all right everyone it’s time for a
camshafts and coffee and I’m your host L2theW all right before we go to store little
bit update time so I do have the original camshaft out of the car if you
can see man there’s some considerable wear which is really shocking with this
thing having factory roller lifters but anyhow it is out sorry I did miss the
footage what happened is the GoPros on the hood of the Camaro shooting down
over the engine and then to get the cam out I had to take the AC condenser and
spin it up and I didn’t realize it was blocking the view so sorry I didn’t get
it but very important milestone in the engine today that the camshaft is out
that means from this point on we’re rebuilding and going up so I talked to
the guy with the intake in the heads he’s hoping to get the intake manifold
shipped out today unfortunately he does not know when the heads will be ready
he’s supposed to call and check on that so that might be kind of a delay but
we’re gonna work on what we can in the meantime so from here we’re gonna go
ahead and get the cam installed I have lifter soaking in oil right now so later
on after the store I’m going to go ahead and put the camshaft in the car
so today the Jegs distributor came as you can tell this is a very nice piece
this base plates very thick nice good-sized wires
it does not say GM on that piece you could tell and drawing a blank with the name
of this it’s some type of metal that these gears are made out of this gears
made out of it Comp Cams calls for it so I would either have to replace this gear
or buy a new distributor anyhow because I don’t think that this generic one see
that black gear its price steel is something else is probaby not going to work
with the camshaft anyhow but but as you can see like I said this is so much
thicker this is a nicer nicer unit and with the proper gear and pretty sure I’m
not gonna have problems out of this one like I would with this I don’t know you
know this one Wow this one might be might be half way
decent like I said I don’t think that the steel
that’s on that gear is compatible with the camshaft anyhow alright next up I
know you guys thought I was crazy when I said that the thermostat housing was
almost like shiny I got it cleaned up a little bit
it took some degreaser and got it cleaned up in yeah if I took a wheel to
this thing I betcha I can make it almost look Chrome so I’m not crazy also
remember I’m I said something about taking the bolt out and it was bent what
I didn’t mention is I always had a leak issue from here I always had antifreeze
on my intake manifold I could always smell antifreeze so that was probably
because somebody overdid the bolt and bent it so I still need to get another
bolt I spent the majority of today doing a lot of cleaning cleaning of parts
cleaning the garage my tool cart was just overloaded with tools so I cleaned
it back up got a lot of that put away also got the garage cleaned up parts I’m
not going to use over there parts that I’m going to use and brand new stuff
over here also you might have noticed you might not have because this was all
be at a time lapse but when I took some of the components out of the engine they
had this weird brownish goldish kind of glaze to them and I bought some cleaner
by Zep at Lowe’s and look at that nice and clean this goes down in the oil
valley I guess I’m not really sure what it does probably directs oil maybe and
then these pieces here go in between the lifters when they’re in the
block I guess they kept maybe keep the lifters from walking but these pieces
were that weird color too and I’m glad I’m glad I get that nice and clean new
stuff coming I did do some research and what I’m gonna do is as soon as I get
this engine together I’m gonna drain that oil out I got some oil coming it has a
ZZ something I can not remember some kind of additive it that’s not in newer oils it’s
not compatible with catalytic converters I don’t have converters on here anymore
so it’s going to help with the camshaft break-in as well
fuel injectors I got some o-rings coming very cheap but cheap insurance
pulling those things out of the fuel rail could have nick them or anything that’s a lot of
pressure going into those so a couple bucks be safe than sorry got those when
I got that cylinder head off the other side
I started looking down and on the side of the block there was a big sensor just
like the knock sensor I just ordered I started looking at it realized I was like
you have the knock sensors in the block so somebody had even mentioned me on
there I-roc that the water temperature sender was in the head and it could
possibly be these cars change all the time but did just some research on mine and
what it is it’s the temperature sender for the fans the electric fans need to
know what temperature it is to kick on I guess a lot of stuff’s probably all done
by computers now the cars probably use one sensor and multiplex and the
computer does everything these cars weren’t quite as smart back then so
there’s a water temp sensor on the driver side which threw me off that
probably goes to the gauges inside and then that one there goes for the fans so
