? Mother, I have only one brother, and that’s enough There’s no need to hang some random guy around my neck I am saying this to you because… I get uncomfortable Last night also I had to sleep outside.
Its just not her room, its my room as well That is why I am asking, when are you taking her I am sorry that I caused you discomfort I have already shared my situation with your family It was all decided since beginning I can understand that she is your second wife I can also understand that you can’t tell it to anyone But still there must be a time,
any idea when will you take her along Sooner than your thought Fine? Yes Sharmeen, what argument have you started Go on my son, you start breakfast, I’ll bring Shireen Hello Yes Kinza No I will have lunch at home, Hashir was insisting on it Yes okay Okay bye What are you looking at… like this You are looking beautiful today I always look like this Today I am looking as of yours, that’s why I can’t say sorry You don’t let me thank you You don’t want anything I thought that… Doing second marriage will be torturous for me But… you made my life more easy The happiness which I didn’t get Now you are giving me We have fulfilled each others dreams Whats the matter? Looks like you didn’t like what sister Sharmeen said Usually these are my feelings No problem, you don’t worry She is like that She has always been jealous She created problem last time also I told you not to get upset over this I didn’t mind it at all, okay Thank you Greetings Greetings Do you know I have been waiting for you for long After a long time you have come home for lunch from the office I am going to make something very special for you What happened to you! Meaning…
I mean that…such a good attitude You took one step towards me…
so I took two towards you And how have past few days gone by,
even you know that Do you know? I was missing you in the morning just like before And suddenly you started looking very good to me Means that I was looking bad to you in between Now you are looking good Oh I forgot to ask you, since you came late at night How did your meeting go? Very nice Okay good, come here with me Come have a seat here I’ll make some hot tea for you Ahaan… Can I say something? Yes go on I can smell girl’s perfume on you But I know its just my delusion I have been doubting you unnecessarily in the past You know… its like a delusion That delusion becomes a reality That is why from now on I wont think about it at all…
I promise Tea.. As soon as I told Faheem about it, he completely denied That there is no need to talk over it Now you tell me… What is the benefit to hide such things No, I am sure you have been mistaken It can’t be true I am not having any misunderstanding My sister in law lives in the same neighborhood She has seen Ahaan with her own eyes while he was going there Seeing is believing….have a look yourself Oh my God! Is there still room for any misunderstanding now? I don’t think that we should tell Kinza about any of this now Because the problems it would cause after some days…. will come now In my opinion, brother Faheem was right But why? You know that Kinza is just like my sister And after all we share a very fragile relationship She had a love marriage She won’t be able to tolerate it
She will be devastated by it And whoever tells her about this He will be regarded as bad… throughout her life I think you are right We should not tell her anything I will find a chance to talk to her myself Yes You are one of her own And I am a stranger…so why am I asking for trouble How Kinza’s happily settled home… got destroyed She used to be so proud of Ahaan She will be shattered You drink the tea I am telling you She has married Sir Ahaan We both went to Shireen’s house Yes, of course What has happened to you? How can it be possible?
Have you seen Ahaan sir’s wife, she is so pretty This is all coming from Shireen Why are you not believing me Because Fareeha herself went to her that day and she completely denied That she didn’t get married She wouldn’t have completely denied, she must have given a vague reply
Vague!! Oh, why don’t you just call Fareeha and ask for yourself? I’ll just ask
Yes, go ahead Fareeha did you go to the wedding that day? What did she say? Alright You are right She didn’t flatly denied, she twisted up her words See, I told you Now she believes us Ahaan, drink tea before going No, I’ll just take a leave Looks like, you still have bad taste of sister Sharmeen’s words Not at all, its nothing like that Actually, I have my evening tea at home That is why It will take two minutes And I make tea just as I make coffee Okay, hurry then Out…you baby! Get out
Oh one second Greetings brother in law
Yes Brother don’t park your car here We are playing cricket… one thing I’ll park it, give me the keys You go inside Do you know how to drive? Drive? All these cars are parked by me! Give me the keys Hold on friends Keys are inside
Okay Be careful You go inside, I am just coming Kinza What happened? Why are you taking walking like this? Mother, Ahaan has not come home yet So what’s there to worry about…
call him I did some time ago He said he’s coming but hasn’t reached here yet So do it again No mother, he will get angry I have already made four calls to him since morning What if he got into some trouble My child What has happened to you? Mother, I am scared My heart is sinking I get weird thoughts Everything seems alright but… Mother you do know about wife’s sixth sense Something is not right What is the issue? I dont know that mother, but… See, Ahaan remained angry with me for so many days Didn’t even talk to me, he has never done this before All of a sudden, he became so sweet Mother all this is not normal Are you getting what I am trying to say? I don’t want to understand And it will be better if you don’t try to understand as well If it is OK then its a problem…..
