BRM Laser Machine Review – Manufacturing playgrounds and play areas for kids

My name is Wim Wijting and I am one of the managing directors of Ballen Enzo We make games and attractions for indoor playgrounds, amusement parks and since recently also for retail. Ninety percent of the work is done by laser. It is such an important device for us. They are used on a daily basis. They really are employees and they have also been given a name, one is called Suus and the other is Bertha. The company cannot operate without our laser machine We have chosen a high-quality method of production. We’ve also been contemplating about getting a CNC router. But a CNC router has completely different characteristics than a laser cutter. A laser cutter is much more precise and can make a clean 90 degree angle. So the decision to invest in a laser machine was made quite fast. And when you start searching, you come across BRM quite easily. I just think that certain things are impossible without a laser machine. Some things we simply can’t make without the use of a laser machine

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