Bonzy Home Leather Recliner 🍀E2E (Theater/Family Seating) w/CUP HOLDERS – REVIEW👈

Bonzy Home Leather Recliner 🍀E2E (Theater/Family Seating) w/CUP HOLDERS – REVIEW👈

today we’re going to take a look at this Bonzy Homes leather recliner we just got it just took it out of the box and laid
the pieces here so we can show you how it comes in the box so obviously it has
the big main seat piece plan this is the back here and then it has the two little
side pieces which actually slide on here so why don’t we see how easy this is to
put together it seems like pretty simple assembly instructions just slide those
on and slide this so give it a go don’t know how hard it is to line those
up so there’s just two metal pieces and the
one has to slide over the other one okay okay so that wasn’t too hard no there’s
this back flap you kind of have to hold up here and then it’s the same thing you
just have to slide it on push down just make sure the flap that’s a little bit
of weight to it but it’s really not too bad little flap adheres to the back
there so that was pretty pretty simple to assemble like I said it does have a
little bit of weight to it so I would have helped when you get it to get it
out of the box just to carry it in because the base has a little bit of
weight but overall it’s not a super heavy recliner I’ve had some that are
just massive and they’re hard to maneuver and if you want to look at the
bottom here I would recommend they have it on the carpet now I might move it
over on the wood it does have the little plastic arts but for some extra
protection like on wood I would probably put some felt pads or something to help
with the scooting so we’re probably going to set it over there in the corner
and we’ll take a look and see how comfortable it is see how far it works
fine so let’s try it out well I have it in place now in the corner where I was
going to put it the first thing is I noticed it’s actually not as massive as
I thought it would be because some recliners can be big and bulky that’s
actually a good thing but it’s a nice size it’s a really pretty kind of a dark
coffee you know local Brown a nice feel to it that’s some good
padding so let me see it is pretty nice squishy see nice padding in the back
it’s comfortable and just sitting without reclining it’s it’s very nice
it’s just a little bit of recline so let’s looks like this is right up let’s
see how far back it goes July this is really nice I really like that and it
slides back and forward real easily I’ve been in some recliners you know
when you to pull really hard to get up see same thing with the base actually it
comes up pretty easy a little bit of pressure I had one right sit there and
push on it to get it back so it actually is a pretty fluid motion up and down
this is a very nice recliner I like this a lot and I feel like this material
would be really easy to clean if I spill something you know how the drink here
you can just wipe this right off which i think is definitely a benefit to some of
the cloth ones that can that can stain to just wipe this right up this is a
really nice looking recliner alright soft cushy comfortable not too heavy not
overly massive I really like this I would recommend this recliner just
wanted to give you a closer up look of this nice material and the cup holders
see I’ve got my glass of water just fits right in there conveniently they’re
really easy to just wipe out if I spill some juice or something in there but
this is really really nice comfortable material with some nice padding here the
back also has very nice padding here for your head very comfortable
you’re back very cushy this is a very comfortable chair to sit in another
thing I really like it said how far back this goes but they’re still you know
some room back here you could put it closer to the wall if you want but if
you want to really relax like this and practically take a nap in this thing you
can recline all the way back but it still doesn’t take up on that Center
that a room there you go you can take a nice comfy keep the
cowboy anytime swine up when I second ah boy sleeps in his boots yes love that
chocolate brown color yes this is a beautiful color like this well this is
definitely a beautiful new addition to the family room here I really like the
look and feel of this chair I would recommend this please check the
description section below for more information on how to get great products
from this company and you can always like and subscribe our page we always
appreciate that and thank you very much for watching

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  1. Nice review. I’m thinking of getting a Bonzy chair. btw, I really like that plant next to the chair. Where did you get that from?

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