when it’s not right then its a problem Okay now, stop it Everything will be back to normal Give it some time, okay Don’t over think Okay now, he will come, come inside Where has he taken my car, Zeeshan! Will you stay here today? No Zeeshan has gone with my car,
that is why I am waiting for him He hasn’t brought the car yet! By the way, you have objection on our wedding Why wouldn’t I raise objections? You stay in this house Use my bedroom… Should I not object? I will take Shireen in few days Yes, that’s exactly what you said few days back Right? That if your wife gets to know… She won’t be able to tolerate it That is why you have left Shireen in her mother’s home Whenever your heart desires you come here to meet Shireen…
whenever you want you go back to your first wife You are having a lot of fun, by the way Perhaps, you are forgetting one thing All this social media and networking has become very small If only a picture gets leaked Then everybody gets to know…its a small world you see I was just wondering That if your wife gets to know about this then what will be the consequence? You do not worry I will end your grievances in few days Are you sure? Anyways Zeeshan took your car for the drive He had an accident, its parked outside, go Why has Ahaan left so early? He has gone to grab parrots Parrots?
They had flown away He has gone to catch them Its so late, where has he been? He even left office He must have been with her I know that But Ahaan would not do something like that Where were you? I…
Do not tell a lie I have already called your office and got to know that you left from there long time back And what a coincidence… That you and Shireen left together Tell me the truth, where were you? I was in an accident I was at mechanic, coming from there right away In taxi Are you alright? Yes You didn’t like the way I talked to you? No! You are my wife, its your right Ahaan, don’t you think we are having gaps between us How? I don’t know, I… Have to think before talking to you,
I am afraid that you might not like something I have to think ten times before calling you…its awkward It’s a good thing…What’s bad in it? No, what I mean is… Husband and wife are just not faces, they are each others reflection also There are no formalities in between them They look at themselves in each others faces But if seeing oneself gets so formal then…. There is no pleasure in life I do not think like that at all It’s all self created This formality….don’t do this Now please take out my clothes Okay What happened? Nothing Then why did you remember your mother this late? I remember you in every pain At least tell me…what has happened? Don’t you pray? My son… All my prayers are for my children only I was just kidding My son, I am your mother You were not kidding There is something You are worried Why? Only you can tell me that Some things are like… You don’t get words to explain them But they… Keep pinching you You can’t even tell your mother? Is it about you and Kinza? Then its fine Don’t tell me In fact don’t tell it to anyone Some things are like… Which should happen in the room only It’s better that they should remain there only Otherwise you’ll need to switch rooms And I do not want.. That any family member has to switch their room Who asked you to drive that car, tell me When did you learn to drive the car? Tell me?
It was a mistake, mother Your fault! It was your mistake… Because of your fault someone got to bear huge loss Oh mother
Tell me how dare you even ask for the keys Oh mother, will you kill me on this? I told you I made a mistake He has made me very upset
What happened mother? What happened? Why is there so much noise? What happened? Is it necessary that only those matters gets discussed here
of which you have sown the seeds Oh…you have a very deep relationship He has already told you, what I said to him? Look Sharmeen, its not right at all Ahaan is our son in law We should not talk to him like this Oh so even you got to know that I did not show respect to Ahaan! Okay then tell me one thing…Have I told any lies? Its an era of social media If his wife gets the picture of both of them together So what will happen? By the way, I know very well who and how will those pictures be sent to his house And what do you mean by wife…I am his wife You are also there but she… she is his wife Mother, this jealousy is… It is very ugly First it burns the person red Then their heart turns black Then their face turns black And then gradually all their true colors come out We should be more cautious from our own relatives Because a snake might or might not deceive,
But our own relatives surely does Especially when you have that one thing which they can never get Mother, tell her Ahaan, should take her away from here within two three days Otherwise I will call Ahaan and his wife here I will tell them how she has tricked him into getting married This is my elder sister, you are watching it right? And I am telling you mother… The drama which she is doing of a newly wed bride
It will be over in two to three days What is this Sharmeen, stop it Stop it! Kinza Yes Kinza What happened my child, you didn’t come out today Mother, its just my head ache, that’s why Your headache doesn’t seem to end The headache doesn’t ask permission to come or leave So why don’t you cure it once and for all I don’t know mother Seems like the relation based on trust between two people … Shatters by even someones breath Ahaan also came to me last night He didn’t say anything though He seemed very disturbed Even you look disturbed And…. most tense is the child Poor him, he’s hiding and observing everything around him Why don’t you both talk about it and get over with it? Mother I did talk to him Many times… It feels like… Ahaan and me are standing on different levels My voice doesn’t reach him, nor his voice to me So why don’t you come on his frequency? I try a lot mother But that girl…. As soon as I reach close to Ahaan’s frequency Pushes me hard on the floor Now she has even started coming in my dreams She doesn’t even leave me there Mother you tell me what should I do? All these things are not under my control Look Kinza Scratching your wounds might calm you down for sometime But the wounds get much deeper by doing this Its always better to… Tolerate the pain Maintain silence by ignoring everything Then what happens is, that even the wounds get healed And even the pain goes away too You are my daughter I can’t see you suffer like this Okay mother, now just don’t get tense You won’t hear any complains from now I will do just as you will tell me to Please don’t worry Give me a smile Quickly I, myself want to tell everything to Kinza But I don’t get a chance Sometimes she doubts me extremely And sometimes not at all It has been long time that we have been normal Are you worried? No, not worried but its my home Kinza, Mother, Hashir There’s a big gap between me and all of them I just want to finish that gap Will you be able to tell Kinza I really wish that I just tell her everything right now She shouts and screams…….and things improve gradually Ahaan…. I don’t want to further upset you by telling my problem Especially because My problem is nothing in front of your tensions But my house situation is also not good I get to hear taunts all the time Sister Sharmeen never leaves a chance She keeps on repeating that… You told her that you will take me in couple of days..
