Cách điều trị mụn viêm – mụn bọc hiệu quả | Part 1 |. Tại Hiền Vân Spa – bài 215

hello everyone, welcome to my channel This area of your cheek is full of acne, but after I take it, the hidden part of the acne will not be swollen and inflamed Today I will continue to take this acne and you will see the effect is very clear The previous day this cheek was inflamed, callused, today acne was soft and easier to take This video I will take acne to prove to you that the level of inflammation is reduced very clearly This inflammation part I have to take at least 5 to 6 times With the treatments at Hienvan spa, I promise not to leave bruises or scars for customers Where I get it will reduce acne there This customer has come to Hienvan spa to get acne once, your cheeks and forehead are relatively many This part is hardened and hardened. Today I just started to get it Because this customer often touches and pricks the acne, these acne are inflamed You can see the acne is very big This acne part after I take it will be a little pink, the next day will be over I have been treating a lot of cases from morning till now, I’m so busy that I can’t record all the videos for you to watch. I will try to recruit more staff to be able to shoot more videos for you to watch Inflammatory acne of this customer in average, not very severe I have to take care to avoid being hardened and inflamed This area is very inflamed seriously I am trying to bring each acne core out Do you see clearly ??? The acne that this customer has not pried or touched, I get acne feet very easy Mostly, you have to treat acne many times because you touch and pry it too much, leading to inflammation There are acne I have to take 5, 6 times to recover Any acne that has just poured, purple, it has calluses I will take a bacterial acne for you to see I will take them one by one These are pimples I didn’t get the day before, I’m going to take them today I have to take it very carefully so that I won’t leave any bruises in the end The next time I will continue to film this customer to show that the acne is clearly reduced Do you see inflammatory acne? Today I took this inflammatory acne, the next day it will be better After taking acne I’ll put nutrients The first:Restores skin and prevents dark spots The second:tighten pores The third:Helps skin to fight inflammation very quickly This part looks like a bruise but has acne inside Today I take acne, it will help reduce acne for you this customer very much. This is the second time this customer came to treat Last time, I mainly took the inflamed acne on the cheek Now I get acne under the chin more The previous day, this part was very difficult to take Today its pimples are getting softer and easier to take Looks like bruises but very big acne legs We should not treat acne ourselves We need to find a reputable acne specialist, specialist or spa to treat acne Let us be treated in the best and most effective way One thing to note is that when the acne is done, we do not have bruising, redness and swelling If we don’t get it right, it will get inflamed and leave scars Coming to my spa, I pledge to get acne without redness and inflammation With your acne skill, after a day you will feel rewarded again For any skin that is healthy, after taking it will not be inflamed and normal again With inflammatory acne like this, after taking out the skin will be a little pink Tomorrow will be normal again This is an inflammatory acne on the chin area If we don’t treat it early, it will leave a scar This area has a lot of acne, if we do not skillfully take it will spread I’ll take it from the bottom up I pressed lightly and out two acne A lot of acne I took it very carefully, if I didn’t take it well, it would make the acne worse ance is very big one dollop two dollop….three dollop I took acne very carefully, do you see any leg acne? This part looks very normal but there are lots of pimples on the bottom Now I will get the acne for you to see I’ll take it slowly for you to see This is an area of acne that we usually can’t get This acne has not been removed yet I’m trying to take it out Now I have taken all This acne next time you will see a lot less inflammation

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