yeah so I got that and the right pigtail
order so I’m gonna go ahead and get the cam in get everything buttoned up here
I’m gonna hopefully that piece will come we’ll get that done and I need to solder
some wires for the three wire oxygen sensor and then it’s just gonna be a
wait and see when the parts when I get the heads once I get the heads and we
can proceed and fingers crossed that’s not going to take so long so that’s kind
of the update from here a lot of stuff going on oh I got my water pump in today
looks nice it’s like a nice gray metallic so I think I’m gonna leave it I
was gonna paint it black to match everything but it has a nice shiny
silver like almost Chrome looking backplate and that and I’ll show that
when I install I’m not gonna pull out a box now again to show you but Wow okay
so yeah that’s the game plan so now it’s time to go to store
not something I would normally take the Walmart but I haven’t put the insurance
under storage yet so what the heck I love driving my car just hate you can’t like
unleash it in all these traffic so we got a lot of car shopping goodies to get
to I need some antifreeze and some RTV some other stuff so let’s go spend more
money make the wife happy that was even cheaper than what they
advertised online so I’m happy with that
that was cheaper than harbor freight even offered one for yeah look at
this antifreeze degreaser brake cleaner rtv ( silicone ) man it adds up quick quick so check out my
little sunny Joe there there’s my broke craftsman right there check it out it
came with the foam Canon never used one I wasn’t gonna buy one but it came with
it look at that pretty cool yeah what do you think about that does use a lot of soap but pretty cool
and it’s included in it so far pretty happy with this thing and it’s
lightweight weighs nothing compared to that thing
it’s very heavy so it’s better on my back alright going to wash the cruze 🙂
all right it’s that time again to go ahead and wrap up the vlog before I do
did you see my video I posted yesterday about entering the giveaway for the LED
headlights if you haven’t go ahead and check it out I’ll also leave a link down
below this video down here to go ahead and enter the contest so I really really
really wanted to get this camshaft put into the car before I ended the video
but I had a couple little problems with that so number one Comp Cams says that
if you’re not gonna use the if you’re not gonna start the engine for a little
bit not to install the cam it says if you’re gonna do this for a long time
they don’t say what a long time is they give you this little packet of Lube just
break in lube and what I am afraid is if I put this in and I wait 2 or 3 weeks I
don’t know when the heads are gonna get here once I get the heads
this thing’s gonna go together pretty quick but I don’t know when the heads
are gonna get here I’m a little bit reluctant to put the cam in there and
have this lube kind of run off of the cam so I’m really debating and I’m not
sure if I should go ahead and proceed it’s not really gonna save me that much
time because the only thing I can do is put the cam and drop the lifters in throw
the timing chain on and the cover the water pump probably not gonna take more
than an hour to do that it’s not a whole lot of stuff to any of that so wait I
want to be safe I don’t want to damage the cam and I have mentioned earlier
about the oil so this is it it’s with ZD DP you can see that sorry the lighting
is horrible it’s really cold outside it’s really windy so I have the garage door
down so yeah this is the oil that they recommend to try to break in a new
engine or cam and stuff so I’ve got five quarts of this that we’re gonna go ahead
and run for a few hundred miles once I get that together
also one of my long-term subscribers Sparty nation had mentioned about degreeing
the camshaft ( cam ) says you should go ahead and degree the cam and Comp Cams actually
recommends degreeing the cam to 4 degrees advanced a luckily the timing
change set that I got from Summit Racing has these notches here you can see to
retard or advance the camshaft so that makes life extremely easy instead of
having to put in a degree wheel and all that stuff to figure out where all
the stuff is it’s already built in I know it’s more accurate to do degree
wheel but I’m not racing for money I’m not trying to do to do everything it is
more accurate I am really not that good at trying to figure all that stuff out
to zero in on top dead center so that should get me close enough and I’ll
myself I’ll be happy with that so that being said I’m gonna go ahead and wrap
it up thank you everyone for your support if you haven’t entered to giveaway for the
LED lights go ahead and do so but only do it if you have a car that you can use
that for go ahead and save for people that can actually use the lights on
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and so the giveaway is live at the ending this Monday I think will be the
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afternoon vlog we’ll go ahead and announce the winner so good luck
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