when will you take me along. And now even My mother is on her side, I don’t understand what to do? I know You don’t have to wait for long Have a look at this file Its very important, client is coming at night It has a key in it It’s not my key What do you mean? It’s a key to your new home Really? Now take it, run to your home…do packing I will come to pick you in the evening My God Thank you Now go Thank you Mother Mother please keep all of my jewelry, okay Yes, how many times will you say? And also my make up And also my books, and these should be more scarves, please pack all Yes, I am packing all of them We will not keep even your one safety pin What has happened? Mother is packing outside and you are packing inside Are you both going somewhere? Thank you so much Thank you If it hadn’t been you then all this would not be possible What would not have been possible? Hold this, don’t drink it I am not thirsty
I know but… What I am going to tell you After that you will have a dry throat Are you going to say it or not? Ahaan is coming to pick me up He is taking me to his home, means my home,
Means my separate own house I will rule in my house Finally, I am getting settled And… I am going out of here Anyways, you drink water now I will go see mother Hello Are you done with packing? Ok good, I am almost there You can bring your baggage outside Okay Bye Kinza I already told her that I will be late tonight Yes Kinza Say I told you already that I have a meeting I’ll be late tonight What is the matter? You look upset What? Hospital, why? Are you alright? I am just coming Look, be good there, you are going to your house for the first time So my child, if you need anything or don’t seem to understand any thing Or if you have any household problem then… You can telephone me, in fact call me there I’ll come and stay at your place for two three days then… I will make everything perfect Don’t you worry By the way you should have faith in the way
you have brought me up but if any problem occurs… Mother…. Then I will manage, I won’t make you upset
Sister Mother, what should I do with these? Keep them outside and check if Ahaan has come? He will give horn when he will be here Go outside, he must be here Thank you Mother, it’s so hot in here It is extremely hot It smells like something is burning Anyways, I must go Everything alright, Hashir is alright? Everything is alright, you left your meeting unnecessarily
Its just a scratch, he is with doctor inside Nothing is important in my life more than you two Where is Hashir? He is getting tetanus injection, come inside Oh my beloved plants How strange is your life? No affection for anyone Nor love Nor deceit Neither you have to wait And these humans… These humans are very deceitful Disloyal First they make you ready Then asks to pack stuff Then even take it to the gates And never come to pick up Poor life Now… Should I say something This pipe has good water pressure Do one thing Drink this water Because the flames you have inside you Maybe only this water can extinguish it Take it, I am keeping it here , okay Do drink it Oh, it is such a difficult stage Oh now its my mission to beat your high score Ahaan Yes
Hashir is asleep Good that he is asleep The last time I checked, it was 99 degree temperature By God’s will, it will come down till morning Right Yes Doctor said that he will have fever He will be fine, don’t worry He did say that. May he gets better Okay tell me, what clothes should I take out for you, for the morning? I will not go to office in the morning I will stay here with Hashir Haven’t you been extra conscious about him? How normal it is to breathe But if for few minutes.. There is only inhaling And no exhaling Then we get to know the importance of breathing out Same thing happened with me when your phone came Got aware of everything I am not content till now There is no one for us…. except you We have everything if you are with us Mother is right All the other relationships in the world are mere words There is only one relation That is of husband and wife He has slept Come, lets have food Come on

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    """Bewafa depicts how a relationship can fall apart because of a wife’s extremely possessive and distrusting nature which drives the husband to do exactly what the wife fears the most."""

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