Binibining Pilipinas Official Candidates 2019

Binibining Pilipinas Official Candidates 2019

[Intro music playing] Introducing the 2019 Binibining Pilipinas Candidates. Stay Tuned. And now we are ready to begin… [faint muisc playing in the background] Staring with In random order. Number 62 Martina Faustina Diaz [Audience applauds] [New music starts Playing Hip hop style] Number 59 Larah Grace Lacap [Audience applauds] Number 18 Rochelle Ramirez Sayib [Audience applauds] Number 10 Joanna Rose Tolledo [Audience applauds] Number50 April May Short [Audience applauds] Number 33 Louisielle Denise Amorog[Audience applauds] Number 25 Maria Isabela Galeria [Audience applauds] Number 24 Jessarie Dumaguing [Audience applauds] Number 45 Joahnna Carla Saad [Audience applauds] Number 12 Jessica Marasigan [Audience applauds] Number 30 Melba Ann Cara Macasaet [Audience applauds] Number 18 Francia Layderos[Audience applauds] Number 41 Marianne Marquez [Audience applauds] Number 16 Malka Shaver [Audience applauds] Number 32 Alannis Reign Binoya [Audience applauds] Number 79 Samantha Ashley Lo [Audience applauds] Number 16 Honey Grace Cartasano [Audience applauds] Number 9 Mary Faye Murphy [Audience applauds] Number 23 Danielle Isabelle Dolk [Audience applauds] Number 78 Jean Nicole Guerrero [Audience applauds] Number 49 Pauline Anne Cordero [Audience applauds] New Music starts plyaing] Number 5 Samantha Poblete [Audience applauds] Number 15 Dia Nicole Mancao Magno [Audience applauds] Number 4 Jane Darren G. Genobisa [Audience applauds] Number 19 Cassandra Chan [Audience applauds] Nmber 69 Kimberle Pencho [Audience applauds] Number 73 Ilene de Vera [Audience applauds] Number 6 Danielle Denj Magno [Audience applauds] 14 Marie Sherry Ann Norments [Audience applauds] Number 75 Maria Andrea Abesamis [Audience applauds] 84 Sigrid Grace Flores [Audience applauds] And 81 Vickie Marie Rushton [Audience applauds] Number 55 Rubee Marie Faustino [Audience applauds] And next… Number 31 Emma Mary Cloud [Audience applauds] Number 76 Bea Patricia Magtanong [Audience applauds] Number 1 Hannah Arnold [Audience applauds] And calling our last 4 ladies.. To be on our final official list of candidates for 2019 Binibining Pilipinas is… Number 29 Julia Eugena Christiana Soye [Audience applauds] Number 71 Samantha Mae Bernardo [Audience applauds] [New music starts playing] And last two….. Leren Mae. Bautista [Audience applauds] And with joy for the number 40 we have….Binibining 46 Gazini Christiana Jordi Ganados [Audience applauds] And that’s the Binibining Class of 2019 congratulations! [OutroMusic continuing to play] Question For The Day: Which candidate is your choice to win it? Leave your comments for me in the comments section of this video. And as always remember to Like Share and Subscribe! This is BobbieD. Saying Take care, God Bless, and Peace!

5 thoughts on “Binibining Pilipinas Official Candidates 2019

  1. These women don't represent the true beauty of the phillipines all white skin where is the darker skin phillipines beauty??? These people that run these contest as well as the shows don't represent the true beauty of the Filipina women. Bleaching your skin to stay white skin when your country is hit as hell what kind of sense dies that make. Truth be told the native people were darker skin . Pass on all these women I prefer a women a who beauty represents the climate if her country .

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