BRM Lasers review – Studio Bee – BRM Lasers

I am Laszlo, and I started a laser studio in 2014. I have a background in making furniture. And then I studied product design. I got really interested in laser technique back then. And I really went into that. And it has been shown that you can move in a lot of creative directions
with a laser machine. For example, I did a project for the signage of a large confectionary. In addition, we also helped some restuarants, where we took care of the logos. And the great thing about lasering is that it is precise and fast. A lasered logo will be one on one from how the logo was designed. Because you can just cut with tight edges. And for example, not as with a CNC cutter, that you get rounded corners in a logo. BRM is a safe choice, and in terms of price they are also pretty competitive. Which is ideal for a starting company. Studio Bee would not exist without my laser machine. BRM enabled growth for my business.

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