Cameron Crowe Invites Jimmy to Reprise Almost Famous Role on Broadway

Cameron Crowe Invites Jimmy to Reprise Almost Famous Role on Broadway

-You know I love you both. I want to talk about the
documentary “Remember My Name.” Cameron, you’re the interviewer in this project —
in this documentary? -I am.
-And do you remember the first time that you ever
interviewed David Crosby? -Yes, I was 16, Jimmy. And I was just so anxious to interview
one of my musical heroes. I had so many questions. I had a notebook like this. He chose to be
interviewed by me. Answered every question I had to the deepest and most
ridiculously wonderful degree. -What are you laughing at? Wait, tell me, tell me, tell me.
-It was great. -What are you laughing at? -What I actually did was
stick a joint in his mouth and introduced him
to a bunch of girls. -Oh, my gosh. Wait.
[ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] That’s a much better story. Cameron, do you remember it
that way? -Well, I too, like
Chance the Rapper, am a nostalgia consultant. [ Laughter ] So I remember it differently.
-Yeah. -I remember that you stuck
joints in your own mouth and introduced me
to your girlfriend. [ Laughter ] -I knew it was
something like that. -Something like that, yeah.
Well, this is — I mean — ’cause you’ve been interviewing
“Almost Famous” — the film was based on your life,
and interviewing people, and I was lucky enough
to be in that film. No, but please,
keep your applause down. [ Cheers and applause ] I played Dennis Hope. You guys — I don’t
want to quote lines. But “Almost Famous,” I heard
you’re making it into a musical? -Yes, we’re doing a musical. It starts in September
in San Diego at the Old Globe Theatre. -Are you kidding me?
[ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you.
-I’m so excited. Did my character make it? -Your character we’re taking
such good care of. It’s being held for you
in a beautiful place. -Is it not in the musical? -No, no. It’s in there. And when we get to Broadway,
hopefully, it is there for you to drop in
and play on any given night. [ Cheers and applause ]
Right? -Are you serious?
-Yes. -It’s being — Jimmy,
it’s being crafted for you to drop in and rock
at any point. -No way!
-Yes. -I’m freaking out right now. -Expanded from the movie,
I might add. -Wow!
-Yeah. -Really? This is the best — Dude, this is the best night
of my life. [ Cheers and applause ] -It’s gonna be
your big break, man. -Wow, I’m speechless. Let’s go back to
the documentary. I got to say, I didn’t know
what to expect watching this. And I was moved. I was rocked. It’s emotional. You talk about eternity. You talk about music. You talk about love and loss. It’s magical. It’s must-see film. Only you could get in the mind
of David Crosby like this. You tell a great story about Jim
Morrison, which I did not know. You might as well just tell it.
Please? What do you think of
Jim Morrison? -You know, it was shaped by
this early meeting that we had. I went to the Whisky
to see the Doors. -Whisky a Go Go
on Sunset Boulevard. -And I made the mistake of — A
friend and I went there on acid. [ Laughter ] Which you should
never do in public, especially not in
the Whisky a Go Go. -“Do it in public,” yeah.
Don’t do it at all. -This is not
a recommended technique. -So you went out in public. -I’m standing there,
and I’m blitzed. [ Laughter ]
I’m blitzed. And he walks by
and he pulls my shades off. He says,
“You can’t hide in there.” And I teleported to
the other side of the room. [ Laughter ] There was a certain — you know, I never really liked him
much after that, I think. -‘Cause he broke the rules of — -Yeah. You don’t do that
to people who are on acid. [ Laughter ] -Have some respect.
-Come on. -Have some respect for that,

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  1. To the beautiful person scrolling throught the messages i wish you a great day and a blessing year.
    A jimmy Fallon fan here.❤

    Small channel love and support❤

  2. If only he (David) would speak about the things he did to Drew B when she lived at his place when she was really young…

  3. Jimmy should have an Almost Famous reunion on his show, even better than an musical. What a great movie for all involved!

  4. Yeah Jim Morrison have some respect ya mother bleeper, you can't do that to anybody on acid, especially not a legend! Like they say in the movie referenced here, "he was a drunken buffoon posing as a poet".

  5. Is that hat now surgically attached to David's head to remind him that his name is David Crosby? He seems to go everywhere with it 😄 Anyway, I'm glad we can all remember his name because sometimes I bet he still can't. Regardless, amazing music. Such a contributor to the songs of my youth. Needs to bury the hatchet and get back with the guys before it's too late though. Lots of good songs left in them all. 🎶

  6. Saw the stage play in San Diego this week – so much fun! Even had a chance to speak with Cameron Crowe. It was a delightful experience all the way around. I hope the show makes it to Broadway – this kind of talent needs to be shared!

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